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Former CIA chief says Trump should ‘be ashamed’


    In this June 16, 2016 file photo, CIA Director John Brennan testified on Capitol Hill in Washington, before the Senate Intelligence Committee, on June 16, 2016.

Former CIA Director John Brennan says President Donald Trump “should be ashamed of himself” for his behavior at CIA headquarters.

That’s according to a statement released by Brennan’s former aide Nick Shapiro.

The statement says Brennan “is deeply saddened and angered at Donald Trump’s despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of CIA’s Memorial Wall of Agency heroes. Brennan says that Trump should be ashamed of himself.”

Speaking to CIA officers today while standing in front of the memorial for fallen CIA agents, Trump appeared more focused on settling scores with the media. He berated journalists over the coverage of his inauguration and wrongly claimed that the crowd was much bigger than the media reported.

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  • CIA employees reported that Trump spoke almost entirely about crowd sizes, and he lied throughout his speech. Thirty seconds was spent telling the staff how supportive he would be of the CIA (as opposed to last week, when he likened them to Nazis) and the rest to tell the staff how great and wonderful he is.

    Trump is profoundly mentally ill.

    • Trump has a big tent. All are welcome here (as long as you always praise our glorious leader and attack his many ememies no matter what).

      Today, Trump again declared war against “the media”, full of so many many liars.

      There were definitely 1.5 million loyal Trump supporters at the inauguration, filling the entire Mall from the capitol to the Washington monument. Way way more than Obama. Trump said so, so it must be true.

      Sure the photos didn’t show that. But just like climate science and political polling, aerial photography is a creature of the liberal leftist science community.

      Who are you going to believe, our glorious truth-telling Trump or your own lying eyes?

      • Die-hard Trump supporters in unison: LIES. It is Hillary that doth lie. Not the man we call The Donald. Come celebrate at the tent of the most honest one who serve the common people. Yes, he is the genius for he has found a way not to pay taxes. We must learn from him so that we may make America Great Again. The Russians are our friends. They did not hack into our systems. That story about them hacking a power plant is all the concoction of the lying media. They lie we say. So says our leader, the Dear Donald. So, come all ye and kneel before our leader. All those who question his authority are all liars. Yes, all everyone one of them. The Wall shall be built in honor of the Great Donald and named after him. And, yes, Mexico will pay for it. Yay!

    • Yrump loves the CIA.

      Full Trump quote: “I am so behind you. I know maybe sometimes you haven’t gotten the backing that you wanted and you’re going to get so much backing. Maybe you’re going to say, ‘please don’t give us so much backing,’”

      Trump will keep giving CIA leaders strong “backing” from behind, over and over until they beg him to stop the backing, “For the love of God. Please stop the backing! We’ll do whatever you say.”

      • Trump’s response: “OK CIA leaders. Let’s what can be done. Do you happen to have anyone there good at doctoring aerial crowd photos? Just curious. Oh, you do? Great. I think maybe we can stop all the strong ‘backing’ I’ve been giving you from behind. Lord Bannon, gather your troll army. We’re going to have some beautiful photo’s to share!”

        • Keep it going Danno, we’re listening…More of us than them Trumpers…Day 1 and they’re cracking already…#MAGA

        • But, wait Lord Bannon, what have we here? Why, I see you hold within your pocket a copy of the Star Advertise. That is despicable. No one shall hold any news account except for Fox News. Anyone caught reading or watching CNN or reading Star Advertise shall be backed into immediately. And where are my beautiful photos? Care to explain to me the absence of the photos I have asked for? All of you must pay for this insurrection. I shall tweet of your dishonor and you must all now face my backing. Assume the position all you supporters of the lying media. I shall now back all of you with might and displeasure. Wait, is that the photo I asked for? No, that is the photo of my adversary the liar. The liar of all liars. Where perchance did you find this? It is the photo of…Bring to me my friend’s publication, The National Enquirer. Now, that my friend, is the truth. I declare a new law. Everything I say shall now be pronounced as THE truth and ONLY truth. So sayeth all he kneel before me. And, sarge22, thou shall be my deputy on the Star Advertiser blog. You shall have the right to casteth all those who challenge my authority. We shall now back all of the liberal left wing fighters. Back them all I say. Allie, you are here by backed. Scared? You should be as you will face the backing of your life. Cajaybird, you are hereby declared the official truthsayer. Heil Trumpf…

    • You’re just like the media klastri.
      You purposely forgot to mention that they gave him a 5 minute standing ovation.
      I watched it myself and was very impressed.

      • They were invited guests who were purposely assembled in the building on a Saturday – not when the full staff would be there.

        Good luck making sense of Trump’s staging and lies.

        His “honeymoon” is over. Tomorrow, House and Senate offices are going to start getting phone calls – lots of them – from people who will insist that Congress fights Trump.

        • Sore loser your “honeymoon” is over. Did you break any windows or burn any cars today? Who are the five people making the calls?

      • Why did he go there on a Saturday if he was going to speak to the employees at the agency?

        They were invited guests, to stage a scene, and it worked on you.

        He has no respect for the memorial to sacrifice for our country, he’s just using a prop. Mr 5 deferments.

        • You’re right. Trump a known, proven coward who faked five medical deferments, and then could not remember what they were for.

          No matter how many brave people he surrounds himself with, he will never erase the stain of being a coward and draft dodger.

      • kuroiwaj – Mr. Brennan was not the secretary of anything. He was the Director of the CIA.

        Do you not know anything? He is gone. He’s the former director. Good grief.

        John Brennan certainly doesn’t need my defense. You don’t even know what his title was or that he’s not in the position, so how can you actually write a comment?

    • The election is over. Trump won. What part of that don’t you and your whining minions understand. One POTUS at a time. Your candidate choked. Blame her. Blame all the Dummies who like you thought wrong.

  • John Brennan shames himself by revealing how political he ran the CIA, by not respecting the constitution and working to support the CIA in service to the country and not to his personal political persuasion. Shame on you Director Brennan, you should apologize to the American People and the President we chose President Donald Trump.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Zero. You know absolutely nothing about John Brennan, who spent his entire life protecting this country. He said the right thing and won’t apologize. Obviously.

      How is it possible that so many Trump supporters are so remarkably ignorant? It doesn’t seem possible that so many people know so little about important government functions and career managers.

      • klastri, is it possible that you have no idea what I was talking about? Reread the comment, and if you like I could chart it out, I know it isn’t full of name calling and accusations like some Trump haters like, but just let me know.

        • I read comments twice before commenting. I know that you lied about John Brennan. Enough said.

  • FORMER CIA Director John Brennan: Trump had a 5 minute standing ovation. Go join Obama in Palm Springs where he’s recuperating from exhaustion after commuting over 300 criminals at the last minute for his final act of defiance. Hey dems and libs, Why don’t you protest that?

    • Maybe because pardons and commutations are the result of extensive research. Are you privy to any of that? I’m not, and smart people don’t make judgments without that kind of information.

        • “I hope one of them ruins your little parade some day?”

          So you finally admit, in writing, that you’re a sociopath. Finally, some truth from you!

    • Only a matter of time before KABOOM. tick,tick,tick. What a wonderful way to start the New Year. The looney North Korean youngster and Pilipino Trioomph welcome the Chumpsters to Loony Tunes

  • The thin-skinned, childish, petulant, vindictive one is being true to form. He shamelessly and predictably lies and expects everyone to believe him. He really doesn’t have the decency to feel shame.

    • No, h won’t. He’s a shameless liar, like you.

      No adult would stand in front of a wall honoring dead patriots and whine about press coverage that was not slathering enough.

      Trump is obviously crippled with personality defects. He’s an embarrassment to the U.S. and a terrible danger from a national security perspective.

      • And klastri, you’re an embarrassment to the American people who I put my life own life on the line for while serving this country.
        You have no clue what it’s like to be a patriot. That’s too bad because you’re really missing out.

        • I served in the U.S. Army, and will spend the next four year (or until Trump is impeached or resigns) defending the Constitution against the illegal actions that Trump promised during his racist, bigoted campaign.

          All thinking people need to join the ACLU to stop Trump, and protest at every illegal move he makes. That’s what real patriots do.

        • @klastri
          Your ACLU should be speaking out loudly against loser thugs assaulting people because of who they support before things get really ugly.

          On a lighter tone, thank you for your service. I’m happy that we share at least one thing in common besides the color of our blood.

      • Shuddup and get a f Ing life. Just go back to work and take care of your own cause the truth is no matter whose in charge nothing really changes. Nothing.

        • hope you’re right because we’ve got the worst possible person in there now. Lying armchair president.

  • It doesn’t look like this guy is capable of shame. To stand in front of a wall remembering people who have died in service of this country, and whine about the number of people who showed up — or rather didn’t show up – for your inauguration, and brag about how smart you are. Its vintage Trump, which means it’s also crass and shameless.

  • Just a few fun facts about Brennan: Brennan apologizes acknowledging that the CIA did, in fact, secretly monitor the computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee; the Senate Intelligence Committee releases a summary report that details the CIA’s harsh interrogation techniques, which included mock executions of detainees and rectal feeding … Brennan replied saying its useful interrogation techniques; etc. And yes, Brennan lies like Obama, Trump, Clinton: “We don’t steal secrets .. ” Funny; I guess spying on the committee that’s investing themselves is okay. Or spying on our allies. Not saying the new director is better since we really don’t know him. But reading other articles, it seems like Brennan is quite upset that he wasn’t selected so like a grownup, he’s pouting and screaming at every chance he gets.

  • john brennan you should be ashamed you did a lousy job as CIA director you are crying because Hillary lost and you don’t have a job, and also 85% of the CIA agents back trump and cheered every time he made statement about them and the media, get over it crybaby.

  • Brennan should be ashamed of not just doing his job instead of letting the Obama administration making the intelligence community fit the WH narrative. Auwe!

  • Mr. Trump said that he would never let people down.

    This from a man who abandoned two wives and his children.

    The gullible will believe anything. Obviously.

  • If you can’t already observe, Brennan is another leftist political hack who puts his own personal views above the CIA’s mission. His own employees at the CIA want to see him go.

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