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What do you think of President Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans Pacific Partnership?

  • A. Agree; renegotiate better deals (696 Votes)
  • B. Disagree; worth advancing to Congress (607 Votes)
  • C. Unsure/don't know (260 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • Finally, enough talking heads and lack of action plus leadership. These past years seem like Catch 22 and Groundhog Day combined. Wake up Hawaii, life can be better instead of lies, lies and more lies. Actions always speak louder than words. Whatever happened when you took an oath, any oath, and held yourself accountable? Auwe!

  • Regardless what you may think or say this is a move truly for the best interest of “America First”. The intent is too renegotiate what may have seemed for the best for all parties but with all the “Legal Loopholes” working Within the Wording of the Pact, somehow America as a whole has been on the short end. If you don’t believe it look on the shelves of any major store and see where most of all products are “Manufactured”. “America First”.

    • Many major American brand named items are no longer manufactured in the country of origin. My 20 years old portable traveling alarm clock finally was retired by what I thought was a “baby ben”. After arrival it did not function. Guess what made in China. Ordered a replacement “seiko” Japanese brand portable alarm clock. Fortunately it runs but upon close check found that it was assembled in China. Hope it lasts?

      • cojef: Yep, I have had a few offers on my older “Porter-Cable” router and sanders that was “Made in USA” rather than the new ones, “Made in Mexico”. Watch out NAFTA, you’re next. “America First”!!!

      • Very true. And nowadays, it’s MADE IN MEXICO as opposed to China. Ironically though, the most “American” car in terms of percentage of American made parts and assembly is the Toyota Camry.

    • As it was said during the 80’s when we were benefiting from Reaganomics and we reorganized to take advantage. “The train is coming and you can either get on board of get out of the way…by the way the train is not coming back” Most were smart enough to get on board, invested their funds properly (you almost couldn’t lose no matter what equity Sector you invested your 401K) and many of use were able to fund our children’s education, pay off mortgages and retire early! 🙂

  • President Trump working at “Light Speed”!
    Also…..Did you see the DJI! Wow! Record High. History in the making.Hitting 20,000!
    We have never seen the likes of any President like President Donald J. Trump! This is what America has been has been missing for all these years. A Real Leader!
    Right On! Imua President Trump! IMUA! MAGA!

    • I like to think of myself as someone who “Makes it happen and get it done!” President Trump sets a new level on “Make It Happen!” Did you hear that the auto executives are to reconvene in 30 days to discuss next steps…and they better do their homework…love it! That’s the way we were tasked in the private sector for those who are not…welcome to the world ressurected! 🙂

  • Is SA watching what happened this a.m.? Where’s the SA with AP, New York Times, Reuters news feed (or lack there of). The Dow went over 20,000. In my opinion, if you haven’t jumped on the train and invested in the future looking opportunities…it’s your choice. This reminds me of back in 1983 and taking advantage of the opportunities that Reagan gave us. If you were not around to benefit…don’t miss this one! 🙂

  • He’s scared of China…. he may want to approve the TPP (or ask Congress to support negotiating a new deal) if China does her own deals within the Asia Pacific region and Africa.

    There was a TV show on Madame Secretary where she showed tricked the Chinese on how to do fair deals with the Africans. The show also made the point that the US Congress is not supporting diplomacy adequately in Africa.

  • Under the terms of TPP, consumers would not be able to know where a product or food item was produced or from. The labeling requirement was done away with.
    TPP was always a very bad agreement for consumers and of course it would have increased the dangers to consumers as we all know how bad the food produced in countries
    like China are. Poisoned baby milk, dog food, plastic rice and all kinds of pollutants like industrial grade salt not fit for human consumption due to heavy metal contaminants used in
    food products are all recent examples.
    TPP was always about money and never about what was best for the people.

    • TPP provides standards and not specific laws. Each country is required to follow these standards and their efforts can be questioned by international courts set up to settle these disagreements. The standards are a new part of the TPP. It’s what has taken long to negotiate.

      Also we all know that China has violated these standards and is not there yet to comply with these basic ground rules of trade. Hence it is hoped that international pressure from TPP nations will eventually force China to play ball and comply with trade standards.

  • All you libatards heads should start exploding very soon. Our new president has done more in a few days than Obama did in 8 years !

    Love it and all I can say is I TOLD YOU SO…Mr Trump is a Businessman who gets stuff done, Politicians just Talk to get money from their special interest groups.

  • You can’t do this and you can’t do that or this will happen….at least we think it might happen. Guess what sheeple? He’s doing it. “Priceless” to sit back and watch the show.

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