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Five-0 Redux


Five-0 Redux: ‘Hawaii Five-0’ makes moves to strengthen season

Serious changes to two of the show’s plotlines keep the series fresh in its ninth season. Read More

Five-0 Redux: 200th episode of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ solidifies legendary status

The cast appears as characters from the 1940s as they investigate the cold case of a missing hula girl. Read More

Five-0 Redux: 2 heavy blows dealt to Five-0 test bonds of loyalty

Friendships are put to the test when McGarrett breaks the rules to find out why a friend has been killed, and Adam faces difficult hurdles. Read More

Five-0 Redux: ‘Hawaii Five-0’ turns up heat to beat spike in crime

A heat wave on Oahu causes an increase in 911 calls and the team searches for a woman who shot two HPD officers. Read More

Five-0 Redux: Short features make ‘Five-0’ DVD extra special

This year’s collection includes season eight’s episodes, deleted and extended scenes, a gag reel and other special features. Read More

Five-0 Redux: After 50 years, ‘Hawaii Five-0’ continues to have impact on state

A version of the show has been on the air for going on 21 seasons — 12 seasons of the original version, and this month the rebooted version will start its ninth season. Read More

Hawaiian actors show real aloha in their ‘Hawaii Five-0’ characters

Hawaiians believe that we should always greet a friend warmly, with a hug and a genuine kiss. To say aloha without a pūliki, which means to hug or embrace, or a honi, our word for a kiss, is disingenuous. Traditionally, Hawaiians share ha, or breath, especially when we want to convey our deep love and aloha. Read More

‘Hawaii Five-0’ fans want Lou Grover to finally shed his past in season 9

Some say it takes a big man to show you what love and strength are all about. While many would say this is more metaphorical-- it also describes the “Hawaii Five-0” character Capt. Lou Grover, played by the incomparable Chi McBride. Read More

Five-0 Redux: Luck in love, family, and food is all ‘Hawaii Five-0’ fans want for Danno

Friendship has been a strong theme throughout the last eight seasons of “Hawaii Five-0.” While there are always examples of the bonds of family and ʻohana between the members of the Five-0 Task Force and their families-- none have been stronger than between Commander Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny “Danno” Williams-- played by Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, respectively. Read More

Following in footsteps of ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ new ‘Magnum’ reboot is a sure bet

On July 24, the cast and crew of “Magnum P.I.” celebrated the launch of their first season. Like “Hawaii Five-0”, the show marked the occasion with a traditional Hawaiian blessing. Read More

‘Hawaii Five-0’ fans hope season 9 is good for Steve McGarrett’s health and heart

This week, as “Hawaii Five-0” returned to filming, fans were extra excited to see their favorite leading man, Alex O’Loughlin, working on the ninth season of the action drama. Read More

‘Hawaii Five-0’ begins shooting season 9 with renewed confidence

On July 10, the cast and crew of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ launched the ninth season of their hit CBS action drama. They marked the day with a traditional Hawaiian blessing, as they have every year since the series start. Read More

‘Hawaii Five-0’ newcomers Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale prove that the kids are all right

Last summer, after the exit of series regulars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, CBS announced the addition of Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale to the “Hawaii Five-0” cast. Both actors were not only newcomers to the show, but relative unknowns. Read More

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