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What do you think about President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning entry into the United States of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries and refugees?

  • B. Wrong and possibly illegal (1169 Votes)
  • A. Necessary for security of U.S. (1011 Votes)
  • C. Not sure (125 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

42 responses to “What do you think about President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning entry into the United States of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries and refugees?”

  1. deepdiver311 says:

    president trump says “america first”
    he is protecting us from radical islamist terrorists
    as is his constitutional duty
    imua president trump imua!

  2. A_Reader says:

    Absolutely, It’s about time America rather than kowtowing to the world at the expense of the American citizens handing out Billions of US tax dollars while most eke out a meager existence. America first!

  3. WizardOfMoa says:

    Voted “A”to break the tie and my vote went to “B”! What gives ? Is SA sabotaging votes?

  4. Maipono says:

    President Trump is the first American President in 8 long years, who cares more about America than America’s foes. Using knowledgeable advisors, the President makes wise decisions that is opposed by people who act on emotion rather than rational thinking. Look at the opposition, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Brian Schatz? Really? These intellectual giants (cough) have larger mouths than brain matter.

  5. FWS says:

    Everyone assumes Trump is trying to implement some kind of a Muslim ban, but if that were the case, why did he exclude so many other Muslim countries? Imagine this snowflakes…what if he is actually acting to thwart a credible threat! Are we privy to the classified security briefings? No. But the leftist media is falling all over themselves to make this a liberal cause to rally around. Well, keep up the rallying, while someone else takes your job.

    • kuroiwaj says:

      IRT FWS, fully agree with your post. The liberal democrats and mainstream media has lost their minds on this specific issue. Now, lets watch their reaction on the U.S. Supreme Court nominee. Watching the News Conference with Secretary Kelly on CNN. The answers are reversing all what the liberal democrats and mainstream media has been saying. This is truly an example of “Fake News” developed by the liberal democrats and mainstream media. Auwe. Imua, President Donald J. Trump.

    • DRH says:

      Maybe he excluded so many other Muslim countries because he thought it might hurt the businesses that he owns in those countries.

  6. Mana07 says:

    The media loves to use the adjective “muslim-majority” as it plays into the twisted reality that they want you to believe. The proper adjective is “terrorist-supporting.” I am on the verge of not renewing my staradvertiser subscription. I’ve had it with the twisted lies.

  7. keonimay says:

    Legal Immigrants versus Illegal Immigrants:

    If there is no big deal, between illegal & legal immigrants, why have any laws in place, regarding immigration ?

    There must be many countries, around the world, who have no immigration policies, regarding Legal Immigrants & Illegal Immigrants.

    Therefore, terrorism, will be the only issue for any country, and all countries are powerless, to vet terrorists.

  8. cojef says:

    Individuals that have legal addresses should not be subjected to the ban as they have been vetted regardless of the veracity of the vetting process. Also separating families that have legal residency rights should not be restricted. The ban should only apply to new refugees. Tracking of those who have been vetted is not a dire problem. It’s the new refugee vetting process that must corrected and improved. Across the board ban is not justicified.or moral.

  9. stanislous says:

    Finally, an elected official doing what he was elected to do… keep his political promises. Amazing.

  10. HakunaMatata says:

    Thought I voted A, but looks like it went in the B column. Maybe I did something wrong?

  11. Keonigohan says:

    Great to see PATRIOTS commenting here.
    You folks making it difficult for me to end my subscription…….a lot of liberal boxer shorts just turned into thongs!

  12. cajaybird says:

    The country has no choice but to take a new direction, that’s why President Trump was elected. Recall it took year for the government to recognize that Maj. Hassan’s actions (the Fort Hood shooter), was a terrorist act. Remember it was called “work place violence”, even though the Army had in their possession hassan’s emails communicating with the leaders of ISIS? Not calling him a radical Islamist terrorist was insane. Victims of hassan’s crime were denied benefits for years.
    Times have changed, or at least I hope they’ve changed under President Trump, where the PC culture ends; and people like Hassan are prevented from murdering and injuring dozens. If you disagree, then just look at what has happened in Europe. Hopefully the new President will protect America and its citizens.

  13. 808Cindy says:

    Wrong … they did that to the Japanese in 1941 … Most people have fear, that’s why they struggle in life … I guess the “fearful majority” of U.S. citizens will bring an end to what I know of life on earth … I give up!

    • MoiLee says:

      I see you’ve read Sen. Brian Schatz latest News letter.
      Wrong? Is it any surprise that it was under a Democratic administration that brought those JA internment camps.Right? The Democrats involvements with: The KKK, Desegregation, Opposing Voting rights to Blacks and Women?

      Please 808cindy minus the drama, don’t “give up” on Peace .

    • localguy says:


  14. medigogo says:

    I do believe the President has that power. But hey, most terrorists came not from these countries. They’re from Saudi, Jordan, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. And some European countries Muslim populations too. Why target these seven? Any rationale?

  15. MoiLee says:

    Today’s Episode: “The Sore Loser Syndrome”.

    This is a Good Thing and I commend President Trump for doing his job! MAGA! And further more,please don’t let all that Noise and “Tears” coming from the Mainstream Liberal Democrats deter you. Past president have failed to secure our Borders,but now when President Trump does his job & enacts via Executive orders to keep the People safe…..there’s an up roar? Really?
    The Democrats will oppose anything and everything that President Trump puts forth even if it’s for the safety of all. So….What’s up with that?

    Here’s why.
    They Lost the elections & yes by a landslide! They can’t fathom the idea of the country being run by a Republican President, a Republican House and a Republican Senate,heck even across the country the Democrats have lost over a thousand seats. They have nothing left! Only more noise,delays,boycott ,tears and opposition.
    The people are watching all this idiocy behavior, & come the next election cycle many more Democrats may well lose their seats.

    Pres. Obama did the same thing with the Syrians and The Iraqis.Right! So. Where was all this “Opposition” coming from the Democrats back then ?
    I say.
    Hey, Liberals listen up! And Pay Attention! Y’all are Being Played! Again

  16. wrightj says:

    The order is both wrong and necessary – interesting.

  17. Kana_Hawaii says:

    Interesting how very close both sides are in this o-poll. I would have thunk that Hawaii would be much more lopsided in opposing it.

  18. downeykp says:

    What a load of HS! I believe new are all immigrants. The last time I checked more people in history were killed by Christians. I don’t see us banning them.

  19. 64hoo says:

    the reason for the ban on those 7 countries that schatz, hirono, and all the other democrat liberal mental disorder dummies and the press is because iran is our enemy and the other 6 countries does not have government stability there is no leader, to much rebels killing each other in those countries, that’s why it is a smart move by POTUS Trump

  20. yogaman says:

    I wonder if this poll would be different if we had 50,000 Syrian refugees on their way to live in the Hawaiian Islands?

  21. Dai says:

    Big Q…Why isn’t Saudi Arabia on the list? Remember 9/11? Bin Laden Family raised a terrorist son who had his people kill 3,000 at the World Trade Center.

    • 808comp says:

      Trump got business dealings there. This is my opinion.

      • 64hoo says:

        trump has no business dealings there he already wants us to start drilling for our own oil so we don’t have to depend on Saudi Arabia and other Mideast countries for oil, that is why no business dealings in Saudi Arabia. and Dai he will probably put Saudi Arabia and other countries on the list later on, because they have a stable government and no internal fighting, so one job at a time.

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