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Kauai neighborhood group isn’t interested in Facebook CEO’s rock wall

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Workers from Malafu Contractors were building a stone along the property owned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Kilauea, Kauai, last month.

A Kauai neighborhood association isn’t planning to do anything about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s rock wall that has some residents grumbling.

Kilauea Neighborhood Association President Yoshito L’Hote says the group has bigger issues to tackle.

Some neighbors have complained the wall looks daunting and that it blocks breezes and views. Lindsay Andrews, a spokeswoman for the billionaire’s Kauai property operations, says the rock wall is designed to reduce highway and road noise.

L’Hote says there wasn’t any time to devote meaningful discussion to the wall at the association’s meeting on Tuesday night. He says there were more pressing issues such as a drug infestation, a rash of thefts and a planned shopping center.

By comparison, he says, the wall seems like a “small matter.”

18 responses to “Kauai neighborhood group isn’t interested in Facebook CEO’s rock wall”

  1. NanakuliBoss says:

    Only thing, where are the rocks coming from? Tongan have been known to harvest heiau stones.

  2. wrightj says:

    Those grumbling residents are just jealous, because they have no mo notting.

  3. justmyview371 says:

    Is the wall illegal? If not, this is a NON-ISSUE.

  4. Snator says:

    Whiny neighbors. Good for the Kilauea Neighborhood Association for seeing this issue for what it really is, No big deal in the realm of all the other more important things.

  5. maafifloos says:

    Grew up in Waikiki with a rock wall that blocked the breeze. Its still there, called Diamond head. Get used to it.

  6. cojef says:

    Environment? Where are rocks being harvested from and by extracting same will it affect the terrain/landscape and cause landslides like the dam that was washed away? Like the SuperFerry was an environmental study conducted? All those silly questions that have been used in the past to halt the building. Rocks moved from sacred grounds and list goes on and on?

  7. username_required says:

    Hasekos wall Ewa… 18 ft high

  8. hepuaokoloa says:

    Right on Yosh!. Plenty to deal with in Kilauea and Kaua’i besides a legal wall that upsets a few. To the complainers, you may have upset others when you moved here too.

  9. akio says:

    The vandalism is a result of the drug infestation. Ice epidemic

  10. justmyview371 says:

    I support anything that reduces traffic noise, no matter how daunting it looks. If you made the mistake of living in the City or anyplace near a major roadway, you know that noise can interfere with your sleep and diminish the quality of your lives and the value of your property. You people driving around with modified (destroyed) mufflers on your cars, motorcycles, and mopeds know who you are. Why do you get such pleasure in annoying other people. I know you’ll defend it as part of your culture!

  11. Opelu says:

    I wonder that the neighbors got out of it ?

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