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Clinton interviewed by the FBI about private email server


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a Digital Content Creators Town Hall at the Neuehouse Hollywood in Los Angeles.

WASHINGTON >> The FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton on Saturday about her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, her campaign announced after the meeting, as federal investigators neared the end of the probe that has hung over her White House bid.

Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, gave a voluntary interview for 3 1/2 hours at FBI headquarters in Washington, her campaign said.

“She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion,” Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said. “Out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview.”

Spokespeople for the FBI and the Justice Department declined to comment Saturday.

For Clinton, the interview indicates that the Justice Department’s yearlong probe is drawing to a close only four weeks before she is set to be formally nominated as the Democrats’ choice to succeed President Barack Obama.

Clinton’s FBI interview was expected, and it does not suggest that she or anyone else is likely to face prosecution. If Clinton and her aides are exonerated, it might help brush aside a major distraction throughout her campaign that has made many voters question her trustworthiness.

But as the past week shows, the case is complicated. Clinton sat down with the FBI just days after her husband, former President Bill Clinton, walked across a hot airport tarmac in Phoenix for an impromptu meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Lynch’s husband. The couple had just landed.

The nation’s top law enforcement official later expressed regret that she had met with the former president, whose plane was about to depart Phoenix, even though she said it was social in nature and they did not discuss the email review. Bill Clinton nominated Lynch as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York in 1999.

Lynch said Friday that she intended to accept the findings and recommendations of career prosecutors who have spent months investigating the case.

Clinton’s campaign did not comment on the meeting between Lynch and the ex-president. But it has raised questions about its propriety given the investigation, and congressional Republicans have renews calls for the appointment of a special prosecutor in the case.

An aide to Bill Clinton said the president’s conversation with the attorney general was unplanned and was entirely social in nature. But recognizing how others could take another view of it, he agrees with Lynch that he would not do it again, said the aide, who was not authorized to be named and discussed the situation on condition of anonymity.

Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, has repeatedly said the email issue undermines Clinton’s fitness for office, and he suggested she will receive leniency from a Democratic administration. Trump has called his opponent “Crooked Hillary” and said she cannot be trusted in the White House.

Following reports of Clinton’s FBI interview, Trump tweeted: “It is impossible for the FBI not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. What she did was wrong! What Bill did was stupid!”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement Saturday that the FBI interview reinforces Clinton’s “central role in deliberately creating a culture which put her own political ambitions above State Department rules and jeopardized our national security.”

During the campaign, the former New York senator has argued that she is more trustworthy than Trump on handling the issues that matter to most Americans: foreign policy, national security and running the economy.

But the investigation also poses an unwelcome distraction just as Clinton has vanquished her primary rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, holds a huge fundraising advantage over Trump and polls show her well-placed to become America’s first female president even as many voters question her honesty.

While she was Obama’s secretary of state, Clinton exclusively used a private email server for her government and personal emails, rather than the State Department’s email system. The Associated Press revealed the existence of the server in March 2015.

Clinton has said relying on a private server was a mistake but other secretaries of state had also used a personal email address.

The FBI is investigating the potential mishandling of sensitive information. The matter was referred last summer by the inspectors general for the State Department and intelligence community following the discovery of emails that were later determined to contain classified material.

Clinton has repeatedly said that none of the emails were marked classified at the time they were sent or received. As part of the probe, she has turned over the hard drive from her email server to the FBI.

The State Department’s inspector general, the agency’s internal watchdog, said in a blistering audit in May that Clinton and her team ignored clear warnings from State Department officials that her email setup violated federal standards and could leave sensitive material vulnerable to hackers. Clinton declined to talk to the inspector general, but the audit reported that Clinton feared “the personal being accessible” if she used a government email account.

Agents have already interviewed top Clinton aides including her former State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, a longtime aide who is currently the vice chairwoman of Clinton’s campaign.

The staffer who set up the server, Bryan Pagliano, was granted limited immunity from prosecution by the Justice Department and has also cooperated with federal investigators. The FBI as a matter of course seeks to interview individuals central to an investigation before concluding its work.

The emails were routed through a server located in the basement of Clinton’s New York home during her tenure as the nation’s top diplomat from 2009 to 2013.

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        • Well Keonigohan, what are you going to do about it? What really can you do about it? Elect someone new? Most likely will turn out to be meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        • Here is the follow up story on HiLIARy: Dead whale towed off Los Angeles beach ahead of holiday

        • Boots…gonna vote for the successful business man…not the deceitful lying American Blood on her hands hiLIARy for PRISONdent. BTW….Kim Jong-un wants his wardrobe back…hiLARy is ignoring his emails!

        • Keonigohan, you have a strange definition for success. I don’t consider 4 bankruptcies and a rip off scam to be success. Did you invest with Ron Rewald in the past? 🙂

          You have a point about Hillary having blood on her hands which is why I will probably be voting for sweet Jill.

        • bootie, I’m gonna vote Libertarian, and an awful lot of folks wanting to keep their self respect will be doing the same thing.

        • That’s a big joke. He doesn’t pay his bills and taxes. He’s a liar and a cheat. Hard working and honest business people have died with debts because he refused to pay them. That is a fact and he will be damned to hell because of it. If you refuse to believe that he is evil it’s because that evil dwells in the hearts of those who are alike.

        • keaukaha…you value $ over human lives….you love Lying American Blood on her hands hiLIARy…so “What Difference Does It Make”…”Move On”

    • So the choice for president will between someone who used her own personal server to do her job vs a person who gave us Trump University, little more than a big rip off. Thank God for the Libertarian and Green Parties. lol

        • I have read it. Does not seem like Walden is anything close to Trump university but you obviously missed my main point of being thankful for the Libertarian and Green parties.

        • Sure,Boots, that is if you conveniently leave out the 150M$ from State Dept. given(from DownHill) and then 16M$ given to Slick for “services rendered. How prejudice about truth are you?

      • and as always we start to pre-judge claims as guilty from the start. I understand wrongs do not make it right but since your pre-judging Trump University why not pre-judge Clinton’s University? Come on now let’s be fair and balanced

      • Boots says: “So the choice for president will between someone who used her own personal server to do her job vs a person who gave us Trump University”

        Good point. Which one of those things compromised national security and which was of those things didn’t?

        And aren’t you curious as to why our Secretary of State felt like the same servers our president, congress, FBI, and CIA use weren’t good enough for her, and why she needed an unreliable email server sitting in her basement at home? I’m pretty curious about that myself.

        • I think I am more concerned about rip off artist than someone who doesn’t follow bureaucratic rules. I mean the Donald kinda reminds me of Ron Rewald.

      • Go back and watch some of the presidential candidate debates from past years, such as the reagan carter 1980 debate – not much has changed. then it was two governors. maybe trump breaks the mold, maybe not. for sure hillary doesn’t break the mold, same old same old.

        • The point is this is the first time republicans will be going with a person with zero political experience. That I find simply amazing. Hillary will probably balance the budget within 4 years and might just work on some problems that faces us.

      • I think it’s the most depressing presidential election I’ve ever witnessed. No integrity required. The one candidate with integrity – Bernie Sanders – was squashed by the Clinton political machine.

    • Yep they have teams of lawyers to readily circumvent the law. Of course they also have teams of legislators in their pockets to change the law when need be. But if that doesn’t work, they have their inside network of cronies to simply ignore the law in their favor. Laws are for the rest of us little people, not the Clintons.

  • 23 days until the democrat convention. wonder if the fed grand jury will issue the true bill the friday before the democrat convention or during the week of july 25 when the democrat convention is in progress.

    the beast will not go quietly. slick fought his impeachment all the way. chelsea ignored her father’s and future father’s-in-law indictments, arrests, convictions and prison time for fraud. hiliar is going to be a snarling spitter that won’t voluntarily leave the ticket. democrats are going to be severely challenged to put a winning ticket together, even with biden already practicing his acceptance speech.

  • If she didn’t get spam from AARP, GROUPON, and EXPEDIA then the server was not compromised. Hoping that the Democratic nominee get indicted from SPAM, is grasping for straws. Really.

  • Hope the FBI does their job,but i’m beginning to wonder. Will the FBI recommend indictment & will the DOJ prosecute? I mean really folks? Is this possible?

  • Relax nothing is going to happen. This meeting is all shibai. Just a set up to clear her name once and for all. She’s still a liar and a crook.

  • “Legal experts view criminal prosecution as exceedingly unlikely. ” Yup, it is not a legal opinion , they just know the extreme corruption that is occupying the administration.

    • That’s actually a legal opinion, and it’s accurate. Without being able to prove clear intent, it’s virtually impossible to prosecute this. There was no crime without being able to prove intent.

  • The corruption in Washington DC is on display this week with the AG meeting secretly with HilLIARy’s hubby, President Bill “BJ” Clinton in a private meeting. Then this interrogation with HilLIARy feeling totally immune and above the law. Rules and laws are for the “little people” not for the Clintons. The corrupt Democrat Party foolishly insists on nominating a candidate that could be indicted because they know that Obama will pardon HilLIARy should the FBI goes off the track and goes rogue.

  • It might have helped if the right wing nut case blogosphere hadn’t invented crimes that never occurred. It’s virtually impossible to charge or convict someone for this if clear intent cannot be shown. No one here understood that, but for months have been dreaming about Mrs. Clinton in handcuffs. The echo chamber effect of people who know nothing added to it.

    So now, when no charges are filed (none will be, because no crime took place) right wing hacks will argue that the fix is in. It’s hard to put in a fix if there was no crime to begin with.

    There was no crime. There will be no indictment.

    Mrs. Clinton is going to be President – probably for eight years. Get used to that idea.

    • did you miss my last post Klas? About Donald and Hillary being in a Dead heat?And the Rasmussen polls,which shows Donald ahead….That’s right “Ahead” by 4 points….non of this fake MSM baloney.
      First thing President Trump is going to do have Hillary charged and sentenced to jail . Better start looking for your “Rabbits Foot” now,start

      • Are you for real? Even foxnews is dejectedly reporting that Chimp I mean Chump is trailing in all major polls. Stop watching the Disney channel.

        • What are you doing watching the number one rated cable news network? I’m telling your Mommy on you. HiLIARy for prison.

        • You are correct of course. People on here just make up polling data to make themselves believe Mr. Trump has a chance of winning. He doesn’t, obviously.

          Nate Silver has the probability of winning for Mrs. Clinton at 87% and Mr. Trump at 22%. He’s finished.

  • You know? The person who really ought to be answering questions is the guy who convinced her that she needed a private email server. I had a Systems Administration seminar a few years back and the Instructor (who was hugely knowledgeable and now works in Silicon Valley) showed us how to configure and manage a number of different servers including email servers. When he had finished, he said words to the effect that “Now that I’ve shown you to do it, don’t do it. There are too many things that can go wrong. Just don’t do it.”

    • One of the complications of this is that Secretary Rice and Secretary Powell also sent emails through private servers while they were Secretary of State. No one told them it was wrong, either.

      This is an invention to discredit Mrs. Clinton. Rep. McCarthy admitted that on national TV. No surprise.

      • Klastri, you are being just a bit disingenuous. It has been alleged that Rice and Clinton either sent or received a hand full of official emails using their personal email accounts, but almost all of their official business was conducted through secure government servers. Clinton, on the other hand, did all of her official government business on an unsecured server at her home in New York.

        • Ronin, what do you mean “bit”. Klastri is toxic. He seems to relish in this own toxicity. And, he has thin skin. Even if she walks there are enough people like him to get her elected. She still has to contend with the civil suit. This will be a thorn in her side for years to come. It’s not over until the two fat ladies sing. I think they get their outfits from the same designers. It’s not easy.

        • I see that you fancy yourself quite the sleuth!

          I’m going to take a wild guess that you’re not an FBI agent. Am I right?

        • And I am going to take a guess that you are not a former member of the bar as you have claim unless it was at a local pub.

        • You cannot change facts. What I wrote is correct and has been detailed in testimony.

          It would be helpful if you would, at long last, stop lying.

        • Klastri makes Hilliary supporters look bad. He’s probably Trumps best asset. Keep it up.

        • Klastri…BS…you don’t know what you’re talking about!!! Gave you a chance to redeem your credibilty…lost it!

      • This is a misleading claim chiefly because only one prior secretary of state regularly used email, Colin Powell. Powell did use a personal email address for government business, however he did not use a private server kept at his home, as Clinton did.

        • And furthermore, hacking is many times more sophisticated than when they served. The State Department was aware of this and had her sign a paper attesting to that fact. So to say she didn’t know is another thrombosis moment. Dangerous. You got to ask just who are we electing President?

        • The 1st I Phone was introduced in 2007. No comparison then and now as far as cyber.

        • You write over and over and over again about facts you don’t understand, with absolute ignorance of the controlling law. Doesn’t it get exhausting to be wrong all the time? It’s really not that hard to educate yourself a little bit.

        • No matter what Obama says is the economy doing better? Look at cities big and small. People living on sidewalks. More people living in poverty. Crime runs rampant, joblessness, drugs, while Black limousines whizz past with American flags waving. Government jets flying all over the Country and the World whizzing dignitaries to campaign fund raisers, worthless summits and clandestine meetings.
          Obama was MIA with Bergdahl on 9/11/2012.
          There has to be a better way. The American Way.

  • What an era we live in. Never did we experienced a Presidential candidate being interviewed of the used of private email but then we didn’t have candidates that was the Secretary of State that used personal server for her work ! As I see it, highly educated and “experience ” doesn’t guarantee possession of common sense! Common sense Kids, are rare these days especially when we need it the most! The United States of America needs a President with ‘Common Sense’! It will help us retain some semblance of our past history of greatness!

    • Will do. I don’t care what Hilliary’s supporters say, I’m voting for Trump. If Trump U or the Mexican judge or a few bankruptcies is all they got on Trump they got twice as much on the Clintons. If Hilliary gets in that will be the Day in Infamy.

      • Clintons….40 years if corruption, deceit, lying, rape & sexual abuse of women, affairs, destroying those women’s lives, leaving the middle east in chaos, allowing ISIS to be borne, Russian RESET BUTTON with the incorrect inscribed wording. Tortured, murdered Amb. Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty killed…Americans who were left behind. hiLIARy ..”what difference does it make”, “Time to Move On”. Question…What has hiLIARy accomplished (positive stuff)?

        • No matter what Obama says is the economy doing better? Look at cities big and small. People living on sidewalks. More people living in poverty. Crime runs rampant, joblessness, drugs, while Black limousines whizz past with American flags waving. Government jets flying all over the Country and the World whizzing dignitaries to campaign fund raisers, worthless summits and clandestine meetings.
          Obama was MIA with Bergdahl on 9/11/2012.
          There has to be a better way. The American Way.

        • lespark….President Donald J. Trump, “Make America Great Again” is The American Way!!!

  • Her reputation started going south in the State Departure when she proudly pointed to her “reset button” with the Russians which turned out to be a complete failed policy. I hope her lack of concern about email security didn’t leak to the enemy information that Bengazi security was very weak, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of 4 American’s. Finally, despite the spin, I don’t know of anyone who handled classified like Clinton did who didn’t lose their security clearance permanently (I hope there won’t be a double standard).

    • The DNC is not worried. Hilliary is their candidate even if she is indicted. They are all in bed. And if they do cut and run poor Bernie is down the road along with his millions of supporters. The WH invitation from Obama was the setup.
      The Republicans have a real opportunity. I hope they don’t blow it.

  • She’s a lawyer and a liar. She makes statements that are “partially true”. For example, she states the messages she sent or received on her unaccountable private e-mail server were not marked classified when she sent/received them. Anyone who ever worked with classified knows that classified material is classified even if she chose not to mark them as such. The damage is done and in many cases disclosing classified without marking it properly is worse than releasing marked classified.

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