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What do you think about Oahu’s plastic bag ban, which allows compostable and thicker plastic bags?

  • A. Fine; leave as is (431 Votes)
  • C. Loosen/drop ban (380 Votes)
  • B. Tighten; disallow exemption(s) (331 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • The City Council should leave the law as is or repeal. Don’t let the radical environmentalists make it more inconvenient for the general population. The voters are watching and they have had enough of this form of activism.

  • If THE PEOPLE have a problem with a store’s policy they can personally take action or simply choose not to shop there. Enough with the nanny state “thinking” for us. The State does a lousy job of it, apparently, anyway.

  • Law is working fine as is. Either get rid of the ban or leave it alone. Seems like lawmakers never went grocery shopping before and try to haul a large amount of groceries packed in flimsy paper bags.

  • Shopping at Costco and Amazon is so much better . . . Even Safeway has no problem just putting the groceries in the cart where I can wheel them out and pack them in my cooler for the ride home. Bottom line – no need bags.

    • Boing – Boing You Win the $ trillion buck prize.

      Wet and sweating Products can not be toted in Paper Or a Reusable Cloth bag, Wet garbage into A condo trash chute Fall apart in the Chute ( Big Health Problem )

      • Trash chutes are a big health problem????????? So carry your trash down to the trash room and leave the big health problem there. BTW, have you ever noticed anybody washing out trash bins?

    • Why did this post Here and not previous message? Reply was to “stanislous”

      No Car No Cooler Try carrying a Cooler down the street! What is your Carbon Foot print. I take my own Cart and Own Bags!

  • The ban as it is does the opposite of what it is supposed to do. It just lets places like WalMart give out bags that are worse for the environment for free. Let’s have a proper ban; no free plastic bags of any kind. Either bring your bag or pay for a bag. It has worked very well in other places. Marine life will thank us. It’s not all about our personal convenience–it’s about taking care of the earth, and the creatures who can’t protect themselves from our garbage.

  • Are we going to have to deal with the loons dancing around in plastic bag costumes promoting their cause. If you at the participants you get the impression that they are there for their “selfie” moment. By the way, how come no one steps up and promotes my never ending question, “What about banning disposable diapers?” 🙂

  • Plastic is good and plastic is bad. Single use plastic should be minimized. Plastic getting loose in our environment needs to be prevented. Plastic filling our limited space in landfills needs to be recycled/re-purposed. Plastic lasts too long and is killing off lots of animals that have every right to live on this planet without having to figure out how to survive our opala. Reducing plastic use through legislation is not radical environmentalism. Continuing plastic degradation of our living earth is a manifestation of god complex terrorism.

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