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‘Not my president:’ Trump denounced in protests across U.S.


    A man dressed in red-white-and-blue sat on the curb during a protest against President-elect Donald Trump, today, in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.


    Protesters marched past burned garbage in downtown Oakland, Calif., today. President-elect Donald Trump’s victory set off multiple protests.


    A trash fire burned during protests in Oakland, Calif., late Tuesday. President-elect Donald Trump’s victory set off multiple protests.


    Madeline Lopes, left, and Cassidy Irwin, both of Oakland, marched with other protesters in downtown Oakland, Calif., early today. President-elect Donald Trump’s victory set off multiple protests.

LOS ANGELES >> A day after Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, campaign divisions appeared to widen as many thousands of demonstrators — some with signs with messages declaring “NOT MY PRESIDENT” — flooded streets across the country to protest his surprise triumph.

From New England to heartland cities like Kansas City and along the West Coast, demonstrators bore flags and effigies of the president-elect, disrupting traffic and declaring that they refused to accept Trump’s victory.

Flames lit up the night sky in California cities Wednesday as thousands of protesters burned a giant papier-mache Trump head in Los Angeles and started fires in Oakland intersections.

Los Angeles demonstrators also beat a Trump piñata and sprayed the Los Angeles Times building and news vans with anti-Trump profanity. One protester outside LA City Hall read a sign that simply said “this is very bad.”

Late in the evening several hundred people blocked one of the city’s busiest freeways, U.S. 101 between downtown and Hollywood.

In Oakland, several thousand people gathered in Frank Ogawa Palaza, police said, clogging intersections and freeway on-ramps.

In Chicago, where thousands had recently poured into the streets to celebrate the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series victory in over a century, several thousand people marched through the Loop. They gathered outside Trump Tower, chanting “Not my president!”

Chicago resident Michael Burke said he believes the president-elect will “divide the country and stir up hatred.” He added there was a constitutional duty not to accept that outcome.

A similar protest in Manhattan drew about 1,000 people. Outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in midtown, police installed barricades to keep the demonstrators at bay.

Hundreds of protesters gathered near Philadelphia’s City Hall despite chilly, wet weather. Participants — who included both supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who lost to Clinton in the primary — expressed anger at both Republicans and Democrats over the election’s outcome.

In Boston, thousands of anti-Trump protesters streamed through downtown, chanting “Trump’s a racist” and carrying signs that said “Impeach Trump” and “Abolish Electoral College.” Clinton appears to be on pace to win the popular vote, despite losing the electoral count that decides the presidential race.

The protesters gathered on Boston Common before marching toward the Massachusetts Statehouse, with beefed-up security including extra police officers.

A protest that began at the Minnesota State Capitol Tuesday night with about 100 people swelled at is moved into downtown St. Paul, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. Protesters blocked downtown streets and traveled west on University Avenue where they shouted expletives about Trump in English and Spanish.

There were other Midwest protest marches in Omaha, Nebraska, and Kansas City, Missouri.

Marchers protesting Trump’s election chanted and carried signs in front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Media outlets broadcast video Wednesday night showing a peaceful crowd in front of the new downtown hotel. Many chanted “No racist USA, no Trump, no KKK.”

Another group stood outside the White House. They held candles, listened to speeches and sang songs.

Dallas activists gathered by the dozens outside the city’s sports arena, the American Airlines Center.

In Oregon, dozens of people blocked traffic in downtown Portland, burned American flags and forced a delay for trains on two light-rail lines.

Hundreds massed in downtown Seattle streets.

Many held anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter signs and chanted slogans, including “Misogyny has to go,” and “The people united, will never be defeated.”

Five people were shot and injured in an area near the protest, but police said the shootings and the demonstration were unrelated.

Back in New York, several groups of protesters caused massive gridlock as police mobilized to contain them under a light rain.

They held signs that read “Trump Makes America Hate” and chanted “hey, hey, ho, ho Donald Trump has got to go.” and “Impeach Trump.”

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  • 3rd world country illegal immigrant sanctuary state Kalifor-nie-a must be upset that the spigot of welfare checks they’ve been getting from the Obama’s federal government is going to end and they’ll have to get jobs and actually earn a living for the first times in their lives.

    • time to take back the country.
      many over educated – will need to pay back their debts and get a job.
      the days of ‘free lunch and rides are over’

      Illegals will soon be sent home.

      If you don’t like it – move to Canada.

      Time to end free money to other countries…

      No more money for Rail…

        • These protests are just another sad example that we have learned nothing last night. The exact reason why we have the outcome we do. They should NOT be protesting Trump. They should be pitchforks for the Clinton clan, and the DNC. They created this. If the DNC and evil Clinton family followed the will of the people, we would have Bernie right now. Can’t wait to have Trump put the entire Clinton clan in hard labor, stamping my custom license plate, POTUS-Donald. Obama should be ashamed to support such a ‘loser’ and should have been like Tulsi. She has balls, even tho she doesn’t. More balls than Obama, clearly, and most of our politicians. Big fan.

        • These protestors were probably critical of Trump when he didn’t say he would unconditionally accept the election results and now they are making fools of themselves. The left has little regard for free speech unless it agrees with their positions.

        • @ahipoke: Or maybe they’re upset that Hillary lost the election even though she WON the popular vote. Abolish the Electoral College!

        • To thevisitor, HRC won the vote count by less than .2%, hardly a mandate. The electoral college was set up for a reason, to protect small states, like Hawaii, from being dominated by the larger states. I’m guessing if the roles were reverse the protestors wouldn’t be crying for election by popular vote.

        • yep, follow the Barbara Striesand to Canada. I hope she keeps her word and never returns to the Good Ole US of A.

        • Yup, ALOHA OE!! to all those protesters and demonstrators and celebs that said they would move if Trump was elected…well, start packing………once again, ALOHA OE!!!

      • Can’t move to Canada they closed their website and heard they’re building a wall. I’m not a Trump supporter but for Clinton’s supporters to go out and set fires and smash windows that’s deplorable.

        • Maybe the millenials did vote, but the working middle class that pay for these groups entitlement had had enough of it.

      • IRT TheVisitor967, food stamps, unemployment checks, welfare checks for illegal immigrants, and Big Bank and Wall Street bailouts are same – same. No difference, for the Feds take our tax payments and pass it out illegally. Mr. Trump becoming the President of the United States gives us a voice against all the giveaways.

      • You should state what the bailouts meant for you and how you were impacted by them because you’re trolling at this point and you have no clue why you’re even trolling.

        But just so you can get a tad bit more perspective into it… Bailouts were shoved down the banks throats and the banks were forced to pay back the government bailout loans with interest. Taxpayers ended up with a net gain. So again, how have the Wall Street bailouts impacted you in a negative way? They haven’t, so you’re just trolling out of sheer S_T_U_P_I_D_I_T_Y because the education you got from Chicano Studies major at the community college you attended was the equivalent to going to the 13th grade.

        Welfare on the other hand never gets paid back or returned, it’s money pi$$ed down the drain to support those that don’t feel like working and feel they’re entitled to a free ride. While there are legitimately poor people that truly deserve welfare the majority of welfare recipients and the largest exploiters are illegals and their anchor baby children.

        Now go back to your mom’s basement and think about my first question and post it because I don’t think you will even find a single negative impact you’ve personally experienced due to the Wall St. bailouts.

        • Yes. Bailouts were shoved down the banks throats and the banks were forced to pay back the government bailout loans with interest.

          What you failed to mention was these banks were in willful violation of a federal laws. Robo signing documents, false home assessments, toxic derivatives, on and on. Some banks/financial institutions when under. In the end they were hardly fined enough for causing the 2008 financial debacle.

          Tens of thousands lost their homes due to the utter incompetence of those involved who knew they were ripping home buyers off.

          I still think they all should have gone to prison.

        • localguy, I completely agree many lost their homes. But you tell me who should be blamed.
          1. The inept home buyer with a stated income of $52k trying to buy a $800k priced home?
          2. The bank for foolishly giving out money the FEDs wanted them to and the FEMA guaranteed?
          3. The home sellers for flipping to make a handsome profit?
          4. The sheer masses of illegals with no SSNs that contributed to the bidding wars and bought still homes while they were in the US illegally? (This applies to California mainly)

          In my observation all 4 contributed to the massive meltdown. You’re trying to pin the massive meltdown solely onto the banks which would not be truly at fault. They never once told you to go into a bidding war for a once $10,000 shack built in the ’20s – ’50s and shell out close to a million bucks for it. We all know inflation wasn’t at play either because if you took inflation into account at ~3% for 50 years that $10k shack would still be worth ~$44k!

      • Which of the two candidates got the backing of Wall Street? It sure wasn’t Trump that got the bulk of the $$$ Wall Street gave out during this election cycle.


      • Agree with the rail comment because that is federal money. But the 30 meter telescope is not going to be paid with federal taxpayer money but a private fund from I think a non-profit agency. If it was federal funds doubt they could build the telescope in the Canary Islands, Chile or even China.

      • Actually we may get more rail money. He believes in spending on infrastructure. That is how he will get blue collar workers back on the payroll and industry back to producing. i.e. make steel, which requires coal, which requires manual laborers. He is taking a page out of President Hoover play book during the Great Depression.

        • Very possible, I certainly hope someone competent takes over the project. The current elect politicians are inept and corrupt.

        • Don’t bet on it. Trump believes in spending money WISELY. Out rail project does not meet the criteria.

        • TheRail is a LOSE money proposition. But on the other hand Military presence in Hawaii is a Big one where Trump’s wanting to rebuild.

      • My skin is as brown as the ground we walk on and I voted for Trump; the lesser of two evil one may say. One was a narcissistic egotistical billionaire against a pathological liar, the obvious choice was clear.

        • The pathological liar was just as egotistical. Hellary and all her backers with their condescending political correctness was sickening right up till last night.

        • Just like Trump refusing to concede. Isn’t that condescending? Just another example of how hypocritical republicans are!

        • Another know it all hypocrite. Do you assume that YOU know that South76 or saveparadise is actually republican? Just another example of a condescending mind.

        • You and me both! Merely a repudiation of the other candidate who has used the government for their family’s interest. Check out their family charitable foundations net worth from its inception and today. While doing that Chelsea’s $250,000 compensation as VP of one of the foundation and net worth of over 5 million$ dollor$. Just imagine Hillary claimed they were flat broke since leaving the White House. Today she is worth over 250 million$. As Secretary of State she approved all foreign sales of natural resources. Mining right were sold to the one of the Russian oligarchy. Subsequently Bill was invited to make speech to bankers and received a 1 million dollar plus stipend for the foundation?? Lesser of the 2 evils?

        • 70% of people don’t thrust him and I am sure people feel the same about Hillary. We lost either way!

        • WEll, Hillary has a record as a person holding public office in which she lied to the American public according to FBI Comey being grilled by Trey Dowdy. TheDonald has never worked as a Gov. employee, Crooked Lying Hillary has a public history whereas Trump has yet to show how he’d do. You all Never Trumpsters are dreaming of the worse yet don’t realize what’s in recorded History of Hillary Clinton. You’d vote for more lies, smoke and screens, etc. vs. trying something new. What do you all have to Lose vs. someone like Hillary that already has a history of Lying? Your like KIDS who only thinking of yourselves and can’t see the Whole picture. We can’t go any lower than what Hillary has shown us. “smh”

    • Crooked Democrats at their best showing their true colors. No more no less. This party needs to be cleaned to it’s core, all the conniving plans, lies, even Christian Donna Brazille who was supponedly very well respected got canned by CNN for helping the Clinton campaign. Seeing all of the crooked corrupted ways of the DNC was exposed by wikileaks!

  • These are just the dregs of society. Both parties have them. How about covering all the celebrations that occurred across the country; or does that not sell newspapers?

  • “The student-run campus newspaper, the Pitt News, tweeted about an event later today titled “Emergency Meeting: Let’s Unite to Stop President Trump.”

    Sorry children. The time to do that was 12 hours before, in the voting both. Pennsylvania went for Trump because more people voted for him. That’s how it works.

    • College Students: Ask not what the Country can give to you but ask what you can do for the Country. The Democrats has created a society of Entitlement, omg!

      • They’re upset because no free college tuition promised by Hillary. Typical leftists and Democrats who want the tax payers to finance their education. Minds of mush.

  • Their progressive, liberal professors have spent years brain washing their heads of mush, I should know, I was one of them. But years of seeing the results of this failed policy has taught me that what happened last night was good and history will view this as what saved a very divided country.

    • Are you that delusional? These were the same words that Obama supporters said 8 years ago. Nothing will change. If you think Trump will save this country then I have some property to sell you in Florida.

      • Sheesh! Did someone hit you with an ugly stick this morning? Do you need a beer? Meds maybe? Agreed that the tasks for anyone who becomes the next POTUS will be very difficult. Don’t want property in Florida but might consider Vegas after the “Wall” is built.

      • Actually, I would happily buy property in Florida. My last flip in that state netted me a handsome return. I hope you’re selling your FL property at 2009 prices because you might have a buyer! LOL

    • They have no jobs, they’ve shot themselves in the foot by getting an education in Chicano Studies or Gangster Rap and by the time they’ll graduate they’ll realize all the illegals/anchor babies took their service jobs and the only jobs left are in finance, science/biotech and engineering which were taken by the H1-B workers that or were outsourced because S_T_U_P_I_D never took STEMS in college to qualify for them! They all end up migrating to welfare states like California to suck on the public teat.

  • The liberal press. Once again focusing on anything negative to bash Trump. These cry babies should move to the Middle East. The American people have spoken. Against all odds they have won. Despite spending $1.3 billion, despite having the liberal media spin lie after lie and function like a Clinton public relations agency and not impartial news organizations, despite the pathetic get out the vote program, despite having some of the biggest (and stupidest) entertainers in show business behind them, despite the unprecedented move of a lame duck president jumping in the race and actively campaigning, despite all this — the crooked Democratic Party and the most crooked candidate to ever run for U.S. President — LOST. And lost big. Thankfully, and unlike Hawaii where we have a majority of elderly zombie Democrats, enough Americans saw through all the lies and misinformation and false rhetoric and hype. And made the best choice they could — DJT.

        • I don’t think we’ll be hearing from ikey any longer, as on several occasions he offered to quit these forums should Trump win. Too bad, as we’ve got an interesting four years ahead, and at least he’d be able to provide the needed addition of a different perspective.

        • hawaiikone, I do believe he exited the forums once but came back as icky. From the writing which is everyone’s signature….that person is actually choyd. He was ridiculed right out of these forums could not take it. Changed the name and may change it again.

        • Ohh, quite a few of the shill paid bloggers have gone silent as of yesterday,


          I guess HitLIARy stopped paying them to blog after the devastating blow when Americans ran to the vote with their middle finger for another round of ObamaNomics and ObamaCare.

        • @ dragoninwater…klastri other alias is “kauai” (just saw him on another story here). Same vitriol spew…can’t miss’m

        • Just wait until until klastri is back from Hillary’s victory celebration where he said he would travel with his wife. He will give it to all you Trumpies

  • Got no problem with Trump being President. However, can Donald find a better 1st Lady! Melania just doesn’t cut the role. Poor lady is a Zombie! No personality and intelligence. Zippo!

  • Not sure what the point of this is except that it many be a result of the entitled, narcissistic, clueless culture of a certain segment of millennials who don’t understand that we live in a democracy where the candidate is voted into office by the people. Well technically the electoral college but you know what I mean.

  • I’m Confused.

    Do these “protestors” (aka: rioters) really believe they will change the results of the election ?
    What have they been smoking/ingesting ???

  • The negative Trump articles will just continue. At some point, papers like the NY Times and stations like MSNBC and CNN are going to have to realize that if they continue the bias they’ll “go under”.

  • Trump win was highly predictable. Trump promised to limit immigration (number one hot spot in US today) and lower taxes. Hillary adopted Bernie Sanders platform of higher taxes and free handouts.

    • Hellary was for higher taxes for the rich but yes too many entitlement freebies. I felt there was a good chance for Trumpo but that the Clinton Gang would prevail. Surprised yesterday evening to see who was leading.

    • Wonder what the outcome would have been if FBI Director Comey did not come out with his letter saying there were hundreds of thousands of more emails to review and then connected Hillary with Anthony Wiener AND Fox News Brett Baer reporting that Hillary would be indicted, which was a lie, just days before the election. That was the “surprise” that Giuliani was hinting at. That was sneaky but probably did not break any laws, and tipped a close race to Trump, but in the end, Hillary should have been indicted, just as General Petraeus was indicted for sharing classified information.

      • Where the H really lost votes was having the press and the H and the O saying she had won the election before the election even started. Just think of all the lost votes H could have had since the peeps stayed home assuming the H had won. So so sad

        • She lost because of her plan to bring tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims into the country. The democratic party refuses to recognize the great danger posed by Muslim immigration and terrorism in today’s world. They won’t even acknowledge it exists, much less do anything to stop it. Trump will.

        • The FBI Director is not to blame. Only one person has to accept the blame, and that person is Hillary. She started this whole mess.

      • Re:
        “Brett Baer reporting that Hillary would be indicted”

        What he actually said was

        “our sources said it would, they would continue to likely an indictment”

        Not exactly the same thing/

    • They were most definitely anti-American. They damaged property, set fires, destroyed cars and burned the American flag.

      An absolute disgrace, they should all move to Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea and cherish the ultimate Democrat alive today.

  • The Incompetent One and his Democrats OWN this behavior. Can you IMAGINE the headlines and howls of indignance if Conservatives would have reacted the same had the outcome been different? This is what happens when you give this behavior your stamp of approval by remaining silent while Rome burns. Similar to how obama and his ilk ENCOURAGED BLM protestors to go rioting in the streets when they demonized Law Enforcement. The true colors of this whole spoiled generation, who have known NOTHING but cramming their agenda down our throats for 8 long years, are out on display for the world to see. And WE are “the deplorables”? Right.

    • You are exactomundo Carang. These actions are equivalent to spoiled brats yelling and running amok in a Walmart store hoping to get attention and a toy to pacify them. They do not know how to interact in a world where everything is not given to them and things do not go their way. Law and order must prevail at all costs. ALL LIVES MATTER. I feel the same way about Obama and that all he has done is fuel racial tensions.

  • The little folks have spoken, they want their country back. Government was running amok in mandates and more regulations upon regulations. Too many handouts and entitlements that we the taxpayer had to pay for. Stock market plunged right after Trump won but climbed well into a gain overnight showing that Trump is good for business. The best news of all is that we won’t have to suffer looking at HRC and her “pants suits” anymore. That alone is worth a Donald victory.

  • Will all the gutless people who threatened to move to another country if Trump was elected please move to those same countries that all those who left when Obama was elected 8 yrs ago. You do not deserve to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  • What these protesters are really upset about is that the BS press has been saying all along the H has won the election. The day before the election the O actually passed the H the torch (in Philadelphia no less) as reported by the BS press. What everyone forgot about and is upset about is that in the US we actually vote on who will be the President.

  • There you have it. These are your enlightened, educated and tolerant progressive spoiled little democrat brats. They don’t get their way so they take to the streets and randomly destroy private property. Sounds like a little anger management may be in order.

  • The dust has largely settled. My question is how does the SA regain it’s credibility after the childish way they portrayed Trump and promoted Waldo. Shameful behavior by our intellectual betters. I think an apology is in order.

  • A lot of people saying that “they can’t live” in this country because Donald Trump’s win. So, what is keeping them here? It is still a free country. You can jump on a plane and fly away or jump in a car and drive to the border. Stop saying and start moving. For me, regardless of who won, the U.S. is still way better than any other Country to live in.

  • it seems that anytime there is an excuse to riot, loot and cause destruction, a segment of the population will do so. It is sad that this is the way to show displeasure with the system

  • California is a stronghold for Obama misfits. The state is littered with Welfare recipients, homeless, illegal aliens and others who only know how to resort to violence with no regard for personal property.

    Half of them will be deported, have to finally get a job and get off the unemployment payroll.

    Hillary thought that she was a shoe-in for California, however little did she know it would not have made a difference anyway. The 270 electoral votes were tallied way before it reached the western section of the country.

  • Rioting is definitely not the action to take. I find comfort in seeing how President Trump will deliver on all the promises he made to his base. He made those promises with very few facts on how they were going to be accomplished. If he cannot deliver on those promises over a reasonable amount of time then his base will realize that they were the victims of the greatest con man of all time.

    • Just heard on CNN that his transistional team is in the process of filling 4000 jobs in his cabinet. Looks like he’s adding to and not draining the swamp.

        • So what you are saying is that he is maintaining status quo and not reducing goverment which was one of his platforms. In order to reduce you need to subtract and not add or maintain a current number. My response to you les is that I’m perfectly happy to stay in the only solidly blue state in the United States. Our homegrown democrats will continue to take care of us. I think that you need to move to the continental U.S because the east coast and rust belt because Trump knows that’s who elected him and that’s who he will be prioritizing.

        • Trump is not even the POTUS yet for crying out loud. Hellary is all this, Hellary is all that, Trump is a loser, Trump will never win,… we have to listen to all these same Wednesday morning losers tell us how Trump should run the country…..before he is even sworn in.

        • keau, you really wanna dance with me? I’ve read your stuff, you’re way over your head…

        • Hawaiikone not interested in dancing with you. Actually I’m in a very good place right now. As a average American citizen I will benefit if the Chump actually fulfills his proposed agenda and I didn’t even vote for him. On the other hand whenever he screws up and I’m sure he will. I can come back to this forum and tell all of you that I told you so.

        • Saveparadise you don’t have to listen to anybody. All I’m saying is that he got elected. It is the job of his suppoters who put him in the White House to make sure that he doesn’t stiff all of you because he has been known to do that. For all of you that overlooked his fallacies above which is a common decency for other human beings iregardless of race, color or creed. Sincerely hope that your vote doesn’t come back to bite you in your as-.

        • Thanks for a rational reply keaukaha. You were quite condescending to every Trump supporter prior to the election since you thought Hellary was a sure winner. You assume too much and I think it is part of your personality that we have to deal with. You assume so, but what if I told you that I in fact did not vote for Trump? Now you wish that Trump fails and every wrong turn will right your ship again being able to say I told you so. How about wishing for a stronger America instead? Let’s do it.

        • Saveparadise I respect your views and advice. I am hoping that the president elect will truly prevail. As I have said if he succeeds then the common people of America of whom of I am a part of will be better off. However my gut instinct tells me that the true Donald Trump is the one who could care less of the very people who got him elected and that is the struggling working class. To me it isn’t going to be his family, advisors or congress that will be keeping him in check. It will be the people who believed in him so much that they overlooked his serious shortcomings and entrusted the future of their loved ones in him.

      • Expecting the Government to “take care of you” is exactly the problem. Taking care of YOU is YOUR job. Ask not what your country can do for you . . . . .

        • I am very proud to tell you that I do take care of myself and family. I am a retiree and my wife and I own our home. Our children have professional jobs and have their own homes. No one in my immediate family is on welfare. I am also proud to tell you that I don’t complain when federal taxes are deducted from my pension. I feel that it is small price to pay to live in the greatest country on earth. Unlike your president elect the tax cheat who brags about being so smart that hasn’t paid a cent of federal taxes for years.

        • You tell me who is the freeloader is here. Mark my words, you will be sorry. A 70 year old adolescent is to old to grow up. Couldn’t help but notice that his youngest son didn’t look like his father was just elected POTUS. He looked rather sad. Poor child knows who the true Donald Trump is.

        • He has been complaining about President Obama and his administration through out his campaign that everything is a mess. I would think that the first thing he would do is eliminate and trim the fat to show everyone that he is serious. Wake up he is elected so he doesn’t need to pander to all of you anymore. Rule of thumb is that if you give a fool enough rope they will definitely hang themselves.

      • Keaukaha, you heard wrong. What Trump will do is fill about 4,000 jobs in his administration with political appointees just as every President has done and will continue to do. It includes the entire White House staff, key positions in hundreds of Federal departments and agencies and many ambassadorships. About 1,100 will require Senate confirmation.

        • His message was to drain the swamp which I understood was to reduce the size of goverment. If he follows the lead of every other president before him then where is the change. His staff size should be his first example of efficiency. From what I see it’s just the same old same old.

        • keau, you’re missing the picture here. Like ikey and the klas, you said quite a lot of vile things about Trump and many of his supporters here, and now you’re finding fault with Trump’s intentions a day after the election without any actual knowledge of what’s happening. I was never a Trump fan, knowing that Johnson was the best choice available, and that Hillary was the worst. But now it’s over, and the only chance we have depends largely on Trump but also on us as well. I’m willing to give him a chance, and suggest that everyone else, including you, do the same. Reasonable people understand that both ideologies have valid concerns, but having the current underdog endlessly rant only precludes any serious consideration of their needs.

        • Hawaiikone you are reading me wrong. I do not wish ill will on any of Trumps supporters. The reason that I was harsh with some of them is because of the racists and bigoted comments they continuously made. I don’t know if you were born and raised here but I was. I was raised in a community where all of the elders were either aunty or uncle or mister and Mrs. We respected our teachers and public servants. We shared our food with those less fortunate. I was taught to respect everyone irregardless of race, religion, sex and any other personal choice. Hawaii has not been referred to as the melting pot for no reason. My upbringing has caused me to despise anyone who is openly a racist. For me the presidency is the office that sets the bar for all Americans. It is a major disappointment for me that in my opinion our president elect is a conceited racist who demeans women and people of color.

    • They’re on the mainland standing in an empty warehouse waiting for frau HitLIARy to appear and listen to her funeral speech and they’re prepared to drink kool-aid laced with antifreeze as they read verses from David Koresh’s (Waco Branch Davidian) little book of good deeds. Shame Janet Reno passed just a day short of getting the honor to send the ATF out again to do the needful.

      • No we are just enjoying our cocktails at sunset observing what is the inevitable. We are too intelligent to have put all our eggs in 1 basket. Unlike his zombie like followers we will not be affected by the turmoil from the continued infighting of the Republican Party. The Chump will learn very quickly that he has too much history in his troubled past to be a leader that people look up to. Hope most of his supporters are in good health or they will surely be dead before anything positive even remotely possible will happen.

        • Do you have friends? Anybody you can reach out to for help and consolation? Your beloved Hellary lost. So what? Now we are all going to die before anything positive happens? What kind of person would wish this or have thoughts of this nature?

        • Besides what do you mean that we will all die before anything positive happens. It sounds like your the one who is alone.

  • Showing themselves to be a real banana republic. Guess they still don’t understand that losers just have to deal with it gracefully in a democracy: we don’t demand another vote or storm the capitol with torches. Guys, show the world how a democracy works!

  • With the daily occurrences during the campaign, I suspect that things will still be revealed, investigated, or otherwise brought out into the light in the months to come. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the Trump campaign and/or Putin had a hand in “rigging” the votes. Anything can happen! But maybe Trump will surprise all of us and actually preside in an acceptable fashion. I’d like to see a list of all of the things that he said he would do on “Day One”.

    • Rigging the votes? How about the rigged polls and the media. If there was the slightest bit of suspicion of any rigging now all fingers are pointing at the Democrats. The media networks and AP desperately tried to rig the polls. Thanks to their unethical and biased tactics I now have even less respect for them than I did before.

  • Sad part is the Pres still does not get it many votes were cast for Trump because of the way the press treated Trump vice Hillary. Even now cnn and other press is inciting these riots. Press needs to wake the f up.

  • Anti-Trump protests organized by “Socialist Alternative” of San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Chicago, and D.C. funded by Mr. George Soros. Go google it.

  • And I thought Trump supporters are suppose to be the deplorables.In 2008 did you see anyone protesting the election of Barrack Obama? People chanting that Obama was not their president. Media has poisoned the minds of our citizens. People that have actually worked hard to make something of themselves realize the appeal of voting for Trump. Someone should listen to people that have spoken up against injustice and fought to make it. Someone like Ice Cube ask him who he supported in this election.

  • If these protesters had gone out last night and helped a few thousand supporters to the polls last niight in two key states they would not be burning now. Sore losers and so sad

  • If the news media, including the SA, did a little research they’d find that has called for and organized these protests. They are not spontaneous. The origin is the same as Occupy and BLM.

  • not my president too. can’t have a president without integrity and morals, one who is a bigot, racists, tax cheat, sexual predator, scammer, pathological liar and idiot.

  • How sad that people–especially demonstrators–talk about “change” but can’t deal with it. People act like they believe in democracy but don’t want to go along with the mainstay of it–electing a president–when things don’t go their way. I didn’t vote for Trump, but the fact is we–yes, WE–elected the man. Isn’t that the way a democracy works?

    • Obama (and Clinton) need to take some leadership here before things get totally out of hand. They act like they’re just observers of the events going on.

      • Come on he said that he and he alone can take care of everything well this is his first test. Sadly he is a joke and so is the idea that he will make America great again.

        • He not the president yet. Your man Obama is and should be the one taking care of this problem with the protesters. You sound very sour. Do also need a ride to the airport for your one WAY TRIP. GOOD LUCK .

        • Lol beachbum, The sour grapes have no other way to react when things do not go their way. They blame anything and everything in an attempt to save face after mouthing off for months about who will win the election. No doubt this person will be blaming Trump for everything from the earth being round to the Warriors losing another home game. These people need to snap out of it and enjoy the show. It has just begun!

    • Aloha rahakana! The sunrise was beautiful as usual. The sky is not falling. You have a great day as your perspective can only make US ALL better Americans.

  • During Donald Trump’s speech, he reminds me of the big guy in high school who was on the football team. But, he hated to play because he would get hit on every play. He only played because he didn’t want other high school guys to call him a sissy. Sorry, but I didn’t see any passion in the game of president.

  • Why are they blaming Trump when they should be angry at the Democratic Party for propping up a severely flawed candidate to run against him? Blame Obama for not delivering the hope and change he promised 8 years ago! Blame the media for trying to sell us on Hillary!! I use to be a lifelong democrat until the party started pushing Hillary Clinton on us in 2008. Voted for Hope and Change that Obama promised but was soon disappointed when he appointed Hillary as Sec. Of State and brought most of all the Clinton cronies into his administration.
    Yes I was angry….So I voted for Trump… Well more like, I voted against Hillary Clinton.
    So you protesters, be angry at your party. They blew it!!!!

  • The sense of entitlement and hypocrisy of the Democrats and spoiled brats is amazing and pathetic. Those of us who didn’t vote for Obama were told we had to accept Obama as our President when he won, but now that the show is on the other foot, the leftist scum needs to protest and destroy things or retreat to their safe spaces when they don’t get their way.

    Even MSNBC reported that Democrat turnout and enthusiasm for Clinton, a terribly flawed candidate, was down by the millions.

    The good news is that despite Trump’s penchant to invest in infrastructure, he will most likely tell Hawaii and Honolulu to pound sand since they didn’t elect any Republicans to Congress. Anyone who thinks Schatz, Hirono, Gabbard, or Hanabusa will get Federal money to bail out a terribly planned and executed rail project from a Republican controlled Congress and a Republican led Department of Transportation is delusional.

    Most importantly, with the Republican appointments to the Supreme Court, hopefully we’ll get jurists who will respect the Constitution and not legislate from the bench.

  • If Trump is not your President, move to Cuba where Raul Castro could be your new President. Get over it Clinton got beat plain and simple. Not so many welfare checks
    and free medical under this new guy.

  • All those demonstrators holding signs saying “not my president” or those celebrity idiots that said they would move to another country and there were quite a few of them if Trump was elected, well, Trump WAS ELECTED and I just can’t wait till these celebrities move and those demonstrators esp. all the immigrants, minorities, Clinton die-hard supporters, well, if Trump is not their President, they can just as well move to another country, also……what a bunch of whiners and cry-babies these demo libtards….well, the tables has been turned on you as you thought that FELON was going to be elected but SHE LOST and now you are stranded without a President and as far as I’m concerned, without a country so MOVE OUT AND RELOCATE TO MEXICO or IRAN or CANADA………..the less of your ilk the better for our country….

  • We can thank the biased and corrupt mainstream media like CNN for poisoning the minds of these
    young protesters. Instead of educating them on the 30 yrs of corruption and scandals that followed the Clinton machine, they focused their attention on bashing our new POTUS nearly every minute of the day prior to this historic election.

    I’m very thankful that our young people here in Hawaii have more class. If these millennials on the mainland had any clue, they’d realize that Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders had the same stance on NAFTA which has taken away the livelihood of so many in the working class in America. More than 70% of Americans felt that this country was headed in the wrong direction, so electing Hillary Clinton for POTUS would in essence be a 3rd term for Obama – More of the same.

    Our new POTUS is a builder and businessman. He gets things done under budget and ahead of time. Although our political leadership here in Hawaii is totally Democratic, I’m confident that Trump will help to enhance our small businesses here and fully support the need for improving our infrastructure. Let’s give this man a chance to see if his brilliant business mindset can strengthen our economy.

    The cultural diversity we have here in our special state sets a standard for the mainland US to follow. We should take pride that. Stay classy Hawaii!

    • Mahalo! Well said! I do agree that we have many classy millennials in Hawaii. Dem or Rep, does not matter people. We are ALL Americans and should have more pride in who we are than to act like spoiled brats and criminals.

  • Bunch of maroons. Nobody behaved like this when obama was elected both times. 🙁 Didn’t like either candidate, but the more palatable of the two won the election.

    Deal with it people, otherwise, you’re more than welcome to hop on a plane and move elsewhere.

  • These young millennials are protesting because they are in a panic. They have come to the realization that for the past eight years, they haven’t cultivated any survival skills, largely due to depending on the government. Once this blows over they will have learned a valuable lesson, never, ever trust the government, no matter which party is in charge, and do everything in your power to be self-reliant, because anything they can give to you, they can take away.

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