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FBI investigates whether classified emails are on Weiner device

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    Huma Abedin, alongside her husband, then-New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, spoke during a July 2013 news conference in New York. The FBI is investigating whether there is classified information in new emails uncovered during the sexting investigation of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of one of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides.


    FBI Director James Comey testified on Capitol Hill in Washington on July 14. The FBI informed Congress today it is investigating whether there is classified information in new emails that have emerged in its probe of Hillary Clinton’s private server.


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke with senior aide Huma Abedin aboard her campaign plane at Westchester County Airport in White Plains, N.Y., today, before traveling to Iowa for rallies.

WASHINGTON » A new shock hit Hillary Clinton’s campaign today in the unpredictable and often unbelievable presidential race: The FBI is looking into whether there was classified information on a device belonging to the estranged husband of one of her closest aides.

Adding to the drama of the stunning revelation: The FBI uncovered the emails during a sexting investigation of Anthony Weiner, the disgraced ex-congressman who is separated from longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

The Democrat said late Friday she was confident whatever the FBI may find would not change its conclusion from earlier this year — that her use of a private email system as secretary of state did not merit prosecution.

“We don’t know the facts, which is why we are calling on the FBI to release all the information that it has,” Clinton said. “Even (FBI) Director (James) Comey noted that this new information might not be significant, so let’s get it out.”

The news arrived with Clinton holding a solid advantage in the presidential race. Early voting has been underway for weeks, and she has a steady lead in preference polls. But the development all but ensures that, even should she win the White House, the Democrat and several of her closest aides would celebrate victory under a cloud of investigation.

It was a day that thrilled Republicans eager to change the trajectory of the race, none moreso than GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“Hillary Clinton’s corruption is on a scale we have never seen before,” Trump said while campaigning in battleground New Hampshire. “We must not let her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office.”

Democrats, still confident Clinton will prevail in 11 days, were enraged by Comey’s decision to disclose the existence of the fresh investigation in a vaguely worded letter to several congressional leaders.

“The FBI has a history of extreme caution near Election Day so as not to influence the results,” said California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. She added, accusingly, “Today’s break from that tradition is appalling.”

It wasn’t until hours after Comey’s letter emerged that word came that the source of the new emails was Weiner, the former congressman under investigation for sending sexually explicit text messages to a teenage girl.

“We don’t know what to believe,” Clinton said, adding, “Right now, your guess is as good as mine, and I don’t think that’s good enough.”

The development also reignited persistent worries among Democrats that electing the former first lady will restart a cycle of scandal and investigation that could rival the final portion of her husband’s term in office.

Congressional Republicans have already promised years of investigations into Clinton’s private email system. And that’s only one of the email-related controversies facing her. The tens of thousands of confidential emails from Clinton campaign insiders that were hacked — she and the government say by Russia — and then released by WikiLeaks have provided a steady stream of questions about her policy positions, personnel choices and ties with her husband’s sprawling charitable network and post-presidential pursuits.

In his Friday letter to congressional leaders, Comey wrote only that new emails have emerged, prompting the agency to “take appropriate investigative steps” to review the information that may be pertinent to its previously closed investigation into Clinton’s private email system.

The FBI ended that investigation in July without filing charges, although Comey said then that Clinton and her aides had been “extremely careless” in using the system for communications about government business.

The agency, which did not respond to questions about Comey’s letter and did not lay out a timeline for the review, is also investigating the recent hacks of the emails of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman.

As Clinton and her campaign have been pounded by allegations and embarrassing revelations related to the hacked emails, they’ve largely avoided engaging in the details. Instead, they’ve focused on blaming the Russians.

“These are illegally stolen documents,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said earlier in the day on her campaign plane. “We’re not going to spend our campaign fighting back what the Russians want this to be about.”

That may be because Clinton hasn’t yet felt the political pressure. Recent surveys show her retaining her lead in national polls and making gains in some swing states. In fact, her campaign announced plans to hold a rally in Arizona next Wednesday, a traditionally red state put in play by Trump’s deep unpopularity among minority voters, Mormons and business leaders.

To the frustration of many in his party, Trump has struggled to consistently drive an attack against Clinton, often turning to personal denunciations of private citizens he feels have wronged him, like the Gold Star family of Captain Humayun Khan, a Muslim-American soldier killed in action.

That may be changing. He quickly pounced on the email news, seeing an opportunity to press the argument he’s long tried to make against Clinton: that she thinks she’s above the law and that she put U.S. security at risk by using her personal email.

After weeks of declaring the race “rigged” in favor of his opponent, Trump declared Friday he has “great respect” for the FBI and the Justice Department, now that they are “willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made” in concluding the investigation earlier.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz urged the FBI to “follow the facts, wherever they lead.” President Barack Obama plans to travel to support Clinton nearly every day that’s left in the campaign.

“He’s going to be proud to support her from now until Election Day,” Schultz said.

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    • ….maybe persuaded by Wikileaks? Maybe now he is wanting to come clean,because there are so many in the FBI Department today who are furious with the outcome of this investigations lead by James Comey. But Now there could be a Bigger fish to fry, President Barrack Hussien Obama.

      • Ain’t this campaign season a pip!

        Who could have guessed that Crooked Hillary would so convulse things as to cook up an October surprise that winds up aimed right at her own throat.

        Hoist on her own petard.

        How delicious

        Then that is what comes of being too clever by half.

      • The Clinton campaign has been trying to discredit Wikileaks for months but not the emails disclosed. Based on that I found it difficult to understand why this corrupt family hasn’t been brought to justice. Maybe it’s about to happen. I also believe the FBI stopped its initial investigation because it was going to lead to Obama. If he were innocent he would have had no reason to claim he knew nothing about HRC’s private server until it came out in the media. The corruption runs deep in this administration.

        • IMO, not only would have led to Obama but of many elected officials in office. I bet a lot of them are quivering in their pants/skirts.

      • The timing of this is extremely suspicious, as comey has admitted that the emails on weiner’s device were neither to, nor from, clinton. Comey, a republican, is just trying to please his party after previously disappointing them. Clearly, if a republican could not find enough evidence to charge clinton, her actions did not rise to the level required by law. Repulicans are just desperately grabbing onto any chance to right their sinking ship.

      • Maybe the Clinton surrogates are beginning to realize that she will not win the election although mainstream media polling states she is ahead. The mainstream misleading poll numbers are maybe just that. Insiders know that the fixing of the election as was done with Bernie Sanders will be difficult to implement. The non mainstream media states that the “Trumpet” is ahead. I call him the Trumpet because he is leading this movement to get our government back from corruptive type of politicians like the Clintons.

        A few days ago MSNBC had a decent length newscast discussion, talking about the Clinton Foundation and the actions taken by it that smells. Corruption is starting to surface.

        Now the FBI brings these new emails up that throws the Clintons into another questionable situation. Even Megan Kelly appears showing some negatives doings of the Clintons.

        The American people need to take a look at the information given by non mainstream media outlets and get information that may change your outlook on how you view Hillary. You may come to a realization that she is a lying lady and if you get a slight inkling of that you will know that voting for a lying lady is a basket of problem, because with that basket you will allow the FIRST MAN to get back in the white house who is a sexual predator and yes it was proven but little action done on him except being disbarred. The majority of people are good and honest aske yourself are they really good and honest.

    • Comey is under pressure to do all he must to prove Hillary Clinton is being treated the same as any federal peon caught under similar circumstances. For the FBI to have any credibility at all, no “special considerations” can be extended. What the AG chooses to do with any findings is problematic given the nature of the position.

  • How does someone who is repeatedly under criminal investigation and has hard evidence against her of tampering with government agencies and manipulating facts still a viable candidate from a major political party? Shouldn’t she have been disqualified long ago? When does this disqualify her? If it goes on long enough, will she be able to pardon herself or will she be impeached and put Caine in POTUS?

      • Yes, and if you look at 2 things WE will go down in History as a second Roman collapse.
        1. In the Nixon era the vast majority of Republicans would not support him when “it hit the fan” Dems today will elect Killary if if she is found guilty.
        2.The last time line for the “investigation” was years to review the data and interview her surrogates. Call a grand jury and go over material…another year. The actual trial and sentencing a year or more. This equals Killary in office for 4 years before going to jail(and all the corruption and destruction will not end for that period).

    • Well, the Pied Piper has his/her followers. Hillary could have an affair and be completely forgiving by her followers. Just like her cheating husband Bill. Once you tell a fib, all Fibs are easier to convey to the general public.

      • Even the Pied Piper himself Barrack Obama got caught lying about not knowing about Hillary’s private server until the rest of the World knew from news sources! Politicians on both sides of the aisle are sweet talkers! I just hope Trump wins the Presidency and cleans up the Corruption at the White House!

    • The DemonCrats are going to campaign to take the white house via the Grubber phrase in the back of the “Stupidity of the American Electorate.” Feed the Grubber subjects with smoke and mirrors (lie and deceit) and paint your opponent as racist and the Grubber subjects will salivate at every words and buy into the lies. Right now we have a race between a guy with such a big ego he can’t see what’s in front of him and we have one that is a pathological liar–she learned from her husband (birds of a feather flock together, “I did not have sex with that woman,” then we come to find out he left his DNA on a blue dress; then we have the other smaller stature candidates.

    • It would be very interesting to find out if a sitting U.S. President can remain in office with a revoked or nonexistent security clearance. I suppose that’s probably why there’s such a thing as a Vice President.

    • Nobody is mentioning the obvious — regardless how the election turns out, on the morning of January 20, during his last few hours in office, Obama will issue a pardon to Hillary. It doesn’t matter whether she has yet been found guilty of anything. Remember how newly installed President Gerald Ford issued a pardon to Richard Nixon for any and all crimes he MIGHT have committed (impeached [i.e. charged] in the House but not yet convicted in the Senate nor in any court). Ford said he was doing that in irder to clear the case out of his presidency so he could concentrate on more important matters instead of taking up all his time responding to subpoenas for documents etc. Obama will use the same excuse when he issues a pardon to Clinton. If she won the election he will pardon her in order to let her focus on looking ahead to govern the nation; if she lost the election he will pardon her anyway to stop the flow of information that would hurt the legacy of Secretary Clinton which would also hurt his own legacy.

    • Please read up on Peoples Temple Agricultural Project a.k.a. Jonestown and in infamous…”Drinking the Kool-Aid”…”a figure of speech commonly used in the United States of America that refers to any person or group who knowingly goes along with a doomed or dangerous idea because of peer pressure. The phrase oftentimes carries a negative connotation when applied to an individual or group.”

    • Won’t matter when they get to it. Would be totally insanely sweet to have a president impeached and incarcerated. I’d pay to see that $*t. I’d even vote for HitLIARy on Nov 8th if I knew for a fact 100% that after the election she would be criminally charged and incarcerated for the scandal!

  • Comey has to ‘try’ to redeem himself. Backstroke and electric sliding.

    Klastri- Can you entertain us on your insightful ‘analysis’ of a possible outcome.

      • I humiliated Klastri pretty badly in the comments yesterday. Klastri just didn’t bother trying to defend herself after making her look like a complete moron in legal matters given she claims to be an attorney. Just watch out for Klastri and a Ryder truck! She might pull a Timothy McVeigh if HitLIARy goes to jail or loses the election!

        • You humiliated me? You? Sure … that makes sense. You never know anything about any subject. Not ever. But enjoy your fantasy.

        • haaaa, klastri, if it wasn’t for incompetent Lawyers like yourself there would be no fun in the comments section. Sadly SA articles don’t contain the humor we get from reading your comments. Keep posting, the entertainment is worth the subscription! I got a new lawyer joke Klastri.

          What do you call a lawyer that got a law degree from Trump University?

        • dragoninwater – You see, the thing is that you write like a nine year old, which is really sad since you are presumably an adult.

          Just plain sad.

        • Come on Klastri, you’re a Trump University law school graduate, you should be able to answer the lawyer joke! 🙂

    • Yobo – Sure. Congress asked to be notified if there were any new updates, and this is a new update. So Director Comey notified Congress.

      This doesn’t mean anything, really – just that the same earlier investigation of emails is being extended to the emails found recently. This doesn’t mean that these particular emails haven’t already been reviewed. In most cases, this type of extension doesn’t change the original result.

    • Some are more crooked than others, just keep your eyes and ears open to the evidence and make the right decision. Clinton have used the phrase “I can’t recall,” so many times during the investigative phase of her e-mail/private server investigation, this should disqualify her to run, because she may have what is called DEMENTIA. She appears to recall certain information more than others and matter of national security is NOT one of them.

  • Hellary and the Clinton Gang attempt to portray Ms. Goody Two Shoes. They are a condescending bunch of snobs that will not honor campaign promises. If they were up and up these promises should already have been accomplished by the current administration. An administration of which she is already a part of. Insanity continues…….

  • What does this say about anyone who would vote for HilLIARy for #FeloninChief? Come on Hawaii, do you really think that someone who has done things 1000 X worse than Billy Kenoi should be President? We made a mistake with Obama, let’s not make a mistake again electing HilLIARy by either voting for her or anybody else other than Trump. Yes, he is obnoxious, and insulting, but he isn’t a crook like HilLIARy. #NeverHilliary

    • Just out of curiosity, I searched “Obama worldwide approval rating.” The most current are much like the one reported by Pew Research.

      “European attitudes toward President Barack Obama remain very positive. Across the 10 EU nations polled, a median of 77% have confidence in Obama to do the right thing in world affairs, including more than eight-in-ten in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and France.”

  • Not sure what is going on but it seems only internet/computer generated items of the Dems and Clinton are being “leaked”. If whoever is doing this is wanting a “fair” election, the why leak only one side?
    Is she done wrong, then prosecute. Might want to investigate all congressional people.
    Gov. Christie actions should be investigated too. By product of the fiasco is some people might not have gotten EMS service in a timely manner.

    • I guess there isn’t the same amount of illegal actions and coverups that are documented by the “other side”. Sad that you have to see this as partisan. Get past partisan politics and stop tolerating illegal practices from our politicians. Expect better!

      • Here’s the lasting takeaway: The Clintons spent their White House years explaining endless sleazy financial deals, and even capping their exit with a scandal over whether Bill was paid to pardon financier Marc Rich. They know the risks. And yet they geared up the foundation and these seedy practices even as Mrs. Clinton was making her first bid for the presidency. They continued them as she sat as secretary of state. They continue them still, as she nears the White House.

        This is how the Clintons operate. They don’t change. Any one who pulls the lever for Mrs. Clinton takes responsibility for setting up the nation for all the blatant corruption that will follow.

        • Don’t forget the $200k in “souvenirs” they took from the White House as they left. I guess they had an excuse though as they were “dead broke” when they left.

        • Look you Trumpanzee, can you please put that one screed to rest? Even Snopes says it’s a hoax. Of course for people who believe that Breitbart is Truth and News I might recommend Tass and Pravda. Of course there is no Tass in Pravda and no Pravda in Tass.

      • Ain’t it abso friggin lutely fascinatin’?

        When the Dems are behind the 8 ball, all the normal people are chastised as being “partisan”.

        But when the GOP gets a dose of bad media play, the piling on and the face smashing foot stomping provide compelling opportunities for endless whoopi, e.g. “elections have consequences.”

  • I didn’t realize the SA is associated with the Washington post. That explains a lot. Amazing SA is even running this story. By the way, where are all the left wing zealots that were posting yesterday about Trump U? Got caught with your pants down, huh? What a joke.

  • Keep moving folks, absolutely nothing to see here.

    One of Waldo’s aides stated in an e-mail the path to political power is “an unaware and compliant citizenry” That describes many of Waldo’s supporters who regularly post here. I’ll not use their SA board names to spare them the embarrassment but they know who they are.

  • Any other federal employee or contractor that did half of what Clinton had done would have had their clearance yanked and likely terminated for not being able to do their job because the lack of a clearance. There was a double standard in the favorable treatment of Clinton, likely approved at the highest levels. There is merit in the claim that the investigation needs to be investigated.

  • Imagine the most influential woman on the planet being brought down by a creepy low-level democrat pervert. Nice going Tony. On a different note, Huma is pretty hot if you ask me.

    • Make that two creepy low-level Democrat perverts. You forgot who HitLAIRy is married to. Must be a deep rooted Democrat family value to have husbands that sleep with every woman but their wives! LOL

    • CEI, I think you misunderstand the situation. The emails were found on Anthony Weiner’s computer but they were put there by Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife and Hillary’s closest confidant. If anyone put her down, it was Huma.

        • Most that mess with the Clinton family commit suicide. Huma is already showing signs of depression, HitLIARy will likely assist Huma with suicide which is legal in some states from my understanding.

  • It is about time. This woman shouldnot be allowed to run for president. If Clinton justobeyed the law she would not be having these problems. The only one toblame is herself. I look forward to theresults of this reopened investigation.

  • Can someone copy and paste the part in the article that says if there’s anything NEW that Clinton did?

    What I read is that they just found some emails they didn’t see before, so they will look them over now. No new allegations, just the FBI trying to be thorough. The emails happen to be from Weiner’s sexting scandal [shudder], but Hillary was not involved in that at all.

    So what is she being accused of now, based on these emails?

    • I believe it is due to Hillary’s sworn testimony before Congress when she stated that she never sent nor received any emails marked as classified. This FBI probe focuses on a computer shared by Anthony and Huma allegedly containing emails with classified materials sent by Hillary.

        • Typical of klastri to jump to a unwarranted conclusion. “I believe” is based upon what I have read emanating from other news sources. Any other questions klastri or do you require more schooling?

        • d_bullfighter – No, that remarkable explanation says everything. There was no “emanating from other news sources” because Mr. Comey’s letter said the FBI had not started the investigation and knew nothing.

          Just admit that you make up things.

      • Wrong. Comey, a republican, admitted that the emails were neither to, nor from, clinton. This is why the timing of his notification to congress is so suspicious. It seems as if he is just trying to give his party something to hang onto.

  • If any other person did what hi-LIAR-y did, they would be in jail and would no longer be employable and unable to get security clearance let alone TOP SECRET clearance.

  • Survival, trying save own skin that he closed down Hilary’s investigation prematurely against old time honest/truthful FBI staff advisers. Wonder if the Attorney General can save her own skin after the wiki-leaks release some of her activities with Bill Clinton? Some trusted Clinton staff member years from now will write a tell-all book and rake in million$ from the expos’e.

  • Getting back into the White House is the least of Hillary Clinton’s worries. Hillary and her associates are panicking how to keep out of the Big House.

    It is over, Donald J. Trump will be the 45th POTUS.

  • all offers of immunity granted under the previous f.b.i. white wash of the female felon’s mishandling of classified information do not carry over into this investigation.

    offers of immunity, agreements to destroy evidence and promises of no prosecution should also be unavailable in this new investigation as the collusion between the f.b.i. and the female felon’s campaign was corrosive to the f.b.i.’s integrity.

    jan.20 leaves enough time to conduct a fair and balanced investigation.

    • Can you just once write something truthful and accurate? Is just once too much to ask?

      Once use or derivative use immunity is granted, it cannot be revoked.

        • The facts are that the FBI cannot and does not grant immunity. Once granted by the Justice Department, it cannot be revoked.

          You have proven yourself to be completely ignorant of the law, and you seem proud of that. Obviously, you don’t want to learn anything, but perhaps others do.

        • Poor klastri, I think you should sue Trump to get your $200k+ student loan forgiven because the Trump University Law degree you hold is as worthless as HitLIARy’s personal statements of innocence.

          Klastri, we all know what st1d meant. No need to get overly technical about it. I guess did you have anything of value to add in defense of HitLIARy or did you only want to point out that the DOJ, the prosecutor, is technically allowed to grant immunity? In either case what do you think about the following immunity statement Comey made? Is the past immunity null and void in this new discovery of evidence?

          Comey said. “If new and substantial evidence develops a witness lied [under immunity], of course the Department of Justice can pursue it. Nobody gets lifetime immunity.”

        • dragoninwater – No. Use or derivative use immunity about a specific event cannot be revoked. Period. Even if subsequent evidence is uncovered. If there is a different event (this isn’t one of those cases) then a separate grant of immunity would need to be made. They probably couldn’t find a judge to agree that this is a separate event.

          You never know what you’re talking about. Not ever, about any subject.

  • Let’s not forget all of this betrayal of hard working tax paying Americans happened right under the nose of little Barry Hussein. You all remember little Barry Hussein. He’s the Marxist re-tread who promised the most transparent administration in history, any of you super-smart progressives remember that?.

      • Just like any other American, Trump minimized his tax liabilities to the extent that the law provides. I suppose you would enjoy paying extra taxes that you wouldn’t legally be liable for.

      • cellodad, no one ever skips on taxation, no one! If he was guilty of a tax crime the IRS would have had him imprisoned. He pays hundreds of millions in corporate taxes legally and he creates thousands of good paying jobs to Americans. He’s a businessman, just like the Men that built America long ago. So what if the laws legally allow him to pretty much skirt on a personal basis for a few years, the overall net gain from all the business he’s created by far outweighs any legal tax break he was given by the laws created by politicians like HitLIARy. When he passes someday, Uncle Sam will tax his estate dearly so he will eventually pay his fair share sooner or later.

    • So you’re saying the FBI should be an inept branch of the government and should not investigate and seek out criminals when crimes are committed? I now understand the mindset of most Democrats whom keep messing up American and turning it into a 3rd world cesspool.

  • I’m a democrat and have voted in the absentee ballot for Donald Trump. I cannot support the corrupt Hillary Clinton. It is time to return the government to the people and move away from the socialist movement that is eroding our republic.

    • So I take it you would not have voted for Roosevelt in the elections of the 30s because you were afraid of socialists? The socialist movement? Do you even know what you’re saying or did you spend too much time on Breitbart?

      • * What do you call redistribution of wealth in the form of massive welfare subsidies to illegals and anchor babies when US Citizens including military vets can’t get enough funding to survive?
        * What do you call a mandatory health plan (ObamaCare) citizens never voted for but was showed down their throats against their will and then be fined by the government for not participating?

        Just 2 examples of Democrat socialist policies. There are many more but not worth mentioning. Since you are so proud of your Democrat commie friends why don’t you share with us why not go all the way commie like North Korea? Essentially North Korea has the exact same policies in place HitLIARy wants us to have. Can you tell me the difference between HitLAIRys policies for America and the policies North Korea has? Far as I can tell I could not find a single difference.

  • I must admit though that any time Anthony Weiner is mentioned, I feel the need to take a shower to wash the slime off. How did HRC ever get anywhere near that sleezeball?

    • “I feel the need to take a shower to wash the slime off. ”

      Funny you say that, isn’t this exact phrase commonly stated by felons during interviews and cross examination prosecuted for child molestation, mutilation and body dismemberment?

      Hiding some guilt or something in your freezer you want to tell us about?

    • Too funny. Cellodad asks how HRC could get anywhere near Anthony Weiner. How about years of practice with her own husband, or Chelsea’s father-in-law.

    • We need to hope that the American public has ferret out the fair and balance reporting of the chain of events…there are a lot of folks who are simply relying on suppressed news reporting.

  • Why is this “not” on the SA “front page” headline article and “not” appropriately tagged as a “Reopened Investigation of HRC” due to…classified emails discovered on Weiner’s device. Perhaps the Civil Beat will do this discovery justice…just saying.

    • There has been no report of “classified emails discovered on Weiner’s device.” If you read that somewhere, they’re either bad, unethical reporters, or Russian hackers. Very likely bad, unethical reporters + undereducated readers who’ll believe anything.

      Do you need a translation?

      • mm there you are guessing and your way off, what was found on Weiner’s device was secret e-mails from Hillary to Huma Abedin or vice versa it may take a year or two for this investigation against the female felon, the FBI cannot review anything else while the investigation is going on. so no one will get anymore information of what’s in there because it would be breaking the law if the FBI released any information about these e-mails, so there is no Russian hackers.

  • although the f.b.i. has said that it intends to review what appears to be new emails involved in the female felon’s mishandling of classified information, i don’t expect any outcome that includes indictment, arrest or prosecution of the female felon.


    the same corrupt obama administration and justice department will again collude with the female felon to obstruct justice, tamper with and destroy any evidence involved with the new emails.

  • just scanning the radio and picked up something interesting, there’s still 12% of white males who are called eddies, they are the ones who fought for this country or had a job and have had only high school degrees and that’s it, and they lost there jobs because companies hired foreigners who took there jobs at lesser pay, or had college degrees, these are the ones that now may vote for Trump and give him the presidency, so no one is even talking about the 12% eddies in this country. its all about the latino’s and black votes that the Dems. are going after, and forgetting about the eddies, so trump could get there votes and pull it out, we will wait and see.

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