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Former Kauai police officer pleads guilty to stealing $25K from department

Nelson Daranciang

Former Kauai Police Department Lt. Karen Kapua pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court this afternoon to stealing $25,000 from the department.

Kapua, 53, faces a maximum 10-year prison term at sentencing in October.

As part of her plea deal, a federal prosecutor has agreed to dismiss two other charges accusing Kapua of stealing another $50,000 from KPD. Kapua has repaid the department $75,000.

10 responses to “Former Kauai police officer pleads guilty to stealing $25K from department”

  1. Blunt says:

    Should refund all traffic tickets she ever wrote up, release all prisoners she helped convict, and invalidate retirement pay she worked so hard for. Crime should not pay. What a wart on all Hawaiians who struggle to gain respectability.

  2. Carang_da_buggahz says:

    Those two other charges should never have been dropped. She should have to forfeit her retirement to make full restitution. Only after all ill-gotten funds are paid in full should she be able to resume receiving her pension AFTER release from prison. Dumb, greedy broad.

  3. awapuhi452 says:

    “Book ’em Danno!”

  4. Tita Girl says:

    The stunning news is that a cop pleaded guilty.

    • pohaku96744 says:

      She did the right thing, pleaded. Most people, cops included, don’t do the right thing when you know you are wrong. Problem with our society today.

  5. WizardOfMoa says:

    She faces a maximum 10-year prison term at sentencing in October? Well, as far as this forum and the people herein, she already paid some dues. Character assassination at its best!

  6. Shawn211 says:

    She’s free to roam the streets again. Just because she paid back the money she should be let go that easy. That’s why the community loses faith in our government.

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