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2018 Volcanoes


Scientific report on Kilauea eruption examines data

What triggered last year’s devastating eruption of Kilauea remains a mystery, but a new report by scientists who witnessed the historic event suggests a possible rupturing of a barrier within the volcano’s middle East Rift Zone may have opened the way for magma to reach populated areas in Lower Puna. Read More

Lawmakers advance Hawaii island disaster aid package

House lawmakers Friday approved a lava and flood disaster aid package for Hawaii County that includes $20 million the county can use as the local match for federal disaster assistance, and another $40 million in loans from the state to the county. Read More

Puu Oo eruption over after 7 quiet months, scientists report

After seven months of no surface activity, the Puu Oo eruption on Kilauea Volcano’s middle East Rift Zone can be considered over, according to scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Read More

Puu Oo eruption considered over after seven months of no lava activity, USGS reports

In its 35-year history, Puu Oo, erupted almost continuously, with more than 100 minor pauses of a few hours to a few days up until a catastrophic collapse in April left the site and surrounding lava flow fields devoid of lava through the rest of 2018. Read More

Work begins to restore access to lava-locked Puna Geothermal

The operators of a Hawaii geothermal power plant have started restoring road access to the property cut off by lava from the Kilauea volcano eruption. Read More

Highway repairs in Volcano to require lane closures

State transportation officials said one eastbound lane of Mamalahoa Highway (Route 11) in Volcano will be closed at Mile Marker 29.3, starting today, to continue emergency surface repairs due to seismic activity at Kilauea. Read More

Hawai‘i Volcanoes, Haleakala offer free entry in honor of George H.W. Bush

Hawai‘i Volcanos National Park and Haleakala National Park on Maui will either waive or not collect entrance fees on Wednesday. Read More

Parade and lava museum revive hopes for Pahoa’s future

Saturday’s eclectic Pahoa Holiday Parade — the 25th to run down Pahoa Village Road through the heart of the small rural town — carried the hopes of a community still struggling in the aftermath of Kilauea Volcano’s destructive eruption this year. Read More

Private company plans lava viewing area in Puna

The public could soon have authorized — and unauthorized — access to see firsthand the aftermath of Kilauea Volcano’s Puna eruption. Read More

State gives Hawaii island $10 million in volcano aid

The state is giving a $10 million grant to the Big Island to help jump-start recovery efforts following the Kilauea Volcano eruption. Read More

Column: Flower industry rebuilds from Kilauea

We have seen demand steadily grow over the years. Our primary objective now is to get our farmers who lost everything back on their feet so they, too, can supply that growing demand. Read More

Displaced USGS scientists continue to monitor Kilauea volcano

Geologists who monitor Hawaii’s volcanoes are still among those displaced by the recent eruption of Kilauea. Read More

Editorial: Leilani Estates braces for tourists

After months of Kilauea eruption, Leilani Estates residents are still reeling from the loss of nearly 720 homes there and in Kapoho, and recovery has only just begun. Read More

Access to Kilauea’s fissure 8 dividing Leilani Estates

The issue of what comes next for the beleaguered residents of Leilani Estates continues to divide a community worried about the possibility of busloads of tourists pouring in to gawk at Kilauea volcano’s most productive and famous outlet — fissure 8. Read More

Kilauea’s fissure 8 in Leilani Estates

Under pressure, Hawaii County officials look to grant lava access

A checkpoint blocking public access to Leilani Estates will remain in place for at least another month while officials search for ways to give visitors a safe and legal way to see the lava field and 300-foot cinder cone left behind from Kilauea Volcano’s most active hot spot, Mayor Harry Kim told the Honolulu Star- Advertiser on Monday. Read More

Volcano House Hotel reopens restaurant for first time since May

Parts of the hotel resumed operation when the national park reopened late last month, but kitchen services could not restart immediately. Read More

Kilauea tops USGS ranking of nation’s ‘very high threat’ volcanoes

The USGS says that the threat rankings are not an indication of which volcanoes will erupt next, but the potential severity of impacts that could result from future eruptions, and used to help guide risk-mitigation efforts. Read More


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