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Clinton recovering after health episode, cancels Calif. trip


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves after leaving an apartment building today in New York. Clinton’s campaign said the Democratic presidential nominee left the 9/11 anniversary ceremony in New York early after feeling “overheated.”


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, second from right, departs after attending a ceremony at the Sept. 11 memorial, in New York today on the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

NEW YORK » An ill Hillary Clinton abruptly left a 9/11 anniversary ceremony today and needed to be held up by three people before she appeared to stumble off a curb and was helped into a van. Several hours later, her campaign revealed she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and advised to rest.

Less than two months from Election Day, it was an unwanted visual for Clinton as she tries to project the strength and vigor needed for one of the world’s most demanding jobs. Republican rival Donald Trump has spent months questioning Clinton’s health, saying she lacks the stamina to be president.

In a statement, Clinton’s doctor said the former secretary of state had become overheated and dehydrated at the event in lower Manhattan. “I have just examined her and she is now rehydrated and recovering nicely,” Dr. Lisa R. Bardack said.

The physician said Clinton has had an allergy-related cough, and that during a follow-up examination Friday, the candidate was diagnosed with pneumonia, put on antibiotics, advised to rest and modify her schedule.

Clinton’s departure from the event was not witnessed by the reporters who travel with her campaign and aides provided no information about why she left or her whereabouts for nearly two hours. Spokesman Nick Merrill eventually said Clinton had gone to her daughter’s nearby apartment, but refused to say whether the former secretary of state had required medical attention.

Clinton exited the apartment on her own shortly before noon. She waved to reporters and said, “I’m feeling great. It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

In the meantime, a video surfaced on Twitter that showed Clinton being held up by aides as a black van pulls up. She stumbles and appears to fall off the curb as she is helped inside.

After leaving her daughter’s, Clinton was driven to her home in Chappaqua, New York, and made no public appearances. She later called off plans to fly to California on Monday morning for two days of fundraising, campaign events and an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

Trump, who attended the same event marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, was noticeably restrained. Asked by a reporter about Clinton’s health incident, Trump said, “I don’t know anything.”

The incident compounds an already difficult stretch for Clinton as the presidential race enters its final stretch. Despite Trump’s numerous missteps, the race remains close and many Americans view Clinton as dishonest and untrustworthy.

On Friday, Clinton told donors that “half” of rival Donald Trump’s supporters are in a “basket of deplorables” — a comment that drew sharp criticism from Republicans. Clinton later said she regretted applying that description to “half” of Trump’s backers, but stuck by her assertion that the GOP nominee has given a platform to “hateful views and voices.”

Now Clinton is sure to face new questions about whether she’s physically fit for the presidency. Trump and his supporters have been hinting at potential health issues for months, questioning Clinton’s stamina when she takes routine days off the campaign trail and reviving questions about a concussion she sustained in December 2012 after fainting. Her doctor attributed that episode to a stomach virus and dehydration.

Clinton’s doctor reported she is fully recovered from the concussion, which led to temporary double vision and discovery of a blood clot in a vein in the space between her brain and skull. Clinton also has experienced deep vein thrombosis, a clot usually in the leg, and takes the blood thinner Coumadin to prevent new clots.

Clinton spent about 90 minutes at the 9/11 event Sunday, standing alongside numerous other dignitaries, including New York’s Democratic senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirstin Gillibrand. The weather was warm and humid in New York on Sunday, and there was a breeze at the crowded memorial plaza during the ceremony.

Rep. Joe Crowley, D-N.Y., said he spent time before the ceremony chatting with Clinton and watching her sign autographs and take pictures. He said he was standing behind her during the remembrance and “she did not seem out of the ordinary at all.”

“It was stiflingly hot. I was sweating through my shirt,” Crowley said. “I had to leave myself. I drank about a gallon of water.”

Schumer said he also spoke with Clinton during the event and saw her leave “on her own accord.”?

Trump’s personal physician has said the Republican presidential nominee is in excellent health both physically and mentally. But the 70-year-old has refused to release his own health records.

Dr. Harold Bornstein’s report last December remains the only medical information released so far by the Trump campaign. Bornstein told NBC News he needed just five minutes to write a glowing public assessment of Trump’s health as a limousine waited to carry the letter back to Trump.

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        • Boots, When Hillary says she’s fine do you believe her? Do you believe ANYTHING she says?
          What does the story have to do with Trump?

        • The main stream media is buying into the smear from a fat out of shape 70 year old that Hillary has health problems. This is a sad testimony to the state of our news media.

        • Sounding a little weak there, Bootsie. Maybe desperate. Now’s the time for you to blame Bush and call someone a racist homophobe for reporting Clinton’s collapse.

        • You are a master at obfuscating. The issue is Hillary health. Do you honestly believe she is in good health and fit to be President?

        • Boots can’t form an articulate response so he/she resorts to changing the focus from Hillary to Donald. Such a feeble attempt Boots.

        • Everyone has a bad day or two. Jimmy Carter collapsed while jogging. George HW Bush threw up at a dinner. Ronald Reagan had a cancerous polyp removed, and no doubt was dealing with Alzheimer’s while in office. It’s a slowly moving condition, didn’t just appear after he left office.

          Trump’s memory issues are undeniable, does anyone disagree? He not only changes his policy weekly, he doesn’t remember that he changed it. And that paranoid fixation on the birther theory, that’s exactly what I see in the folks at the nursing home I visit.

          Doctor says Hillary has pneumonia and is now taking antibiotics for it. That should be the end of the pneumonia. If any other health issues come up, we can take a look at that.

        • Are we ready for another LIAR to take the place of Hillary if she elects to rest awhile. My bet he be Bill Clinton, I never had relations with the intern, guy.

        • Now it’s pneumonia, Really? A pneumonia cough is when you are trying to get rid of fluids……You don’t ask for water to clear your dry throat, gee, another lie.

        • Trump doing great. Another good day. HiLIARy can’t open her mouth without saying something stoopid. Cough lie cough lie Wiki wiki soon. Now she even has trouble standing up. Cough in peace. CIP Bye bye Hilly

        • Hey, Boots….we’re not talking about Trump…we’re talking about a pathetic liar who lacks the stamina as President……. nothing more and nothing less.

        • Another whoopsy daisy lies about of her in good health and now we read why she’s not. Everything about Hillary is a LIE! Her entire Presidential run runs on LIES! other than that I truly wish her well physically and mentally.

        • Anyone would be better than Trump. He should be checked for dementia, no kidding. All presidential candidates should be tested, including memory tests and CT scans.

          Trump would fail the memory test, no one can deny that—except for people who have poor memories and thinking skills.

        • Yup her running mate would still be way better then Trump. And by the way Trump’s brain does lose consciousness but he manages to remain standing, how does he do that?

        • The medical results would have to come from unbiased doctors. We need more panels/committees/boards to review test results plus we’ll need more overseers to observed these panels/committees/boards and maybe more levels above that to check them and so on. Everything these politicians built their careers on could be lies, just saying

        • betcha the Democrats are kona try to reschedule the Nov. elections till next year! They could do it! If illegal immigrants aren’t illegal for deportation I don’t see changing the Nov. election date be illegal. No need to go before the Houses for a vote, just tell Obama to use his Executive priviledges to make it law if a Democrat Presidential candidate gets sick, the elections will restart in full swing after that candidate is fully recovered. It’d be to the advantage of the GOP having their candidate more time to spread their word while the Dem. candidate recovers. Makes sense to me! Seems fair! workable!

      • Very true. Folks should get a good look at Hillary’s vp running mate. A good possibility that Kaine might become president if she is elected and unable to continue.

    • The Donald should give up? He obviously has a lot of memory loss and confusion. Don’t know if he falls but who would know if he did? Come on Donald, release a real medical report not something written by your grandson. Of course I suspect he will release his medical history as soon as he releases his tax returns, in other words, never.

      • Your candidate has serious health issues and needed help today to get into a van, when this was a planned political event. Stop attacking and being so evil and pray for Clinton. There is something seriously wrong with her and she needs a doctor.

        • There may or may not be something wrong with Clinton but there is something definitely wrong with the Donald. Evil? Strange description of my comment. But I will pray for both at Church today. Hows that?

        • The “body guard” with Hillary is Dr. Oladuton a neurologist. He’s always by her side, always…….

        • Well, bootsie, the Donald seemed fine at the event while Clinton was being carted off by the Secret Service. Oh, I have a suggestion. You and her supporters should chip in and buy here one of those electric wheel chair/scooters. That would make campaigning so much easier for her.

        • WOW! Crystal meth??!! Boots…you losing it…your telltale “lol” rearing it’s ugly head again along with your delusional ranting…sad.

        • Dr. Owandasan although a neurologist could just be a trusted doctor who could write prescriptions for Hillary when needed. His neurologist title means nothin but being a doctor. Nothin wrong with my take on the neuro doc.

      • Donald shows clear signs of early onset dementia. His memory is really bad, even his supporters must be aware of that. The birther and Ted Cruz’ father being a JFK assassin theories would be cute if said by a nursing home resident. But a potential POTUS? That’s scary.

        Donald and Hillary should play some memory games, such as Simon or matching cards. I’m sure Donald would do poorly. He can’t even remember that he supported the Iraq War! And insists on it despite all the evidence against him. Is that a good example of being senile? If not, what is it?

        • You’re sure? What I’m sure of is that you people are in full panic mode. Must. Protect. The. Hillary. Deny, divert, dissemble, redirect, deflect—anything but truth, anything but facts.

          Here’s a great big, undeniable fact for you, revealed by this news report. Hillary Clinton can’t even tell the truth about her own health. Instead, while under a doctors care for pneumonia, she lied to us saying she “felt fine”. Typical Clintonism, a great big, fat, blatant, the sky isn’t blue, LIE. If one has two functioning brain cells, one has to ask the screamingly obvious question—- What else is she lying about???

          Not up to it? Well, I’m not surprised. You peeps are so around the bend in denial that the fundamental nature of your candidate escapes you. At least Bernie, addle-brained communist that he was, was able to tell the truth occasionally. Clinton? She will say anything, do anything for power.

    • Scud runner and Bootsie – and where is Comrade Trumpf on this auspicious day?? EH? NOWHERE TO BE SEEN – he’s probably home in bed recovering from his coddled mini-trips in his private (old) jet, to speak to adoring-only audiences. He won’t give us even a hint of what his real health is. Nor a hint of what his taxes are hiding. Let’s be clear here dear. This is not a race to become the nation’s first majors athlete, it is a race for the presidency which requires much much more – intellect, experience, awareness of world conditions, understanding of world history and other countries’ current situations. DT has NON of that. Hillary has it all. I don’t care if she passes out while over-dressed in a woolen coat surrounded by thousands of people, after a grueling week of campaigning. And where is your beloved DT? Home in bed where he belongs.

    • If in she was no longer living on election day and her names still appears the ballot she would still get more votes and beat The Donald. Chump is not qualified to be POTUS regardless of his health. HaHaHaHaHa

    • It’s pneumonia – so big deal. Hillary has actually released her medical records and a list of all her current medications. If Trump wants to dispell the rumors about what drugs HE’S taking, and his physical condition (poor health) all he has to do is do the same thing Hillary Clinton has already done. Her latest physical exam was March 21.

        • Yes.

          If she is now taking antibiotics, as some have stated, it must be bacterial pneumonia, which is far more serious than viral.

          Taking her to Chelsey’s instead of the ER was yet another example of politically motivated bad decision making.

        • T was very wrong of her to hug that child since she is contagious. This woman is sick and I am afraid that she will die and we will be stuck with her V.

    • Question. If it was Pneumonia why did she go and hug the girl in front of the apartment building? Why was she exposing countless people at the 9/11 event? Why do I think she has some other problems that they aren’t talking about? Why would they want to push her to the limits of exhaustion and possibly screw the whole deal? something much more fishy about this whole thing but it will play itself out in the next few weeks. Someone will leak the real reasons she didn’t go to a hospital and went to her daughter’s apartment instead. Meanwhile North Korea is getting bold and so is Iran. Stay tuned America

  • I hope she feels better, but unfortunately, bad health is not a good feature for one of the most demanding jobs in the world. She should drop out of the race to take care of her health.

    • We have received a medical statement from Hillary’s doctor giving her a clean bill of health. Then we received a sloppily written letter from a “doctor” of the Donald that looked like it was written by some kid. You really think it is only Hillary that has “health” problems? Come on, wake up. The Donald is a walking disaster.

      • Letters from doctors have little meaning and do not in any way substitute for the real thing – medical records. Dr. Lisa Bardack is Hillary’s personal physician; she is paid by Hillary. That makes her a bit biased in favor of Hillary and makes her letter questionable. What was Dr. Bardack to do when Hillary asked for the letter saying she was in good health and fit to serve as president? Had she declined to do so, she might have lost Hillary as a patient, but by agreeing to write the letter, she retained a high profile patient who could become President. I wonder if the doctor wrote the letter with the thought of becoming the President’s personal physician. Hillary and Trump should release their complete medical records now.

      • They should both release complete health records and tax returns. Not sure about either of their health status, but the tax return would destroy Trump, even his supporters know that.

        Finally, they should have a memory contest. Trump would lose in a minute, quit, start talking conspiracy about Hillary’s emails, blah blah.

        • You people just don’t get it. A tax return is a signed statement of compliance with Federal tax law. Filers can leave things out of tax return, but the return itself won’t show that. No, your demand for tax returns is aimed at one thing, finding a way to embarrass Trump who has no doubt used the law to LEGALLY avoid paying taxes according to the law. He’s probably used every deduction possible–all legal and within the law. That’s what you Clintionites are after. Meanwhile, you’re willing to ignore completely the giant fraud/influence peddling scheme that is the Clinton Foundation. This is known as hypocrisy on steroids.

  • I know many on the Left will want to see Trump’s Tax returns. Right? But what would be more interesting would be, to see Hillary’s Physical/ Doctors records. We all know how frail Hillary is ,just let it out! Let the public know who they are voting for.
    But for now?
    I’d like to know the reporter who asked Donald Trump about Hillary’s Health incidents. And Trump responded “I don’t know anything about it”.
    Of course this was a Trap and Donald seen it coming! Good one Donald!
    Props to both Hillary Clinton (though brief) & Donald Trump for taking time off of politics and recognizing this tragic and memorable event of 911.Peace.

    • Yes I sure would like to see the Donald’s tax returns. Wouldn’t you? But you know what would be more interesting than Hillary’s medical records? How about the Donald’s health records? The Donald is a 70 year old man who is a bit overweight. I would like to see his latest stress test.

      Hillary may or may not be as frail as you make her out to be. That tape didn’t really show anything except that she tripped. Could have been due to the shoes she was wearing. Much ado about nothing.

      • Trump isn’t the one lying to the Federal government then claiming memory loss from a fall. Trump isn’t the one being carried into a van in the middle of the day. Trump doesn’t have a history of health problems like Clinton. You get so worked up over Trump that you can’t show any concern for Clinton. I feel sorry for you.

        • Well, let’s see. My “Calvary” is a site immediately outside Jerusalem’s walls also called Golgotha.

        • Unlike you, I’m smart enough to know that only Mrs. Clinton’s physician can comment on this. You have chosen to direct your willful and prideful ignorance into a life online commenting on things you know absolutely nothing about. Your platform of complete ignorance is not for me, thanks.

        • Klastri, unlike you, most of us are smart enough to know we should not take the word of one person regarding Hillary’s health, especially if that one person is Hillary’s personal physician who Hillary (or the Clinton Foundation) pays for her services. For a position as important as the President of the United States, it would be nice to have a panel of at least three independent physicians review her health records and release an unbiased report of Hillary’s health.

        • Ronin006 – Except that’s not what the Constitution stipulates. So dream on.

          I’m actually more interested in Mr. Trump’s health. He’s 70 years old and has been morbidly obese for years. And his color is an orange that is not found in nation.

        • Yes, Counselor, a candidate’s health is not a qualification for President under the Constitution and I did not suggest in any way that it was.

      • Boots, are you delusional? The video I watched showed her go down. When someone trips, they put their feet back under themselves, specially when people are holding on to them. If they weren’t holding on she would have planted her face on the ground. Then she was dragged to the waiting van. If you look at the video, you can see her limp right foot being dragged behind her and it looks as if they had put her on the floor of the van. Now I don’t like this woman, but I would never wish ill like this upon her. I think this goes to show that this woman is not fit to carry out and perform the duties of The President of The United States. She should take this as a warning that her health is not up to it. Watch the video again, it will be all over the media this coming week and will be dissected, pulled apart, put back together again and looked at by any talking head that the news can get on camera. Sorry to say, but I think her run is over.

      • “Could have been due to the shoes she was wearing.”

        baghdad boots:

        baghdad boots: the video clear shows that the female felon was shod in granny flats today.

        if you are trying to deflect today’s physical collapse, transient ischemic attack, caused by a blood clot, is more likely the reason for today’s debacle rather than your silly “could have been the shoes” spin.

        • You are not Mrs. Clinton’s physician, so you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. None. Zero.

        • When someone is stumbling, mumbling and constantly coughing there is something wrong with them. Donald is standing tall, looking healthy and speaking clearly. Take your choice and I’m not even a doctor nor a PhD’er.

  • What is wrong with this woman? The video makes it look like she is drunk and being carried away by her detail. Someone please help her. She has some serious problems. Trump was right again, although I hate to keep admitting that.

  • All politics aside, I saw the close up video and she was not well. The head was wobbling back and forth like she was about to pass out. Then, just before getting into the van, the knees buckles and she would have gone to the ground had someone not caught her. Again, all politics aside, this was spooky to watch.

  • Even the Clinton-friendly Washington Post admits today that Clinton’s health is a legitimate issue, especially after watching the several different videos circulating on social media of her knees buckling and her collapsing as she was being helped into the van. Weather conditions in Manhattan at the time were temperature in the low 70s and 44 percent relative humidity. No one in her entourage attempted to take her coat off, so the “overheating” excuse is yet another lie.

    Instead of the entourage taking her to a hospital, they took her to Chelsea’s apartment in Lower Manahattan because they can’t stand the truth coming out from an independent medical examination.

    She belongs in a hospital, not the Oval Office–no stamina whatsoever for the toughest job in the world.

  • C’mon, this is some 1960s Pravda level stuff, SA.

    The story isn’t that “Hilary Clinton Feels Great!” the story is that Hilary Clinton lost consciousness in 70 degree, low humidity weather and blamed it on being “overheated.”

    Please cover the news and save the spin for the blogs.

        • Kalaheo is correct. Pointing out the truth is necessary. IOW, get your collective heads out of the sand.

        • Kalaheo, I fully agree. Regardless of the actual facts, Hillary’s propensity for either misrepresenting or forgetting her actions automatically invokes suspicion. Couple that with her being surrounded by a political machine willing to compromise themselves for her benefit, and no one, even her supporters, can be fully confident in what’s being said. Of course Trump presents his own challenges, unique to his character, and has drawn support for a variety of reasons, some less savory than others. Project this lack of confidence forward into a presidency, and further division is the predictable future, no matter who is elected. Early on, I decided to support Gary Johnson. I certainly don’t know him that well. and can’t agree with some of the Libertarian platform, however, from what I’ve been able to find out, he seems to be an honorable man, with a good record, and has nowhere near the baggage of the other candidates. Of course he’s a long shot, and most likely won’t even make the debates, but, as these types of stories further discourage voters, I’ll keep reminding them that there is indeed a better way and It’s on us if we don’t follow it.

  • this may be the one event that is remembered years from now as the tipping point for requiring third party medical physicals for all major party candidates for president.

    the office of the president of the united states is the most demanding job in the world.

    a person with just one serious medical issue should be closely vetted medically to assure the american voters that health issues won’t prevent the candidate from assuming the many critical requirements of presidency.

    a person suffering from long term prolific selective memory loss, confusion, dizziness, falls, concussion, blood clots, chronic fatigue and fainting spells should be disqualified from running for and holding the office of president of the united states.

    baghdad boots aside, a candidate’s health is a legitimate issue to determine qualification for the office of president.

    • All politics aside, I think I have to agree with you though it would be difficult to come up with a uniform standard to apply to all candidates impartially. There was Roosevelt’s polio, Eisenhower’s heart problems, Kennedy’s back problems, Reagan began around the time of the START talks to show early Alzheimer’s signs. It would be difficult but probably not impossible.

    • The qualifications for president are spelled out in the Constitution. Unfortunately, being physically and mentally fit are not qualifications. Can’t be done without an amendment to the Constitution.

  • Do the media always know where Drumpf is? Does he disappear for an hour and all of a sudden it’s an issue? I can’t decide which is more arrogant, media that insist on 24/7/365 itineraries for people in the headlines — or media consumers who think it’s explicitly their right to know.

  • Maybe time to dust off Uncle Joe Biden? He’s nutty as a loon but he’s got name recognition and is the only one who can beat Donald. The Bernie Sanders crowd must really be fit to be tied. They were disenfranchised by the Hillary people and were expected to fall in line and support Waldo as if nothing had happened. The Hillary people had to know her health was an issue yet they rolled the dice hoping she would make it till November. The democrats are now fragmented and rudderless. Debates are coming up. After her dismal performance with Matt Lauer it’s reasonable to believe the debates will be even worse. Nobody left to carry on Barry Hussein’s good works. Not a good day to be a democrat.

  • eight hours after the incident, the female felon’s campaign has broken radio silence and informs that the congenital liar suffered dehydration due to pneumonia.

    at least it’s a better spin that baghdad boots’ claim that she couldn’t walk in her shoes.

  • That video is very concerning. If you look at her legs before the van doorspen, you can see she is leaning back against the concrete pillar and someone is supporting her on the side. Once the doors open, there is some hesitation and her head starts nodding to the side. She needs to be supported but finally collapses (not trips). Kudos to her security demail for trying to block the view. I’ve seen plenty of cases of people passing out from dehydration ando while that looked similar, it was never in 70 degree temps with no extreme exertion. I hope she gets whatever treatment she needs but she has to be transparent to the public.

      • Go back and read what I wrote again. Did I even attempt to diagnose her problem? What I did say was I have seen people pass out from heatstroke and dehydration. Your next question will be where have I seen this first hand. Not that it matters to this story but to display your small minded thinking…first time I saw it was around Fort Benning in the hir humid Georgia summertime during AIT while earning the right to wear the 11B infantry blue. Saw it frequently in the field and during operations where guys would push themselves to the limit but not drink enough water. My comments were not diagnosing…I’m sure even you can understand that now.

        • klastri (aka Kurt on Kauai, aka kauai) speaks with an imploding head so you have to excuse his vitriolIC DEPLORABLE behavior.

        • Keonigohan – You continue with your very bizarre obsession with me. What, exactly, is wrong with you?

          I never think about you. Not once, ever.

          And you constantly lie. Constantly. You appear unable to write anything truthfully.

        • klastri (aka Kurt on Kauai, aka kauai)…you were the very first to respond to my comment on another media outlet and you and your vitriol and obsession with me is very weird. Everything you predicted from the Michael Brown case to OBAMACARE to BREXIT to BLM have all been BS and never panned out…now you stated hiLIARy will win in a LANDSLIDE…will see what happens.
          With all your aliases your ideology is so skewed with hatred you can never hide under another name.
          You lie so much you are a replica of hiLIARy…lying comes naturally for you.

  • Hillary and her campaign simply can’t be transparent and tell the truth about anything. The Star-Advertiser and most of the mass media give Democrats a pass and never challenge them on their evasiveness and outright lies to us with impunity.

    If she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, why did it take them so long to issue a statement today that she has pneumonia?

    Never believe the first thing Hillary Clinton or her campaign says about anything.

  • We now know Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, but that fact was not revealed until late Sunday several hours after she had to leave the 9/11 memorial event. She and her campaign may have been trying to cover up her illness, but given her history of not remembering or recalling key events while Secretary of State, she most likely did not remember Dr. Bardack telling her two days ago that she had pneumonia. That would make it a double whammy – pneumonia and a mental condition.

  • Granny is beginning to get all the kinds of ailment besetting senior citizens. Let’s face it she qualirfys for Medicare . Yep the ole body is not what it used to be? Wonder if her libido has abandoned her?

  • Hope the medical report is honestfor her sake. If it is another one of her lies than it could be devastating for her personally. Lies have a funny way to haunt you later?

  • Barry is a harmless guy. Hold on a minute. He was given the presidency the same way he was given the president of the harvard law review gig, which earned him a book deal. the other presidency earned him a much more lucrative book deal. He’s a pretty good writer in the old fashioned hack style they teach in college fiction writing classes. Just like the guy at punahou taught him and all his kids to keep a journal, he’s been keeping a journal during his WH days and will write the book and play golf while accumulating wealth for his kids, which was how he dealt with being black and smart. As for Hillary, there is no reason to feel guilty about her so no reason to promote her to the next step up the female ladder. Let’s get back to reality, shall we.

    • You’re lying, of course. You are completely ignorant about how the HLR editor is chosen.

      It would be helpful if you, just once, wrote truthfully. Just once would be great.

  • It’s really remarkable how so many commenters here could be so incompetent at so many things. But let’s add Medical Doctor to that long list of failure.

    Republicans now think that they can diagnose something different from videos than a personal physician can using imaging and diagnostics.

    Imbeciles. All of you.

    • Should bounce back? Don’t know about you but that doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence in me. Doesn’t make me want to get out there and cast my ballot for the old gal. I don’t wish Mrs. Clinton any ill will but I’m kind of thinking karmic justice may be paying her a visit. Maybe one of you new agers out there can confirm?

        • Crooked Hilliary should crawl under a rock on 9/11. Bad things happen to her. It’s like Friday the 13th.

        •’re to nice about the “rock’ description…I think “BOULDER or MOUNTAIN” would be more appropriate myself.

      • From which medical school do you have your degree?

        She could run a marathon tomorrow and you wouldn’t vote for her, so please spare all of us your nonsense.

        The old gal? Mr. Trump is older; he’s morbidly obese; and he’s orange. You just hate women.

        • No, I don’t hate women. If Sarah Palin were the nominee I’d vote for her quicker than you can say “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan” I wonder if the democrats have a contingency plan ready. Nobody knows or cares about her running mate Tom Kaine. Bernie is damaged goods. Crazy Joe Biden is, well, crazy. Not looking good for the cultured, educated, compassionate and charitable progressives.

        • CEI – Sarah Palin, of course. No matter that when she speaks, it’s like someone translating 3rd grade english into Korean, and then back into English. And then bungling that.

          Some folks really shouldn’t vote.

        • Klastri – CEI’s fear of women is now out there for all to see. Poor ting. What reasonable folks need to do is go shopping – we are going to need some enormous baskets for all the crazies.

        • klastri…”No matter that when she speaks, it’s like someone translating 3rd grade english into Korean”. Your racist streak is starting to oooze out. NO MORE KALBI FOR YOU!

  • Kahu Matu says: September 11, 2016 at 8:22 am ” Trump isn’t the one lying to the Federal government” Ah Kahu and all DT fans……… The DTs ster IS the one lying to the Federal Government – the Internal Revenue Service AKA the U.S Treasury. If Hillary wins, they will be allowed to continue their audit of DTs tax returns, and when they are through, the DT will be able to release them to his loving public. Then he’ll be all set to run next time. Right? Yeah sure. Hold your breath on that one. But if he is indicted on tax fraud then ………. time will tell.

    • Do you really think that someone with as much to lose as Mr. Trump would cheat on his taxes? He can afford an army of lawyers and accountants to make sure all is legal.

      • FYI : “As many seasoned tax experts have noted, however, his tax returns would not only verify those claims but offer more context on the candidate as a citizen and businessman.
        “These bits of information are important, putting hard data behind a candidate’s breezy claims to probity, generosity, and honesty,” wrote tax historian Joseph Thorndike.
        Even if Trump just releases the top two pages of his 1040 plus his Schedule A, voters would see:
        – How much taxable income he made
        – How much he paid in taxes and his effective tax rate (taxes paid as a percent of income)
        – How much he gave to charity
        – What other deductions he takes (e.g., medical expenses, state and local taxes paid, real estate taxes, mortgage interest, etc.)
        – How much income he made on investments (interest, dividends and capital gains)
        – And whether he paid tax to any foreign governments.” We know all about his charitable donations now, His foundation collects money from other real foundations then contributes it (sometimes) to real charitable organizations as if it came from DT, but it did not come from him. If he claimed that money as his own charitable contribution he’s a cooked goose. Don’t you love the internet – full of data.

        • So, do you really think he would cheat on his taxes when he can afford an army of accountants and lawyers? You state that he is lying on his returns? Why? He’ll make more money in one year than you will in a lifetime.

  • first the campaign does an emergency dive, blacking out all communications. then the campaign refused to release reporters who were at the scene of the emergency evacuation of the female felon, keeping them there until the evacuation vehicle and the felon were long gone.

    when the campaign does break radio silence, they announce that a doctor has treated her for pneumonia, that was by the way diagnosed last friday but kept secret, unlike her emails. the doctor doses the female felon and declares that she should rest and modify her campaign schedule.

    now, the campaign announces that the female felon has canceled further campaigning in california.

    after assange releases more of the female felon’s emails expect to see more of the doctor’s care reported by main street media and more scheduled campaign events canceled. ducking out of uncontrolled pressers, refusal to be interviewed, cancelation of debates could all be in the nix for the female felon.

    only the most rabid of the congenital liar’s brown shirts still believe that health issues, especially the major health issues plaguing hildebeast, are a political distraction or even fabrications.

    we are electing a president, the most powerful person in the free world. the public has a right to know if any candidate should be disqualified because of and health issue. someone suffering from long term prolific selective memory loss, confusion, dizziness, falls, concussion, blood clots, chronic fatigue and fainting spells should be disqualified from running for and holding the office of presidency.

  • Hillary is said to be diagnosed with pneumonia which is a potentially contagious disease. In light of that, following her “health episode” she goes to her daughter’s apartment where her 2 year-old grandchild and another 3 month-old grandchild reside. A few hours later, after shaking hands with someone, she emerges from the apartment building smiling and beckons a child spectator outside the building to come near her and greets the child in front of spectators and poses for the press. Does this scenario sound congruent? If Hillary is diagnosed with pneumonia, why does she risk going to Chelsea’s apartment where her young grandchild and infant grandchild reside? Would she not rather isolate herself to avoid infecting others, especially her own grandchildren? She shakes hands with someone and and then invites a child over to greet and pose for photographs. Her own actions cast doubt upon whether she really has pneumonia. If she has pneumonia, she is either ignorant of the fact that it is potentially contagious, or she doesn’t care that she may infects others. Or, she doesn’t have pneumonia.

  • This development must be heartbreakingly disappointing to the feminist crowd. Since the 1970’s they have been trying to dismantle the natural differences between men and women in an effort to reach equality. In the process they destroyed romance by reversing traditional male and female roles. Mrs. Clinton was their standard bearer but it seems now she lacks the stamina and physical fitness to close the deal. The dirty little secret however is that Hillary would be a nobody without her husband. Which explains the reason she overlooked his infidelity and disrespect toward her. So much for the triumph of feminism.

  • “Schumer said he also spoke with Clinton during the event and saw her leave “on her own accord.”?”

    I watched two videos.

    She crumbled to the ground in what look like a classic syncope.
    She had to be carried, in a partially erect position, into the vehicle.

      • Klastri, if you watch the two videos, you do not have to be a physician to see what Cricket_Amos and the entire world saw. Anyone who sees it differently is either blind, dumb, brainless or all of the foregoing.

        • What medical school did you graduate from?

          You enjoy commenting from a platform of complete ignorance. I learned as a young child, thankfully, that’s never a good thing.

        • Reading comprehension, please. The videos are clear, unambiguous. Without the Secret Service, Clinton would have been face down in the gutter. Then, of course, afterwards she lied about her health, saying she felt just fine—not an hour later the news broke on the pneumonia she was and had been treated for. Simply put, she can’t tell the truth about anything.

          Doesn’t take a medical degree to figure this out.

        • Reading comprehension, please. The videos are clear, unambiguous. Without the Secret Service, Clinton would have been face down in the gutter. Then, of course, afterwards she misled us about her health, saying she felt just fine—not an hour later the news broke on the pneumonia she was and had been treated for. Simply put, she can’t tell the truth about anything.

          Doesn’t take a medical degree to figure this out.

        • Klastri, where did you go to medical school to qualify you to diagnose Trump as “morbidly obese.”

      • Let’s cut through all of the name calling and backbiting. The fact of the matter is the democrat leadership knew of Hillary’s failing health, and make no mistake, it is failing. But the power-brokers couldn’t afford another candidate to get the nomination. The reason of that is there’s a lot of payback that needs to get settled for all of the donations she and her husband took. Incidentally, those paybacks will be charged to the American taxpayer. They also knew that Hillary was a terrible candidate, she cannot connect with the voters, there is very little enthusiasm when she speaks, she has zero charisma and has a resume of failure after failure. Without Bill she would be selling real estate or working the cosmetics counter and everybody knows it. Buyer’s remorse anyone?

  • How many of you skeptics have, while suffering from pneumonia, tried sitting in the sun for 90 minutes at an outdoor event on a hot, humid day while wearing a bulletproof vest?

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