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Obama urges black voters to rally for Hillary Clinton


    President Barack Obama

WASHINGTON » President Barack Obama is making it clear that if the African-American community fails to turn out for the presidential election and support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, he’s taking it personally.

Obama delivered his final keynote address to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Saturday night and said his name may not be on the ballot, but issues of importance to the black community were.

And he realizes that a victory for Republican Donald Trump could undo much of what he has done. Clinton also made a pitch at the same dinner for African-Americans’ support.

The Republican nominee campaigned in Houston, where he talked to a gathering of the Remembrance Project, a group founded to remember those killed by people living illegally in the U.S. and to press for tougher laws.

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  • At least this speech is in Washington rather than using Air force one and our tax dollars for campaigning for Hillary. The taxpayers should send her a bill for his, Biden and Michele’s travel. Its all for a losing effort anyway. Even the race card won’t help her now especially when Wiki leaks gives out the next set of emails this month.

        • Obama is a BIGOT! As a President he leads all US Citizens, you don’t campaign for your RACE or CREED! A True BIGOT as I ever read of one!

        • At least Hillary doesn’t stiff young girls like the Donald does. Only republicans would feel that it is ok to stiff the Freedom Girls. Sorry, I think this is despicable.

        • hey boots…Colin Powell…”whose husband is “still d–king bimbos at home (according to the NYP)” — the New York Post.”

        • Boots: since you’re silent on the ACTUAL SUBJECT MATTER I will assume that you approve of Obama’s racist remarks. That also makes you a racist.

        • lol, there is that word Worst again. How can any sane person say that Obama has been a worse president than say G W Bush who left with a trillion plus budget deficit. Or Uncle Ron who inherited a 50 billion deficit and soon blew it up to 250 billion? Oh that is right. Republicans are no longer concerned about fiscal responsibility as Deficits don’t matter. Such hypocrisy is just amazing.

        • lol, Keonigohan, how have I outdone myself? Strange you couldn’t answer my main point. Why are republicans no longer fiscally responsible? Hate to tell you this but Deficits do matter especially when they only go to making pot holes half way around the world.

        • Boots…you do know the difference between deficit and debt do you? If I gave my family a million dollar budget, I can tell you for sure that we will never run a deficit. However our debt will certainly be a huge concern.

        • Wanna see something funny? Go to Yahoo where Obama is taking Huge backlash from his recent speech “call to the all Blacks”. Angry and x the Hundreds (now by the Thousands) are voicing their opinions and yahoo simply can’t keep up with it! Yahoo is deleting as much feed back as it can! lol!
          Bias,Bigotry and Racist in Maximum Overdrive!

    • As a Native American, I will vote for Hillary as she will do far less damage to my people and to this country than the anti-American Trump. Trump terrifies me with his ignorance. As Secretay of Defense Gates, said, he is no qualified to be commander in chief or really anything.

        • No far better to vote for a con man who stiffs young girls. right Peanut? Pretty sad when you have to sue someone for some minor compensation. Shame Donald. Stop being so Cheap!

        • Boots: although I doubt you were privy to the Freedom Girls/Trump Campaign discussions, no standard performance contract was ever executed by the overly zealous manager. Similar to the rail effort you so ardently supported, the money was spent with no documented concern for source.

      • I don’t know what is more American than someone who wants to protect this country by keeping terrorist out as opposed to another who recklessly wants to allow thousands of immigrants into the country just to meet Obama’s quota.

    • RaiderDogs, seen this morning LA Times/USC poll with Mr. Trump +7 and digging into the numbers, see Americans of African ancestry in the past week and a half support Mr. Trump from 4.0 to 20.1, a +16.1 gain in 11 days. Also, American of Hispanic ancestry support Mr. Trump by 31.6% and holding steady. No wonder Hawaii born racist President Obama is “telling” the Americans of African ancestry to vote for Ms Clinton, instead of asking for support from all Americans.

    • Notice that the president spoke only to black people. He fooled most everyone into believing that he was going to be the president of all Americans then immediately became the president of only black America. So sad. This man had the opportunity to make and go down in history as a great president. Instead he’ll eventually be regarded as the worst.

    • “Obama urges black voters to rally for Hillary Clinton”

      Kayden. I’m gonna urge white voters to rally for Donald Trump. If our Divider-in-Chief wants a race war at the ballot box, that’s what he’ll get.

      • Strange Barry is working right out of Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter play book. If Trump wins he’s going to have a hell of a mess to fix. If Hillary wins I suspect an increase in homegrown terrorism. Either way its a loose loose no matter who wins. Bernie or Bust!

        • And what mess is that? The stock market being over 18,000 instead of being under 7000? Many months of increasing employment? Yes lets go back to the days of GW where the stock market fell like a lead balloon and many found themselves without jobs.

        • So Stocks crashed and unemployment rose under GW in ’06, oh yeah, the Dems took over Congress. Thanks to Harry and Nancy.

      • You mean republicans who will be looking for fat government contracts to build a wall along our border or to build more military crap like the B-1 bomber? Face it republicans are the new welfare cheats. lol

        • your basically admitting the Democrats are welfare cheats and now that Obama’s taking reign the Republicans joined the cheaters. hmmmm

  • The numbers show that Blacks are worst-off now than they were eight years ago before Obama. And Obama is responsible of inciting racism in this country. His latest move clearly show this.

    • Liberals will disagree as usual as, the end justify the means. Blacks have not fared well and the BLM evolvement was during his watch. For the past 9 months there has been more 500 Blacks on Blacks death in Chicago where he was a community organizer. Barrack’s track record for Blacks has been very dismal. To continue his legacy through Hillary will only add to their despair. Better strategy for Hillary is using the 1st Lady as the women voters may not support Hillary as she had hoped?

      • So Blacks would be so much better off if they vote for the Donald? lol. The Donald would probably consider them Muslims and ship them off to Mexico. Only a fool would vote for a con man.

        • No proof of blacks failing. Actually more blacks in key government positions and higher paying jobs.

        • NB: but how well are they doing in that position? Case in point: Mosby, Holder, Lynch, Obama and so on.

        • The Pied Piper has em under his spell. You’ll never convince them, let me ask. Do you believe Hillary landed in Bosnia under sniper fire? Have you seen the FBI Director literally confirming Hillary lied to the public about her emails? Maybe you’ve all come to terms living with the Clinton lies in which I’d hate to be ruled under a blatant liar. I’d never know what’s the truth coming out of her mouth

  • The only thing Obama has done for blacks is make sure everyone else harbors animosity towards them. He has pushed racism back into the forefront with lies and cowardice. What a pathetic President we’ve had. Every day it’s the same old speech. Down with republicans. Great day when Obama and Clintons are no longer a part of the American political scene.

    • Be careful what you wish for. The last republican president left this country in the worse economic meltdown since the great depression. What would a president Trump leave us with? Would hate to think. WWIII, A depression that makes the great depression look like a picnic, or the death of the planet due to environmental neglect? I sure don’t want to find out.

      • ” The last republican president left this country in the worse economic meltdown since the great depression. “>>> And WHY did that meltdown occur?

        Democrats opposed the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, which would have established a single, independent regulatory body with jurisdiction over Fannie and Freddie – a move that the Government Accountability Office had recommended in a 2004 report.

        Cause and affect.

        • No Sound, the last republican president followed Voodoo economics to the max. He promised to keep the budget balanced but that soon went out the window with 2 unnecessary wars and large tax cuts for the rich. It is a shame that Republicans are no longer fiscally responsible but just Voodoo Witch Doctors. How can anyone fall for such rubbish?

        • Yes Boots. A group of terrorists attacks us and kills hundreds of people on our own soil. Would you rather we tuck our tail between our legs and wonder what we did to disparage them and apologize for it?

        • Thank you Sound!You Nailed it Bro! I know at times it can be frustrating explaining the realities to the Liberal mindset,this of course is …….an impossible task! They’ll just keep blaming GW.BUSH. This is all they have !

  • The first black president, who did nothing for African Americans, wants African Americans to vote for a president who will continue to do nothing for African Americans.

  • Coming from a black president who wasn’t raised by black parents, who grew up outside of the black community, and has done nothing for black Americans but perpetuate the myth and illusion that only liberal Democrats can fix the problems in the black community. It’s all a big lie.

  • Odd, isn’t it, that the photo of Barry used seems to show his African roots more prominently. Could it be the Dems consider a certain minority group so easily duped and manipulated as to resign themselves to being pawns in the big league power game played in DC, at everyone’s expense, not just that particular minority. And what exactly did he accomplish for that minority in eight years? More unemployment, more inner city grit and despair, more false hope and the same old false narrative as always, promises, promises, promises. Go play golf, sit on the beach and write those next books, Barry, that’s what you do best as taught by hack writers in English Lit classes. What’s that? You have a law degree? Are you licensed to practice law in DC? Not joining a prestigious DC law firm as the Minority Affairs leader. And BTW, ISIS, why is it that Saudi foreign fighters make up the majority of ISIS fighters? Could it be this is a good way for the Saudi royals to flush out from their territory the radical element that would be costing them trouble at home. Your 8 years amount to zero for America. And vote for the Clinton foundation crew. Pathetic

    • Welfare checks, section 8s, food stamps, etc. etc. have not elevated the lives of the majority of the black people. Instead, these government social welfare programs only tied their hands to do great things and withered their minds in opening up to other ideas. Obama stop using the race card, let the people decide for themselves.

  • Looks like Trump is getting traction with the minorities. You can’t argue with Obama’s failures. He’s a racist through and through. Him and Colin Kaepernick are one and the same ideologically.

  • GIVE ME A BREAK. I voted twice for Obama and would NEVER vote for CORRUPT CLINTON.

    Obama needs to be quiet and stop his race baiting, its very BAD for this country.

  • …and tell me again, why is there a sense of racism now in this country? You, a part black man, was elected as president but did nothing to improve conditions for your fellow blacks. Then yoo blame everyone else for their problems.

  • This is downright ,undeniable,in your Face Racist! What is Obama doing? Is this another Oh Oh “I Stepped in it” again moment?
    This is NOT helping Hillary’s Campaign or any Red Blooded American with a Brain! He’s only driving the Racial Wedge even deeper into our society,by instigating racial divide. He thinks he can still persuade American Black Voters to support Hillary Clinton? He’s Dreaming! And you will be surprised ,because there will be many “Incognito” Black voters supporting Donald at the polls!

    He has ,what? about 3.5 months left as the Commander in Chief and he pulls this kinda stuff ? OMG! I said this before,he’s not done with us yet!
    Yes I too would like to add” If Donald Trump had said something like this? “Donald Trump Urges All White Voters to Rally around HIM!” Braaahhhhh!___ All Hell would Break Loose!__
    The MSM ie: CNN,CBS,ABC,CNBC would be calling all their lead journalist back to work TODAY! fast wouldn’t be fast enough! Imagine… “Breaking News” “Breaking News” Donald Trump is a Racist and a Supremacist” Man! They would be utterly Hammering Donald to the Ground!

    Yes as Obama said “I’m taking it personally” Well,I too am taking it “Personally”! What you said ?”Is not a Good Thing” Bro. IMUA

  • I wouldn’t listen to the POTUS or Hillary. Every word they’ve said, every policy action they’ve taken has turn a whole minority population completely dependent on government handouts to survive. Lost generations, lost hope – how sad.

  • Nothing of concern going on in the country, kinda bored, everything is so peachy at home and around the world, hey nothing to do, I’ll stir up some racially based gutter campaigning. Yeah that’s what I’ll do, I’m so bored….

    Barack Obama 10/17/16

  • Very Rascist Mr. President. Why make everything about the color of your skin ? You have done a huge disservice to this country. Very sad I voted for you twice. Never again !

    Trump is the persons we need more than ever now !

  • The Borowitz Report: “There are people at my rallies, desperate people, desperate because they want jobs,” Trump said. “Once they inherit millions from their father, they will never want a job again.”


    A vote for trump is a vote for the argot of fools and the desperate.

  • So if you thought that we may be moving toward a post racial America, just look at our President who says everyone of a particular race, stick together and vote according to your race. This is deplorable and racist at its very roots.

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