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Five-0 Redux

Gimmie shelter

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Kono (Grace Park, left) and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim, right) hunt down a violent convict after he breaks from an Island prison and kidnaps a young couple on vacation in Waikiki, all in search of his stolen money. —Photo by Mario Perez / CBS

“Lanakila” means victory in Hawaiian and while I re-watched this episode, I began to wonder what was victorious about this rebroadcast. But lanakila also means to triumph, and to outwit and prevail. There was a lot of outwitting and prevailing over others in this episode, and in the end a bit of triumph for McGarrett, the Five-0 team, and a few special people to the team. Yet overall, I thought this episode again lay more of the great foundation of what we have now come to enjoy on a more readily acceptable basis.

We start off with the Rolling Stones giving us a haunting soundtrack to a prison breakout and the cold-blooded shooting of two Halawa Correctional Facility guards. “Gimme Shelter” was an appropriate song to watch the guest star Balthazar Getty outwit HPD and escape. “Oh, a storm is threat’ning/ My very life today/ If I don’t get some shelter/

Five-0 is tasked with tracking down a violent convict (Balthazar Getty) after he breaks from an Island prison and kidnaps a young couple on vacation in Waikiki. —Photo by CBS

Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away,” the Stones croon in the background, and we know the storm is coming as we watch our villain drive off and leave another body, his mouth glued shut, behind.

McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin, left) estranged sister, Mary Ann (Taryn Manning, right), arrives from the mainland. —Photo by Neil Jacobs / CBS

But we are semi-humorously sidetracked by Steve meeting his wayward sister, Mary Ann, Taryn Manning’s first episode in the season, who’s under arrest for a federal offence, and Danno with a busted knee visiting a sage doctor (played by local gent Dann Seki) whose prescription to fix his problem is to “get a new partner.” Oh, Doc, that’s not going to happen to this New Jersey boy. Of course, once Steve comes calling, Danno is on the scene of the prison breakout and dealing up-close and personal with Steve and his aneurism face.

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  1. Dana In Vermont says:

    Once again rocking it with the great review and analysis, Wendie!

    Just like we talked about in our Skype-talk review last Friday, I think it is so great that the rebroadcasts of this show allow established fans get to look at the series again with new eyes, and new viewers are able to be wooed and won over!

    Hey, your fans should make sure to catch the podcast of our Skype review from last friday to be posted soon on the Hawaii In Vermont blog at http://alohavermont.com !

    Wendie talks about her “process” of getting these awesome articles about Hawaii Five 0 posted here on the Pulse website and we get to really get to the nitty-gritty of last week’s amazing episode, Ma Ke Kahakai!

    Dana In Vermont

  2. Terry says:

    Nice, Wendy! I guess the one good thing about re-runs is that you can watch with a whole new perspective gained from the show’s progression over the season.

  3. Val says:

    Great blog Wendie as always – well a couple of things I just want to add – there was a lot of chatter amongst us who didn’t like MaryAnn’s character, and for me it would have been the airport scene where she is held in lockup but as the show moves along to where she is patiently waiting for her brother, we start to understand why she wasn’t with him at the funeral and how sad MaryAnn felt that her father’s rejection (about sending them away from home) really hurt her but it hurt Steve too until he learnt that things weren’t what they seemed when he heard his father’s voice on the recorder.

    You would think Steve would tell her about the contents of the toolbox and had to wonder myself if she knew how their father died? Did Steve shield her from all of this trauma? I would think that’s exactly what he did do throughout season 1. He has taken on the role of looking out and protecting his little sis as best he could just what his father would expect him to do.

    Little did he know that he can’t really keep secrets from her as she very quickly found the toolbox herself which got her into trouble. Inquiry minds run in the McGarrett household.

    Needless to say it was ground work for all of us to see how this team would work – Kono is a rookie but we all know she learnt alot from cousin Chin because now she handles her job like a pro with a lot more confidence than when she first started out.

    Chin wasn’t the only one who was surprised that Steve was at the helm of the helicopter, I was surprised too, that he could fly and like everything else we learn alot about our navy seal hero that he can do almost anything he sets his mind on and very very few girls can say no to this man!! Catherine Rollins the first to show us that he’s not just cute he’s very manipulatively cute and he’s a hot date.

    I still enjoyed his episode. I think Danny does enjoy picking on Steve, especially about leaving his poor sister in the car after picking her up from the airport guessed he never missed the loving order he barked at her to stay in the car. “Aneurysm Face?” – oh we see quite a few of those around Danny.

    One of the things that bothered Danny was that Steve is sooo mechanically minded, very good with combat but not very personable with people, nice dig Dano. Happily we all know that’s not entirely true, he can be very sweet and he’s a great friend and is a sweetheart for always lookng out for the team, especially Kono..

    • Lynnette says:

      Val, glad you brought up the love/hate aspect to Mary Ann’s character. I was definitely one of the Mary Ann “haters” after this first introduction. And now, after rewatching, I can’t imagine why I felt such total dislike for her! As Dana in Vermont suggests below, after watching all the episodes following this #4 episode, we can return and look at the early ones with new eyes. I now know what is in store for Steve and Mary Ann, as well as why she is such an abrasive personality. I wish I had been more sympathetic towards her character early on, but I’m on the right page now. I’ll be very happy to see her come back to the island sometime soon.

      • Val says:

        Well I too had my doubts about MaryAnn initially, but also thought it was rather too much to throw the girlfriend Catherine into the mix at the same time. We were just getting to know Steve and a girlfriend in the picture was a bit of a surprise – but of course with time I grew very fond of both. It just goes to show what first impressions will do for you but we have all adjusted well – can’t say the same for Jenna tho. I still have doubts about trusting and liking her. I usually have good instincts about reading people so it would be interesting to see if I’m proved wrong about her.

    • alex says:

      nice compliments sheila loved your cards—A

    • alex says:

      nice compliments sheila loved your cards—A

    • alex says:

      nice compliments sheila loved your cards—A

  4. joey says:

    Its really cool to see these ‘old’ episodes ands see how our favorites have f
    grown over the year. Steve-o is my favorite hero and it was cool to see him before we.all figured out he has a heart of gold. Watching him withh mary was cool especially at the cemetery. Shows you how much he loves his sis! Danny s da bomb and funny as hell describing his partner to the doctor! Was a fun episode to watch again. Can’t wait till the sean combs episode tomorrow!

    • Val says:

      Wow nice going Joey. How come you only speak eloquently here and everywhere else you know its just a lot of “little” words…lol!! But I do agree it was a cool episode to watch. I like seeing how clever and resourceful he is – car chase scene in the tunnel, what followed that really blew my mind..it was very very cool!! He also taught a thing or two about jungle tracking too. I like learning new things about Steve and i have a feeling there’s a lot more we are going to learn about him in season 2. He doesn’t just have a heart of gold, think he’s capable to have one of steel when its needed. Very excited about tomorrow’s ep. Think its going to be great.

      • joey mcdanno! says:

        becasue wendies comes out fast and by the time i get to bobs its the next morning here in the east and youve all wrote novels by then so i dont have alot to add!!! lol especially you and bert. oh and val and lynette and……. so on and so on—lol

  5. Lynnette says:

    Thanks for another great blog, Wendie! Originally, this was one of my least favorite episodes. I don’t really know why, I just wasn’t grabbed by the story line. It all seemed a little too far-fetched to me. Ha! Was I in for a big surprise! The stories just kept getting bigger and better with each new week! You bring up a great point Wendie – we were introduced to a lot of aspects of the show with this episode that we now take for granted. The introduction of “anuerism face” being the beginning of many shots back and forth between Danny and Steve that we have come to love and expect. I watched Lanakila with something akin to nostagic fondness, as well as a new appreciation for the direction it is now taking.

  6. Dana In Vermont says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the podcast Wendie and I did last Friday by Skype, is up finally at http://alohavermont.com (also on iTunes at ‘Hawaii In Vermont.”

    We chatted about many things while reviewing last week’s episode, “”Ma Ke Kahakai” and it was so much fun! Please let us know if you like it, here and at our respective Facebook pages and blogs! Mahalo, everyone!

    Dana In Vermont

  7. Lisa says:

    Fantastic blog, Wendie. I loved this episode, especially the comment about haolies coming to the island for heat and then cranking the air conditioning in the hotel rooms. lol That was a classic line for Grace. I agree that it was nice to see ‘Steve’ as something other than the SEAL commander he had always been portraying. It started to show the human side of him.
    Everyone the cast does such a wonderful job. It really floored me at how well the production was done.

  8. Linda Stein says:

    Hey Wendy…great blog. I like how you bring up that this episode was very early in the season and our heros were just starting to figure each other out. Great pick up! Sometimes we forget where our heros came from because they have changed and grown so much since then. Nice to look back.

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