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Rat lungworm disease

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2 new rat lungworm cases found on Big Island

The state has confirmed two new cases of rat lungworm disease on Hawaii island, including in a toddler who was hospitalized and transferred to Oahu for care. Read more

Hawaii teachers tackle a slimy subject: rat lungworm disease

Kay Howe wore a beige T-shirt with a catchy message to the workshop she led for public and private school teachers at ‘Iolani School: A drawing of a slug with the words “Let’s Talk About It” adorned the front, and a warning about “Hawaii’s STD,” or slug-transmitted disease, aka rat lungworm, was on the back. Read more

Climate change could increase rat lungworm’s range

University of Hawaii researchers have found that rat lungworm disease is poised to expand its range under the spell of climate change, a fact that could leave more people vulnerable than ever before. Read more

Survivor of rat lungworm disease recounts agony

Shortly after the Fourth of July, Nick Booth had excruciating knots in his stomach accompanied by intense headaches as the roundworm parasites he’d ingested made their way from his intestines through his spinal cord to his brain. Read more

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