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What’s your general feeling today about Donald Trump as the next U.S. president?

  • C. Total rejection (870 Votes)
  • B. Acceptance; open to giving him chance (694 Votes)
  • A. Great; wanted him to win (553 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • “The Witch is dead! The Witch is dead.” “The Pink Elephant will be gone! The Pink Elephant will be gone!” “Obamacare is going down! Obamacare is going down!” “The USA is saved and its citizens will prosper! The USA is saved and its citizens will prosper!”

    • BINGO! Americans 1st! The Feds. can’t even take care of their own, the inner cities, the Vets., the homeless and these Liberals are so self-servicing willing to take on more problems with total disregard or our own problems let alone fighting for Illegal migrants! I hope TheDonald does what he says he’d do for Americans, you clean and fix your own house before trying to help others. How can you help others when you can’t help your own the proper way?

      • This is a movement for Americans 1st! but it’s to be seen if TheDonald can implement it fully. Fix the inner cities, PLEASE! make it safe, Americans deserve that. Jobs will fix many problems, people have too much time on their idle time getting into mischief.

        • IRT Peter (Boots), excellent that you support Law and Order and the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

        • Wow, Boots! Very proud to see you’ve changed. But, I must digress, not every citizen should own a gun since not every citizen has the mental capacity to use it in defense properly and will likely cause more harm than good. I think you should volunteer to refuse the privilege to carry and leave the right to more capable humans.

      • IRT Pocho, fully agree with your post. President-Elect Trump implementation of his 29 items of his Contract with the American voters in his first 100 days in office will for certain change the direction of our Country to make America Safe and Great Again.

    • Rarely does a strong nation get attacked and President Trump will make us Strong again. We should all back him and make America Great Again. For all the Hillary wimps out there to bad you lost and America has won!!!! so get a life or move to another country and close the door behind you:)

      • Yes time to double the spending on America’s wasteful military industrial complex. Time to build more and more B-1 bombers. The Donald will not be making America great again but what he will do is to do what previous republican presidents have done and that is to push welfare for the rich and Deficits don’t matter.

        • IRT Peter (Boots), President-Elect Trump will implement within his first 100 days in office the following: “*TWENTYEIGHTH, Restoring National Security Act. Rebuilds our military by eliminating the defense sequester and expanding military investment; provides Veterans with the ability to receive public VA treatment or attend the private doctor of their choice; protects our vital infrastructure from cyber-attack; establishes new screening procedures for immigration to ensure those who are admitted to our country support our people and our values;”

        • Booty…1 trillion by 2018? Then he is on schedule with Obozo’s spending. $10 trillion added to National Debt in 8 years by the current resident in the WH.

        • Hey Boots, why don’t you call Schatz, Maize. Tulsi and Hanabusa and tell them when the next appropriations meeting comes up to red line all the defense money headed to Hawaii since you’re so against wasteful military spending. That will free up all of them to work on getting rid of the Jones Act and maybe getting some of that Compact of Free Association money the the feds have been stiffing us all these years.

    • Oh, I almost forgot, 8 years after Bush, we’re still in Afghanistan and Iraq. Got sucked into Lybia and Syria during this same timeframe. Damn those republicans for interfering in Egypt, Lybia and Syria.

  • Here’s some noteworthy news, Hillary blames FBI/Comey on her POTUS loss. Typical Democrat blaming everyone and everything but themselves! She only has herself to blame in using a personal server for Gov. work. But the she’s still missing the POINT, this is a movement where Americans want the Gov. to think America 1st in all ways.

    • I blame the gullibility of many Americans who fell for the propaganda surrounding Hillary. I blame the racism that exists in this country, and I blame the press who has largely given the Donald a pass on just about everything. They allowed the Donald to trivialize this election to a professional wrestling match.

      Enjoy your victory while you can Trump fans. It won’t be long before you are calling him just another RINO as the economy falls into another black hole.

      • Booty. I blame you as you continue to support a corrupt individual. The economy has yet to get out of the black hole as your man in the WH forced awful regulations on businesses. Clinton would have continued that effort. Don’t forget, Trump has a pen and phone also.

  • The Silent Majority, has been awakened.

    If POTUS Trump does very well in office, then his next election, will have far greater votes.

    If POTUS Trump does not do very well in office, then his next election, will have made the Silent Majority, run and hide.

    Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg made NYC financially stable and great once again, after Mayor Giuliani financially ran it into the ground.

    • lol, key word in your comment is IF. When has republican policies ever worked? Under GW? 30% loss in the stock market under his 8 years? Papa Bush who promised no new taxes and then proposed new “user fees” from day one before officially reneging on his taxes? Uncle Ron who gave the country big tax cuts but by the end of his term, taxes were about the same as they were in the beginning. I know tricky Dick who prosed the foundation for Obama care?

      I think you almost have to go back to Eisenhower to find a republican president who actually did something positive. (Interstate highway system)

      It is a shame today’s republicans no longer believe in anything except welfare for the rich.

  • Lesser of the 2 evils. Needless to say much will not be accomplished as the lobbyists/insiders have ruled this country for over 50 years. After what the “Greatest Generation” era accomplishments it’s been a downhill slide. Hillary had too many baggage to carry of her own makings. Private server preserved for posterity her deeds, questionable and otherwise? Trump can be great but his ego will get in the way. Trump’s demeanor reminds me of Benito Mussolini a light- weight dictator?

  • Come on SA. This is a done deal, TRUMP was elected as the next President. STOP your HATE filled B$. He is a good man who will help change this country and enforce the LAWS !

    • Exactly. Don’t understand the usefulness of this other than to fan the flames. Why even provide the option of “total rejection” as an answer option. To what end?

    • I didn’t vote for Trump! But, he was elected thru a clean process. Give the man a chance to live up to his words “make America great again”. Support his efforts!

      • And how do you suggest we support him? Allow him to start rounding up people and shipping them out of the country? I know, lets pass tax cuts for the rich so that they will start putting people to work?

        No, the ball is in the Donald’s court. I will not support him until he does something that will actually benefit the country as a whole as opposed to the filthy rich. Do you see this happening anytime soon?

        • You should hold him accountable. But my question to you, and I don’t need an answer, did you hold Obama accountable for anything questionable? And don’t tell me to name one, just answer the question!

  • The Donald will be pushing welfare for the rich. This will crash the economy just like it did under GW. The bright spot though will be the Donald largely ignoring most of his promises. I predict 6 months after he is elected some will refer to him as RINO Donald. lol

    • President Obama is called the worst president we have ever had. I wonder if that honor will be given to The Donald. It’s only a matter of time before he insults a world leader like that idiot from North Korea. We need to look at Pence whether he can handle being president if something happens to the Donald.

      • lol, we shall see what you have to say next year when the Donald has to deliver. Enjoy your Donald while you can. I know it won’t be long before you will be calling him a RINO.

        I sure was right about your hero GW. What have you been right on? What accomplishment are you most proud of concerning republics? Increasing the budget deficit to over a trillion? Never ending war? Increasing government bureaucracy? Please tell me.

        • Boots= hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaaha oh by the way the Republicans WON oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh
          now lets hope you get to eave the country and try perhaps Syria as a new home for Boots.
          shut the door behind you!!!!!!! aloha

  • …at it again huh SA? Stoking the flames of divide! How are we,as one,united People gonna be able to move on,if you keep printing nonsensical polls like this? And yes,the other one from yesterday? C’mon Braah!You guys are losing just as much journalistic credibility as the NYT,but unlike the NYT,the SA has an insurmountable stash of cash ,via Amazon’s Jeff Bezo..Who own The Washington Post and it’s affiliate Star Advertiser!
    Aole Hilahila, Auwe!

    • Please tell us how are we to move on with a president Groper? Not against groping women but the Donald takes it a bit far though. How long before he attempts to grope Angela Merkel? As for divide, that is the republican specialty.

      • Sorry, the division was caused by your man. You look at the world with blinders. It’s either your way or the highway much like Obama treated America for 8 years. Go change your panties and have a cupcake.

  • Although many didn’t vote for the guy, we’re stuck with him. But I’d like to give him a chance. Although very colorful and more than a little porcine in his comments, I’d support him in foreign policy if he brought some troops home and closed at least some of the overseas bases. Why do we need all those troops over there when we have the Air Force and Navy who can wield the big stick in just a few hours? The independent contractors supplying the bases overseas would have less influence, the GI’s would spend their money at home, be closer to their families, be part of an initiative like the old Army Corps of Engineers, and fix the infrastructure right here in the old US of A. If they must go overseas, they can practice rapid deployment but instead of running guns they could supply butter to those poor people in disaster areas around the world.

  • No surprise that the SA poll “Total Rejection” had the most votes in a heavily democratic state. The SA should have a poll on voters reason for voting democrat. Choices should be: 1. My family always vote democrat. 2. Democrat candidate’s character (moral, ethical, experience, etc.) is not an issue. 3. Republicans have no qualified candidate(s).

    • I agree with the unnecessary war but the Republicans didn’t ruin the economy. It was the DotCom and housing bubbles that was caused by greed. To many risky investments trying to get rich quick and to many loans to people that couldn’t afford it. Also, HRC was in bed with the Wall street bankers. She was paid handsomely for speeches to the Bankers and elite. She also stated in her speeches that she was for open trade and boarders, cuttng Social Security, that she had “both a public and private positions” on politcal issues and because of her family’s rising wealth had made her “kind of far removed” from the struggles of the middle class.

  • It’s just amazing to me that everyone wants to blame one person for everything that is wrong with the government.. So what do all these US Senators and The House of Representatives do, besides get big paychecks healthy retirement and awesome medical.. All this protesting going on, why weren’t they on the ballot since they seem to know whats right for everyone..

  • You know what I find interesting is that HRC is the ultimate insider. I hear Democrats say that corporations own the Republican party but HRC was in bed with the bankers, power elite and corporations. I always believed the reason that many Republicans didn’t indorse Trump is because both parties want the same ole same ole. Now even the Republicans will have to deal with Trump. Hopefully he can make America better as I still think America is great.

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