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Before you jump into the airport taxi line, check out your other options.

>> What it does: Displays the most pertinent transportation options and costs for getting from the airport to the city center in 40 metropolitan cities around the globe.

>> What’s hot: It does an important task simply and well. The home screen displays a grid of airport codes listed alphabetically. Click on the relevant code and you’re taken to a page with a list of transportation options. You’ll find the symbol of a bus, taxi, train or other vehicle with a price tag and time it takes to reach the city center. I was impressed that for Dublin, Ireland, they even gave me the bus number with a link to the bus company’s website and timetable. It also had UberX options where applicable. Need something to do once you arrive? It uses Viator to link to a few popular attractions and activities, but it felt helpful, not distracting or annoying.

>> What’s not: It’s still in beta so use it with caution, but I didn’t have any problems when I tested it. The only thing I wanted was more airport listings. There is space on the grid for you to request an airport to be added. It’s a great addition for travelers. I’ll be ready for the app. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.


Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times

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