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Spring clean to maximize your home’s value

Home sales traditionally peak in the summer months, which means that come springtime, would-be homeowners are already out and about in full force. Chances are, today’s savvy home-shoppers are hitting up several open... Read more

Home ‘at last’ with Atlas Construction

By Maria Kanai It’s an exciting year for Atlas Construction, a family-run homebuilding company that has been voted first place as “Hawaii’s Best” contractor the past five years in a row in Honolulu... Read more

Protect your home and lock in a fixed rate

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve raised short term interest rates once again, bringing the total increase to around 1% in just the past 15 months. Federal Reserve officials have also indicated possibly three... Read more

Providing safe, accessible pest control

By Caroline Wright In Hawaii, we diligently protect our homes against a variety of natural disasters: wildfires, floods and tsunamis, to name a few. It’s sometimes easy to overlook the commonest threat, because... Read more

Rolling out the finest selection of flooring

File photo By: Kyle Galdeira With an unsurpassed combination of beauty, functionality and durability, luxury vinyl flooring continues to serve as an industry leading product line that has proven to be ideal for... Read more

Oda laser procedure perfected peripheral neuropathy

It’s a common misconception that you only need to see a chiropractor when you’re already in pain. According to Dr. Aaries Oda, DC of Oda Ohana Chiropractic and Therapeutic Massage, going to the... Read more

Got pests? We’ve got you covered

Established in 1961, Roach Control Services was one of the very first pest control companies in the state of Hawaii. It is reputable and reliable business that has evolved impressively over the years.... Read more

Roofing company offering $1000 discount

Choose a roofing contractor carefully, industry veteran advises A roof is only as good as the installation. Choosing a licensed, bonded, insured roofing contractor to install a new roof or re-roof is critical,... Read more

Enjoy 15% off meat dishes on Easter Sunday at Little Village

Barbecue Char Siu Pork Ribs. File photo By: Elima Pangorang Little Village Noodle House has been a local Chinese favorite for nearly two decades, sitting steadfastly on Chinatown’s Smith Street. The eatery’s dedication... Read more

Chinatown eatery offers escape

Volcano Pork Chop ($14.50). File photo By: Elima Pangorang A stroll into Little Village Noodle House makes for a nice getaway from the bustle of Chinatown with the restaurant’s simple, easy -going setup.... Read more

Get quality windows designed for the Islands

By Elima Pangorang Performing renovations on a home, be it a major job or a smaller project, can be an daunting process overall. With so many companies to choose from, and even more... Read more

3 reasons why you need to clean your solar panels

Keeping solar panels clean is not usually something on ones “to-do” list. The “out of sight, out of mind” mentality deters Hawaii residents from making the most of their investment. While many homeowners... Read more

Bridging the gap for higher education

Hawai’i Pacific University is committed to providing institutional aid with the Holomua Commitment to first-time, full-time freshmen students entering in Fall 2018, who are legal residents of Hawai’i and who meet the need... Read more

Don’t just get a job. Get a career. TEACH.

Stay and learn in your own community. The Department of Special Education can train you to become the next teacher hero for all students with and without disabilities. Undergraduate and graduate programs available... Read more

A team approach to weight management is critical to success

Hawaii Pacific Health For many in Hawaii, weight loss is more than improving appearance. It offers a better lifestyle, greater mobility, reducing medication and lowering risk from diabetes, heart disease and other... Read more

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