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Spurs’ Popovich on Trump’s election: ‘That’s disgusting’


    San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich, right, is held back by assistant coach Ettore Messina, left, as he argues an official’s call.

SAN ANTONIO >> Saying he fears for the country’s future, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich made his frustrations and anger over Donald Trump’s election very clearly known Friday night.

“He is in charge of our country,” Popovich said. “That’s disgusting.”

Popovich spoke before his team played Detroit, and did so after he initially suggested that he needed more time to put his thoughts together on the Trump topic. He then vented without being asked another question for the next several minutes, even telling a reporter who tried to interrupt at one point that he wasn’t done talking.

With that, he became the latest NBA coach — Golden State’s Steve Kerr and Detroit’s Stan Van Gundy included — to lash out at Trump’s election.

“I’m a rich white guy and I’m sick to my stomach thinking about it,” said Popovich, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and presumably the next coach of the U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team. “I can’t imagine being a Muslim right now or a woman or an African-American, Hispanic, a handicapped person. How disenfranchised they might feel. For anyone in those groups that voted for him, it’s just beyond my comprehension how they ignore all that.”

Trump lauded the Spurs during a campaign stop last month. The Spurs did not respond in kind. Popovich was upset with Trump’s rhetoric throughout his campaign, and that disdain has not yet subsided now that the election is over.

“Not basically because the Republicans won or anything, but the disgusting tenure and tone and all the comments that have been xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic,” Popovich said. “I live in that country where half the people ignored all that to elect someone. That’s the scariest part of the whole thing to me.”

Trump said early in his campaign that he would build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of America because “when Mexico sends its people” they are sending “rapists,” ”bringing crime” and “bringing drugs.” Trump also once proposed a ban on any Muslims entering the country.

Since his election Tuesday night, Trump has seemed to strike a more conciliatory tone during his acceptance speech and following his meeting with President Barack Obama. He even suggested in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that he was considering keeping some elements of the Affordable Care Act — after vowing repeatedly throughout his campaign to repeal Obamacare immediately.

“He’s already backing off on immigration, on Obamacare and other things,” Popovich said. “So, was it a big fake? … What gets lost in the process are African-Americans and Hispanics and women and the gay population — not to mention the eighth-grade developmental stage exhibited by him when he made fun of the handicap person. I mean, come on. That’s what a seventh-grade, eighth-grade bully does, and he was elected President of the United States.”

Trump was also recorded in a 2005 video saying his power and prestige allowed him to grab women in inappropriate places without their permission. Trump apologized for the remarks, calling it locker room banter.

Popovich, who is of Serbian descent, said kids would be punished for the words and behavior Trump exhibited.

“We would have scolded our kids,” Popovich said. “We would have had discussions and talked until we were blue in the face trying to get them to understand these things and he is in charge of our country? That’s disgusting.”

Popovich understands why some — including political leaders — are calling for Americans to support their President-elect. But Popovich said Trump’s words cannot be simply overlooked and forgotten.

“Everybody wants him to be successful, it’s our country, we don’t want it to go down the drain,” Popovich said. “Any reasonable person would come to that conclusion, but it does not take away the fact that he used that fearmongering and all the comments from day one. The race-baiting with trying to make Barack Obama our first black president illegitimate. It leaves me wonder where I’ve been living and with whom I’m living.”

And as his remarks ended, Popovich said he was concerned that the U.S. is on the same path as the Roman Empire.

“My final conclusion is, my big fear is, we are Rome,” Popovich said.

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  • Looks like I’m in good company in how I feel about the Chump. I’m a strong believer in bad karma. When you knowingly validate a bigoted, foul mouthed sexual predator to become the president elect then you have literally sold your sorry soul to the devil.

      • Nobody’s talking about Hillary. Now that you own the Chump better teach him some manners. I know that you are a big sports fan so it must be a kick in the bal-s to have a great coach like the Pop to call it like it is.

    • The bad karma is on Hillary Clinton. The devil was with the Clintons for many years. God chose Trump to lead America out of the darkness created by the left wing. Why do you suppose the evangelicals voted for Trump. We cannot allow the globalist to continue to push their agenda to weaken our republic. I suggest you look pass the personal attacks and open your mind and do a diligent research of what is truly going on in our republic. God has always used individuals such as Cyrus who was a Persian and not a Jew. If corrupt Hillary was elected than our country would have gone on a deeper path to socialism and the lost of our liberty and freedom. I always voted as a Democrat until this election year especially listening to Obama over the years as he pushed for America to be part of the New World Order. It was prophetized in 2011 that God had chosen Trump despite his flaws and he would shock the world. His detractors would come against him but no matter what was said and done that God would protect him and be successful. It is this time that a new direction was needed and that God will make America prosperous 7 fold. Don’t let the left blind you and fool you. Open your heart and eyes.

      • OK, so did God also choose Hitler who targeted particular groups, especally the Jews, as scapgoats for the perceived ills and fabricated fears of the Germans and Austrians. And did God tell Hitler to conduct the genocide of more than 4 million human beings? Remember, Hitler was also elected. His supporters also called the opposing party “losers,”and other names. They burned books and prohibited all contrary expressions that said anything that challenged the Nazi party. Was that God’s will also? OK, now am I going to be called a liar and names too? Are you going to say that your God is going to send me to hell? If I say that I am Muslim or Buddhist or Jewish or Catholic or atheist or agnostic or as white as you, are you going to say that I am not as “American” as you?

        • Hopefully good will always prevail over evil. If this truism does not prevail it will be a sad earth to be living on.

          It is difficult for many to see the workings beyond our human eyes but may the people of this earth always be protected by hiccups of evil, greedy and power hungry leaders.

          Besides all the things promised by the president elect, his most important task is to bring back the check and balances of our government based on our constitution and laws that was created to protect the people of this republic.

          Maybe just maybe Trump will create a tax on the rich for those with income over 2 million a year and estates of $100 million or more. Spreading the wealth to go back to our poor population and not to other foreign governments that enrich themselves and find ways back to our politician’s pockets. Hey coach how much do you donate to a good honest charitable foundation from the income you earn? Please tell us.

    • Don’t know why all of you keep on blaming the media for what the id–t says. They are not printing innuendo. They are quoting him. Rudy G needs to be his nanny to follow him around and tell him that he has the right remain silent and seriously consider wiring his mouth shut.

    • It is no spin you just have to have a iPhone ready whenever he opens his mouth. Easiest fish to catch just gotta use little bit chum or as us Hawaiians say palu the buggah.

    • Problem is that all of his advisors and staff are on full damage control alert. He is like a dog in heat and he is way to old to be spaded. On second thought he acts as if he has been castrated.

    • Not till January. Hope he is in good shape because he is going to be put thru the runner. That’s what he gets for the disrespect that he gave to Hillary. Here’s a toast to the rich boy panty who never grew up.

      • Big talk already running the deficit up because of the security that they need to protect his you know what. They need to rebuild the whole city of NY to protect his s—y ass. He is a sick soul and even hell doesn’t want him.

        • Maybe you should move because he didn’t need your vote or anybody’s vote west of the Rocky Mountains. As far as the Chump is concerned your vote is as significant as a pimple on an elephants as-. Also I am a native Hawaiian and my roots are here so I am spiritually connected to this land. I don’t know where you come from but your tag suggests that you are possibly a person that the Chump is targeting for deportation. Aloha No.

        • According to the electoral college he is the president of the east coast so pack your winter clothes and get the hell out of here.

        • Brah been around the block more than once. Educated enough that I can stand my ground with some smart guys but more proud that I never forgot where I came from. If you really one Hawaiian I hope you know that we not one priority on the Chumps list. I was never one to ask for handouts only a fair chance and to be treated as an equal. That’s why I can relate to the plight of our brothers and sisters of color. So if you really one Hawaiian then my discussion with you is over because we no need more hakaka ( fight,quarrel) Aloha

  • The country’s future and actual the whole worlds is not threatened by Trump but threatened by a human avalanche of overpopulaterers. They are polluting USA, Canada, Europe, Australia with their invasion with the result that the few good countries become the same living hell as all the others.

  • Why the non-politician celebrities cannot keep their mouths shut is beyond me! I’ve lost much respect for this awesome coach. What Pops? It should have been the lying, stealing, using the office for public gain, national secret divulging, racial tension inflamer, protector of the philandering husband, socialist minded, hasn’t done anything of note in 30 years other than get rich off of terrorist supporting countries while in office candidate that was elected? Give me a break and stick to basketball.

  • The media did a downward spiral of Trump’s reputation by reporting his actions and statements of long ago and made the guy look like an ogre! Didn’t vote for this guy nor did I vote for Clinton, but somehow this guy emit an aura of confidence for me more than Obama did in his inauguration eight years ago.

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