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Police seek suspects in Waikiki robbery caught on video


    Honolulu police released images taken from security camera video of two suspects in a robbery in a Waikiki parking structure on May 28.

Honolulu police and CrimeStoppers are asking for help in finding two suspects in a violent Waikiki robbery captured on security camera video.

Police said a 55-year-old woman was talking on her cell phone on May 28, in a parking garage at 2215 Aloha Drive at about 5:19 p.m., when a 2004 Honda Accord pulled up.

The security camera video shows a man, dressed in a blue shirt and black short pants approach the woman and punch her in the head. The man goes back to the Honda and then walks back to the woman and grabs her phone, dragging her about 10 feet until she lets go of the phone.

The Honda’s license plate, SSZ 680, can be seen in the video.

Anyone with information on the incident or the suspects is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300 or *CRIME on a cellular phone.

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    • No, I wouldn’t even expect that. Prosecutor will likely issue a parking citation for temporarily stopping in a no parking section of the parking garage.

  • Wow, real big MAN (NOT…) punching one wahine. What, no can pick on one guy that can throw blows with you? What a punk… Should be easy catching both of you. I’ll be reading it here.

  • Why can’t the police just check the licence plate database for the registered owner of the vehicle and start there, assuming the car isn’t stolen of course.

  • I think there is something deeper going on here. Bet she knows who they are, probably sent to retrieve something. Bet she won’t make complaint when she regains her senses.

  • Something isn’t right here. How they exited the vehicle, followed by a random attack to punch this woman, and then only after going out again to grab just the cell phone (no purse, keys, etc) seems unlikely to me. I think it was planned and they or someone they knew, knew her.

    • Bet she is a mamasan switching Assurance Insurance Agency. Suspect #1 just looks right to her, probably the ” going get cracked ” look, pulls his pants up and walks to the driver side. Suspect # 2 goes directly to her and cracks her, gets into car, returns, probably after driver tells him , “get the f…… Phone..and find out who she is talking to…”. She probably talking to cops, playing roll of “new” Insurance Agency…. bet car not stolen either. Reverse right towards camera.

  • looks like they knew each other like the lady owed them something..or maybe she’s a mama san and they weren’t happy with the girls she sent them..these guys need to get caught asap and hpd needs to rough them up behind closed doors

  • Perhaps the women witnessed, and/or took pictures or video tape an illegal criminal activity on her phone of them and they reacted accordingly, like who they are, the low lives from hell!

    • Concealed carry would have been worthless in this incident. The event happened too quickly for her reaction time, and she was in no condition to use a weapon when she staggered up and wobbled around. It would’ve given the assailants a free weapon to possibly use against arresting police officers… or even to use in other crimes. The video is convincing argument AGAINST concealed carry.

      • There are good arguments for CCW but not as a deterrent to surprise attacks. You’re right. Either they’d have done a good job robbing her and would now be armed, or phone in hand thug 1 would have a hole in his back and the victim would now be a perpetrator.

      • Reaction time is enhanced by situational awareness. It’s easy to second guess but if this were a concealed carry situation, her hand should have been in position to draw her weapon and in retreat mode in order to put more distance between herself and the perceived threat. Ideally if she were carrying, she should have put her car between herself and the attacker in order to provide cover for herself and warn the attacker of his demise should he advance further.

        • If Seaborn was second guessing, you’re quadruple guessing. Do you think that if this were a concealed carry situation she couldn’t have been standing in a parking garage talking on her phone? Sure she would — only she’d have a weapon somewhere on her when she got false cracked. What would make it otherwise?

          Sure, if she: 1. Knew someone was coming and 2. Was certain that their intent was to harm her and 3. Had her weapon (not her phone) out and in her hand then yes she might have been able to discourage them. Otherwise, I really doubt it.

        • @ tigereye – Based on your reply, you do not even understand the principles of situational awareness.

        • this is actually to the people saying there was no time to draw a gun these guys are obviously punks the fact that they were robbing a small woman proves that they dont have the gonads it takes to attack anyone who can defend themselves if she would have had a gun she definitely would have had enough time to fire i really love how all these anti gun people just literally spew random facts that they made up in their head about guns you dont like guns we get it go cry in a corner cause guess what whether you like them or not whether the govt bans them or not there will always be guns on the street i hate people who think a piece of paper saying you cant do something magically just makes all the guns come off the street i wanna know why you guys want to take guns away from people who legally purchase them when people who are robbing stores murdering raping steps away from pillaging obviously dont care about the laws they already break them so making new laws isnt going to help i dont understand why people dont ask for harsher penalties for people who hurt others in any way shape or form that way they realize if they get caught they will be locked up till the day they die whats wrong with that create a stronger deterrent because trying to stop crimes before the fact really isnt working out

        • d_bullfighter. Okay, explain to me how someone carrying a concealed weapon is going to magically provide her with spider sense and make her more “situationally aware” when she’s talking on her cell phone in a parking garage?

          Your whole scenario that you outlined starts and ends with the presumption that she knew or could have anticipated that these two clowns would pull up next to her and attack her.

        • Deadpool: I’m just going to say one thing before you continue on your way down the sidewalk arguing with yourself.

          I hope you don’t shoot the way you argue because you’re just spraying your underpowered bumpersticker rounds in the hopes that one of them will hit the mark. Here’s some news for you: I never made any of the statements you’re “responding” to. Not one. You obviously cannot be trusted to even identify a target.

  • I hope the victim was not is recovering. However this will all lead towards…”Catch and Release”…”Catch and Release”…”Catch and Release”…which perpetuates more crime. Escalating petty theft and now the assault / robbery…

  • Kinda looks like a hate crime to me. Initially, the guy hits the woman and gets back in the car. It seems to be an afterthought that he got back out to take her cell but not her purse. I guess he didn’t want her calling the cops. Sure looks like a hate crime.

  • This is an island. HPD can catch those guys if they want to. Guaranz ball-bearans if she was a cop’s girlfriend or relative, those two guys would be in custody already – with injuries from resisting arrest.

  • Once HPD catches these guys, they should post not only their pictures but pictures of their parents. The parents should be held up as examples of parental failure.

    • I’ll do you one better. There should be a registry for these offenders. We have a sex offender registry. Why not a violent offender registry? We need to shame these cowards for the rest of their lives.

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