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Five-0 Redux

Gone, but not forgotten

Photos courtesy CBS

In Hawaiian, “Nalowale” means lost, gone, forgotten, vanished, missing. And for most of us, that is an appropriate title for Saturday’s rebroadcast about the missing daughters of a U.S. Ambassador, but it’s also how we are feeling after last Monday’s season finale. Lost, like sometime is missing, as if something is gone from our lives.

I know, a little deep, but as you all know, I’m not one to stick with simplicity. But we have several great rebroadcasts to watch for the next few months, as well as weekly postings of the Five-0 Redux.

That’s right, before you all think I will vanish until Season 2 starts, rest assured I’ll keep blogging away as long as you all will continue to read and comment. And thank you to those of you who take the time to leave your ideas and theories about the show, the characters, and your own musing about how our Five-0 Team will fare in the end. Thank you also for the kind words about my writing and my mental state and how delicious you think the Kool-Aid is over in my world. Let me just tell you, it’s amazing.

So because of all of you, I’ll continue with my Redux posts. Put on some Barry White, grab a couple of Longboards, heat up your hibachis, and charge up the Miss Pac Man, because we’re in for a summer of fun and sun — and sightseeing.

I’ll be visiting a few spots on the island that McG and the team have visited and give you an inside look at where they have been shooting from an island girl’s perspective. I’m still working out the details, but I’m hoping to not only show you places the “Five-0” team has investigated, solved cases, lived, and worked, but also hope to give you a quick glance into the fascinating history and culture of Hawai‘i. I’ll also be writing about my own experience in the television and film industry and hopefully talking to some folks who have been on set with the “Five-0” crew.

If you are reading this and would like to join in with my own Redux investigations, please contact me at Five0Redux@gmail.com or via the links below and we’ll make some Five-0 Redux magic.

But don’t worry folks, everything will come from what we have seen and what we love about “Hawaii Five-0” so we won’t stray from thinking about our team. Because there will be little we want to forget about our fearless four.

No matter how lost they seem to be right now, we know that they will not be forgotten.
Wendie Burbridge is a published writer, playwright and teacher at Kamehameha Schools. Contact her via Facebook or on Twitter (@WendieJoy).

22 responses to “Gone, but not forgotten”

  1. Madaline says:

    As always, I look forward to reading your blogs. So glad to hear you’ll be sharing our withdrawl pains helping us to get through the summer months. 😀 

  2. joey keagy says:

    Awesome im looking forward to reading and all of us supporting each other until our friends and heros return. Great job Wendie. Keep drinkin the kool aid and having bad taste in cars. We love u for it. (;

  3. Dana In Vermont says:

    Absolutely love what you’ll be doing this summer!  I hope we can do some of it together on my podcast and when I visit too in July! So important for all of us fans to keep our connection to the show and the lovely islands where it takes place!Hey, Wendie Fans! Do NOT miss Wendie, your favorite Hawaii Five-0 blogger, in the ‘Hawaii In VErmont’ Finale podcast we just recorded yesterday, and which is up on my blog now, at http://alohavermont.com 

    Wendie is absolutely funny and riveting along with my other special guest, Officer808 of the 50Undercover.com blog.   Make sure you let us know what you think. Wendie and I have already been planning what to talk about for the summer on future podcasts to keep all of our fans up to date!

    Thank you!

    Dana In Vermont
    Host of the 5-0 Blog, “Hawaii In Vermont”
    http://alohavermont.com and on iTunes
    “Like” facebook.com/alohavermont for more info.

    • Wendie Joy says:

      Nice Dana! Everyone- please listen- it’s great fun to do! ~WJ

      • Val says:

        Hey Wendie, Dana and officer 808,

        Just listened to your podcast discussion.  Finally got round to it very very late in the evening – and it was fantastic.  I just thought you guys nailed it on the head about these four characters.  I love hearing you talk about the show in your own words instead of just the blogs.  

        Hearing your voices just makes me part of your conversation even though I’m just listening in. 
        I also hope that you will do this again if possible, for future podccast discussions.  You three are very insightful and equally astute and give me plenty to think about – Mahalo!!  About Alex’s hair – officer 808, u are so wicked  – lol!!  It was very funny!!  Fantastic guys!!

    • Val says:

       Hey Dana and Wendie,

      Wouldn’t miss it for the world – thanks for letting us know.  Mahalo and aloha to you both.  I think that we will be counting a great deal on you three to keep us sane and busy right up until season 2 begins!!  Can hardly wait!!

  4. Lynnette says:

    Yeah! So glad to hear there will be something fun to look forward to this summer! Rib eyes on the grill, Coronas (no Longboards available here) in the ice chest, H5-0 on the DVR and Redux on the computer! Maybe it won’t be such a long summer after all! Thanks, Wendie!

  5. Val says:

     Gone but not Forgotten – how could any of us forget the loss of our fallen beloved heroes!!  Its like a big aching hole in the depth of my soul thinking about the image of poor honorable Steve bertrayed in such an awful way, no its not easy to bounce back from it all.
    Almost half wished I were in Hawaii I’d want to see the beach and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and catch a glimpse in the distance of a familiar figure jogging in the distance, looking strong and healthy and reminding me its all a fake and that Steve will be okay, but that image in my dreams always fade away.
    Wendie I love your idea of a summer weekly blog – would love to see through your eyes the sights and sounds of Hawaii and maybe hear some of the wonderful smooth mellow music that appear on the show.  I love the warm loving pictures that you posted up on your page of happier times, loving warm beautiful fun times that just seem so long ago in memory and yet very close to me as I know I can simply watch any of the episodes at my choosing.  I haven’t done that yet because it hurts too much, long etched in my memory is the misery on Steve’s face, a miserable Steve is a miserable me, so maybe your blogs could be part of what heals for all of us until Steve is Steve again.. 
    The past Saturday repeat I missed but that was one of the few times we see how this little team of four just work in such a neat little orderly fashion and I have always admired how Steve always made sure that whoever is with him is not exposed to the elements of danger – he has always been there for the team and exposed himself to a little more risk with his experience as a seal but he’s never shown to be be cavalier or reckless in his execution of a rescue mission with a gun in his hand. 
    That’s why I hope the writers don’t lose sight of that amazing fact about Steve.  There has never been a selfish driven soul in his body.  We have always known Steve to be there for any one of the team who had personal issues or troubles and never questioned their judgement, never lost faith in any of them. I really hope the writers honor Steve in that respect and allow the surviving members of the team to bond together like they have never been closer in trust and loyalty and free Steve and Kono from this hell, let us always see just how great this team has always been in spite of all the human flaws, let them be our favorite heroes again in season 2.
    Meanwhile Wendie – look forward to sharing your journey on Hawaii through your eyes each week.  Mahalo!! 

  6. Cindy says:

    Wendie, I really enjoy your writing and love the idea of you blogging about the places in Hawaii where the filming ocurred and other wonderful places of interest. I look forward to seeing many of these when I visit Hawaii later this summer. I hope to get to meet many of you and attend a tweet-up and the other fun H50 functions you all have there. It is so wonderful to be able to keep in contact through the internet. Makes the withdrawals more tolerable.  Mahalo  

  7. Cindy says:

    Btw, just had a thought. In one of Alex’s interviews he mentioned he would be staying in Hawaii quite a bit surfing. If on one of your excursions you happened upon this sight, um well, just hoping you might have your camera, and this might be an interesting sight to share with all of us as well. lol  

  8. Cécile says:

    That’s really cool, I’m looking  forward to it ! Thanks Wendie !

  9. Silke says:

    Such a cool idea! Can’t wait for your inside reports :)))

  10. hawaiiobsessed says:

     Love your ideas and can’t wait to read your blog through the summer! Mahalo!

  11. Paul D says:

    Great to hear that you will explore the show locations and give us updates alongwith photos of the scenes as they look without the cameras and special effects. Also looking forward to your take on how the production process works due to your working in the business before.  Enjoy your podcasts with Dana in Vermont.

  12. JohnV says:

    are you the same girl on the sand with McG? 

  13. Fun idea!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂 

  14. Bert Hayling says:

    Eh, Wendie!

    Sounds like a plan, and behind the scenes looks at the places 5-0’s gone on location will be a lot of fun,  as will getting your insights on working in TV.

    As for the fun in the sun aspects… well, it’ll be a Kalik instead of a Longboard, and Rake n’ Scrape rather than soothing ukulele, but our Bahamian beaches and Hawaii’s could be siblings, right down to the Casuarinas and seagrape trees; squint just right, and they’ll do to get into the  5-0 mood. 🙂

    Lookin’ forward to it!

  15. Beejayrano says:

    hopefully, it would be more than photos and stories…look forward to making a tour of the places, too…! sounds like fun…thanks Wendie …more blogs to come! 

  16. CyndiLynne says:

    Looking forward to your summer blogs Wendie … would love to learn about the history of Hawaii …

  17. Kristin Oole says:

    This is defiantly one of my favorite episodes with the introduction of Max and getting to be witness to Mary meeting Catherine. I also love the banter between McG and Danno about “Barry White” and “Miss Pac-Man.”  Awesome episode!!
    Can’t wait to see the “island girl perspective” of where the filming happens. When I was in Hawaii, I went to a lot of the places that were more accessible like Ali’iolani Hale and the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I look forward to reading you blog all summer.

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