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Going Gluten-Free


Going Gluten-Free: 6 pancake mixes worth trying

Gluten-free pancake mixes abound in Honolulu grocery stores. Here are six worth trying. Read More

Going Gluten-Free: 5 wheat-free pizzas to try on Oahu

The field of gluten-free pizza (meaning a crust that’s wheat-free) is quite broad on Oahu. Even in casually assessing the scene, it’s clear that options abound. Read More

Going Gluten-Free: Thumbs up for Jersey Mike’s, Udi’s bread

In the gluten-free world, most mass-marketed breads are either so dry and tasteless, or so dry and crumbly, that it’s not worth the trouble to eat a sandwich. That is, until Jersey Mike’s Subs hit Hawaii. Read More

Going Gluten-Free: Mix and match to create right flour for baking

The world of gluten-free flours is vast — should you use an almond flour or a rice flour; white rice or brown? — and navigating options and techniques for using them can be overwhelming. Read More

Going Gluten-Free: Doughnuts help satisfy pastry cravings

A gluten intolerance is best tolerated with a minimum of fuss. There are so many great things to eat in this world, why lament what one can’t have? Read More

Going Gluten-Free: Rice noodles offer lots of possibilities

There are plenty of gluten-free options in the Asian noodle aisle, where a whole world of rice noodles is avaialble — wide and thick, thin and fine, dried inspaghetti-like sticks, folded into ribbons, bunched into bird-nest bundles. Read More

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