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Employ these 3 factors for a successful outcome

The recent rescue of 33 Chilean miners trapped for 69 days underground was the rescue seen joyously around the world. I saw three major factors that played a role in the successful outcome. These factors can prove useful in our lives as well:

1. Determination and persistence. After two discouraging weeks, most rescuers were ready to give up. Some suggested a white cross be erected above the mine and the rescue be abandoned. But Mauricio Pino, the Chilean regional mining director, felt there was a chance the miners had survived the 600,000-ton cave-in and could still be alive almost a half-mile underground.

Due to his determination and persistence, the miners were finally located in an underground chamber on the 17th day.

When lives or an important goal are at stake, determination and persistence should not be abandoned.

2. Creative communication. To alert the rescuers they had been found and were alive, the trapped miners slapped red paint on the lower end of the drill probe. When the probe was pulled up, the paint was noticed, causing discussion as to whether it had been there before the drilling.

While checking the paint, the engineers saw a note crammed into a groove of the drill. It said, "Estamos bien Los 33" ("We are fine The 33").

If that were you trapped underground, how would you communicate that you were still alive?

3. Long-range planning. The underground chamber had previously been stocked with water and cans of fish.

With 33 men to feed and not knowing how long the food must last, the shift director rationed water and a tiny amount of fish every 48 hours. It was a meager amount, barely able to sustain life. But this restraint was prudent for the long haul.

Whether for a crisis or a project at work or home, determination, creativity and long-range planning can help lead to a successful outcome for each of us.

Ruth Wong owns Organization Plus. Her column runs on the first Monday of each month. E-mail her at orgplushawaii@hawaiiantel.net.


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