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Police looking for suspects in heist of $26,000 in cigarettes

Honolulu police are asking for help in locating four suspects in the armed robbery of delivery truck carrying crates of cigarettes worth more than $26,000.

The delivery truck robbery occurred on Tuesday, June 28, at about 8 p.m. when the driver and passenger in a delivery truck were traveling westbound near Roosevelt Avenue and Essex Road. According to police, a green pickup truck pulled alongside the delivery truck, and a passenger in the front of the green truck brandished a handgun and ordered the delivery truck driver to pull over. “The delivery truck stopped on the roadway adjacent to the wastewater treatment center, and the victims were ordered to exit and lie facedown on the ground,” according to a Crimestoppers press release.

Additional suspects in a white sedan arrived at the scene, and the victims were ordered to unlock the rear of the delivery truck, police said. The suspects removed 35 yellow crates containing 290 cartons of cigarettes valued at more than $26,000.

Police said the suspects fled in an unknown direction, and described them as males wearing black clothing with some type of cloth covering the lower portion of their faces. The suspects spoke “pidgin,” police said.

The suspects’ vehicles are described as a green older Nissan pickup truck with Cadillac-type rims and a white sedan.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300 or *CRIME on your cellular phone.

18 responses to “Police looking for suspects in heist of $26,000 in cigarettes”

  1. paniolo says:

    Guarans inside job.

    • BIG says:

      Agree…inside job…i guess wasnt a busy street either so nobody saw and they dont know what direction they went….come on if that isnt an inside job

      • scooters says:

        Correct. Victims were at the scene and they don’t know which direction the suspect’s vehicle went??? BS.. and the company better check to see if the truck was on the ” Prescribed route” for the delivery….

  2. juscasting says:

    290 cartons worth 26K? So a cartoon of smokes is roughly $90 bucks with tax? Holy Smokes!

    • Blunt says:

      No can buy a car with that. Much less for at least 4 perps. Such stupidity. Anyway insurance will cover it and no one got hurt. Now start asking questions how do you profit for such a large load of tobacco? Sell each carton individually? Sell in bulk? To who? Smoke them all yourself or use them as poker chips? Ship the excess to abroad? Detectives will need to focus on people of darker races who are too stupid to plan ahead. What supposed to do next? Duh Duh.

    • nodaddynotthebelt says:

      I can see how the cigarette taxes have raised the price so much it may deter some to stop the habit. Unfortunately it may not for most as nicotine addiction is so strong that many cannot break its hold. So in the end we gouge the very people who will end up needing the money in the end to pay for the costs of medical care and medications needed to deal with the results of long term smoking. Is this ethical? And then we try to ban outright alternatives because someone found out that the alternative is not healthy either. What I would like to know is what they are doing with the cigarette taxes.

  3. bahIggins says:


  4. Tita Girl says:

    The suspects spoke “pidgin,” police said.
    Great description. Should catch them in no time at all.

  5. ezridah says:


  6. hokuahi says:

    Such timely reporting.

  7. HAJAA1 says:

    Such a full of cr*p story! Inside job all the way…”brandished a gun so I pulled over, then was told to lay on the ground while others showed up and unloaded 30+ crates into”…. what…their trucks? LOL! At 8pm that road in that area is just as busy as Kapolei Parkway.

  8. wrightj says:

    Probably no victims here, only suspects.

  9. fiveo says:

    Pretty smart of these guys. Perfect execution and getaway. Wonder why, HPD did not put up their chopper to see if they could locate the truck. There are only so many ways to go
    in that area. Cops need to put out feelers to see if anyone is unloading the merchandise. You do not steal this stuff unless you have a plan as to how to unload the stuff.
    Probably the beginning of stuff like this happening here just like on the mainland.

    • livinginhawaii says:

      Actually they are not that smart. Only someone with inside knowledge would know the delivery vehicle, its route, and contents. Guaranteed they are going to get caught once the cops start interviewing. Glad I don’t work for that company as all the innocent employees are not going to enjoy the interview process…

  10. HOSSANA says:

    Geezus, this heist comes right after the showing of GOODFELLOWS on TV so I guess this heist was to prove that it can be done here in Hawaii….oh, well, Hawaii is now in the mainstream of organized crime led by the Gambinos who have moved their operation to the Honolulu underworld.
    Ha..ha…ha….some of the comments by the truck driver are so funny that definitely you have to know he was part of the robbery operation….Definite inside job…nothing more and nothing less.

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