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What you need to know to prepare for a storm

As Tropical Storm Darby approaches the Big Island and Maui County, the weather service and emergency management officials are reminding people to have emergency plans in place and emergency supplies on hand for hurricane season. Read more

Have a disaster kit ready with essentials

A majority of Hawaii residents are underprepared for the possibility of a disaster, and one important -- and simple -- component in preparing for a disaster is to create a survival kit filled with essential materials. Read more

Dealing with and navigating flood conditions

Before the next floods descend, familiarize yourself with a Flood Zone Map and advice on what to do if you're at home or must evacuate, and safety tips for navigating in flood conditions. Read more

Keep domestic pets safe from peril

While packing disaster kits and vital supplies ahead of time can make the process of evacuating run smoothly, pets are sometimes lost in the hustle and bustle. Read more

Stock up on food and proper storage, cooking tips

It is vital to know what kinds of foods and drinks you should store. Without proper preparation, a fully stocked kitchen could quickly turn into a collection of inedible and undrinkable items. Read more

Communicate and be prepared to evacuate

The best way for residents to reduce their stress levels during an imminent weather disaster, is with a planned course of action. An effective emergency plan addresses everything. Read more

Special info: For families with infants, newborns

The needs of families with newborns are unique. Start with following all directions given by the civil defense during an emergency, then make sure your disaster kit includes everything necessary for yourself and your baby. Read more

Special info: For pregnant women

The needs of a pregnant woman during a disaster or crisis are unique. If you must evacuate your home, here are some special things to consider. Read more

Hurricane/tropical storm preparedness

When the sirens sound and the warnings blast that a hurricane is imminent, the best-case scenario would be for you to have been prepared. But what do you do when you're not ready and the storm is upon you? Read more

When disaster strikes the Hawaii islands

History proves that natural disasters can strike at any time, and with few buffers between the Islands and surrounding landmasses, Hawaii serves as a prime target for potential destruction. Read more

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