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5 Things We Love: Kailua

Singer/songwriter Erin Smith shares her holiday shopping picks from local shops in Kailua. Read more

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5 Things We Love: Kailua

A shortlist of newly discovered stuff you have got to see, hear, wear, use or eat. Read more

Island Lookbook with Araleidi Guzman

Araleidi Guzman grew up in the Bronx and credits the New York neighborhood with influencing her “anything goes” style. Read more

Island Lookbook with Lance Rae

Lance Rae is a public relations executive based in Honolulu, but according to his New York friends and colleagues, he’s a New Yorker. Read more

Island Lookbook with Tantra Grillo

Known as the female half of the “New Power Morning Show” on radio station Power 104.3 KPHW-FM, Tantra Grillo had always planned to reach for the stars. Read more

Island Lookbook with Gary Hooser

Longtime lawmaker Gary Hooser looks to his “uniform” of slacks, aloha shirts and loafers to keep him looking stylish. Read more

Island Lookbook with Gabby Lout

Arizona-raised Gabby Lout bridges the gap between mainland and island style by mixing breezy tank tops with wool beanies and spring jackets. Read more

Island Lookbook with Kalliyan Davis

For Punahou School student Kalliyan Davis, fashion is an expression of both her personality and her talent as a musician. Read more

Island Lookbook: Chase Hamano

Chase Hamano has a serious green thumb and an eye for sleek design. This is apparent in his work: His company, Momo Terrascapes, produces ikebana-inspired plant arrangements that are “easy to love yet hard to kill.” Its most popular items are succulents housed in Japanese ceramics. Read more

Island Lookbook: Amina Peterson

Whether it’s a fabulously oversized pair of gold hoop earrings or thick, black, square-framed glasses, Amina Peterson’s bold fashion choices always make her stand out from the pack. Read more

Island Lookbook: Chloe Aquino

Chloe Aquino is no stranger to glam. The Hawaii Pacific University student, who was raised on the Big Island and Oahu, regularly models, walks in fashion showsand competed in the 2016 Miss Hawaii Teen USA Pageant as Miss Teen Kailua. Read more

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