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Dad accused of killing kids, self wanted new life

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. >> A stay-at-home dad in a nasty divorce with his wife shot their three children Friday, killing two of them before fatally shooting himself inside the family’s Florida home, authorities said.

The Mohney family’s troubles were apparently well-known in their middle-class neighborhood just south of Daytona Beach. In a 911 call, a neighbor told a dispatcher that neither parent should have had children because they were “a little bit selfish and self-centered” and said “you can’t believe either one of them.”

The slayings occurred as David and Cynthia Mohney were entrenched in a bitter divorce after nearly 25 years of marriage. Court filings showed David Mohney wanted to leave his wife and move with their children to South Dakota. He had recently finished chiropractic school while she supported the family working as a physician’s assistant, making $220,000.

Nearly a month after he filed for divorce, the husband sought a protective injunction against his wife June 3. He said in court papers his wife had been drinking heavily and slapping him and their children on their chests, backs and arms. Florida’s child welfare agency said Cynthia Mohney had recently been treated for substance abuse.

After the couple’s fight Friday morning, Cynthia Mohney fled to a neighbor’s house to get help. In the 911 call, she can be heard crying hysterically, saying “Oh my god!” repeatedly, as her unidentified neighbor talks to a police dispatcher. When the dispatcher asks if she thinks her husband will harm the children, she said, “Yes, he will.”

The slain children were 11-year-old David Mohney and 14-year-old Savanna Mohney, Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson said. Nine-year-old Lauren Mohney was also was shot and in stable condition at a hospital. Cynthia Mohney wasn’t injured.

“If he wants to commit suicide, let him commit suicide. To shoot the children, that’s cowardly,” Johnson said at a news conference outside the family’s home.

Deputies received a call at 5:11 a.m. Friday. Arriving deputies found the two girls in an upstairs bedroom and the boy was in a bedroom on the first floor. Their father was in the kitchen with a handgun next to him.

In his divorce filing, David Mohney said his family moved to Florida in 2010 so he could study at Palmer College of Chiropractic’s campus in Port Orange. He graduated in September 2013, but failed his first time taking the board exam and hoped to try again soon. He said in the court papers that returning to Rapid City, South Dakota, had been his family’s plan all along, but his wife had become opposed to it.

He said his children also wanted to make the 1,900-mile move to get relief from their allergies and because they found the Midwest region better suited their “morals and values.” David Mohney said he and his children also “prefer living in a climate with snow to celebrate Christmas and other holidays.”

When he filed for divorce, David Mohney said little about problems with his wife. He made more specific accusations when he asked a Volusia County court for a protective injunction June 3.

In that filing, David Mohney cited four instances between April 4 and May 29 in which he said his wife had slapped one or more of their children. He said his wife would hit the children — sometimes several times — for arguing with each other, talking back to her, or for not picking up their toys and clothes when she told them to.

“The ‘hits’ described in the examples are loud and hard, beyond corporal punishment,” David Mohney wrote. “My children were crying, afraid and trying to duck or get away from Cynthia.”

However, he dismissed the request for protection two weeks after filing it.

The state’s child abuse hotline was notified in June that Cynthia Mohney had a substance abuse problem after an incident at a restaurant. Cynthia Mohney followed through on treatment, according to the Department of Children and Families.

Associated Press writers Christine Armario and Kelli Kennedy in Miami and Mike Schneider in Orlando contributed to this report.

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