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St. Francis nuns will remain in Manoa; decision reversed

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Sister Rose Annette, who has been a nun for more than 60 years and taught at St. Francis School, is among two dozen retired nuns who will be allowed to stay at the Manoa convent.

Retired St. Francis nuns will be allowed to remain at their Manoa convent, it was announced today.

The Syracuse, N.Y.-based order that operates the convent had announced earlier this month it would close it and move 24 retired nuns to the Plaza, a senior assisted-living center in Pearl City.

The move was to be made in March, but the Sisters of St. Francis of Neumann Communities reversed the decision, spokesman Patrick Bigold said.

The retired nuns broke out in song after hearing the decision this afternoon.

The sisters — retired nurses and teachers mostly in their 70s and 80s — were not happy about leaving their longtime home, a place where they enjoyed interacting with the students of St. Francis, and their situation drew an outpouring of support from St. Francis School alumni and the community.

22 responses to “St. Francis nuns will remain in Manoa; decision reversed”

  1. iwanaknow says:

    All’s well that ends well.

    • allie says:

      Hurray! I wrote in about this and threatened to make a fuss in Mandan Land. No one wants to upset indigenous tribal people. I just knew they had to reverse this. What wonderful women they are. May they live out their days in peace contributing always to the work of our Lord Jesus! Saint Francis School is so lucky to have them. This made national news.

  2. FARKWARD says:


  3. DCS says:

    Definitely the right thing to do! Thank you Sisters of St. Francis of Neumann Communities in Syracuse for having the humility and wisdom to change your decision from a misguided one to one of grace. You are awesome! Mahalo piha to all the Sisters here in Hawaii. You are loved by so many from many walks of life!!! God bless!!!

  4. wlsc says:

    hooray!!!!! GOD prevailed!!!!!

  5. mauiday says:

    For me, the credit goes to the past students who never forgot the service that their old teachers gave to them. These past students translated their thankfulness, love and appreciated into action by fighting the move. The love and service made a full circle.

  6. Cellodad says:

    Thanks given. They did the right thing for the right people.

    • mikethenovice says:

      My original comment was about how everything now a days is based on money. I’m glad that we still see an intrinsic value to a person’s devoltion to help another human being, in this day and age.

  7. Smiling says:

    Hooray for the Sisters…and all who supported them in this decision! Great positive, “good news” article to open up just now!

  8. mikethenovice says:

    Saint Francis wanted to be on Santa’s nice list after all.

  9. mikethenovice says:

    We can always count on the readers of the SA to offer support.

  10. DeltaDag says:

    An ending fit for the season.

  11. shayarai says:

    Thank the Lord that someone saw the light! I’m still scratching my head trying to comprehend how many octaves of tone-deaf were required for such a foolish attempt in the first place. I mean, seriously, evicting *nuns* from the only home most of them have ever known?? You couldn’t script a worse P.R. nightmare.

  12. mikethenovice says:

    Don’t let us down, Saint Francis. We are keeping one eye open, and hugging our pillow case on you.

  13. SueH says:

    It’s amazing how powerful and influential media exposure can be. The flames of the public’s emotional outcries over this issue were fanned by the stories in the media, and the nuns prevailed. The N.Y. based Order realized they were suffering far more collateral damage in the public’s eyes by continuing to push their non-compassionate, cost saving plan.

  14. justmyview371 says:

    Good outcome!

  15. WizardOfMoa says:

    What a beautiful Christmas present for the Sisters! Merry Christmas!

  16. HanabataDays says:

    Whew! Jake and Elwood made it to the tax assessor’s office just in the nick of time!

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