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AP sources: Gingrich, Christie being vetted for Trump VP


    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference annual meeting in National Harbor, Md.

WASHINGTON>> Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has begun formally vetting prospective vice presidential picks.

The New York billionaire is considering former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, among what he previously described as a short list of possible running mates. Their inclusion was confirmed by people with direct knowledge of the vetting process who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the situation publicly.

Trump begins the vetting process with less than three weeks before the start of the Republican National Convention, when he said he would publicly unveil his pick.

Gingrich and Christie, who both received vetting paperwork in the last 24 hours, emerged as a prominent Trump allies in recent months, even as the presumptive nominee faced deep and sustained skepticism from many GOP leaders. Trump’s relationship with other would-be running mates was badly strained in the bruising Republican primary season, leaving him with a small pool of willing and qualified candidates.

Trump on Thursday acknowledged Christie was under consideration.

“I’m certainly looking at him and I always will. Whether it’s for that or something else,” Trump told conservative radio host Howie Carr. He later described Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as “somebody we respect a lot.”

Pence told Indiana reporters Thursday he hasn’t spoken with Trump in several weeks and referred questions to the Trump campaign, which declined to comment further on the vice presidential search.

While formal vetting did not begin until this week, Trump told The Associated Press last month he’d narrowed his vice presidential list to “a very good list of five or six people.”

His vice presidential pick could be crucial to easing the concerns of Republicans who worry about his lack of political experience, as well as his temperament to be commander in chief. Tapping a political insider would also be a way for Trump to signal a willingness to work with the party establishment he has thoroughly bashed even after emerging as the presumptive nominee.

Many have already ruled out consideration, including Florida Gov. Rick Scott and primary rival Marco Rubio, a Florida senator seeking re-election.

“I have never sought, will not seek and do not want to be considered for vice president,” Rubio wrote on Facebook.

Trump said last month, and has repeated in the weeks since, he preferred someone with political experience to help him guide his agenda through Washington.

“I think that’s good for a number of reasons. No. 1, if you win, which hopefully we will. I want help with — you know, I want a hand with legislation, getting things through. And if you bring a business person — we don’t need another business person,” Trump said.

Christie was vetted four years ago by 2012 nominee Mitt Romney’s research team. The Christie administration’s more recent involvement in the so-called “Bridgegate” political retribution scandal could complicate his 2016 prospects.

Gingrich, who ran for president in 2012, served as House speaker from 1995 to 1999. He has political baggage as well, having been married three times and lived in Washington for decades.

Yet Trump has said he’s looking for a running mate with a long history in the public eye to help with the vetting process.

“For the most part they’ve been vetted over the last 20 years. In other words, you people have gone to every dinner that they’ve ever attended, one way or another,” Trump said. With a military or business person, he said, “the vetting is a whole different story. Whereas the politicians are, generally speaking, pretty well vetted.”

Trump also said that he wants to announce his pick at the July GOP convention: “I do think I don’t want to make a decision until the actual convention, not even before it. I mean until it.”

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        • It’s the lady with the high cheek bones. Did you hear what Herman Cain had to say about that? Too funny.

        • sarge22 – Looks like you’re on his knee tonight. Do you two switch off every day?

          At least you have a friend to share your echo chamber.

          “I love the poorly educated!” Go Trump!

        • You didn’t answer the question. Did you hear what Herman Cain had to say about that? He was on Hannity.

        • You know what they do to traitors? Berdahls comrades were killed trying to save his trash.

        • Typical Obama and his agenda, fighting for the weak, etc. And he’s chosen the wrong “so-called” victims to fight for or not to fight for. If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon, etc., calling ISIS the JV team, etc.. I don’t mind having a President wanting to help the weak but when you start to prejudge or making the wrong call militarily it’s Failure after Failure. Was Obama ever RIGHT? choosing the correct military strategy or needy to use as an example. Obama, Frederica Wilson and these 2 who I’ll never associate as Rev.’s but as racist who want to create more racial divide Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton had chosen to stand up for so-called victims prejudging people and convicting them in their own minds, ATE CROW in our eyes but not their mouths as they’ll never admit the wrongs they’ve done. Like the FBI mentioned, they have to be right on every anti-terror move whereas ISIS just needs to be right once to cause havoc. No different than Obama, Frederica Wilson, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton jumping on a chance on a event to stir racial divide.

    • According to billionaire Mike Cuban, he thinks that if Trump reveals his tax returns, they will show he is not nearly as rich as he claims to be. Either that or he doesn’t pay his fair share in taxes.

      • Mark Cuban should have have run for POTUS.
        Trump will release his tax returns when Hilliary releases her Wall Street speeches. Must be pretty juicy. And, when she comes up with the missing and/or destroyed emails. They’ll find it someday like her “lost” Rose Law Firm documents in the WH library stuck between two pages.
        If Hilliary’s supporters are that stupid bye bye USA. Roads, bridges will continue to deteriorate and Mosques will be on every corner.

  • Too bad Drumpf can’t choose them both, because there’d be nothing sweeter than to see both their brands devalued and besmirched for the rest of their political lives.

    But all things considered, Christie would be the better choice for Drumpf because he’s in tighter with the mob.

    • Yup, if Trump chooses Gingrich it’ll be a perfect pair: both married three times and relationship cheaters. As for Christie, if he messes up the mob will make sure to fit him with concrete galoshes so he can go swimming with the fishies.

  • Let’s see — married three times, history of adultery and preying on interns, several decades of ethical scandals, scam artist, and draft dodger — that describes Trump and Gingrich. They’re a perfect match.

    • Don’t forget Slick Willy. Married only once because Hilliary stood by her man while dragging his victims through the streets of Little Rock and DC. I never had sex with that women. If you believed that you’ll fall for the rest of the Clinton lies.
      In any event the next few days should be interesting for Ms. Loretta.

        • Hilliary said deal me in. She forgot to tell everybody she was dealing from the bottom. She’s quite the card shark. You know what happens to card sharks? Time will tell.

  • Are you kidding? Talk about shooting yourself in both feet, but that “is par for the course”!! Even just as frightening, is if Trump by some bizarre miracle makes it in, these characters could possibly end up on his Cabinet, if not VP.

  • Newt would be an excellent pick for Trump’s VP. He brings vast Savvy when it comes to negotiations in Congress. That is, if Trump expects pass anything . He’s got the experience in that area .That’s for sure! But with all the Trash Newt Dished out to the Donald? btw, What was he thinking? Political Correctness? This is why Newt will NOT accept the VP position.

    However I believe recruiting Ben Carson will come into play. Hillary will play the Gender card( Because “That’s all she’s got”).As a political strategy Trump should pick Ben Carson,not just because they got along really well ,but simply to off-set Hillary’s Gender card. Here’s why, if people had a chance to pick “The Race Card” VS “The Gender Card” they’ll pick “The Race Card” hands down!. We’ve all seen this happen before folks….. After all (Ben) he is a 100% “True Afro-American” from the slavery of America’s past. This is what we all wanted for a long time….And what did we get? “Hope and Change” that divided the country?Braaahhh!

    Finally A true Afro-American Vice President.Than who knows? A true Afro-American President of the United States?For now? We’ll have to just wait and …..see. Make the Right Choice Donald and Let’s Make America Great Again!

  • An Addendum, why is it pointed out that the VP candidate must possess political skills and good judgment to make up for the deficiencies of Trump. What is wrong with this picture? Because Trump has a history of ignoring advice and would probably do the same even if it came from the VP. I could even see a scenario where anyone on his Cabinet who is rational/honest or even the JCS revolting/resigning en masse due to Trump unnecessarily attempting to instigate WW III or similar.

    • Sounds a little like when Abercrombie was governor for a single term. All of his PR and other staff were resigning left and right or maybe Aber pulled a Trump and told them all YOU’RE FIRED

  • Politifact published an interesting summary report today.

    Trump has more statements rated Pants on Fire, 30, than the 21 other candidates for president we’ve fact-checked this cycle combined.
    Second on the list? Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, with four Pants on Fire claims. Ninety-five of the 158 fact-checks of claims made by Trump have been rated False or Pants on Fire. Add in Mostly False and that accounts for 123 (78 percent) of all of Trump’s fact-checked claims.

  • Trump is apparently joining Sanders, liberals, Hillary, the AFLCIO and other unions in attacking trade agreements like NAFTA which have as Trump pointed out enriched businesses at the expense of American workers and the manufacturing base of the US shrinking income and adding to the gap between rich and poor in the US (Trump apoligized for playing a role in this). Gingrich was one of the authors of NAFTA and has sided with Republicans, business, and conservatives on trade. Gigrich is for relaxing trade restrictions with China– opposite view from Trump. Gringrich is not a match. Christie has been changing his mind on trade and NAFTA for the last two years, so even if he is a Repbulican, he makes a better match for Trump.

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