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Fukumoto may leave Hawaii GOP, cites reaction to her Trump criticism

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    Beth Fukumoto said today she wants to leave the Republican Party.

Republicans in the state House of Representatives have ousted their minority leader Rep. Beth Fukumoto over her criticism of President Donald Trump, including recent comments that she made at the Women’s March in Honolulu last month.

Fukumoto, 33, said today that she is now considering switching over to the Democratic Party following this week’s actions by her Republican colleagues, which would further deplete the party of young leadership. She had been described as a rising star in Hawaii’s Republican Party, which holds only six seats in the 76-member Legislature.

Fukumoto (R, Mililani-Mililani Mauka-Waipio Acres) said that she had been told by a faction of her Republican colleagues that if she didn’t commit to not criticizing Trump for the rest of his term, they would oust her as minority leader.

She said she refused.

“I believe it is our job as Americans and as leaders of this body to criticize power when power is wrong,” she said during today’s House floor session.

On Tuesday, during a closed door session, House Republicans voted 3-2 to remove her from leadership. Voting in favor of the leadership reorganization were Reps. Gene Ward, Bob McDermott and Andria Tupola. Reps. Cynthia Thielen and Fukumoto voted against it and Rep. Lauren Matsumoto abstained.

The leadership changes were made official during today’s House floor session.

Replacing Fukumoto as minority leader is Tupola. Ward takes the place of minority floor leader.

Fukumoto sent out a letter to constituents in her district prior to today’s floor session telling them that she would like to leave the Republican Party, but said she wanted to get their feedback first.

Fukumoto spoke at the Jan. 21 Women’s March in Honolulu in opposition of Trump, including calling the president a bully.

“In the last couple years, I’ve watched leaders in the Republican Party become less and less tolerant of diverse opinions and dissenting voices,” Fukumoto said today in a news release. “Today, I’m facing demands for my resignation from leadership and possible censure because I raised concerns about our President’s treatment of women and minorities. I’ve been asked by both my party and my caucus to commit to not criticizing the president for the remainder of his term and to take a more partisan approach to working in the Legislature. That is not a commitment I can make. As a representative of my community, it is my job to hold leaders accountable and to work with anyone, regardless of party, to make Hawaii a better place for our families.”

“This morning, I sent a letter to my district explaining that I would like to leave the Republican Party and seek membership in the Democratic Party,” Fukumoto said. “When I was re-elected in November, I was elected as a Republican, and I want to honor my community’s choice by consulting them before any decision is made. As I articulated in my letter, I encourage my constituents to contact me with input and provide feedback. I was elected by the people of Mililani, and I am here to represent them.”

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  • She should be representing the people that elected her not her own opinion. She should not be allowed to change party’s until she is up for re-election until then she needs to support her constituents, who voted for a republican. It’s called public service, not self righteous edification.

      • irt to mitsuni..that’s what’s wrong with voters and you proved it right here..they vote party and not the individual..she’s done alot good for our mililani..becoming a democrat won’t change that

        • Agree hanabatadayz. She’s an American FIRST; a Republican SECOND. She has every right to speak against her party if she doesn’t agree with it. It’s called not being a sheep. Good for Fukumoto–republicans are BULLIES–especially Trump!

        • Fukumoto just got removed from the Minority Leader post because she was not doing anything to help Republicans…you can’t be the “leader” and not do the job.

        • I agree…. if she’s doing the right thing for her constituents, then she’ll have no problem with changing parties.

          She’s probably got to put up with a great amount of harassment from Republicans. Tea Partiers are shooting themselves in the foot.

          It’s best that she switch soon so she can build up support in the Democratic Party for the primaries. Getting through the primaries will be tough if she waits too long.

          Being sensitive to her constituents, is probably a great skill of hers. If there is real problem with Democrats, then I think that she will be likely to get the primary win. She should probably attend regional party meetings to dispel any doubts.

        • The Tea Party is alive and doing fine..You only have to look at the Senate Democrats delaying tactics on Cabinet votes to know that they are simply making trouble just because they can. A total waste of time and taxpayer money. Juvenile. Worse, Obama intends to become a vocal critic. Unheard of actions by a past President. Talk about “healing?” What divisive bull sh#t. We have eight great years ahead.Trump is doing what he was elected to do.

        • I live in Mililani – what good has she done? I recall seeing her posters during campaign period and nowhere on her signs did I see a party affiliation sign. She tried to hide the fact that she was running as a Republican. Is she that naive or now just playing that political card of saying she’s standing up for women’s rights? Did anyone ever hear her voicing her opinion on Trump before the election?

        • irt to oxtail01..she’s opposed tax and fee’s our roads and schools looking in mililani? notch compared to other cities around oahu..she got the funding being that she’s a republican..that’s very hard to do..i lived in mililani all my life and it’s one of the best places to live

        • only a party name change for now and it makes no sense. Is she involved with the Feds programs for her constituents as it is in her elected seat? Does this party change make a difference but only for her peace of political mind?

    • “Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.” – Edmund Burke

    • Yes Ms. Fukumoto, with any job you pursue you’ll need to work with the good as well as the bad and try to make the best with what you have. The experience will make you stronger and wiser in the future. If you can’t really handle it for personal reasons then leave the profession and allow an eager newcomer to take on the challenge. Basically your move will not stop Trump.

    • IRT Mitsuni, agree with your post. This is another failure of the Hawaii Republican Party. Rep. Fukumoto does have an option, and that is to resign her seat. Then when the Office of Elections establishes a special election, Ms Fukumoto can run for the office as a Democrat, if he is sapproved by the Hawaii Democratic Party.

      • Wrong, the Governor will appoint one of 3 candidates put forth by the Republican Party to finish her term. No special elections for State House seats..

        • Rep Fukumoto, You were elected to stand up for your district. Why are you leaving? If your party is doing something un american than stay and protest to your GOP party, just as I would expect a Democrat to stand up if something is wrong in their party. Stay and fight, switching parties is the easy way out.

      • She’s very popular in Mililani – among Democrats as well as Republicans. I can’t understand Republicans being so sensitive about valid criticisms of Trump.

        The damage that Trump will do will grow unless Republicans as well as Democrats start speaking up with the truth.

    • Mililani will get nothing with a Republican in charge there anyway. Most republican voters, all 3 left, are indeed unbending and intolerant. I agree with her concerns. Truth is the Republican Party out here is weird and broken. Evangelicals and oddballs have taken it over. Some blame a bad former Governor-Lingle-for breaking up the Party and weakening it greatly. Maybe. But until the Republicans change their ways and open up the party to diverse views, they are done out here. We do deserve a good opposition party. Today’s republicans are not that party.

      • Actually, we’ve gotten a lot out of Fukumoto which is why she was reelected. I didn’t vote for her because she’s a Republican or Democrat. She just comes across as a person who’s deeply committed to helping her constituents. I’d vote for her regardless of which party she’s in.

    • Agree 100%. I am a resident in her district and find this move a betrayal. She is absolutely allowed to have her own opinions and take a stand on the issues, however, she got my vote because I believed she would represent me on the values of the Republican Party. Her voting record pre POTUS Trump already showed her departing the Republican party so this isn’t something new. She is certainly NOT getting my vote in the future.

      • Your party – not your district or the people of this State? Is that what this country is about — representing political parties and not the people? Abraham Lincoln just turned over in his grave.

        • The issue IS about party. It doesn’t say anything about state. So, to your little tangent, you are wrong.
          With that said, it is sad that we have to have a certain thought process which represents a party and it’s interests. Too bad we cannot just vote on a person and the things they believe in rather than a party’s belief and objectives.

        • The issue is NOT about party. It’s about people standing up against something or someone that’s WRONG. Party politics suck because it gets in the way of positive goals.

    • She absolutely should be representing people based on her opinions and her values, it’s what she got elected for.

      The GOP Party, however, should not have her commit to not criticizing the current president. Rep. Fukumoto should be able to do whatever she needs to do to be able to represent the people in her district.

      Frankly, she is upfront with her intentions by letting her constitutents know what her thoughts are on things.

      Shame on the Hawaii GOP party. Good for you Rep. Fukumoto!

        • You asked a question and didn’t wait for an answer. Then in advance you called the person a hypocrite. I can’t speak for Pirate, but I agree with him, and I can add that if the Democrats had asked for a similar promise for Obama, or any other Democrat in office, I would have responded with a s strong, “No way, my responsibility is to speak the truth to my constituents.” And to all those who said that they voted for her because she was a Republican (or a Democrat), remember that you said that, and you no longer get to claim you vote only for the person’s beliefs, not the party.

      • The Republicans who condemned her, are like Trump and his Administration trying to silence and suppress all dissent, and are assaulting the First Amendment of our Constitution, freedom of speech, the press, and of assembly. Republicans are fast becoming fascist movement.

        • Blah blah blah Check out the riots in the land of fruits and nuts today. “freedom of speech”. President Trump is doing a great job and the liberal losers can’t keep up.

    • ““In the last couple years, I’ve watched leaders in the Republican Party become less and less tolerant of diverse opinions and dissenting voices,” Fukumoto said today in a news release. ” Do you not see the irony? You don’t like the intolerance, so you want to change party because of opinions differing from yours.

    • She’s got guts and character, something sadly missing in some of her GOP colleagues. She asked her constituents how they would feel, which shows she acknowledges their wishes. No doubt most of them share her views on Trump, a serial liar and a racist. Why should she commit to kissing his ring?

    • So you’re tired of being in the minority party? Now you wanna join the “in crowd”……. But how to do it without everyone seeing you for what you are? I know, let’s tell everyone you’re a victim of the big bad Prez and his supporters! That way, we can tell everyone you’re a victim! Now you can not only join the popular kids at tthe Dem Party, but you can also be their hero for standing up to the ” Deplorables”. Yeah, sounds good, lets try it………

      • Exactly. She should’ve switched to (D) *before* the election. Way back in May she spoke against Trump, got booed en masse, and announced she wouldn’t rule out becomming a (D). The only reason she stayed an (R) this long was to get elected, because she would’ve had a much harder time beating Marilyn Lee in the (D) primary than in the general election. Opportunism at its purest!

    • Wrong! She is doing the best thing for her and her conscience. Beth is doing her duty by advising her constituents of her feelings and what she plans to do. Anyone that holds a position and just follows the party rules blindly, should reconsider whether they should hold that position.

      If you don’t agree … then Heil Hitler to you!!!

    • Clearly she has lost her way and like so many other politicians, thinks her job is to speak her own mind. NO. You were elected to represent your community, that voted for you to be THEIR voice at the Capitol. YOU personally can do or say what you want at a parade or anywhere else. But you do so at your own professional peril. You speak for your self. But at work at the Capitol, you represent the community of thousands of others. They voted for you and the party you represented and the values that the party holds dear. If you want to change, be brave, wait until the election and THEN change parties. Otherwise, you blew it, girl. Now, NOBODY will ever trust you on either side. Political suicide.

    • Agree with Mitsuni, Her personal opinions are not in good faith with her prior commitments to her party and the voters she represents. This amounts to a grandstand to bring the spotlight on herself for personal interests. Changing parties just proves once a politician always a politician…..for personal interests.

  • This woman is a snake. She doesn’t belong in the Democratic party and instead of leaving the Republicans, she would make a lot of people very happy if she left the state. She has done nothing for our community and only won the last couple of elections because Marilyn Lee seemed too old for most people which, of course, she wasn’t.

    • Hawaii is so entrenched with democrats but what has it gotten us? Hoards of new taxes being proposed even with record tax collections and tourism. Because the democrats like to tax and spend.

      Our rail project is the biggest per capita boondoggle in the entire US.

      Before all the new taxes kick in, Hawaii was the second highest tax burden in the entire US, only second to New York, which is also a democrat run state.

      • Trump is going to spend trillions on more Nuclear weapons, more military appropriations. We already have more nuclear weapons to destroy the planet a hundred times over. We also have the most powerful and largest military in the world. Trump is going to spend billions building a wall between the US and Mexico, our third largest trading partner. Trump is going to reduce health care insurance, Medicare and Medicare, so he can reduce taxes of the large corporations and the wealthiest people in the country. Trump is a reverse Robin Hood, he takes from the poor, middle class, and gives it to the Wall Street people and supports the fossil fuel industry.

      • The only thing Trump has done is divide the country, make enemies out of our allies, suck up to Putin, and be the target of demonstrations not only in our country but internationally. You call this great, Sarge? I’m a Major. You need to stand down. Our country was founded on dissent, not blind conformity. We are a country of diversity, in thought as well as race, ethnicity, religion, lifestyles, etc. Nobody’s perfect but everybody deserves respect.

        • Obama divided the country and Trump is cleaning up the mess. Like you say President Trump deserves respect. I’m a Major woo hoo pull rank. Too funny.

        • Tanuki, Paulh808> Wow, a real life Major, how about that Sarge22? I’m a PFC, I hope you know what that means. Tanuki – too much dignity in what you say, but not for the right reason(s). Paulh808 – check it out. In the ancient times the enemy would kill everyone in the family, that includes the babies: Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and even some people of other color. So when the need to kill babies is essential, it will be done and done expeditiously. That has nothing to do with what party you align with. Get a grip.

      • Beth has supported Rail for years. She’s never been an ideological Republican. Calling herself an (R) just allowed her to become a big fish in a small pond quickly. Maybe one reason she dislikes Trump is her fear that he’ll cut funds from Rail… Let’s hope he does!!

    • kiragirl> I wholeheartedly agree. A traitor once, will be a traitor twice. Give her to the DEMS, and let her do it to them. Good bye and good riddance. Don’t think of ever trying to come back. DON’T!!!!

    • sorry..she can. I respect her honesty in exposing the collapse of the Party. It has indeed become bizarre and increasingly out of touch with Hawaii’s diverse population. I respect her courage for asking her constituency their opinion. Many would not have been so democratic and fair. I like her.

      • She lies about her true reason for switching. She said, way back in May, that she wouldn’t rule out becomming a Dem. That was after the GOP booed her lack of conservatism (not just her support for other GOP races, but also her continuous votes for tax increases) even more vociferously than it did her speaking at the march. This is a convenient time for her to switch, because she’s already gotten elected, and she’s been planning it all along. This timely excuse is just a decoy. Nothing “honest,” as you say, about that.

        As for asking the constituents’ “opinion,” that’s just a gesture. She’ll obviously get mixed responses, which she’ll verbally construe as she likes. The ethical move would be for her to resign her seat and re-run for it as a Dem.

  • What a surprise and what an insincere smile on her face. As a previous commenter says, she should represent her constituents and put her own opinion behind her. Two faced. I hope Andria Tupuola takes over leadership. What a fantastic person and legislator she is.

  • I can see both sides of the story. The first rule, of course, is you should fulfill the promises you made while campaigning, be the person they voted for. On the other hand, if there are unforeseen extreme circumstances, the elected official has an obligation to make a decision as to what is good for everyone (hopefully not just what’s good for himself/herself). To NOT consider changing direction in extreme circumstances shows a lack of leadership.

    If you read the whole short article, Rep. Fukumoto hasn’t made a decision yet. She’s respectfully asking her constituents for feedback.

    • Agreed. Much of the fuss here seems to be about party allegiance, when it should be about the issues and representations. Voting along party lines, for either party, is keeping us from solving problems.

  • This is no surprise. Beth has been considering this for several years, and she was always a Republican more out of necessity than ideology. I disagree with her choice to pull this stunt mid-term, like that turncoat Aaron Johanson, but I also know the far-right whacko faction of the local GOP is forcing her hand.

    Beth is generally a pretty decent person. If this is how she wants to go out, at least give her credit for running it past her constituents first.

  • Beth, as a leader in our state, one of your primary duties is to protect the rights of both the majority and the minorities, When your own party, the Republicans, undermine those rights, you have the responsibility to oppose and abandon that party. “My party, right or wrong” is unacceptable. When your party is wrong, you must oppose it, and you have. Your courage is commendable. In the coming days and weeks, we’re going to see more Repiblucan leaders across the country abandoning their party for similar reasons. All of you are and will be considered heroes.

    • kimo> I wonder why the DEMs in congress don’t take your advice. Courage they don’t have, stupidity they have, yes! I don’t foresee any wholesale exodus of REPs abandoning the GOP in the near or distant future. The people in the 48 states are much more fortunate than we here in Hawaii, where we have a deeply entrenched DEM majority. It was sad to see Sam Slom lose his seat in the Senate. But I’m not going to cry, protest or do any of the dumb DEM acts. I love Hawaii, been here long time, and here to stay regardless of the politics. I am fine, fine fine. Love TRUMP. MAGA!!

      • Hey NP5491, I hear ya. But as Trump continues to crush first amendment rights, feel free to abandon the party that defends him. Democracy can be messy and frustrating at times, but anything less would undermine the values of our forefathers. Even Republicans understand this and in good conscience will not tolerate what amounts to bigotry. Stay well, braddah.

        • Kimo> Nice post. It is good to know that we can agree or disagree without any name calling. Here is my point: I don’t think that POTUS is trying to squash the first Amendment rights, but I think, really that there is too much “fake news” being put out by the MSM. He is only defending himself from all the liess and half-truths being said about him and his nominations. He has shown a unique ability to get things moving and the SWAMP is getting stirred up a lot in the two weeks that he has been in office. Give the man a chance, huh? Wouldn’t you speak out for yourself if lies were being spread around about you? I certainly would. I agree that to keep a democracy alive and doing for the people is a difficult task. But this nation must grow up and out of this mess in order to be great again. Our elected officials likewise must not think about party lines, but think about what will make their constituents lives better. Democracies don’t last very long (most 200-300 years). We need to persevere and make it work, everybody needs to help make America better.

  • That’s fine if she feels her principles are in conflict with her conscience, but she should also resign from her elected office as well since she was elected by her constituents as a republican candidate and run then as a democratic candidate in the next election otherwise she’s nothing more than a fraud for switching parties while in office… if she does go through with this scam then hopefully her constituents will have her recalled…..

  • Good opportunity for a Republican to run for her seat in the next election. Republicans should put up candidates for every seat in Hawaii, and consolidate their campaigns and campaigns materials. Hawaii will be better represented in Washington with a majority Republican delegation. The policies of Pelosi are beyond tired and old. It appears that the Republicans are by far the most progressive party in the U.S. President Trump is promoting economic opportunity for all, a strong border that allows friends of the U.S. to pass and keep gang members and drugs out, and a leadership position o the world stage- finally. Sounds progressive to me.

    • Lots of Republicans can run in Hawai’i, but most will lose.

      The racism, bigotry and intolerance of the Republicans is a hard sell in Hawai’i. Good riddance to them.

      • In the past Republicans lose because Hawaii has one of the highest percent union and government workers, who generally vote Democratic. You also have limited media which is totally in the tank for the Democratic party. With all the chaos and bad decisions related to a mismanaged and ill-advised rail project, it is time for the public to consider another option. Concerning tolerance, I just watched anti-Trump forces in Washington burn a limo (owned by a Muslim, BTW), destroy the windows of business’, and expose children to horrible signs, etc. They didn’t look too tolerate to me. In fact, I didn’t see Republicans rioting when the former president was inaugurated.

        • Was there a reason for anyone to riot in protest of Obama? Birthers who still didn’t believe he was born in Hawaii?

    • Well said cajaybird, so we are 3 months into the election cycle and what have you heard from the Republican Party….!!! Democrats are putting forth every feel good, tax more, sanctuary state, and other socialist policies, and how has the Republican Party responded….!!

  • Imho, Beth may not yet realize it, but she is the leadership that represents the future and evolution of politics in the United States. She would be an asset to any party.

    • nnomu1001> You gotta be kidding me??? What leadership does she represent, but her own personal conscience. She is not an asset, for which she will always lean to how she feels and demonstrate a level of disloyalty to her party. Future = LIMITED.

  • After your rant against President Donald Trump, you fit being a Democrat than a Republican. Continuing to stay in the Republican party that supports Godly family values, will only continue you as a Democrat Troll.
    Your support for abortion, homosexual marriage both doctrines of the Democratic party, I am dumbfounded why the hell you are in the Republican party. Leave as soon as you can. Don’t let the door hit you from behind.

  • Beth, I hope read my post. I understand how you feel about HRP as I agree with you at times (I’m a member). However, your justification for not supporting President Trump is not valid. You use your niece as an example (being exposed to unacceptable language), yet your niece was exposed to the same language and worse, on signs that was displayed during the Women’s March. President Trump tells the truth and Democrats lie to us with a smile. Democrats have campaigned forever and I mean forever about women’s rights. What’s the problem, they are the majority. Women’s rights are what each woman choose it to be. I’m a woman and no one and I mean no one tells me what I can or cannot do. Confidence, knowing who I am and being an American gives me the rights of women.

      • Seriously you are a loon allie. How many, creepy, scary, weird, intolerant republicans do you actually know? In Hawaii? Was Sam Slom creepy and weird?

      • Your not from Mililani! Don’t speak for those there. It’s not scary. These times despite all the protests etc. is just superficial. The real scary times during civil rights marches, AIDS, plagues and world wars was way scarier.

    • Pauoa_valley: trump tells the truth??? Trump doesn’t even have a nodding acquaintance with the truth. No other president requires so much fact-checking because of his constant lying.

        • I check things out for myself. I don’t blindly accept things, as you and other trump followers apparently do. Check the nonpartisan politifact research and you would see just how much trump lies. But, I guess you would still refuse to recognize real truth.

    • She should read what the leader of the women’s march about another women in a tweet that she wished to tear that women’s private parts out of her. That is the leadership that women want I don’t think so. The true organizer was George Soros he doesn’t care about women he just wants to have our democracy torn apart and the democratic party is falling for it.

  • Regardless, I think a bigger question needs to be asked here and that is whether the Republican Party of Hawaii, after this defection, is a viable party going forward.

    For those in the Republican camp, you gotta start facing some facts – with just five elected officials in the House, none in the Senate and maybe, counting on one hand with a couple of fingers on the other – anyone in the counties, this defection needs to start ringing some bells as to viability in my opinion.

    Hawaii can be a much better, vibrant place with a 2 party system that does allow for the healthy exchange of ideas and philosophies. When the one side of the discussion is literally silenced by a political illness (philosophical fighting, inability to sell a platform), than Hawaii as a ongoing vehicle for democracy ceases to exist.

    And that would be a real shame, folks, a real shame.

    • Most of the people in Hawaii are currently or are getting pensions from some form of government or assistance in form of welfare. Why would they ever want to endorse a Republican to take all of that away???? Beth should just go get a job in an ice cream store where she can just smile and make nice with little kids getting their scoop ice cream. Hopefully none of those little brats would upset her and make her quit.

  • Once a child, always a child. And to think her husband, David Chang, was once the Chair of the Republican party. Another thin skinned politician joining the Dems. The Dems need her contributions to PC. Good riddance. ZERO character and integrity. All about herself. boo hoo…..Trump said mean things…I can’t vote for him….boo hoo…I’m going to switch ideologies?? So is she now suddenly pro abortion?? Inquiring minds want to know………….

  • This is hilarious, she states, Lie, she was the leader in the Republican Party for the last 4 years, and it is her support of non-Republican legislation that’s caused the intolerance. She also stated, If your job is to hold leaders accountable why don’t you start with Speaker Souki??? Additionally, she acts like a petulant child when she, a leader, is held accountable. Hey Beth you can’t have it both ways!!

  • She’s a millennial and it isn’t surprising. Wants instant gratification, hits the reset button when things get tough, and feels entitled. She definitely belongs with the rest of the left wingnuts. Don’t let the door hit your okole on the way out.

  • Good god. This state keeps electing M O R O N S to run for office.

    You were a DEM the whole time, join your other useless officials.

    The Republication party in Hawaii is a Disgrace. and there Democrats control,everything. Hawaii is DOOMED

  • She got bounced as Minority Leader because she wasn’t an effective opposition leader. Now, she comes off as resentful and politically immature, playing the victim card because she couldn’t get the support of her caucus members.

    • Hawaii politics is a joke. Does she even know what the guiding principles of the republican party are? She probably became a republican to ensure a spot on the general

  • Switching parties during a term of office might trigger a recall. I.e. Akahane, Matsumoto, Paccaro. Wait until the 2018 election, then switch. I live in the Distrct.

  • I would like to see more folks of the “republican persuasion” to shift their focus as well. I sincerely hope she does change parties and runs against Gabbard for the second congressional district seat. This session she needs to exhibit true allegiance however to the dems.

    • Response to Kukuinunu: True allegiance to the Democratic Party? A political party that has been control of the State of Hawaii government, hook line and sinker since 1959 Statehood. A Democratic party that was supposed to be for the poor people while the Republican is the rich folks (plantation days talk), is no longer applicable today. The Democratic party has brought the high cost of living that Forbes Financial magazine said the State of Hawaii is the worst place to make a living because of the high cost of living. The tax addicted greedy Democrats has time and time again scratch for more $$$ in our pocket book to pay for their mismanagment of tax dollars.
      There are many family head working more than one job to survive in a State with over-tax burden citizens. More local families are moving to Washington State, California and Nevade because the Demos can’t control their spending each year.
      We got the worst Democrat Mayor in the history of the City and county of honolulu. He collects $200,000 doing part time job for a bank I believe. This same rich Mayor is now requesting to raise the city vehicle weight tax. My goodness!! Was it only a few years ago the Mayor got it his wish and raise the vehicle weight tax to a whopping 66 percent. Now he wants another increase? He also wants to increase the fuel tax to fix the bad roads here. The last fuel increase, he use the same reason and the roads today is still bad.
      I can complain because I voted and voted against this Mayor and all Democrat incumbants in the last election last year. Unfortunately, all the Democrat incumbants got reelected.
      The Democrats who controls this State is not only moving local residents away on no choice of their own, will probably place a few families and more individuals on the homeless path.
      As for Beth, please hurry up and leave the Republican party.

  • My local friends have a favorite quote in Construction : ” What Brah? No can Handle, just Go”!
    Remember Beth, this will say a lot about you in the future. It’s not so much the Democrats which you are trying so hard to appease,it’s going to be the People of Hawaii and Mililani,knowing that you are just A Quiter. But then again. Sen. Gabbard “The Chameleon” (Tulsi’s dad) and Colleen Hanabusa were also Quiters………Welcome to “The Quiters Club”. Aloha Oi!

  • Sadly that is what our country has become…a country of your side versus my side. Your beliefs versus my beliefs. Republicans…Democrats…both parties have long since left their fundamental beliefs behind, and their love of our nation is a distant memory. It is a matter of how much money I can make representing my constituents. Social media, pundits, and just general apathy in the electoral system in general has made it very easy for our politicians to find themselves in lifetime positions, by further exemplifying what makes us different from each other rather than what makes us all American.

  • More Republicans, especially those in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, should show the courage Fukumoto is showing. trump is not a Republican; he’s a self-serving whacko.

  • now that’s a leader. strong confident woman. cue applause.
    and if the republican party won’t let her voice criticism of the president that is CENSORSHIP at its worse.

    and that’s what trump and the republican party want.
    the republican party SHOULD stand up to to trump and say that that is NOT who they are.

    bravo. to you ms. fukumoto.
    you are brave not some mindless automaton towing the really bad party line.

  • This is why politics is undoing America. Both parties put POLITICS in front of every issue that begs for solutions and as a result, nothing gets done. Beth Fukumoto is standing her ground and I like that. I like someone who can think independently and doesn’t feel that she “owes” her party blind loyalty.

  • it would not surprise many if Fukumoto did switch parties as she did seem out of touch with her fellow Republicans and it was kind of speculated for awhile that she
    was planning to jump ship. I guess this recent flap became the convenient time to do so. Unfortunately for the Republicans, it is another seat lost to the Democrats
    and perhaps it is somewhat of a let down to the people who voted her in in opposition to Marilyn Lee.
    The Republican party of what is left of it does appear to be going the way of the Nene which is too bad for the people of Hawaii as we absolutely need a viable and vigorous
    opposition party to the Democrats who unfortunately have managed to run this state down the toilet over the past 50 years. What you have now is top to bottom
    corruption and groups within the Democratic party fighting each other for the spoils.

    • I totally agree. Growing up in Hawaii, I was brainwashed by my parents, the community and the media to always vote democrat. It was not until I got a true grasp of the core principles of each party is when I decided not to affiliate with any party because hardly any of the candidates truly represented those principles I was looking for. As a person who favors conservatism and fiscal responsibility, a true Republican would be a breath of fresh air.

    • Agree with 5-0, …also lest not we forget a few years ago the democratic party was going down hard on its own (e.g. State Senator Gabbard) who did not agree or adopt all of their platform. We should also place in perspective that when contrasted with the CONUS, Hawaii is the anomolly with our one party state.

      When you join and run in a party that means you in general should support the platform and respect the leadership…Fukumoto did not do either.

  • so im sure you put on that same smile when you voted for trump and now, only now, and perhaps for the last time of your political career, you are a gop’er who jumps ship bc trump et al deplorables do not really like women’s rights?…bwaaahahaha you are such a fool. like most gop idiots, should have shut up and support your man until he sinks the ship. who will trust you now?

    • This should be a concern of Fukumoto, because she has a fierce competitor in Marilyn Lee in the Democratic Primary.

      I’m sure the party will welcome her, but she should attend regional party meetings to get a feel for this.

  • The necessity of an intelligent and rational person like Fukumoto to make such a difficlt decision is a reflection of the extremism that has moved into DC and evidently supported by the majority of the Republicans elected to our House of Representatives.

    This has nothing to do with core Republican values.

    Thank God for Beth Fukumoto’s decency and leadership.

  • Tupola is a good replacement, but definitely, Fukumoto is right. Republicans in a strong Democratic state should not be seen as approving of Trump’s outrageous attacks on minorities.

    Tupola being a minority member herself, should be aware of this. Perhaps she will be more discrete when she criticizes Trump.

  • If you look at most of the current republicans in state government they’re all old….Here you had a young person who may have had some appeal and influence to get MORE young people involved in the party but instead of encouraging her they push her out of the party. And people wonder why there is little support for the republican party? Bob McDermott, that rant on the floor about party first is what turns people off about politics. Give me a break. Props to Cynthia Thielen for her sensible speech.

  • We should not expect any money for that corrupt multi billion dollar train from TRUMP because Hawaii voted and supported “D” CLINTON. Hawaii will get shafted and all taxpayers and homeowners will be taxed to death because of the rampant corruption in government as well as the bleeding hearts of the legislators to give out entitlements to lazy ones and transplants.

  • If being a Dem is so great, why is our state in the condition it’s in? What has the State or City done to improve the quality of life for all Hawaiians the past 50 years? Like all other blue states, they overspend and keep raising taxes and fees plus there is no fiscal accounting or responsibility. Be what you wanna be except a Dem and make our lives better if you have will and character to do so. Adversity does not show character, it reveals it! Auwe!

  • Given the calumny Trump has been during the campaign and his first fortnight as PUS, one should admire the courage of a Republican representative to speak out against the man even if he is supposedly of the Republican party. That Fukumoto has the courage to speak truth to power suggests integrity compared to the two-faced false worship put on by most other Republican office holders and supporters. She’s a refreshing change from the mealy mouthed utterances of most politicians local and national. She says what she believes unlike most of the others who say what they think you want to hear. We need more leaders who tell the truth. (Are the money changers at the rail catastrophe hearing this?).

  • Good for her. Get off this train wreck before it’s too late. American first, partisan craziness second. Can’t look at a pig and call it a stallion.

  • I stand behind her. We need more people like her. “”Don’t let someone change who you are, to become what they need” Whether Republican or Democrat, stay true to your moral values.

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