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Gabbard resigns from DNC to endorse Bernie Sanders

  • KAT WADE / NOV. 2012

    Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard announced today she’s resigning from the Democratic National Committee to support Bernie Sanders for president.

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard resigned her post as a vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee today, allowing her to formally endorse Bernie Sanders for president.

Gabbard made the announcement on the NBC political talk show “Meet the Press.”

“As a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, I’m required to remain neutral in Democratic primaries, but I cannot remain neutral any longer,” Gabbard laterexplained in a video statement. “The stakes are just too high.”

Gabbard cited her experience as a veteran of two military deployments in arguing that Sanders has the judgment necessary to make sound military decisions.

“We need a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment, and who understands the need for a robust foreign policy which defends the safety andsecurity of the American people and who will not waste precious lives and money on interventionist wars of regime change,” Gabbard said. “Such counterproductive warsundermine our national security and economic prosperity.”

Gabbard’s statements were as much an indictment of Democratic front-runner and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an endorsement of Sanders, a senator fromVermont.

In fact, Gabbard’s announcement coincided with the publication of a New York Times investigative series focusing on Clinton’s involvement in the 2011 military intervention inLibya, an action that led to the toppling of leader Muammar Gaddafi and the continued destabilization of the country.

Gabbard said this evening the timing of her announcement was a “complete coincidence” with respect to the Times stories. However, she noted that Clinton’s advocacy formilitary intervention in Libya was further example of the former secretary of state’s flawed judgment in matters of international crisis.

“You can tell what a person will do in the future based on what they’ve done in the past,” Gabbard stated in an email to the Star-Advertiser. “Hillary Clinton was not only the leading Democratic voice for the war in Iraq, she was the head cheerleader and architect of the war to overthrow the Libyan government of Gaddafi which has resulted inchaos, a failed state, and a stronghold for ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Hillary was and continues to be the loudest voice for the disastrous war to overthrow the Syrian government ofAssad.

“These wars of regime change have cost trillions of dollars, thousands of American lives, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, women, and men in the MiddleEast,” Gabbard continued. “And Al-Qaeda and ISIS are stronger than ever.”

Gabbard reiterated her belief that Sanders would have avoided such costly decisions.

“This is precisely why we need a Commander in Chief who has sound judgment and foresight — the ability to look ahead to the potential consequences of our actions beforewe take those actions,” Gabbard said. “How might other actors in the region react to our actions? What will we then do in response? And you continue to look down the line soyou can anticipate any unintended consequences and base a decision on that foresight. This is what is called a military mindset — a mindset that is absolutely critical in acommander-in-chief.”

Shortly after Gabbard’s announcement on “Meet the Press,” the Sanders camp expressed appreciation on Sanders’ Twitter account: “As a veteran of the Iraq War, Rep.@TulsiGabbard understands the cost of war. I am honored to have her endorsement.”

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz accepted Gabbard’s resignation, stating, “The Democratic National Committee is grateful for her service. As one of the firstfemale combat veterans to serve in Congress and the first American Samoan and Hindu member of Congress, Congresswoman Gabbard is a role model who embodies theAmerican ideal that anyone can dream big and make a difference. She is also a colleague in Congress and a friend, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside herwhen our Party unites behind whoever emerges as our nominee.”

Gabbard and Wasserman Schultz were at apparent odds last October, when Gabbard claimed that she was disinvited from a Democratic presidential debate in Nevada afterpublicly arguing for a more extensive debate schedule.

Gabbard’s endorsement also represents a high-profile break with the local Democratic establishment, which has thrown its collective weight behind Clinton.

In fact, her announcement came just two hours before the official opening of the “Hillary for Hawaii” campaign office on North King Street, an event attended by former U.S.Sen. Daniel Akaka and former Hawaii Govs. George Ariyoshi, John Waihee and Ben Cayetano.

The rest of the Hawaii congressional delegation — U.S. Sens. Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono and Rep. Mark Takai — have already pledged their support to Clinton.

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  • She is likely right: Hillary is a military Hawk serving the interests of Israel first. But so are all the Republican candidates. Bernie may be somewhat more likely to put American interests first in the world.Her endorsement will not have any impact though.

    • YOU KNOW–“IN YOUR HEART-OF-HEARTS” that “HILARY” is politically maligned and a servant of Wall Street and THE MILITARY-COMPLEX. As you have learned–“FOLLOW THE MONEY”!

        • Clearly you have no clue what you are talking about, marcus. Major Tulsi Gabbard is a commissioned officer of the Army National Guard.

          Shame on YOU for spreading false information on the forum of a daily newspaper, no less.

        • There is a difference between an isolationist and someone who recognizes that our endless engagement in wasteful wars offers the U.S. some important lessons.

        • Then she should be an ex military and clearly I do know when I see an isolationist or one that is becoming one. Shame on droid and Gabbard.

      • This is a fairly gutsy move on Tulsi’s part to burn herself with the party establishment. Perhaps Bernie has approached her as a running mate if he gets the nomination. He’ll need someone really popular on the ticket with him if he is to have any chance of winning. She being an attractive woman is probably helpful too.

    • Remember that Tulsi has moved constantly from job to job anytime she could move up. She never served a full term in any political office (legislature, city council) until she went to Congress. So is she now ruining her political career by opposing Clinton? Sanders is getting killed in the primaries, especially upcoming Super Tuesday. So, when it’s all over and Clinton become president, Tulsi will be on the outside. No cabinet position. No appointment as ambassador to France or even India or Samoa. Stuck in Congress for the rest of her career, unless she does an Abercrombie and runs for Guv. Seems like she’s made a bad political move. Unless she expects Clinton to be forced out of the campaign after Clinton gets indicted, in which case Joe Biden gets the nomination. Maybe there’s a conspiracy. Obama dislikes Clinton, wants Biden to get the nomination. Obama and Tulsi are both from Hawaii. So Obama phones Tulsi and tells her to support Sanders as a way of weakening Clinton, increasing the chances for Biden to get the nomination.

      • Even though I disagree with her decision–I do think that she realizes what she’s doing and she’s doing it–possibly because it’s the right thing to do. Don’t think it will hurt her standing in Hawaii if she wants to run for Governor/Senate/etc. down the road.

    • Military hawk?? Hillary is a liberal. Liberals hate Israel, love abortion and love same sex marriage. Liberals would only use the military to protect what they believe(see sentence 3).

        • Better not to ask as the answer may be rather harsh. She lied to the families of those that died at Benghazi. Never forget.

      • The only part the liberals like about the military are those civilian workers on military installations as they are more likely than not are federally unionized civilians working on military installations. Like I have said, if you get social welfare w#ores and unionized government workers to vote and you are a shoe in in every elections. Add to that the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to show up at the polls where proof of ID is not needed and guaranteed your seat in the circuit.

        • I’ll be charitable, ehalp, and assume your juggling talent is limited to one ball at a time (sometimes). Here are some more balls and by balls I mean “accomplishments” of the democrat party over the last seven years. Pls let me know if the obvious needs further explanation:

          Inflaming an ever increasing racial divide.

          Impoverishing the largest progressive run state, California, with the highest percentage of those living under the poverty line.

          Ignoring our soon to be insolvent entitlement programs (Social Security Disability next year).

          Presiding over the slowest economic recovery, the lowest labor participation rate in 4 decades.

          Squandering US influence in the world at the expense of vital national interests, particularly the Middle East.

          Negotiating a nuclear agreement that will set of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and actually shelter the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

          An immigration policy that amounts to the dissolution of our borders in order to import democrat party voters.

          Use of the IRS like a sort of political gestapo to shut up conservative groups.

          Supporting the sale of baby body parts.

          No national budget for 6 of the last 7 years due to democrat senate leadership.

          These appear to be the guiding principles of the Democrat party, either by design or by ignorance, aimed at a slow destruction of the country.

        • Well Winston, what have you republicans done? Oh, that is right, you just inherited a budget surplus in 2001 and over 8 years converted that into a 1.4 trillion budget deficit. Way to go supposedly conservative republicans.

        • You must have had amnesia for the last 7 years, ehalp. Obama has spent more than all presidents before him leaving us with a national debt of $19 trillion. If that’s not bad enough, he and the senate democrats resisted all efforts to control our entitlement debt which pushes our national unfunded liability to over $86 trillion. So, thanks for the opportunity to point out the massive failure of your party and president to lead on these critical matters. The republicans at least took a stab at it in the 2011 budget deal and in the Ryan budgets. What did the democrats do? They resorted, as usual, to the politics of division and victimhood, consciously ignoring our oncoming fiscal disaster.

        • Both parties are equally corrupt and self serving, that’s why the political outsiders in the race are doing so well on both sides.

        • Sorry Winston, you have just forgotten that GW gave us the worst economic meltdown since the great depression. What an achievement. One your party can be proud of. In any event, when there is an economic meltdown, that is when the country should be deficit spending, not like Bush, when the economy was relatively good. I understand though. Like most republicans you blame the mechanic who comes to tow your car out of the ditch instead of the drunk driver.

        • Let’s give these aspiring socialists a month stay at the newly established socialist South American country of Venezuela; let’s have them live amongst the ordinary people not in government quarters or at hotels. Have them talk to the ordinary people. Socialist ideal was to make everyone equal, but we know from what is actually going on in North Korea, China, Cuba–only the government connected including the military are the one living in adequately, everyone else is in misery. In addition to that those who speak up against the government either get killed or in prisoned for life.

        • South76: They’d never last a month in those conditions. I’d be surprised if they made it any longer than 24 hours. These aren’t regular people we’re talking about. These are the elites and they’d have a hard time living among the masses in somewhere as safe as Chicago.

      • Sad, she was being groomed as the future for Democratic Party. Her military background, plus being a woman and a Millennial. She made her choice just like the current supporters for Barry Sanders, a Socialist with big capital “S”. Does she see herself as the champion for Millennials? Of course the Millennials are very forgiving so she may do alright in the end. Otherwise, her decision was ill-advised! Giving her the benefit of the doubt.

        • Better to be a traditional socialist who works for the common man than a republican socialist who works to transfer wealth from the middle class to the very rich.

        • I’m not sure being an “up and coming” star in either party is a good place to be nowadays. Too many people are coming to their senses and realizing that the two parties offer nothing to the common taxpayer, but lots and lots to their cronies.

      • Rubio advocates for further intervention in the middle east, including troops on the ground in Syria. Tulsi is arguing the exact opposite so how is she “in tune” with Marco?
        Trump is your man, he’s the only republican candidate that will keep America out of the sectarian civil war going on in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

  • It takes guts to go against the DNC and all the other Democratic followers in Hawaii blindly following Hillary. I wasn’t a fan of Gabbard and while still not a fan, but respect her more with this decision. Hillary and her husband are two people who have no integrity or morals. Why people back her is mind boggling.

    • Indeed! You kinda have to question the mentality of Hillary’s supporters…. Why?? anybody in their right mind would vote for the Clinton (Again)is beyond my ….comprehension.

      • I can see voting for Hillary. After all she is smart, experienced, knows what she is doing and is very capable. I can also see voting for the Donald as he is definitely offering something outside of the establishment. What I can’t see doing is voting for any of the other republican losers running, especially the Canadian. lol

    • People support Clinton because she really does have a lot of honesty and integrity. She will get the job done.she’s good for her promises.

      Unlike Bernie, she doesn’t overpromise with outlandish economic projections.

      • Bernie doesn’t over promise. Problem with Hillary is that she tries to label Bernie as a one issue candidate who over promises. He is neither. Hillary will need to deal with my main concern with her. I don’t care about her emails or benghazi, but I do care if she gets us involved in another war. Her biggest weakness, which republicans generally don’t mention, is that she supported G W Bush in the Iraq war. How dumb was that? At the very least it shows her judgment is lacking. How do we know she wouldn’t make the same mistake as president?

        • Bernie is a socialists/communist sympathizer. Also, he’s never accomplished anything outside of left wing politics other than being the equivalent of a failed community organizer. He openly extolled the values of the communist governments of Cuba and Nicaragua (while overlooking the despotism of those police states). His “free everything” economic platform is the laughingstock of even LEFT WING economists. That he has any level of support says about the same thing about his supporters as do those of Donald Trump– Desperate, unthinking, except Bernie has a lock on the dedicate anti-American radicals at the core of the democrat base.

          It takes the patience of a fruit fly to discover all this on the web. Evidently, we’d be better off if fruit flies did the democrats thinking for them.

        • I think the problem with Bernie is the perception many supporters have that his proposals have little chance of ever passing congress and becoming law. Like Trump, even his own party members do not support his position on most issues. Neither party has figured out yet that you need to be willing to compromise to get things accomplished in a democratic republic.

        • What Bernie is pushing for will not happen overnight but I disagree that his proposals have little chance. Basically depends upon the American people. When the general public finally wakes up and says enough of this socialism for the rich, then Bernie’s platform will sail through. When that happens is anyone’s guess, but I am confident that it will happen eventually.

    • The DNC prefer members who cannot think for themselves and follow blindly. Any endorsement from labor union is also welcomed for obvious reasons that it pays of economically.

  • We may not see eye to eye on some issues, but I give her credit for NOT being the “good little soldier” and walking in lock step with what ever the Democrat party dictates.

  • She just wants some attention. She has not been a good Congresswoman for the big Island. Where has she been on the any of the BIG issues that are going on over here. She will not get my vote again.

  • getting almost as much attention with this as the “candid” video of her surprise wedding engagement on the beach. “True cost of war”??? wouldn’t that be laying down your life for your battle buddie? Laughable, sad and misguided. Thank you commrade Gabbard for your courageous stand on seeking national attention with little or no effect on the result of the next presidential election. The next result as usual is the government wins. Everyone get back to work because the rail cost over run needs your money. nothing to see here, move along.

  • Okay, she went up a couple of notches in my estimation. I would imagine that the good ole boys will make her pay for this one when committee assignments get handed out.

  • Bravo! But that she even had to do this shows you how undemocratic the Democratic Party is, because of “superdelegates” the will of the people may not be known.

  • Eh Aunty Tulsi? Crossing party lines?? Just like Daddy huh? I remember. Your dads intention to get elected, was tot leave the Republican party and becoming a Democrat…& it worked! This is why many consider him to be the Chameleon Politician! Is this a family trait?

    I admire your courage to support for Bernie Sanders.And i see you balance.But for your fyi there is no way Bernie “The Sickle and Hammer Socialist’ will be the “Commander in Chief” ! The USA is the land of opportunity,where ,with hard work,you can be anything you aspire to be….Bernie’s sales pitch is to give out these so called “Free Bees”.though this attracts the mellinnials ,it is unsustainable! A vote for Bernie will a vote agaisnt,not only Wall street, but also the Job creators of this land. Major Corporation and USA companies are already moving over seas,because of strict regulations the Obama administration imposes…With Bernie in office ?you havn’t seen anything yet! IMUA

  • the Hawaii democrats need to replace her ASAP. she was never a team player for the Hawaii democrats! Hawaii was always distrustful of her from the beginning. she a maverick. Hawaii needs a representative for the local people and the neighbor islands of Hawaii.

  • A very scheming politician. Not any better than the rest her self-serving colleagues. Just another clever way to keep herself on the national stage. CNN had bee ignoring her recently. Oh well……

  • I agree with Tulsi. America should pull back from the mideast. Iraq has been a predictable disaster without end. Sanders seems more likely to avoid such mistakes than Clinton.

  • She is doing this for her own benefit. She wants to be the first female president. She doesn’t want Hilary Clinton to be the first female president. She is lining up her ducks and has been offered a vice president running position. This is politics. Its never about what the people want. She is in it for herself. She would be removed anyway from the DNC so why not resign and save face, election votes, it looks better that way.

  • Bernie doesn’t over promise. Problem with Hillary is that she tries to label Bernie as a one issue candidate who over promises. He is neither. Hillary will need to deal with my main concern with her. I don’t care about her emails or benghazi, but I do care if she gets us involved in another war. Her biggest weakness, which republicans generally don’t mention, is that she supported G W Bush in the Iraq war. How dumb was that? At the very least it shows her judgment is lacking. How do we know she wouldn’t make the same mistake as president?

  • A gutsy move to be sure. However, all of us who support Bernie must be sure he doesn’t become another Ralph Nader (2000 election) and hand the election to one of the Republican crazies. I know this may seem cynical, but all of us progressive democrats must come to the realization that Trump/Rubio/Cruz and way scarier than Hillary.

  • Probably not a good decision by Tulsi. She could have stayed on the fence in regards to any kind of endorsement given that neither Hillary or Bernie are supportable.
    It was okay to resign from the DNC but there was no need to come out to support Bernie.
    it does seem that the powers that be have an eye on Tulsi for the future. Question will be the price they will demand from her to be one of the golden girls being groomed.

    • What does she gain from endorsing a communist, especially after his shellacking in South Carolina? I agree, she should have just backed away from both of these stinkers.

  • I guess as a registered Democrat she had to chose the lesser of two evils…..being a conservative living in and loving Hawaii my only complaint is the patent Democratic ticket is the islands, not sure why so many vote democratic here….must be old school ingrained and the absence of truly researching and choosing a candidate that serves the people. I tend to vote republican but, do really look at the candidates and choose who I think will support the will of the people not the will of the party. Things will never change until people really do their homework and elect folks that will serve them instead of the political machines….sad state of affairs in Hawaii and in the nation.

  • After the presidential campaign is over, Sanders will return to the Senate as an Independent. Tulsi should de-register as a Democrat and join him as an Independent. Both have been using the Democratic Party only for their political purposes and the advantages they gain.

  • Tulsi Gabbard, an Army National Guard reservist, a strong supporter for the military in Congress supporting a “socialist (Bernis Sanders)”. This doesn’t make sense at all. Does Tulsi aware about Bernie Sander’s statement a few years back that he wanted to get rid of the Pentagon. I suppose by getting rid of the Pentagon, he can use those billion of dollars to give freebies to the young like free college education for everyone his been touting about in his campaign speeches.
    Is a socialist the same as a communist?
    I am not a supporter of the Democratic party, but I have admire sought of breaking away from Democratic leadership on some issues but this one takes the cake.
    Tulsi could run against Mazie Hirano when her reelection bid comes up and I would not be surprise Hawaii would nominate Tulsi for the U.S. Senate. Hirano is just warming her okole in the Senate being a clone of Barack Obama.

  • tulsi does not like the dnc president since she was snubbed by her, tulsi is now trying to get back at her and support sanders; the dnc president is supporting Hilary. this is called vengeance and vindictiveness. such a person is unfit to be a legislator. in due time people will see the true tulsi (tulsi for tulsi).

  • If she were really honest with the voters, she would have to admit that she is not a Democrat. The Party was merely used for the purpose of putting her on the Democratic ballot where she knew where the votes would be. Regrettably, many Democrats vote blindly for candidates who has a (D) after their names. She is in no way different from her Republican father who conveniently switched parties to ensure he would be elected to the State Senate. Such “elected” officials are repulsive. They neither subscribe nor abide by the Party’s platforms.

    • As earlier stated by someone, she should switch to the Independent Party just as Bernie Sanders will after the presidential election is over. There is no honor in prostituting oneself for mere personal political gain.

  • No question Mrs. Clinton will get the nomination so Ms. Gabbard just hitched her star to a sure loser. Then again Bernie could pull it off. After all, an electorate as drug-addled and ill-informed to elect little Barry twice is surely capable of electing the re-incarnation of Vladimir Lenin at least once.

  • Good riddance, don’t let the swinging door hit you in the butt on the way out! Yet another pointless publicity stunt by a politician who tries to make noise but accomplishes nothing.

  • Tulsi Gabbard is beginning to rattle the local Democratic party that got her elected to congress. The Democratic party with its anti-Christian doctrines of murdering the unborn (abortion), support for perversion marriage (homosexual) a party who has been in control of Hawaii government, hook, line and sinker since 1959 Statehood, may not agree with Tulsi on a number of issues that is causing concern.
    I would suggest to Tulsi to switch to the Republican party but she does not fit the values of the conservative party. Tulsi is of the Hindo religion and is a staunch Democratic whose doctrines is “Good is evil, and Evil is good.” A party that has squeeze every penny out of the citizens of this State on Taxes.
    Since Tulsi still serves in the Army National Guard as a weekend warrior, I would like to see Tulsi run for Mazie Hirano’s U.S. Senate seat when her reelection comes around. This Obama Clone, Mazie Hirano is just warming her okole by being a Obama clone in the U.S. Senate. But I don’t believe the local Democrats will allow that to happen – running againse Hirano.
    My suggestion is for you to run as an Independant. For sure, the people of Hawaii will elect Tulsi to the U.S. Senate where she can do more support for the military.

  • I am a conservative and not a Republican. However, I commend Tulsi’s move. The DNC under the leadership(?) of Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a joke. How the Democrats allow this idiot to lead their party is a joke. Debbie always forgets to put her brain in gear before engaging her mouth. Oh well, Howard Dean was a tough act to follow but Debbie has outdone herself. What do the voters in Florida see in her? Do they like being represented by a nitwit? Common Democrats, you can do better.

    • Well, they voted in that dangerously insane Alan Grayson, so who can say what’s in the water there. I blame it on the transplants who came down there from NY and MA.

  • She’s supports a draft dodger and a freakin socialist commie! Wow amazing….but then again she could be supporting a lying *itch traitor who sacrificed 4 Americans in Benghazi…either one is a bad choice..

    • I’m surprised the SA didn’t muck up the headline. I could see them using the initials “KFC” rather than “DNC”, which would really have made all our heads spin.

  • This is total set up to have Gabbard to be Sanders running mate. Take that to the bank. Also confirms that we have a socialist representing Hawaii. If this is not the time for Hawaii to rise up against our elected officials then we are doomed. Schatz, Hirono and Gabbard. This is what Hawaii has representing us in Washington. Time for some big changes and perhaps a two party system in Hawaii.

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