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Writer says Trump’s son did not plagiarize in GOP address

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    Donald Trump, Jr., son of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, speaks during the second day session of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

CLEVELAND >> Donald Trump’s campaign is facing questions about plagiarism for a second day in a row — but the writer behind the original work in question this time says the campaign did nothing wrong.

The Daily Show highlighted on Twitter similarities between two lines in Donald Trump Jr.’s convention address Tuesday night and an article by F.H. Buckley in The American Conservative. The passages in both Trump’s speech and Buckley’s writing compare American schools to Soviet-era department stores run for the benefit of the clerks, not the customers.

Buckley tells The Associated Press he was a “principal speechwriter” for Trump Jr.’s address, “so it’s not an issue.”

The opening night of the Republican convention was marred by charges that Trump’s wife, Melania, included passages in her speech that were strikingly similar to Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention address

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  • If the media is looking for toxic waste try looking in that pool of toxic waste surrounding her campaign. Absurd. As far as Melania, growing up, my parents, teachers, mentors all told me the same things at one time or other.
    After spending millions more and not getting the desired results she will stoop to any level. Once the milk goes sour her supporters are not liking it.

      • Nobody plagiarized Christie’s indictment of Lying Hilliary in RNC Court. Guilty as charged. Take the prisoner away.
        Explain this.
        Hillary Clinton used her role as secretary of state to work as Secretary for the Clinton Foundation, utilizing State Department staff for foundation purposes and bringing foundation staff dangerously close to State Department business, new documents released on Tuesday show.

        • Christie is an embarrassment to his state and himself. Any educated person finds the Republican convention a mind-numbing embarrassment. No specific policies and no realism behind the endless parade of misinformation given.

        • Trump is one thing but how can you support someone who carries her shame so blatantly. How will colleagues, world leaders, constituents trust her? She cannot refute the misinformation given because it is all true. At this point what does it matter, they are all dead. Good Night, Huma, let’s roll.

        • Re Allie’s statement:

          “Any educated person finds the Republican convention a mind-numbing embarrassment.”

          I think this is an example of fuzzy thinking.

          There clearly are educated persons, more educated than you I suspect, that do not find it to be that. So your statement is certainly false.

          If your response is that anyone who does not find it to be an embarrassment must not be “really” educated, then you are going around in little mental circles.

        • To allie — educated people can be racist and misogynistic too, and those people do not find the republican convention an embarrassment. It’s sad, but true.

    • Not surprising but very concerning to me that our mainstream press is so blatantly biased. They spend more time trying to catch candidates they don’t like making mistakes than they do presenting factual evidence of lying by the candidates they favor. Is that taught in journalism schools?

    • How could you make up something like this? This is how you processed the fact that Mrs. Trump plagiarized passages from Mrs. Obama’s speech?

        • Very surprised that old angry liberal racist didn’t scream “racist” at justmyview371.

      • Klastri, Mrs. Trump did not plagiarize passages from Mrs. Obama’s speech. The phrases in Mrs. Obama’s speech that allegedly were plagiarized by Mrs. Trump were: “you work hard for what you want in life,” “your word is your bond,” you do what you say you’re going to do,” and “treat people with dignity and respect.” These are common catchphrases and expressions that have been used by many people ad nauseam and are not Mrs. Obama’s original thoughts. They have been in the public domain for many years and as such they belong to or are available to the public as a whole and therefore not subject to copyright infringement or plagiarism. If you believe that Mrs. Trump plagiarized phrases from Mrs. Obama’s speech, you must also believe that Mrs. Obama plagiarized them from people who previously used them in speeches, and there were many. What say you, counselor?

        • The Democrats are so embarrassed over lying Omama they are trying to “make a mountain out a mole hill”

        • Don’t confuse klastri with facts. He has a story to tell, that Trump is as bad as Hillary, and he’s going to tell it. He confirmed yesterday that democrats don’t want to acknowledge that Hillary is a liar, even if the facts prove it so.

    • She did not do anything of the kind. My parents, teachers, mentors used to tell me these common precepts all the time. Michelle or Melania does not have a copyright on simple colloquial adages. I’d like to see the Clinton campaign try.

      • Hey buddy. 23 word by word in exact order. Something like that is calculated at more than one in a trillion.
        Man I hope I never have your teachers or mentors.

        • What difference does it make. Nobody died.There was no criminal intent. No prosecutor would try this case.

        • “What difference does it make.”??????? – Sorry to tell you lespark but you plagiarized that line from Hillary. Shame on you.

    • Nobody plagiarized anything. The two ladies used common precepts known as adages. The Clinton campaign is on track to spend 2 billion. Other than the Clinton News Network’s poll they are pretty much even and this was before the RNC convention. Trump will spend a fraction. With 4 months to go this is a concern.

        • dontbelieveinmyths – Lying doesn’t help your case. I never wrote anything of the sort.

        • Find a 12 step. English is her 5th language. I’d like to see you go to the Waikiki Shell, and deliver a 5 minute speech. You libs are pathetic, but your time is very limited. Get ready.

        • Really.? Most mainstream polls have Trump begged, at best, a one in four chance of winning the White House.

          By way of specific example, I’m not sure how you win the a pivotal swing state of Ohio without the specific endorsement of its very popular republican governor???

        • “The use of ideas, concepts, words, or structures
          without appropriately acknowledging the source
          to benefit in a setting where originality is expected.”

          I am not so sure that originality is expected in this setting, more like reassurance.

          When a clever turn of phrase is used, there is an inference of originality unless otherwise stated.
          The best example I remember was Kennedy’s failure to source:

          “Ask not what you country can do for you but what you can do for it”

          He should have said “as my old headmaster used to say …..”

          Suppose that Melina had read Michelle’s speech, and said “as Michelle Obama said:

          ‘you work hard for what you want in life: that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise’

          I think it would have sounded silly, I do not think it rises to the level of being quotable.

        • don’t believe, now that was blatant plagiarism. Hey, Klastri, what about that?
          It is an example of what I said about common precepts, idioms, phrases, concepts, adages, that have been bantered around for a long time. Hilliary is getting desperate if she has to stoop this low and for good reason
          As a word of caution, the Clinton campaign is wading in muddy water if she goes after Ivanka.

        • Instead of operating in the middling nether area of platitudes, LesPark, you could provide a cogent response to the exact question of how you win a key swing state without the endorsement of its historically popular governor? Oh, btw, the Trump campaign has just announced that their indeed was plagiarism, and it was indeed their culpability.

        • More to the point, if Trump cannot either reach a compromise with the Ohio governor or just plain apologize to him, he has no business running for President as the republican candidate. One, it is highly revealing on his ability or in this case, inability, to reach consensus and build from divergent quarters (albeit from his very own party).

          Two, and a much more practical point, NO R candidate has EVER won the White House in the modern era, without winning Ohio. To date, every legitimate pollster, both R and D inclined, have Trump losing Ohio. So, very telling…

        • No businessman has ever gone 16-0 against career politicians. There is always a first time. Be very afraid. The Trump Train is rolling along.

      • You rationalizing maroon! Yes, it is possible for a speechwriter to come up with a one-sentence cliche that sounds like any other one-sentence cliche or a My Little Pony quote. But a whole paragraph, NO. The odds are astronomical that Melania could by random chance come up with a paragraph nearly identical to Michelle Obama’s. And it happened twice.

        • FYI, I am writing to the SA about your continued name calling and a request to get you banned LesPark.

        • ike, we’d be more impressed with your indignation if you included a few of your liberal pals in your complaint.

        • lespark, your comments have no standings if you stoop to name calling and childish behaviors. Maybe you should stop trolling and go back to school.

        • No worries, Les, is the type of guy who would never say such things to me in person…..I know this for a fact. There is a word for such people…..

    • Yes! justmyview you are correct. Michele Obama did the same thing,she too plagiarized ……Elizabeth Dole.
      The question is ,where was the MSM when this happened to Mrs. Obama’s speech. Crickets. The Dishonest media at work again.

  • a female felon, who enabled her serial sexual offender husband to have access to her private email server that received and transmitted state department classified information, once said, “what difference, at this point, what difference does it make?”

    the clintons began the decline into corruption and scandal long before securing the presidency for the repeat sexual offender.

    obama embraced and furthered the decline with divisive leadership tactics pitting race against race and class against class.

    while the republicans failed at a brokered convention to nominate an alternative candidate, the democrats still have their chance to force a brokered convention and nominate an alternative candidate.

    that the site of the democrat convention is a prison is fitting. perhaps their strategy is to lure clinton and her gang of conspirators into the facility and then lock it down.

  • Michelle Obama should simply confess as F.H. Buckley did and exonerate Melania by telling the Associated Press that she (Michelle) was a “principal speechwriter” for Melania’s address, “so it’s not an issue.” Case closed.

  • At this juncture, pathologically copying other folks is a far minor issue contrasted to the major structural problems (not my words, but rather the conservative National Journal) that this rather odiferous campaign continues to leech out.

    A conspicuous number of Republican financiers are skipping this year’s four-day gala, in no small part due to Trump, who has lambasted the GOPs donor class with unprecedented zeal. By way of specific example, Paul Singer, perhaps the party’s most prolific financier, is staying away. So are Charles and David Koch, who have unparalleled influence in Republican fundraising circles.

    And a number of corporate patrons, from Apple to Wells Fargo, have abandoned their traditional sponsorship of the Republican convention, expressing little tolerance for Trump’s incendiary brand of politics. Some lobbyists have advised clients to be wary of attending a convention where the chance of protests — and reputational damage — is unusually high.

    As they say, follow the money, however in this case, follow where the money is not going, and you get the drift of this haphazard campaign.

    • Trump’s campaign is being fueled by her lies and past misdeeds or haven’t you noticed. The money her bigwigs and foreign interests are spending is to insure the continuation of business as usual. But, at this point what does it matter, they are all dead. Just remember, loose lips sink ships. How many lives, reputations have been lost or destroyed?
      Traction, are you kidding? He’s going in as the anti-establishment, law and order candidate. But then again what does it matter, they are all dead.

    • I think the attraction to Trump’s campaign, for a lot of people, is that it is not being funded by the big money, who we suspect will want something big in return.

      As I used to say, the country is run by rich Demos and rich Repubs. The only difference is the Demos feel guilty about all the money they have.

        • As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven, two professors at Columbia University. They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands. Add up the clues below. Taken individually they’re alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs government for survival … and can be counted on to always vote for bigger government. Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it.

    • A whole lot. It speaks of the traction, or lack thereof, it has in a national level. Further, on a more retail level, it profoundly disables the ground machinery necessary it any national campaign. These are not opinions, but rather the binary schematics of any legitimate candidate, i.e efficiency of their own infrastructure.

      • “the binary schematics of any legitimate candidate”

        Beautiful! You should put this in your next political science term paper.
        But if it is not yours, I think it needs to be sourced.

        • Sorry, my that my education from the college of Eli, is far more sophisticated than you present. Why don’t you google the concerned phrase, I’m pretty sure you will not be able to attribute it to another source other than myself…..

        • The far more sophisticated are 0-16 against Mr Trump. Something to think about. The establishment and Media have a very difficult time understanding this. Not a word about the great speeches by Sheriff David Clarke or the Navy Seal. Is that because no plagiarism was noted?

  • Hmmmn, serious posit: is this a campaign that is both serious and substantive?

    If we accept this query, the answer me the following: In place of prominent economists explaining how Trump’s election would kick-start the American economy, we were presented with a golfer, a winemaker, the head of the U.F.C., and Chris Christie??!

    • Prominent economists got us into this mess. ZIRP and NIRP …BREAKING DOWN ‘Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP)’
      During deflationary periods, people and businesses hoard money instead of spending and investing. The result is a collapse in aggregate demand which leads to prices falling even farther, a slowdown or halt in real production and output, and an increase in unemployment. A loose or expansionary monetary policy is usually employed to deal with such economic stagnation. However, if deflationary forces are strong enough, simply cutting the central bank’s interest rate to zero may not be sufficient to stimulate borrowing and lending.

  • this greaseball runt should be thrown out naked on the Kalahari plains and be hunted and shot, JUST LIKE the lions he kills for trophy. Give me 5 minutes with this little p&&&k. that whole family is disgusting

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