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Michelle Obama: America ‘needs an adult’ in White House

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    First lady Michelle Obama spoke at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, today, as she campaigned for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

PHILADELPHIA » Michelle Obama told supporters in Philadelphia today that candidates don’t change once they become president and that America “needs an adult in the White House.”

The first lady never mentioned Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during the rally at LaSalle University. But there was no question that she was warning voters that President Trump would be the same as candidate Trump.

“The presidency doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are,” she told the cheering crowd.

She referred to several comments Trump made during and after Monday’s debate, including his apparent acknowledgment that he’s paid no taxes some years. Trump said that makes him “smart.”

“If a candidate is erratic and threatening, if a candidate traffics in prejudice, fear and lies on the campaign trail, if a candidate thinks not paying taxes makes you smart, or that it’s good business when people lose their homes; if a candidate regularly and flippantly makes cruel and insulting comments about women, about how we look, how we act — well, sadly, that’s who that candidate really is,” she said. “That is the kind of president they will be.”

She said the country needs a leader who is steady and measured because when making war-or-peace decisions, “the president can’t just pop off or lash out irrationally. No, we need an adult in the White House, I guarantee you.”

Later today, she appeared at a rally for the Democratic presidential nominee at the University of Pittsburgh, where she changed the wording to “grown-up.”

She cast Clinton as a tough, compassionate fighter who doesn’t back down and who loves her country.

“Experience matters, preparation matters, temperament matters,” she said. “Hillary Clinton has it all. She’s the real deal.”

She told the crowd in Pittsburgh she understands some voters are uninspired this year, but this election is too important not to vote.

“Either Hillary Clinton or her opponent will be the next president this year. The stakes are too high to take that chance” by not voting or casting a protest vote for someone else, she said. “It isn’t about voting for the perfect candidate. There’s no such thing.”

Trump’s campaign reacted to Obama’s speech with a statement saying Clinton is in “panic mode” in Pennsylvania because polls show the Republican presidential nominee surging in the battleground state.

Associated Press writer Joe Mandak contributed to this report from Pittsburgh.

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    • Not to split hairs but the USA is a representative republic. That being said the country has gone from having public servants to having the public serve the politicians. No better example exists than the Clinton crime family. The have been selling government influence for decades. They use the US treasury – which is funded by taxpayers by the way – to reward entities that fill their pockets. A pretty neat gig if you can get it.

      • The public serving the official is exactly what will happen if you blindly vote for a person because you like “something” about their style.

        Before you support someone, you should know both good and bad things about that person. You should know and deal with it logically if that person makes strange conspiracy theories without any evidence.

        You should stop making excuses for Trump and insist on him releasing his tax returns. There is no good smart reason to not want to see them. You already KNOW something is fishy about his bragging about what a great businessman he is while keeping his real records a secret. You already suspect that he’s either not as wealthy as he claims to be, or that he’s made a lot of money selling online porn, or doing dirty deals with enemy nations, or getting rich off bankruptcies. You should want to know exactly how he got his money.

        If you blindly support a man with so many secrets, you will be left sitting in the dirt, with no lunch money. That is exactly what will happen. Will that make you happy?

        • The Clintons have a decades long record of siphoning off taxpayer money and selling influence to achieve their goals, this is well known and documented. Trump has no such record of violating the public trust. I know you’re a smart enough fella’ to know this. You’re just afraid of what your progressive friends will say about you if you vote for the Donald. Sitting in the dirt with no lunch money? Gosh, that sounds positively frightening.

        • Trump would be a fool to release his taxes. The media cannot beat him om the economy, immigration, law and order, terrorism, taxes, foreign policy, etc., all issues that you must admit effect each and every one of us. Hillary is on the wrong side of each of those issues. So what can they attack? For example, there would be nothing better (according to Democrats) than to comb through his taxes and find one of his business’ had a lawsuit against a minority. The next day, you can only imagine what the headlines would be. The decision for this election should be, are you happy with the economy?, are you happy with your healthcare? Do you believe were safe? Do you believe the government is spending the right amount of money? On and on. If “yes” is your answer, vote for Hillary. If you don’t believe we’re heading in the right direction, vote for Trump. That’s your choice. I hope nobody votes based on Trump’s comments to Rosie Odonnel, or Hillary’s defending her husband’s numerous trysts. Stick to the issues that effect your life.

        • The Clintons did not “siphon off taxpayer money.” That’s BS from political opponents and extreme, biased media sources.

          What does “Trump has no such record of violating the public trust” mean? He wasn’t president, so he couldn’t “siphon off” anything. He has a well documented, deplorable record of violating people’s trust (contractors, tenants, students, creditors, etc.).

          “I don’t need to see his tax returns!” That is the most sucker-ish thing a person can say. You are begging a con artist to steal your dignity, country, and lunch money!

        • CEI – You are flat out lying about the Clintons siphoning off taxpayer money. Just lying.

          Now THAT is the sign of losing a debate.

          Mr. Trump, on the other hand, has received at least $800 million in direct taxpayer subsidies to build his buildings. Facts are very stubborn.

        • yes trump has all good things and Hillary has all bad things. looks like trump wins mm on who to support. I am glad you will agree with me on my answer.

        • This is in response to Klastri useless comments, Do you know why he used $800 million in taxpayer subsidies. let me tell you, the Government allowed him to do it, so who do you blame a smart business man who wants to Make America Great again and change the way we do business or an incompetent government that continues to sell the american people out. So if you were anything close to being a smart business man/woman you would do the same.

    • Trump is in no way qualified to be president of anything. He has used his inherited money to buy influence and buy politicians for years. He himself has bragged about that.

    • I agree, I can see Trump standing before Congress and asking–Why the —are we fighting in the Desert countries–let the towel heads blow each other apart–get our troops home to build roads and bridges!!! Nobody else will/can say that!!

      • You’re right that nobody else will say that, and for good reason. You have no grasp at all of foreign policy as it relates to our own security. None at all.

        And “towel head?” You certainly are a Trump supporter!

        • That is the problem. Trump says what he feels without having to “smile ” while he thinks what is PC to say. Trump never said “towel head ” but by your offended response you act as if he did say it. I want to know about the 33,00 esnails and she is the one that has had the political ability for over 30 years to be a part of the horrible economy and the wall street elites.

        • No. Trump speaks what he feels without thinking- period. That is why he has to walk back a racist or sexist statement every other day. He is smart enough only to lead the band of ignoramuses who support him.

  • If Donald Trump is not an Adult, what do you think her husband is? Maybe a disciple of Satan. He is all anti-Christian. Obama is rank the King of abortion than other U.S. President in the past history. Funding Parenthood is his pet project. He has refused to stop abortion at nine months….9 months! He had destroyed God’s covenant of marriage of one man and woman in the United States.

    Donald Trump will restore true American values replacing the liberal political correctness of this last 8 years.

    • How is it that your god is totally powerless to stop the (imagined) horrors of politicians? Only you know, I bet!

      You can believe in whatever fairy tales you want to believe in, and obey your imaginary friends. Those of us who can actually think will do what we think is right.

    • “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” (Pope) Francis said when a reporter asked him about Mr. Trump on the papal airliner as he returned to Rome after his six-day visit to Mexico-NYT 2/18/2016. But I’m sure you and your flock know better than the Pope.

    • So, his three marriages, multiple affairs and six bankruptcies that cost in the billions, and thousands of lawsuits are the standard bearer of American values????

      What else is he going to bring back VD and the plague???

      • What do you think about a President who seduces a young girl half his age in the public’s house and then isn’t man enough to admit it until he is cornered by the truth? How about a Presidential candidate that refers to that woman, and other conquests, in derogatory terms? How would the spouse of a President who “slept around” and lied about it present American values?

  • Mrs. Obama is correct, of course. Mr. Trump is like the high school freshman bully that never grew up. And never learned anything in school. Nothing at all. He’s extremely lucky that he had a wealthy father.

    Thankfully, he’ll never be President of the United States. His completely disastrous failure at the debate – this is what happens when an ignoramus tries to debate someone one on one – has already caused a large bounce up in the polls for Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Trump’s advisors are probably counseling him to not even show up for the next two debates. Now that the Clinton campaign knows what sets him off into incoherence (please, Mr. Trump … tell us more about your son Barron’s role in United States cyber security!) she will be sure to needle him constantly into his babbling again at the next two.

    Thanks to Trump’s totally clueless supporters, who have delivered to Mrs. Clinton the only Republican candidate who she could have won this easily against. “I love the poorly educated!” Go Trump!

      • Hope WH has a current inventory listing..and security screening with security escort upon departure….don’t want another set of thieves taking everything that belongs to us, We The People.

      • Obama plays grown up by sanctioning whoever he feels is not playing nicely to piss them off. No need for negotiations. He accomplishes the “piss them off” part. You think Russia or China want to be pals with any part of this current administration?

    • Trump is like the goofball or stoner who runs for class president. At first everyone is having fun and is excited about the guy who promises pizza for lunch every day; he might even be leading at the beginning. But as election day approaches, people settle down, come to their senses, and eventually vote for the normal, responsible kid.

    • The MSNBC 1st debate Presidential moderator, Lester Holt is definetly a clone of the Democratic party with his bias questioning against Donald Trump. Heck, they could have had our Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama as the moderator.
      In one of the next two debates, they will cover the things the Democrats fear: Bengazi, Deleted Emails, Clinton Foundation, Iraq War Vote, Hillary Crimes, Hillary health, 500 percent increase in bringing Syrian refugees to this country and much, much more.
      The punchline of that debate comes from Hillary Clinton: “Everyone one should obey the laws.” I don’t know if I should cry laughing. Hillary Clinton has lied to Congress in person; She has lied to Americans, most especially to the families of Americans who lost their lives in Bengazi Libya when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refuse to help despite 600 requests. She got a pass from the FBI in their investigation of her criminal emails handling.
      God has judged America by letting Barack Hussein Obama be the leader of our country. He has totally destoryed it and lost respect from our Allies.
      When Donald Trump gets elected as our next President of the United States, a whole lots of liberals will move to Canada. How about you Klastri? Need help packing?

      • Lester Holt is actually a registered republican. What does that tell you? And anyone who believes our president is a muslim has no credibility. Even responsible republicans agree that he is not. This is just another lie propogated by conspiracy nuts.

        • I believe Obama is a muslim on three things he said or did. 1.when he was on the george stepenopolis show he said I believe in my muslim faith and georgy boy said to him and you mean your Christian faith, and Obama said my Christian faith. Obama lied there he said he is of muslim faith. 2. when he went to Saudi arabia he bowed to there leader and embarrassed us no leader bows to another leader unless he is a lower muslim bowing to a muslim leader, another sign of being a muslim 3. a little over a month ago the last day of ramadon a muslim tradition Obama invited a lot of muslim imams for dinner. another sign of being a muslim. so blackmurano is right about what he said. the liberal t.v. and press will not tell you this.

      • Repeat: Lester Holt is a registered republican. Not sure how President Obama “destoryed” our country. Reality check: Obama is widely respected abroad. Many prominent world leaders have publicly shown contempt for Trump and condemned his comments.

        • you want to know how, there’s a new book out by Michael savage called scorched earth its about how Obama left this country in flames and Hillary will make this country burn if she is elected.

    • The Democratic pundits really like to hear people make comments like the ones you make, but it’s interesting that they would never be caught calling Mr. Trump an “ignoramus”, as you have. Are you trying to convince readers that Hillary is a better choice? If you are, such comments probably have the opposite effect. No matter who is the candidate, it would be best to keep our comments civil.

    • Chump and his supporters are similar in that they believe if they repeat the same lies louder and louder some will begin to stick. Unfortunately, it just serves to stoke more outrage amongst his intellectually-challenged and/or racist base. The only thinkers in his crowd are the uber-rich, who frankly could care less about the American government or people- they’re just looking for Donald to protect their bottom line. The rest are looking for a return to an era when white males ruled and women, minorities, and homosexuals knew and kept their place. Those times are over- with a vengeance. If that was the country you loved- yes- you’ve lost it.

      • Uber-rich? Fortune Magazine estimates the Clinton’s net worth at $110 million, even after leaving the White House “dead broke. How did that happen? Why won’t Clinton release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches? Per Politico, 17% of her donations were contributions of less than $200. 70% of Mr. Trump’s were from donations of less than $200. She’s the one that’s been bought.

  • look at your husband first before you say we need an adult as president, your husband not even adult, who led this country to almost ruining it. Hillary will do the same and make things worse, I feel trump can do a better job than Hillary and your husband, so you should just keep your mouth shut, American hater.

      • yes, and there true facts not like you, Ike, mm, boots and all the others who like Hillary who is a lawbreaker and should be thrown in prison, these are facts about the felon, she broke federal law title 18 section 2071, which calls for imprisonment, she took money for speeches from Arab and other countries while being SS, she was an accessory before and after the fact of the 4 murders in Benghazi and yet all of you really want a lawbreaker as president, well if that’s the case that means you are all for lawbreakers who commit crimes either bank robbers murderers and all other criminal acts by other people. see you can’t be for one lawbreaker and don’t like other lawbreakers you have to be against all lawbreakers or for all lawbreakers otherwise that’s makes all of you hypocrites, with all your innuendo’s and assumptions I can understand your liberals with mental disorders and you got your degrees out of gumball machine’s, but that’s okay your legends in you own mind.

        • Are you always angry and bitter because poor choices in your life resulted in you being unable to construct complete sentences? Did “liberals” somehow disadvantage you?

        • mm make all the remarks you want to make against me, because your ashamed of what I wrote above is the truth. so I see the truth hurts you.

        • 64hoo, I’m not a liberal, just like to see things clearly.

          When you come to your senses and realize that the right/weird media has been feeding you a bunch of weak lies, and realize that Trump never intended to keep any of his promises to you, it’s okay to admit you were wrong.

          I won’t give you a hard time, will just congratulate you on becoming a better person.

        • mm I do not look or get my true information from any right wing or left wing media, all the true stuff I get is from other sources and by looking at what’s happening to this country. history repeating itself, just read about the rise and fall of the roman empire, and you will see how we are very close of becoming the fall of the roman empire with 8 years of Obama who ruined this country and more years if Hillary wins. I do not need any of these t.v. and media press to tell me anything, I can see what’s happening to this country just my true facts and common sense.

  • Michelle comments about the Hillary loving America is true, They have been feeding at the public trough since Bill was Governor of Arkansas and earlier while she worked as a government attorney. Their owe their livelihood to the American taxpayer. Latest report is Chelsea their daughter’s net worth is $15 million plus as vice president of one their tax-free charitable foundations. Donations to the foundations are mainly from foreign and Wall Street billionaire donors. There were some questionable donations yet to be verified?

    • Pretty good on how all the Clintons are worth million and millions and not running a business. Excuse they have a business, the Clinton Foundation with questionable charitable donations of dollars. Selling services using their influence of being secretary of state and former president of the U.S.

      Watch the donations to this charitable foundation decline should she not get in. If she does she’ll create an arms length affiliation to this foundation, however you can bet this foundation will grow even larger.

        • That’s because “it’s a different model, unlike all other charitable organizations”, according to the pundits. I cannot understand how someone can ignore the corruption and still support Hillary. If she’s elected, they’ll be billionaires by the time she leaves the White House.

  • got to love the iyi politicians, addressing their gruber voters in their hate-coded rhetoric, employing words with no meaning to trigger emotions, jumping to conclusions absent facts and outlining campaign promises never fulfilled.

  • Yes an adult who is keeps on spending money and increasing the national debt under his watch. Trillions and Trillions more in debt under his presidency. The senate and the congress supposedly the parents say it is okay son to spend and borrow. Let’s live it up and keep on kicking the can down the road.

    Our political leaders are to serve the people of the nation. It is so apparent they are serving themselves. The Cadillac of health plans and the retirement package they have too, that the people of this nation can never get. You have to belong to this club that supposedly serves the people of America.

    Trump made his money doing business the Clintons made theirs taking advantage of their positions in government and created a foundation that invokes the “Pay to Play”.

    • A nonpartisan research group found that Trump’s promises will raise the national debt by $5.3 trillion. Smart businessman? Or lying politician?

      Trump made his money by exploiting bankruptcy loopholes and stiffing contractors. And he flat out lied about providing child care for his employees. CROOKED DONALD.

  • what she said: “the president can’t just pop off or lash out irrationally.” what she means: “the president directly manipulates the public.”

    consider three presidential (adult) statements:

    1. “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played,” but, “The police acted stupidly.”

    2. “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House?

    3. “Here’s what happened. … You had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy character who — who made an extremely offensive video directed at — at Mohammed and Islam — . . . extremists and terrorists used this as an excuse to attack a variety of our embassies, including the one, the consulate in Libya.”

  • original post pending moderation.

    what she said: “the president can’t just pop off or lash out irrationally.” what she means: “the president directly manipulates the public.”

    consider three presidential (adult) statements:

    1. “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played,” but, “The police acted stupidly.”

    2. “Cool clock, Ah med. Want to bring it to the White House?

    3. “Here’s what happened. … You had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy character who — who made an extremely offensive video directed at — at Mo ham med and Is lam — . . . extremists and terrorists used this as an excuse to attack a variety of our embassies, including the one, the consulate in Libya.”

  • One is a liar and does underhanded things, other is a bully and does underhanded things. Tough choice this election year America. Whomever is elected and starts doing underhanded things, we will appreciate the Obama’s integrity and leadership even more.

  • Hillary is untrustworthy. Don’t forget they stole a bunch of thing from the White House when they left and had to return them. Then of course there are the e-mails that she erased and Benghazi. The Clinton foundation has questionable donations. Mark Cuban is her buddy because he knows she can be bought.

    • You’re lying. That entire story about things being stolen from the White House was debunked over and over again, but since Trump supporters have trouble (a whole lot of trouble in some cases) reading, they seem to not know that.

      Keep it up. You’re doing great!

      • Yes and Bill did not have sexual relations with that woman. And Trump has the kindness of Mother Theresa. What other fantasies do Hillary and Trump supporters hold as the gospel truth.

  • Oh yeah just like the man-child socialist she happens to be married to. With all of the distractions related to the upcoming general election little Barry Hussein’s much celebrated Obamacare continues it’s slow motion self destruction as if all is well. Through a series of lies told by Mr. Hussein, Jon Gruber and the progressive gang of know-it-alls, the ACA was passed along straight party lines. The Barry and Hillary protecting main stream media outlets are studiously ignoring the pain and suffering it has brought to those it was intended to help. By the way, is the Hawaii Health Connector still in business? Maybe a Barry Hussein cheerleader at the SA can shed a little light on that in between Trump hit pieces. Trump needs to hang the ACA disaster around Waldo’s neck every chance he gets.

    • (It’s September 28, 2016 and an African-American is still President of the United States. It hurts doesn’t it. Well, go back to your stucco apartment, clean your cheap Taurus and dream of days when the Aryan Nation will rise.)

      • Is this the part where I’m supposed to deny that I’m a racist? It’s a sure sign you have lost the debate when you drop the racist card. It’s just about as effective as playing the Hitler card. Now go back to the drawing board and see if you can make a pro argument for the ACA and by extension little Barry Hussein.

        • I doubt if denying that, at this point in your life, would do any good.

          Racists always – always – mock criticism of their words and deeds by suggesting that someone is using a “race card.” And since you are obviously not a trained debater, using that term is not a sign that anything was won or lost.

  • You do not become a self made billionaire and build multiple successful businesses by not being an adult. What has your husband made or built prior to being president, Mrs. Obama? Community Organizer?… Give me a break!!!

    • I sure hope you’re not talking about Mr. Trump. Because he certainly isn’t “self made.” His father left him a fortune and a successful real estate business, and he nearly ran it into the ground. More than once. He needed bailouts multiple times.

      And I’m sorry that you are so ignorant of what President Obama did prior to being President. You should try reading.

      • Little Barry Hussein had the thinnest of resumes when he entered political life. He was a two-bit rabble rouser before he got elected as Senator from Illinois. He voted “present” 130 times in order to not have a record of taking a position while seanator. His buddy Bill Ayers ghost wrote Dreams From my Father because Barry didn’t have the intellectual heft to do it. Is that what you mean by what President Obama did prior to being President?

      • Obviously you missed my point on what it takes to make or build a successful business. Mr. Trump was given some start up funds to start his businesses which is worth billions now. You don’t sit on your ass and own a business empire over the decades. Enlighten me with your supreme knowledge of Mr. Obama’s accomplishments prior to his political career in which he created a business that created thousands of jobs and opportunists for businesses. Btw: I love to read

        • It definitely does take a lot of effort to drive four businesses into bankruptcy. No question about that. And it takes great determination to default on hundreds of contracts for work performed by vendors. And it took lots of time to develop the organized crime fraud that was Trump University. That definitely took time! And his serial adultery while abandoning his children and two marriages took effort too.

          Great analysis!

        • If you love to read like myself , I would suggest you read the classic “Trump: Art of the Deal”. You would then appreciate Mr. Trump for what he can bring to the White House. Never mind reading all the Mainstream Media BS that tries to steer you to their preferred candidate. Have an open mind and you will understand why people want Donald Trump to be President. No name calling here. No mud slinging. Just a spirited discussion on who would best serve the American people

    • “Self made billionaire”? Sure, if that’s what you consider being given a million by your father and then inheriting the family business. And then building your business by filing bankruptcies several times and stiffing creditors.

      • Let’s see you parlay a million dollars into a billion? Also, let’s see you come back from failed business ventures and be more successful than ever. And let’s see you turn your real estate business into selling your brand which is worth billions. Face it. The man knows how to win. We need a winner in the White House

  • Just more good news stemming from Mr. Trump’s disastrous debate performance on Monday is that it looks like Democrats will take control of the Senate.

    Thanks, Trump supporters!

  • that’s true, Michelle came out over 71/2 years ago and said I don’t love this country until Obama won the white house, then she said I love this country, now when the demonic deceiver and chief leaves the white she will now hate this country again. she a disturbed racist woman with a very bad mental disorder.

      • hey eight years ago your CNN, MSNBC,ABC CBS and all your liberal station and liberal press came out with it. before she married Obama in chicago she was with a black group that hated white people, she never denied that because it was the truth, and she did come out and the same thing about America, you better put your thinking cap on to remember or maybe you were not born yet along with mm and the rest of you who votes for lawbreakers

  • Mrs. Obama said that America needs a adult in the White House. There isn’t one in there now. If elected Hillary will have the same oval office that Bill had. And we all remember
    what happened in that office some years ago. She will have to get the oval office blessed to get rid of Monica’s ghost. Shame Shame!!!!

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