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Thousands march around state Capitol in show of solidarity

Dan Nakaso
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Thousands of people gathered in solidarity at the State Capitol on Saturday to participate in the Women’s March.

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Taylor Jenkings and Judy Nichols, both 12, waited at the intersection of S. King and Punchbowl Streets as they in the Women’s March held in Honolulu. The event coincided with Women’s March in Washington D.C. to raise awareness and advocacy for the rights for women, minorities, LGBT individuals, and other marginalized people locally and around the world.

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Thousands of people walked in solidarity at the Women’s March held at the State Capitol on Saturday.

Thousands of women, men, children, grandchildren, state legislators and City Council members turned out in the rain today to march around the state Capitol in a sign of solidarity with millions of others around the country pushing for women’s rights — and, in many cases, to rebuke the presidency of Donald Trump.

Barbra Pleadwell, spokeswoman for the “Oahu Women’s March” estimated the turnout at 3,000 to 5,000 and said thousands more were reported on Maui.

Before the march and speeches began, organizers were hoping that 2,500 would show up at the state Capitol, where parking was tight for a Saturday and rain fell throughout the morning.

The Honolulu marchers carried hand-written signs reading, “Resistance is Fertile,” “No Country For Old White Men,” “We Shall Overcomb,” “Repeal and Replace Trump,” “America Needs A Leader Not A Tweeter” along with others that were sometimes laced with profanities.

As Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” played on the public address system, Shannon Cristobal, 41, of Makiki, sat with her 13-year-old daughter, Christian, and said, “I want to encourage her. I want her to know that her voice matters.”

Christian, an 8th grader at Mid-Pacific Institute, said “I believe all woman should have equal rights.”

State Rep. Cynthia Thielen, (R, Kailua-Kaneohe,) stood on stage with a sash replicated from the women’s suffrage movement of a century ago that read, “Votes for Women.”

Thielen said her daughter, state Sen. Laura Thielen, (D, Hawaii Kai-Waimanalo-Kailua), and Laura Thielen’s daughters — ages 20 and 23 — were participating in the much larger women’s march in Washington at the same moment.

Her granddaughters, Cynthia Thielen said, “are not being quiet. They’re speaking out. I am so proud of my granddaughters back in Washington.”

“We struggled in the ’70s,” Thielen said. “I’ve seen the struggles. I hope the Trump Administration hears us and I say that as a Republican.”

Cathy Betts, the executive director of the Commission on the Status of Women, called today’s march “a baptism” for many who marched in the rain.

“We’re here to uplift each other,” Betts said. “But we will also resist all efforts to turn back the tide on women’s rights.”

133 responses to “Thousands march around state Capitol in show of solidarity”

  1. whs1966 says:

    People who love and value our democratic traditions, indeed, our republic, must stand up to Trump and his self-serving, power-hungry, racists, elitist minions. It is often said that had more people stood up to Hitler, he would not have come to power. This is the choice we face today. To just accept the current situation is not acceptable.

    • CEI says:

      Same old song and dance from these lamebrains. Sexist, racist, facist, Hitler references etc. Heard it all before, it’s rather boring and overdone if you ask me.

      I find it a little ironic that Mrs. Betts used the term baptism since the “women’s reproductive rights” mafia has murdered millions of babies who might other wise have been baptised.

      • buddy says:

        We all know what you are CEI. You don’t even need to write anything down as you are always true to yourself – a hater of women. Sorry, sorry excuse for a person that you are. You mirror your fuehrer.

        • CEI says:

          I get it, because I oppose abortion I’m a woman hater. I’m sure that makes perfect sense in your mind. And I don’t hate women, my mother just happened to be a woman. And there goes the Hitler reference right on cue. You gott’a get some new material.

        • Jerry_D says:

          Buddy has a little mind. Betcha that’s not the only thing that’s little.

        • jusris says:

          IRT CEI: Fake News on your mother being a women…Links???

        • awahana says:

          Too little, too late.

          Where were all these protesters and women, when Hillary and the corrupt DNC pushed out the people’s choice, Bernie? He got over 70% of the Hawaii vote. Where was the protests and uproar then, when he got pushed out? They were so smug that Hillary would be the one, so they didn’t mind if Bernie got ‘thrown under the bus at that time.’ No foresight. Enjoy your hindsight. Too little, too late.

          I voted for Obama twice, and sat this one out as I couldn’t, with good conscience, vote for the H or the T. Great choices, old white (orange?) male, and old white lady (I’m being kind here).

          From looking like the RNC was in shambles, the past 18 months, to now RNC dominating the entire US political arena, with Drumpf as their fearful leader, the DNC is in full collapse, with so many youth saying they are going libertarian/independent/green or starting a new youth brigage party, eat your own dog food DNC, you made it.

        • NanakuliBoss says:

          And now with the polls below 40% RNC is slumping. How quickly it turns. Twump will tweet us.

      • Mr Mililani says:

        How many women who couldn’t afford to have another child but did have received financial help from CIE? My guess is none. You people who want to force women to bear a child are all talk. It hasn’t cost YOU a penny. Let women decide what is best for their family and you decide what is best for yours. Why don’t you keep your Catholic religion out of their lives and keep your pedophile Catholic priests and bishops away from my innocent little boys.

        • CEI says:

          Excellent time to remind the readers about the catholic priest diddlin’ little boys scandal. Let’s not forget however that in addition to being priests they were also h0mose%ual.

        • GONEGOLFIN says:

          MM, do not call out Catholics as the opposing force to what you believe in. Your bigotry in regards to killing babies is evident.
          There are always 2 sides to each story. I can understand both sides, but to quickly dismiss another person’s point of view is totally short-sighted on your part and trying to blame a sect of people based on their own beliefs is irresponsible on your part.
          You need to learn compassion from both sides-then you can gloat.

        • Ronin006 says:

          Mr. Mililani, you seem to be overlooking the fact that most women who have abortions do so to end unwanted pregnancies resulting from promiscuous sexual relations, unprotected sex or irresponsible behavior. It is an uncivilized society that permits the killing of unborn babies for convenience.

        • jusris says:

          IRT Ronin: Nothing in your comment addressed the Dingdings that was put in side the female….A little biased…Cut the Dingdings off all the males that impregnate these horrible women???? #MAGA

        • NanakuliBoss says:

          Putin side.

        • Ronin006 says:

          Juris, I am not talking about rape; the issue is women willingly allowing unprotected dingdings to be inserted into their bodies and then refusing to accept responsibility for the lives they create.

      • Vector says:

        CEI only comment, more hate speech like his mentor Trump

        • lespark says:

          Vector – an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.

        • Vector says:

          The Women’s March and Rally today at the Hawaii State Capitol was a joyous and passionate display of American values and Democracy, and Patriotism

        • Vector says:

          Lespark only has posts emit netting from the sewer of hate and bigotry

        • Vector says:

          Lespark only has posts emanating from the sewer of hate and bigotry

        • el_burro_sabio says:

          LessPark- an insect trampled under a shoe that secretly yearns for the comfort of All-Lies’ manly arms.

        • lespark says:

          What are you going to do about it? You and your minions are whining losers. Get with the program or shut the f— up.

        • jusris says:

          Lespark starting to show his/her cracks…non-stop attacks having an effect on witty posts…not sure how much…more…lespark can take…#MAGA

      • Vector says:

        Today’s March and rally at the State Capitol was huge and awesome. A lot of beautiful compassionate people in Hawaii, truly believing in the Aloha spirit of love and compassion for everyone. Truly inspiring

        • GONEGOLFIN says:

          If there was true compassion, you’d also see from the other point of view.
          So unfortunate that you cannot see it.
          I feel sorry for all those not even willing to give Trump a chance.
          Let him do his job, and then, if he fails, then you can rightfully make your statements.

        • lespark says:

          Vector – an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.

        • jusris says:

          IRT GONEGOLFIN: The other point of view or the one in power…Women are fighting for equality and men are fighting to keep their advantage…Women don’t need to see your point of view, they already know it…#MAGA

        • Vector says:

          Love and Joy was on hand today

        • Snowmantoo says:

          was that linda lovelace, full of joy to share… that would have made it worth while to be there….

        • lespark says:

          Keep it up. Protest everyday all day and see what you get.

        • jusris says:

          Yes lespark, that’s what you tell your wife, keep it up and see what you get…seems you can’t take women standing up for themselves…Like Trump females scare you…#MAGA

      • btaim says:

        Well, think about that the next time you mast ur bate and ejac ulate solo.

      • Vector says:

        True people standing up for Truth, Equality, Jusice, and Brotherhood and Women hood of Mankind

      • Hitaxpayer says:

        Victor this sounds really compassionate to me No Country For Old White Men

      • IAmSane says:

        Yeah, Hitler references are coming. Remember all the Karl Marx references made about Obama. It’s your turn now. Enjoy.

    • scuddrunner says:

      whs sounds like you’re going to have to put up with it for the next 8 years, the people have voted.

      • Vector says:

        We are not going to give up, we are going to fight for the American values and priciples of respect, dignity, equality, liberty and equal justice under the law for everyone

        • Vector says:

          What makes America Great, is our values of equality and justice for all

        • tigerwarrior says:

          So much talk about making America great again–which begs the simple question: Great for whom?

        • lespark says:

          Vector – an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.

        • scuddrunner says:

          It’s funny Hawaii is the state that doesn’t vote.

        • lespark says:

          Insect, you better start practicing what you preach. You are now the outsider looking in. Keep it up, destroy democracy. You are indeed an insect. Perfect name for you.

    • Boots says:

      No need to accept the current situation. Yes the Donald is our president but I suspect republican may have more trouble with him than democrats. There are some positive things about the donald. From Consortium news:

      Whatever Donald Trump may think about the CIA — and how legitimate any of his perceptions may or may not be — his dissatisfaction is not entirely out of place; it would be prudent for him to undertake a close, zero-based review of the entire massive and redundant national security structure. More is not better; bigger is not better. The national security structure would be leaner, meaner, and more efficient were it immediately slashed by 50 percent at the outset.


    • kuroiwaj says:

      IRT WHS1966, hey, the “current situation is not acceptable,” is the results of Hawaii born ex-President Obama. Today, you and me will make America Safe and Great Again.

    • Ronin006 says:

      Whs1996, Trump was duly elected President of the United States in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. Many people are not happy with the outcome of the election, but to refuse to accept the results and protest against it is an attack against the democracy upon which our nation was founded. We are a nation of laws where anarchists are not welcomed.

      • Bothrops says:

        “protest against it is an attack against the democracy upon which our nation was founded.” No, it is democracy, as is your right to bloviate

        • Ronin006 says:

          Bothrops, you probably do not remember or are choosing to forget what Hillary Clinton, President Obama and most leading Democrats said when Trump refused to say if he would accept the results of the election. Trump did not say he would not accept the results, he simply refused to answer the question one way or another. And for not saying if he would accept the results, Clinton, Obama and Democrats in general accused Trump of attacking our democracy. So, why was it an attack on our democracy for Trump to say nothing and democracy in action for people to protest against the election results? You can’t have it both ways.

      • Vector says:

        The march and rally today had a lot of women with babies in strollers. Many men, women, young and old ladies and young and old men. The thousands in the March and rally were peaceful, joyful, aND passionate about their causes and reasons for being in the March and rally. I did not witness any anarchy there, only the free expression of democratic protest to an oppressive agenda of Trump and the Republican Party.

        • GONEGOLFIN says:

          Oppressive is in the eye of the beholder.
          You not be holdin much.

        • lespark says:

          Vector – an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.

        • Vector says:

          Oppressive is very evident under despots and demagogues like Hitler and Trump

    • Allaha says:

      Trump Hitler Trump Hitler Trump Hitler , the leftist fools are foaming by the mouth.

      • DannoBoy says:

        Just wait until Trump outlaws family planning and birth control, and funding for family planning tn other nations.

        Allaha’s #1 priority will be swept aside as the polulation of the poor soars ever higher.

        More cheap labor to Make American Factories Great Again. We will be totally unstoppable.Trump said so. Factories as far as the eye can see, pollution from ocean to ocean. America will become magnificently rich in ever expanding squalor.

        God will solve the climate problem, if it even exists, and shower America with unlimited resources to consume.

        Or maybe not.

        If women don’t want to live in poverty, struggling to raise unwanted children, they can just keep their legs crossed. Right, lespark?

        #MAGA? (Make America Get-coathangers Again?)

        • Allaha says:

          The lack of birth control will hopefully be counteracted by population decrease done by throwing out the illegals and stopping immigration.

        • Allaha says:

          DannoBoy you got me on my favorite topic: Overpopulation. I have to rethink my support of Trump. But it is horrible. The choice between rampant illegal immigration and birth tourism and the de-funding of Planned Parenthood. I will have to increase my donation to them.

      • Vector says:

        Allaha, stop your frothing at the mouth and the other orifices of your body and mind and heart, and soul

    • RLKE says:

      Ya’ll don’t like it, find another country to live in. Trump didn’t cheat or lie to win the presidency. Give it up already..

      • AlohaGal254 says:

        He didn’t have to cheat. Russia did it for him. He lied continuously and continued to do so today in front of a wall honoring CIA operatives who have lost their lives for our country. This man has no honor, integrity or sense of worth. He cares only for himself and the people who marched today, worldwide, are concerned what he can and will do to our country.

    • lespark says:

      What are you going to do about it? You are another whining loser.

    • allie says:

      agree..and we will keep marching to make sure this illegitimate and phony president fails early and often to oppress us!

    • allie says:

      One of the many things Trump has threatened to do to hurt women and families is to cut back on federal resources that support the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 and reauthorized as a bipartisan bill several times since then. Trump is insensitive toward women and treats us as his prostitutes. Sink this phony president. He is in no way OUR president.

    • aomohoa says:

      Well said !

  2. BigErn says:

    I suggest these protestors move to an Islamic nation so they can live the full anti-female experience.

    • Boots says:

      Like our Ally Saudi Arabia?

      • nun says:

        Yes Boots, in Saudi Arabia, women are forbidden to drive; they have to have a male chaperone where ever they go outside of their home; all shops and businesses are segregated male entrance and female entrance; if a women checks a male cel phone without his permission, she can get arrested and punished, called invasion of privacy; 2011 women were permitted to vote but Arab males were dominate in voting and only a small percentage of women voted; women have to cover up if they go outside of their homes or to any place; these are some of the laws that Arab women must abide by or be punished or arrested. They lose all rights that women in the US have.

    • Allaha says:

      And the European media are in a frenzy! Of course they are afraid that Europe will now have to pay their fair share.

    • DPK says:

      The Clintons accepted tens of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia.

  3. wrightj says:

    Apparently it’s not raining hard enough.

  4. wave1 says:

    Trump won, get over it. You get another chance in 4 years. Until then enjoy the ride…

  5. Kaneohe5 says:

    Hawaii is all democrats but yet we don’t have things right in our own state. The State House, State Senate, Gov, congressional Senators and Representatives can’t agree on fixing our schools, the rail, streets, homeless. The answer must be our people change to democrats so they can win their districts hiding as republicans. When we have congressional votes we see voting on party lines. In Hawaii the state and house cannot agree on anything. Will our leaders and people focus on us and Make Hawaii Great Again before we worry about a President who is all mouth knowing it’s Congress who really make all the decisions when they vote to a bill.

  6. latenightroach says:

    So tired of these libs and dems being sore losers. What a bunch of hypocrites.
    If Hillary Clinton won, there’d still be donations from places like Saudi Arabia (where women can’t even drive a car) into their elaborate money laundering Clinton Foundation for her family to gain more wealth from being a politician.

  7. copperwire9 says:

    It was a beautiful day, spent in support of love and freedom, and in rallying for protection of our precious representative democracy.

    I’m so very glad I was there.

  8. Jerry_D says:

    So glad I live on the other side of the island and FAR AWAY from this shiznit.

  9. 962042015 says:

    In other news people with jobs went to work and earned a salary in order to support their families and pay taxes so spoiled brats could riot and throw tantrums because they didn’t get their way…..

    • RLKE says:

      haha, best comment I heard all day

      • DannoBoy says:

        I agree, hilarious.

        Trump?.. work hard?.. pay taxes?.. That’s priceless. Paying taxes is for losers…
        Very very funny.

        #MAGA? (Make America Giggle Again?)

    • Mainlandah says:

      Of the approximately one million protesters across the country today I suspect more of them have jobs than not. In our local march (Portland, OR) I saw people from all walks of life…a great cross-section of society. To characterize us all as unemployed whiners is flat wrong. I’m just a working class guy and have worked over four decades and probably paid more in taxes than the indebted “businessman” who was sworn in yesterday. We march because we care about all citizens.

    • Nesmith says:

      No work on Saturday.

  10. Jerry_D says:

    To all y’all Trump haters…go eat a Snickers.

  11. wn says:

    In my opinion, something about this group doesn’t seem right…reminds me of the group of women a few years ago who “community organized” themselves together and secured proxies preaching to seek fair representation the Owners of our AOAO. We were sold on the idea that proxies were to fill open vacancies…wrong…they were used to recall the entire BOD and replace with their own. When challenged, we could not overturn due process being in compliance…technically right…morally wrong but there was no remorse as long as they got their way. How does this relate to this march? I hope they are not blinded by their cause and use it to justify any anti-male sentiments (i.e. “No country for Old White Men”). Let’s hope we can work together for the good of all versus those in involved in a partisan gathering. 🙂

  12. Oahuan says:

    Bill Clinton loves women.

  13. noheawilli says:

    I rode by the group and couldn’t stop laughing, what a joke, would they have done this if hillary was elected? Thousands? I don’t think so.

  14. CloudForest says:

    As the petulant rant and rave, the adults are now back in the White House.

    • cajaybird says:

      The irony of the protesters is that that on average, they will be much better off under a Trump administration. Pres. Trump will focus on jobs, taxes, trade, etc. Time will tell, but I guess he could surprise a lot of people. Here’a newsflash- The new President is not a conservative Republican. In fact, what I like about Pres. Trump is that his ideas all support business, but socially, he’s more liberal than any of the other Republican candidates he ran against. Does anyone in Hawaii believe that Hillary would have been better for business and the economy? The protesters should thank their lucky stars that Trump won.

      • wn says:

        Hark! A voice of logice and reason…thanks for your comment! 🙂

      • Valleyisle57 says:

        Yup your right about Chump supporting business; HIS BUSINESS!!!!!!!

        • cajaybird says:

          He should when he was responsible for it, along with his thousands of employees who seem to like and respect him. He gave that up to run for office. Also gave up his Presidential salary. Do you believe Hillary, had she won, would have given up her salary as President? She and Bill are worth tens of millions. After all, according to former President Obama, that’s money she doesn’t need (remember him telling Joe the Plumber to spread the wealth?). Come to think of it, the Obama’s are now worth millions. Do you think they will be giving up the extra millions they “don’t need”? Someone should ask the protesters if corporations should give up their millions in prfits, then ask if Clinton’s and Obama’s should do the same.

  15. Wazdat says:

    I’m with her? she LOST, get over it cry babies.

  16. Hawaii_Libertarian says:

    The rally in DC was hilarious. All of the parasites and leeches wanted free tampons, free birth control, and who knows what else while Madonna dropped F-bombs multiple times on live national TV broadcasts and talked about blowing up the White House. Real classy. Anti-abortion women’s groups were not welcome. So much for being inclusive.

    Despite the “Love Trumps Hate” rhetoric, countless signs were obscene, vile, and vulgar, such as F*** Trump. This is how the leftists think they can win the moral high ground in the national debate?

    Trump won 30 million votes from women. At the end of the day, Trump is still President, the US House and Senate are controlled by Republicans, and thanks to Democrat Harry Reid, the threshold for ending filibusters in the Senate is no longer 60 votes, so Republicans can pass legislation at will despite Democrat obstructionism and tantrums.

    The bluer states will probably stay deep blue and the red states will probably get even more red. I’ll bet many of the protesters today didn’t bother to vote and will probably be too lazy to vote in 2 and 4 years. Meanwhile, alarmed centrist Democrats and Republicans will mobilize to register more of their voters to counter the leftist extremists.

  17. HOSSANA says:


  18. matthew56 says:

    what rights have been lost??

    the right that should be lost is the right to murder your own unwanted child or at least the right to use taxpayer dollars to murder the most innocent of all of us.

    if you want to murder your own child, use your own money. the protection of the unborn is a human right and i hope trump steps up and protects them by defunding abortion clinics.

    for those who really support the right to kill unwanted children, you provide the funds to the clinics and see how long that lasts.

  19. lespark says:

    Lot of fat behinds and cellulars. Don’t blame Trump for being fat and ugly.

  20. willman says:

    All losers who cannot change any thing led by politicians who are looking for attention and votes. These cupcakes can come out and protest again in four
    years when Trump gets reelected for another four years. Funny that these protestors see themselves as fighters for freedom, they are just insecure people
    looking for attention.

  21. HOSSANA says:

    i just can’t believe how many “nuteggs” there are in our community. Oh, wait, there they are marching around the State Capitol……..

  22. suckseed says:

    What rights have you lost today that you did not have yesterday?

  23. roadsterred says:

    Just a gathering of Henny Pennys!

  24. patriotic says:

    “No Country For Old White Men,”?? Really? Seriously? Using these kinds of despicable and disrespectful ageist, racist and sexist insults will not help but rather hurt their cause. Our nation was founded by old White men. Our first President George Washington was a RICH old White man. President Obama is a RICH, old half White man. Why would any decent person trash their fellow Americans this way? My grandfather is an old White man and I would NEVER disrespect him with such hateful language like this. How can we ever unite our nation with such divisive and hateful words? Very sad!

  25. atilter says:

    oh my, many ASSUMPTIONS…most of them negative. understandable that this past election may have disappointed some in that their candidate did not “win”, OR, “lost” the campaign. this may be because of the misconception that the elective process was based upon the POPULAR VOTE under a Democracy. the truth is that we are a collection of separate sovereign states grouped into and united as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. we are not, NOT, a Democracy. we merely employ a democratic method of voting, which is the “popular” part. the creators of our CONSTITUTION also set up a voting method, the ELECTORAL COLLEGE, to preclude the possibility of the larger states with larger populations from imposing their will upon the smaller less populated states.

    this might be confusing to many people who did not have the opportunity to learn CIVICS during their middle school years. this is why we may be having these erroneously preconceived ideas. we should bring back this CIVICS class to help in understanding the operating processes in our government.

    i hope that people will understand that any grass-roots popular movement that uses riots and mayhem to get their points across cannot and should not be condoned. i believe that these HURTFUL AND NEGATIVE methods will not help to serve anyone, no matter how strongly they might feel. if any movement is truly supported by morality and solid reasoning rather than knee-jerk reactions based upon pure unadulterated emotions and unproven supposition, AND, uses the proven processes, methods, and rules as set forth in the Constitution – they might have better success.

    in other words, making changes from within the system, using the rules as set forth within the system, can be more productive in gaining positive traction. the media, as it is, is merely an added tool which DOES NOT AND CANNOT REPLACE the actual internal work within the system.

    again the proof of the pudding is in the tasting! one cannot change anything that has NOT YET BEEN DONE! the “pudding” ain’t been made YET! the fear of something or action that MIGHT come is wasteful, unwarranted, unproven and based upon PURE SPECULATION.

    so let’s all calm down and wait and see what actually transpires under this new administration – as was afforded to every past President and elected official.

  26. lokela says:

    These idiots don’t realize they protesting things that are already in place in America. Trump hasn’t even instilled any laws or changes of laws yet. Get a life and move on. Give him a chance. And say America becomes beautiful again. What will you say then? Don’t put your foot in your mouth yet.

  27. SanPablo says:

    Case closed–Trump is not candidate or nominee or PE–he is the President–laugh or cry or relish the moment or protest–nothing will change his presidency…That is it!! For local people on both side w/ so much energy to accuse or defend–get it out of your system….in a month–life will move on –but I wish the local people on both sides would look closer to home to be fervent and committed to a cause–how about solving the problem of HOMELESSNESS–this affects–Trumpers, Clintonites, men, women, catholic, protestant, muslim, atheist, buddhist–white, black, mexican, hawaiian–it affects everyone in this state and every island of the state. Be committed to that so that we can deminish and lessen homelessness–that is a cause that we can all work on and see results–all these accusation back and forth–will accomplish very little–do you think the D or R or the new guard or the old guard cares?–no!; do you think it will make a difference nationally?–no!–nothing is going to happen–BUT if we can take the energy and fervor of both sides and channel it into helping solve this local problem–we can see results that in the not so distant future.

  28. PMINZ says:

    What percentage of thr protesters actually Voted? “If you don’ t Vote don’t Gripe.”

  29. yhls says:

    Here’s my protest: these marchers and the anti-Trump liberals are bunch of idiots.

  30. Tarball says:

    The liberals . . . . . so afraid of giving TRUMP a chance! He couldn’t do any worse than the criminal OBAMA

  31. lespark says:

    Good day to get out there and protest.

  32. hon2255 says:

    Take a chill pill , stop protesting and let the guy start his job ! Let him drawer fixing things like the high increases now seen in healthcare plans all over the nation including hawaii! Cheez

  33. lespark says:

    Losers, Whiners, get over it. You aren’t helping Make America Great Again.

  34. Damia says:

    What did Trump do? He only been in office one day.

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