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Five-0 Redux

Feeling the love

CBS appeased eager fans this week with a marathon of three great episodes of “Hawaii Five-0,” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

So, what better way celebrate than to let fans from around the world express their love for the show? I’ve asked fans to weigh-in before, when they helped choose the best episodes from season three.

This time, I wanted to know what made them fall in love with the Five-0 team. What caused them to devote one hour a week and countless hours online — and for some to even fly to Hawaii for a glimpse of filming or to watch their beloved show on Waikīkī Beach?

Scott Caan, left, and Alex O'Loughlin on the set of "Hawaii Five-0." (Courtesy CBS)
Scott Caan, left, and Alex O’Loughlin on the set of “Hawaii Five-0.” (Courtesy CBS)

While the results didn’t surprise me, they did remind me of how incredibly special “Hawaii Five-0” is to fans and the state of Hawaii. I have met so many people from different U.S. states and other countries who love the show enough to spend their vacations on Oahu. I know for some of them, it is a trip of a lifetime. Many visit with the hope of seeing their favorite actors, and some even do their own self-guided tours to see all the featured locations from the show in real life.

I asked fans to take a quick survey of seven questions, all having to do with why they love the show. Based on the responses I received, fans really love EVERYTHING about “Hawaii Five-0.” I gave the option of choosing the characters, the writing, scenes of Hawaii, action and drama, Alex O’Loughlin or Scott Caan as favorites, yet 57 percent chose “all of the above.” I knew the two male leads would be a major draw, but I was pleased to see it was the show people love, not just one actor over another.

Many fans commented it was the spirit of ʻohana shared within the team that caused their love to blossom. While many tuned in originally to see Alex O’Loughlin or Scott Caan, their love grew as the cast jelled into a tight-knit on-screen crime fighting family.

“I am a fan of cop shows, but this one incorporates great writing, humour, humanity, complex yet endearing characters, and a great balance between drama and exploding action,” said Australian fan Wendy Hansen. “Not to mention, Alex is an Aussie (we support our own) and Scott Caan steals the show with his incredible acting. The casting is brilliant all around!”

Vivienne Blaher, another Aussie fan, said “Five-0” is the “epitome of a classic drama with action and great comedic timing set in the most idyllic surroundings.”

(Courtesy CBS)
(Courtesy CBS)

Hawaii fan Julie Mercer said the show celebrates “all the best things about my home — the stunning scenery and landmarks, the sense of ʻohana, and the aloha spirit. It’s the entire package!”

Fans mainly focused on relationships within the team, and of course, between McG (O’Loughlin) and Danno (Caan). The “bromance” shared between McG and Danno appears to be one of the main reasons fans tune in every week.

Montana fan Lynnette Janssen said, “First and foremost is my love of the Steve/Danny bromance. The characters are totally different in their upbringing and careers, and yet they have a complete understanding of what makes the other tick. They can be completely at odds with each other, but they can communicate with just a look. That’s a friendship forged from shared experiences and an undeniable trust in the other’s ability to “have your back, always!” For me, the bromance between Steve and Danny drew me in from the Pilot onwards.”

70% of the responses named the “bromance” shared between McG and Danno as one of their top three reasons for loving the show. 55% loved the ʻohana feeling shared between the team; 35% named both the bond between Danno and Gracie; 34% enjoy the stunts and action provided by the stunt crew and coordinator, Jeff Cadiente; and 30% love the scripts and storylines created by the terrific writing staff led by executive producer Peter Lenkov.

Their choice for overall favorite character, should not be a complete surprise. Steve McGarrett topped the list with 56% of the vote, with Danny “Danno” Williams next in line with 36% of the vote. While other characters were well respected and loved, fan love for Chin Ho, Kono, and Catherine did not come close to the McG and Danno numbers.

German fan Bianca Bost summed up Steve McGarrett rather well.

“He has it all. He’s a Navy SEAL, a tough guy, incredibly capable when it comes to weapons, fighting, and being a sailor, but he can also be loving and caring (especially around Grace, Cath or Mary),” she said. “He’s overcome heartache and pain and suffered a lot through the years, but he still fights for what he thinks is right. And of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly hot.”

(Courtesy CBS)
(Courtesy CBS)

Fans used the words “strong,” “charismatic,” “loyal” and “committed” to describe O’Loughlin’s McGarrett. Ernest Sanada of Gardena, Calif. said, “He’s the rock that holds his ʻohana together.”

The fan love for McGarrett was matched by the love for Danno, with quite a bit of emphasis on Danno’s relationship with his daughter, Gracie (Teilor Grubbs), as well as with his partner.

“He comes off very loyal and protective of his loved ones, but the main thing we learn about him is how much he adores his little girl,” said Bradley Martens of Bonney Lake, Wash. “Danno comes off as human, not afraid to show emotion. He loves Steve and Chin Ho as brothers, he loves Cath and Kono as sisters. He also thinks about repercussions of his actions, and of others — he’s got a big heart.”

Reading more than 100 very positive responses was wonderful for me, as it confirmed many of the conversations I’ve had over the years with fans. There’s a reason why “Hawaii Five-0” has had four successful seasons, and these were just a handful of folks who voiced their thoughts.

Terri Ferrara of Florida said, “I love the background stories of each character and the continuing personal stories keep evolving.”

Many fans mentioned watching the original “Hawaii Five-O” and how they wanted to watch the reboot to connect with parents and grandparents. Now they watch to connect with their friends, and in some cases, their children.

Ohio resident Candy Abrams attended all three “Sunset on the Beach” season premieres.

“For me, watching ‘Hawaii Five-0’ is like taking a mini-vacation to Hawaii every week,” she said. “During the winter months, watching takes me back to the beaches of Waikīkī.

“Not only do I love the show, I love the people I’ve met because of the show.”

“I’ve been able to connect with so many people who I now consider friends, which has brought so much happiness into my life,” said Australian fan Lydia Bresolin.

Valentine’s Day or not, fans still love “Hawaii Five-0” — and hopefully enough to keep the ratings high and see the show into a fifth season.


CBS will air another fan favorite episode on Wednesday when “Hookman,” guest starring Peter Weller, repeats.
Wendie Burbridge is a published author, playwright and teacher. Reach her via Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

7 responses to “Feeling the love”

  1. LindaStein says:

    As always Wendie…these survey’s show just how much this show has touched so many people. Hawaii was always a dream for me but this show made it a reality I was thrilled to share with you and the rest of my H50hana I got to spend time with in Oahu. Meeting the wonderful Dennis Chun and his beautiful Laura was a highlight I will never forget. It was Hawaii Five-0 that made it all possible.

    Like so many others have said, I may have given Five-0 a chance because of a particular actor (for me, I followed DDK from LOST), I may have become interested because of the action of the pilot, I may have a not so secret crush on Alex, but all in all, it is the whole package that keeps me coming back week after week and season after season. The writing, directing, action, stunts, fantastic guest stars, beautiful people in beautiful places, but most of all, the Ohana that has been formed. It is these characters and the writers and actors who bring them to life that keep me always coming back for more.

    Mahalo Peter Lenkov and everyone involved in this show. It’s been a great ride and one I hope is far from over! Aloha nui loa

  2. Dina says:

    Another brilliant piece Wendie! No surprise why the boss rt it on twitter.. HE likes you- he really likes you hehehehehee (sally field oscar acceptance line!) but he’d be a fool not too! your fair, and truthful!

  3. Angela Gerstner says:

    Wendie, you picked some excellent fan quotes from the survey. Each and everyone of these fans expressed perfectly how I feel about the show and why I love it so much. Thanks to my fellow fans for putting into much better words what I was trying to say in my own answers.

    While Alex is my clear favorite, and while I love the McDanno bromance, the `ohana feeling, the humor (also brought in by Chi McBride whom I consider a great addition to the cast) and the character development and personal storylines the most about the show, it is, indeed, the whole package that has made me the diehard fan I so obviously am.

    And speaking about the love for “Hawaii Five-0” – It is actually contagious! I’ve infected quite a few of my friends and colleagues, and we are all hoping for more seasons to come. I have no doubt that there’ll be a season 5 but, personally, I wouldn’t mind even more. As long as the cast and team enjoy their job, and fans don’t complain if there are maybe a few episodes less per season to take some pressure off the cast and team, I’m full of hope that we’ll get more of our beloved show to indulge in.
    Hey, the show has to run at least as long as it takes me to save enough money to make it to Hawaii and try to “detect” some H50 shooting somewhere 🙂 For reasons that don’t belong here, it is likely to take me a few more years to save that money.

    PS: Mahalo for including my top-favorite photo of the boys – Alex and Scotty. You just have to love them in this photo!

  4. Sam says:

    When was this survey conducted? I follow this blog, read every article and follow you on twitter and pretty much all the guys mentioned in this post. But not once did I hear that there was a new survey out from you.

    Anyway, when I heard the first scuttlebutt about a ‘remake’ of Five-0 I was eager to see that. And I was jumping for joy when I learned that Alex O’Loughlin would take the lead. Couldn’t get much better than that. 🙂

    From the very first moments of the pilot I was hooked. Season one was a pretty perfect way to show us all the characters and their development. Over the time and seasons I got a little frustrated and even angry about the one or other character and development, but that is part of a TV show and I’m not worried about it at all.
    We all have our likes and dislikes, and that is just fine.

    No matter if I like the one or other better, the show works as a whole for me. And I love all the new additions; it keeps the show fresh and interesting.

    I hope that we will be able to enjoy more seasons of this great and entertaining mix of a cop show with lots of action and a family drama. For me this works to perfection.

    If I had to name just one thing why I watch Five-0, which really wouldn’t be a fair question and really not an easy answer. But then I would say because of Alex O’Loughlin’s perfect portrayal of Steve McGarrett. He breathed life into that character, gave him layers over layers, and it is just a joy to watch this Navy SEAL
    to develop and unfold. Such great work. But as I said unfair question and really not to be answered. 😉

  5. Sheri says:

    Absolutely LOVE 5-0 !!!

    Everyone from Peter and the cast, to the writers and crew – THANK YOU !!!

    The casting of Alex as McGarrett is brilliant and the McDanno bromance is amazing. The chemistry between Alex and Scott is wonderful and the ‘Ohana’ love makes this show so special.

    I can’t get enough of 5-0 and hope to see it on the air for many years to come !

  6. This survey was absolutely awesome Wendie !!!
    and i’m not suprised lots of people love EVERYTHING about H50
    And I just wanna join once again what Lydia’s said and that I’e been claiming for now a few months : H50 isn’t only a show, it’s much more, it’s true and awesome friendships I have and that I will cherish forever

    Mahalo hun for this great review ! once again you nailed it ! XO

  7. jlopie1 says:

    Just a quick note to thank you for another fun blog entry, Wendie! This was a tough survey to fill out! Made me stop and really think about why I have this crazy love affair with a television show. Yes, it is the bromance for me, but the sense of Ohana demonstrated on the show and the family orientation in the episodes themselves, just makes it really good television fare! Looking forward to Feb. 28th and our next new episode!

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