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Hawaii Highlights


Go beneath the surface with Hawaii Shark Encounters

As the vessel Kainani throttled into neutral, 3 miles off Haleiwa, torpedo-shaped shadows began to emerge from the cobalt blue abyss. Read More

Discover wagon tours, farm fresh food at Kahuku Farms

For more than 100 years, the Matsuda and Fukuyama families have been farming on 125 acres of Oahu's North Shore. Read More

Restoring He‘eia fishpond offers a glimpse of ancient Hawaii

Hidden in He'eia is a piece of ancient Hawaii that's on the path to being restored. Read More

Honolulu restaurateurs put vegan spin on local favorites

Hawaii is well-known for its unique cuisine, from plate lunches loaded with lau lau to loco moco smothered in gravy. Read More

Bicycle tours provide a different perspective of Oahu

With its unique culture, flat terrain and year-round sun, Todd Roll thought Hawaii was the perfect place to expand his bike tour business. Read More

Competing for the best catch at the Honolulu Fish Auction

Hundreds of fish lay on pallets on the Honolulu Fish Auction's floor. Inside the auction's facility of the Commercial Fishing Village on Pier 38, auctioneers are calling prices, potential buyers are inspecting the fish and others continue to line up the day's catch. Read More

Photo tours help participants of any skill level snap beautiful shots

While people-watching on a bench in New York's Central Park, Oahu Photography Tours owner and founder Alex Wilson noticed those around him taking photos of random things without any focus or direction. Read More

Bean-to-bar chocolate company keeps ingredients local

Madre Chocolate connects chocolate lovers to the origin of chocolate and incorporates locally grown, vegan ingredients. Read More

Connect with nature at Ho’omaluhia

Nestled beneath the Ko'olau Mountains lies the picturesque Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden — a 400-acre rainforest garden and flood-control facility that is home to plants from tropical regions across the globe. Read More

Taro farm focuses on education, reconnecting to the land

"Today we live in a world where everything is so convenient to us and we don't want to get dirty. We don't even allow our feet to touch the land. We wear shoes and slippers and everybody's germophobic." Read More

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