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How useful do you find the Honolulu Police Department’s crime data map?

  • B. Haven't used it much, but will now, after data added (347 Votes)
  • C. Not very; uninterested (262 Votes)
  • A. Very; check it occasionally (143 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

11 responses to “How useful do you find the Honolulu Police Department’s crime data map?”

  1. soundofreason says:

    The bigger point is transparency. Been hiding how bad/good of a job our law/judicial catch and release programs works.

  2. fledgling101 says:

    The map is pretty inaccurate. There have been a number of thefts and break ins in our neighborhood over the past several months. HPD came and investigated, police reports were filed. None of these are shown on the map.

  3. leino says:

    The police used to re[port on crime related issues at Neighborhood Board meetings. But only the stuff that was not being investigated or some breach of confidentiality …. and never about anything drug related – that was a different department. Then they quit reporting and said if you want to know what is going on look it up. Not a very progressive community /public relations decision. Lots of people prefer to be verbal.

    • localguy says:

      Police haven’t got the time to explain crimes to everyone. Website has all the information needed. Shows data going way back. No way could any officer answer historical crime questions like the website can.

      Go with technology and quit whining.

  4. 808Cindy says:

    I’ve been violated, Crime is everywhere! How does this help us? Anyone can travel to any neighborhood on Oahu in minutes and execute a CRIME!

    I believe in paying more for JAILS than for more Police Officers! So who ever we catch they can stay in Jail for longer and not let out!!!

  5. localguy says:

    In some cities, you can subscribe to the service. Give your email and zip code. Each week or less you will receive an email with any crimes within a one mile radius of where you live.

  6. justmyview371 says:


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