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Clinton blasts Russia, Trump softens immigration stance

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    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump walks to speak with members of the press, today, aboard his campaign plane, while flying over Ohio.


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to members of the media on her first flight on a new campaign plane before taking off at the Westchester County Airport in White Plains, N.Y., today, to travel to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for Labor Day events.

CLEVELAND » Setting the stage on Labor Day for a critical month in their testy presidential campaign, Donald Trump softened his stance on immigration while Hillary Clinton blasted Russia for its suspected tampering in the U.S. electoral process.

In a rare news conference aboard her new campaign plane, Clinton said she is concerned about “credible reports about Russian government interference in our elections.”

“We are going to have to take those threats and attacks seriously,” Clinton told reporters traveling with her from Ohio to Illinois.

Clinton’s comments follow reports that the Russian government may have been involved in the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails just days before the party’s national convention. The emails, later revealed by WikiLeaks, showed some DNC officials favoring Clinton over her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders — who has since endorsed Clinton for president.

She said Russian President Vladimir Putin appears “quite satisfied with himself” and said Trump “has generally parroted what is a Putin-Kremlin line.”

Meanwhile, Trump extended a rare invitation to journalists to accompany him on his private plane from Cleveland to Youngstown, Ohio. The billionaire businessman appeared to pivot away from his hard-line position on immigration, saying, “I’m all about jobs now.” Any immigrants who want full citizenship must return to their countries of origin and get in line, he told reporters — but he would not rule out a pathway to legal status for the millions living in the U.S. illegally, as he did in a long-awaited policy speech last week.

“We’re going to make that decision into the future,” Trump said.

Clinton powered through a coughing fit at a Labor Day festival at a Cleveland park, sharply criticizing Trump’s recent trip to Mexico as “an embarrassing international incident.” Unwilling to allow Trump to modify his immigration stances, she said his address later that night in Arizona amounted to a “doubling down on his absurd plan to send a deportation force to round up 16 million people.”

“He can try to fool voters into thinking somehow he’s not as harsh and inhumane as he seems, but it’s too late,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s 25-minute question-and-answer session was her first extensive availability with reporters since early December. Beyond Russia, she answered questions about the ongoing controversy surrounding her use of a private email server while secretary of state, which Trump has used to cast doubt over her ability to protect classified information.

“I take classification seriously,” she said.

Trump told reporters Monday that “on occasion,” he will invite journalists to travel with him.

The two campaigns arrived in Cleveland within hours of each other, underscoring Ohio’s quadrennial role in presidential campaigns. No Republican has won the White House without carrying the state, and the airport offered vivid imagery of that crucial role.

The airplanes of Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, were parked on the tarmac as Clinton and her vice presidential pick, Tim Kaine, arrived in separate planes. It was a near-encounter that even forced the Trump press corps to the side of the road as Clinton’s motorcade whizzed by.

“It’s kind of interesting to have all the planes here on the same tarmac,” Kaine said after he and Clinton greeted supporters. “Just shows you how important Ohio is. We’re going to be here a lot.”

While Labor Day has traditionally been the kickoff to the fall campaign, both Clinton and Trump have been locked in an intense back-and-forth throughout the summer.

The start of full-fledged campaigning opens a pivotal month, culminating in the first presidential debate Sept. 26 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. Polls show Trump trailing Clinton in a series of must-win battleground states, meaning the debates could be his best chance at reorienting the race.

Trump told reporters he does plan to take part in all three presidential debates, joking that only a “hurricane” or “natural disaster” would prevent him from attending.

Clinton will have millions of dollars at her disposal this fall to air television advertising and power a sophisticated get-out-the vote operation in key states.

The former secretary of state raised a combined $143 million in August for her campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state parties — her best month yet. She began September with more than $68 million in her campaign’s bank account to use against Trump, who has not yet released initial fundraising totals for August. Trump followed through with his vow to spend some $10 million on commercials in key states over the past week.


There’s plenty that can happen between Labor Day and Election Day in the 2016 race for president. Check out the “what ifs” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at:

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  • It’s hard to imagine or construct a candidate as flawed and as unfit as Mr. Trump.

    Democrats are now looking forward to Democratic control of the Senate, thanks to Mr. Trump and his disastrous campaign.

    Thanks again, Trump primary supporters! Great job!

        • And too bad for the country. She has no class, no conscience, no moral compass, and no accomplishments to show for her time on public dole. The kind of candidate only a gruber could love.

        • What would be bad for the country would be if the Donald somehow pulls it off. A man with a thin skin, who has no respect for tradition and is very ignorant would not be good for this country. At least Hillary wouldn’t make a fool of herself and wouldn’t plunge the country into a very deep recession.

        • Calentura, seems to fit right into that demographic sweet spot of the Trump campaign: undereducated, underemployed, poor life skills, unadjusted, self marginalized and self isolated.

        • Clingons have no reason to be concerned about the dip in the polls. She will win in a landslide.Just keep the Clinton Cash Coming.

      • Pray tell please explain how Hillary could be worse than the Donald? The Donald would plunge the country into a deep recession with his advocacy of Voodoo. Stock market would soon be under 7000.

        • Uh, incompetence, pathological lying, corruption? These core Clinton values aren’t enough of an explanation? Donald is icky, but at least he hasn’t failed as Secy of State, used public office to enrich himself, or lied to the public more times than we can count.

          Hope I answered your question.

          Oh, yeah. How about that health thing, all the coughing and stumbling around that has so many doctors worried. Could it be the Clinton Concussion, you know, the thing that caused her to “forget” so many facts when she spoke to the FBI.

        • Winston..Your post just gave Boots da Boot.
          Almost unfair for you giving it to an UNinformed hiLIARy follower.

        • Winston is telling the truth. I too think Trump is Iffy but at least he’s not a criminal.
          I am a democrat that voted for Obama. But after researching Hillary and her past from Arkansas Rose law firm to the first lady to senator and finally secretary of state. Scandals followed her at every stop. Clear your minds about each candidate and do your own research. Hillary wants war with Russia.

        • “This critical medical event, lasting for whole seconds, also merited a story on CNN. Did you know that Hillary coughed during a speech in January? It’s true! And she also coughed at another speech barely thirty days — and about thirty speeches — later. CNN may not notice when Donald Trump is caught sliding money to two attorneys general to buy his way out of a lawsuit, but they are right there with the details on this vital issue.

          Now the question will be how this is reported tomorrow. How many Trump surrogates will be invited onto morning shows to tell us that Clinton has … what? Ebola? Hantavirus? Beriberi? And most importantly, will it be a “gate?” No. it has to be a “ghazi.” Coughazi. Just look how nicely that fits.” —Daily Kos

        • i’m more worried about her cognitive problems since her concussion. Oh My Goodness. The poor thing just couldn’t remember a thing when talking to the FBI. Why could that be????? I’m sure that THE PENALTIES FOR LYING TO THE FBI had nothing to do with it. So, the only logical conclusion is a health problem, right?

          Bonus: Unlike Trump, at least we won’t have to worry about her misusing the nuclear codes like Trump. No, given her inability to recall stuff during the FBI interview, she’d probably forget there were nuclear codes.

          Hillary in the Whitehouse: “Where are those darn codes? Last time I saw them they were under the couch. Oh, I know, I left them on my Blackberry, the one I threw at Bill for hustling the UPS delivery lady”

    • It’s hard to imagine or construct a candidate as flawed and as unfit as Mrs. Clinton.

      Republicans are looking to retain control of the Senate, thanks to Mrs. Clinton and her disastrous campaign.

      As in the 2008 and 2016 primaries Mrs. Clinton can’t take out two lightweights. And, she might end up losing again in the General.

      Thanks again, Trump primary supporters! Great job!

      • What have you been smoking? Must be some of the same stuff the Romney people were smoking during the 2012 election. Fact is the Donald is going to lose big primarily because he knows not what he does. He just wings it and who is going to vote for someone who only wings it?

        • sarge22, Kim Jong-un will not be happy with you for exposing the size of his wardrobe that he rented to hiLIARy who btw is not “reply”ing to Kim’s email request to have his wardrobe returned.

    • You can’t imagine? I”ll help you out. Imagine a man like Trump, then remove reason and accountability. Of course, the resultant personality is a pretty good match for Hillary.

  • This may be a good time for democrats to bus’ out the anti-depressants. It is increasingly likely Hillary won’t make it to the finish line, let alone winners circle. She had some serious coughing episodes over the weekend. It is just a matter of time before she will need to be hospitalized. That ought to make the disenfranchised Bernie supporters seethe with anger since her health problems are old news. Too bad it’s a day late and a dollar short to bring Bernie back, he’s damaged goods now. In addition it looks like the Clintons have finally worn out their welcome with voters. Between Bill’s inability to control his animal instincts and his wife’s inability to connect with voters the sun is setting on the once high-flying power couple.

    • Clinton has released extensive health records. Trump has only released a phony note that was obviously written by him, not the doctor who allegedly signed it.

      Clinton has also released her tax returns, something Trump is afraid to do.

      • but your hiLIARy is the one that has a difficult time walking…coughing for a couple of minutes during a speech (today) is a long duration…her absence from the campaign…no pressers…she is frail & weak….not good signs.

      • BS, bsdetection. The only thing Clinton has released is a two-page letter from her personal physician that says Hillary suffers from hypothyroidism, seasonal allergies and takes blood thinners as a precaution against clots and that she is excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States. A two-page letter. Where are the “extensive health records” mentioned in your comment?

      • Not good enough.
        2011, hiLIARy’s Foreign Policy Adviser, Jake Sullivan, reported to have searched online for drugs for Parkinsons & Alzheimers and delivered that info directly to hiLIARy…google

  • finally, released from her medical cocoon and flanked by her campaign staff, the female felon was plagued with coughing fits through her labor day speech in cleveland.

    her failing health is a critical issue for any other candidate for presidency, but, within the main stream media she is given a pass.

    the congenital liar flaunts her fbi investigation as proof of her integrity in the same manner whitey bulger used the fbi to cover his murders and drug dealings.

  • His credit was so bad that nobody would lend him money. I wouldn’t trust him with my granddaughters piggy bank. He also did not respond to numerous requests to be interviewed for this special.

  • Looks like her aide is riding that Old Nag hard and putting her to bed wet. She looked horrible. Wait until Putin and Duterte get finished with her. They gonna tie a collar on her and make bark like dog.

    • Speaking of her aides, she threw several under the BUS blaming them for not taking care of her Classified Emails” for her.. “lack of knowledge” had a part in it.
      btw…did any of her YOGA LESSONS and/or chelsea’s WEDDING stuff turn up yet?

  • The Democrats completely ignored the blacks and Hispanics. Now all of a sudden they realize they are vulnerable to the truth. If the race is a toss up, that 1% will make the difference. They Dems can’t debate the truth.

    • Eugene Robinson, in today’s Washington Post, wrote an op-ed headlined “The ugliest, most appalling spectacle in American politics” in which he writes:

      “Every once in a while, the curtains part and we get a glimpse of the ugliest, most shameful spectacle in American politics: the Republican Party’s systematic attempt to disenfranchise African Americans and other minorities with voter-ID laws and other restrictions at the polls. If you thought this kind of discrimination died with Jim Crow, think again. Fortunately, federal courts have blocked implementation of some of the worst new laws, at least for now. But the most effective response would be for black and brown voters to send the GOP a message by turning out in record numbers, no matter what barriers Republicans try to put in our way.”

      • Indeed. The revisionism of America, includes a fictional nihilism that we are on the door of the apocalypse. Which outwardly rejects what almost every recognized economists has said: that scine the global recession of 2007, the US has fared better and recovered faster relative to every other industrialized country, That somehow, America was better with less education, with heinous policies like Jim Crow, and that less diversity was the goal–it is not.

        The racist sophism that is Trump, has not only such a small window on America, it views most of American in a pedantic and condescending posture that disallows this caricature of a man to ever be taken seriously.

    • As if republicans can debate the truth? Tell me when was the last time a republican told the truth? Certainly the last republican president never told the truth.

      • So, you’re saying it’s OK to elect a congenital liar because past republican presidents weren’t truthful? Hard to follow that logic. “A” was bad, so it’s OK for “B” be bad also because of “A”? What? This is the word version of one of those goofy optical illusions, the drawings that the mind just can’t make sense of.

    • IRT LesPark, right on. And, I keep searching for what the media says Mr. Trump “softened” his illegal immigration position and can’t find any. All illegal aliens/immigrants who want to become American citizens must go back to their Country and legally return to the United States. Mr. Trump has made that crystal clear. It’s the media that want to pin him as a flip-flopper, and are failing.

  • Michael J. Morrell, a 33-year CIA officer who ran the agency at was at George Bush’s side during 9/11 and at Obama’s side when Osama bin Laden was killed, wrote:

    “The dangers that flow from Mr. Trump’s character are not just risks that would emerge if he became president. It is already damaging our national security. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia was a career intelligence officer, trained to identify vulnerabilities in an individual and to exploit them. That is exactly what he did early in the primaries. Mr. Putin played upon Mr. Trump’s vulnerabilities by complimenting him. He responded just as Mr. Putin had calculated.

    Mr. Putin is a great leader, Mr. Trump says, ignoring that he has killed and jailed journalists and political opponents, has invaded two of his neighbors and is driving his economy to ruin. Mr. Trump has also taken policy positions consistent with Russian, not American, interests — endorsing Russian espionage against the United States, supporting Russia’s annexation of Crimea and giving a green light to a possible Russian invasion of the Baltic States.

    In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation”

  • latest cnn poll has trump with slight lead. that’s the clinton news network poll. could be what forced the unhealthy female felon hermit to appear before the unwashed press on the campaign plane.

  • Not looking good for Waldo. The Washington Post just put out a story imploring readers to stop taking about her health issues. The story is predictable since the Washington Post is one of the Clinton’s most vocal and shameless cheerleaders. What is interesting are the comments. Nearly all of them are unkind to Hillary. Some of the negative Hillary posts are tasteless and should be ignored . But…it’s very telling that WaPo readers, like many Americans have had it with the Clinton’s lying to them as if they are children. Health issues aside, it’s getting harder and harder to defend Waldo and her lying with a straight face. Americans are disillusioned as they see the FBI and DoJ corrupted, allowing Hillary to skate in charges that would put you and I in prison for life.

    • what’s interesting is that the article’s author questioned mccain’s health when he ran for president. proving that liberals only question the health of republicans.

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