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Election: State House 2016

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District 22 – Kathryn Henski (R)

Having owned several small businesses, I have been responsible for employee hiring, payrolls and benefits. This has taught me the careful use of money, a much needed attribute in government. Read more

District 40 – Randy Gonce (D)

My time in the military serving my country has instilled in me a global citizen mindset, the leadership skills necessary to tackle problems, and the ability to approach each issue with an open mind. Read more

District 03 – Richard H.K. Onishi (D)

Over 30 years experience in leadership and management positions with strong team building, planning, and organizational skills. A proven record in sound decision-making in a wide variety of duties and responsibilities. Read more

District 43 – Karen Awana (D)

As a former legislator, I am equipped with the skills and talents necessary to be effective. I have passed meaningful legislation for our district and the state. Read more

District 02 – Janis E. Cowser (D)

This is the reason why I an running for Hawaii State Representative District 2, to protect the people from lawless folk, Political corruption as well as corruption people with power like police office and the dirty doctor. Read more

District 04 – Joy San Buenaventura (D)

My over 30 years as a lawyer, mostly in general practice, serving the poor and the working class puts me in a position to know how everyday people are affected by the laws created by the legislature. Read more

District 49 – Ken Ito (D)

My experiences in the military, educational, legislative field and involvement in community activities gives me the knowledge and motivation to help serve our Windward residents, our state and our nation. Read more

District 02 – Jonathan Wong (D)

At a time when most Americans are fed up with politics-as-usual, candidates like myself who are not part of the establishment are well qualified to bring new ideas and energy to longstanding issues that have gone unresolved. Read more

District 33 – Sam Satoru Kong (D)

The Education, Experience, and Relationships gained these past two years are priceless! This allows me to be even more effective as your representative, and to get things done for our community. Read more

District 07 – David Tarnas (D)

My professional expertise in environmental and community planning, service as our state representative, and longtime community leadership in health, education and the environment demonstrates my proven record of resolving tough conflicts by working with stakeholders. Read more

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