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Facebook’s Zuckerberg ‘reconsidering’ his stance on Kauai land dispute


    Mark Zuckerberg, chairman and CEO of Facebook, waves at the CEO summit during the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Lima, Peru. Zuckerberg announced through a spokesman that he is “reconsidering” his quiet title lawsuits filed recently against hundreds of owners or potential owners of land on Kauai.

Mark Zuckerberg announced today through a spokesman that he is “reconsidering” his quiet title lawsuits filed recently against hundreds of owners or potential owners of land on Kauai.

“Based on feedback from the local community, we are reconsidering the quiet title process and discussing how to move forward,” the Facebook CEO said in a statement distributed by Ben LaBolt of the New York-based communications firm The Incite Agency. “We want to make sure we are following a process that protects the interests of property owners, respects the traditions of native Hawaiians, and preserves the environment.”

The decision by Zuckerberg follows criticism from many people, including Kauai residents, the Native Hawaiian Legal Corp. and state Rep. Kaniela Ing over eight lawsuits Zuckerberg companies filed Dec. 30 in state court on Kauai against Hawaii families seeking to force them to sell their interest in their family lands or have a judge validate claims that the lands are already owned by Zuckerberg.

The lands in question are 14 parcels of roughly one acre or less that lie within about 700 acres on Kauai’s north shore that Zuckerberg bought in 2014 for around $100 million. The 14 parcels are known as kuleana lands that give their owners access rights over the surrounding property that Zuckerberg wants to make into a secluded home for himself and his wife, Priscilla Chan.

“We love Kauai,” Zuckerberg said in the statement. “We want to be good members of the community and preserve the land for generations to come.”

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  • Pockets of quiet title property holders may be Hawaiian decendant, but not all and many don’t even know. As for the “community” and “local,” most especially on that north side do not qualify as true kamaaina. They are haole, foreignesr, who moved in, declared themselves “local” then try to keep others out. It is happening on all islands. As a decendant of pre-overthrow Hawaii, we all are immigrants. Everyone, everyone came from someplace else.

  • Some people just have such a knee jerk reaction to stories like this. I’m wondering what percentage of land owners, assuming they could all be found, would be in favor of accepting a fair price for their piece of land.

    • “fair price” has likely increased substantially after these “land owners” learned that it is Zuckerberg who wants their land. Kauai is probably going to get at least 14 new millionaires soon.

      • These parcels probably have dozens to hundreds of shares. My families kuleana lands on the Big Island, has 26 heirs. My mother and her 6 sisters share one share, my grandfather died so they split his one share… Itʻs worth about 10 million, divide that up and no one is rich. We keeping our land.

        • My realities and me own some mountain land with cabin my great grandfather built in 1850. It is now owned by 20 of us and growing. I imagine the ownership will be a real mess one day…

        • Land is in Virgina blue ridge I should add. Grand father used to hunt with the Waltons if you remember that 70’s show, yea my blood is hillbilly, but Irish too, so not so bad…

  • Go forward with it, Zuckerberg. No matter what you do, there will always be people pretending to be hurt, offended, injured or otherwise at a loss because of things that other people (legally) do. If you had not filed your actions and if this had not made the news, those who would otherwise have some colorable claim of right would not have had the faintest idea – or even care – about their minuscule interests that they could not and would not have done anything about anyway. You did your due diligence from the beginning and it is obvious that you want to proceed with consideration for all involved. You actually thought about the effects on other people, unlike others in this world, and I have no doubt that you are and will continue to be a good neighbor.

    • Nicely said! I think he wanted to do things the legal way and story from media outlets and general public, “knee jerk” reactions caused this fire storm of uninformed and baseless remarks.

      But a wise decision my MZ to rethink this while thing.

    • I agree. BTW, where were these kuleana owners when the property was formerly owned by JP? MZ has much deeper pockets, willing to compensate those small parcel owners if they come forward or can be discovered.

    • Btalm: Who are you to tell folk what to do with their property? Who owns it is none of your nor none of my business! Maybe we should be heavy handed with our belongings and see how you like it.

      • Btalm: Who are you to tell folk what to do with their property? Who owns it is none of your nor none of my business! Maybe we should be heavy handed with YOUR belongings and see how you like it.

    • btaim, agree with vapors on your comment is nicely said. However, should Zukerberg changes his mind because of all the unreasonable reasons, unfavorable comments and disregard finalizing his purchases he won’t be the loser. The people and the island of Kauai will lose having a good neighbor whom will protect and keep the land in its natural state! Zukerberg have been fair and square in all of his dealing especially with sharing his wealth with others! Why make him out as an enemy when all he wants is to own and live in paradise fairly and squarely!

    • Yes preserve the land for himself and whoever next decides they want to buy the property once he tires of it like a lot of these carpetbaggers who go to either Kauai or Maui
      but eventually move on. Of course what they changes they impose remains forever. Right now, he is making like he is going to be respectful but that is all bull. He will still
      go ahead with his plans. He is not going to let you serfs get in the way.
      I really do not know why he does not buy a place in Communist China as he so admires the ChiComs and how they run things there.

      • Unfortunately the immensely wealthy like him are used to getting their way regardless who gets stepped on…how could anybody oppose someone who has that kind of money if they did not want to sell…..he has previously said he wants to be a good neighbor…good neighbors don’t force themselves on other neighbors….he has no connection to this state or island or the people who have lived here for generations …he’s not even a full time resident

  • No matter what he does!! Everything going land and all going back to the Hawaiian kingdom!!!..thanks for the money mark!! Cheehoo! ! Booya!!!..reply to my comment I’ll just laugh and laugh. .

  • Just because a coast ha’ole is a fiendishly rich coast ha’ole doesn’t automatically give him the power to run roughshod over kuleana rights. I hope he has, indeed, seen the light — because if he hasn’t, we will fight him tooth and nail.

    In the meantime, perhaps he’s served a purpose, albeit one inimical to his desire to build a secluded enclave where he thinks the rest of creation can’t possibly intrude. His efforts have shined a spotlight on the vast gulf between how local folks have to live and the way he thinks he’s entitled to live. That spotlight won’t go out any time soon.

    Whether it be Kaua’i, Molokai or Waialae Iki, rich landowners will face increasing pressure and adverse determinations when they seek to block access to our ‘aina.

  • MZ has been told by his advisors to walk softly. We know what happen to the ferry system when they tried to access the harbor in Kauai they were shut down. Sure Mark has the money to do what he wants but he will also find out everything he would want to do on his land will come at a very steep price and he would never be welcomed on the island (you can get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar) think about it.

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