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Trump, before debate, appears with Bill Clinton’s accusers


    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, looks on as Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault, speaks before the second presidential debate against democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today in St. Louis.


    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, center, sits with, from right, Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey, before the second presidential debate with democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Washington University today in St. Louis.


    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, upper left, leaves Trump Tower in New York Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016.


    Donald Trump supporter Jean Stanley says she is standing by the Republican presidential nominee despite lewd comments caught on tape that led to him being uninvited from a GOP unity rally on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016, in Elkhorn, Wis.

ST. LOUIS » Donald Trump, on the defensive since a video came out depicting him using vulgar language about women and seeming to condone sexual assault, held a pre-debate appearance Sunday with women who accused Bill Clinton of rape and unwanted sexual advances.

Trump has telegraphed for days that he was going to make the accusations against the former president a part of his White House campaign. It was a strategy he raised in his taped apology, posted hours after Friday’s leak of the video from 2005 that has rocked his campaign and caused dozens of Republican lawmakers to abandon their support of his candidacy.

Trump refused to take questions when he appeared with Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey at the St. Louis hotel where he was preparing for the debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton. The meeting was posted on his Facebook page. The four women also were invited by Trump to watch the debate inside the debate hall.

“Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me,” Broaddrick said. “I don’t think there’s any comparison.”

Broaddrick, a former Arkansas nursing home administrator, first claimed 17 years ago that Bill Clinton raped her during a meeting in Little Rock in 1978. She sued Bill Clinton in 1999; the case was dismissed in 2001. A Twitter account that claimed to be that of Broaddrick revived the allegations on Saturday and was retweeted by Trump. Bill Clinton has long denied her account.

Jones, a former Arkansas state worker, alleged in 1991 that Bill Clinton propositioned and exposed himself to her. In 1994, she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Bill Clinton’s lawyers tried to have the suit dismissed. In November 1998, he paid Jones $850,000 to settle the case without apologizing or acknowledging culpability.

“I think they should all look at the fact that (Trump) is a good person,” Jones said. “He’s not what other people have been saying he’s been, like Hillary. He’s going to make America great again.”

Willey, a former White House volunteer, is using a website to again accuse Bill Clinton of forcing himself on her in 1993. He denied her charge and an independent prosecutor later concluded there was no evidence to doubt that denial.

Kathy Shelton, a fourth woman who appeared with Trump at the hotel conference room, was an Arkansas sexual assault victim whose assailant was defended by Hillary Clinton.

In 1975, at age 12, Shelton was sexually assaulted in northwest Arkansas. Clinton was asked by a judge overseeing the case to represent Shelton’s alleged attacker. After the prosecution lost key evidence, Clinton’s client entered a plea to a lesser charge. In an interview a decade later, Clinton expressed horror at the crime, but was recorded on tape laughing about procedural details of the case. The audio has been seized on by conservative groups looking to attack Clinton’s presidential candidacy.

On Friday, The Washington Post and NBC released a video of Trump, unaware he was on a hot microphone, suggesting that he forced himself on women to “grab them by the p——” and that “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

The comments have prompted a number of prominent Republicans to un-endorse the celebrity businessman.

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    • How is TheDonald not fit to be President. Bill Clinton created a new moniker for the White House Oval Office to “Oral Office”. Hillary and crew brought about dirty talk and Bill’s actions will now be on stage again. TheDonald will be that sex encounter from the dead. I figure most millennials were too young to really know what happened back then.

      • Hillary and Chelsea asked for this! Poor Bill will have to live thru this infamous White House act again! hahahahahaha, with his mouth wide open. I hope the cameras pan to give us watchers a shot of that when TheDonald dish the Truth.

        • AP, Associated Press, this is reporting or editorializing for their candidate. The Dem agenda has failed massively, including converting the press to just another PR instrument of the UNESCO One World Order agenda, which the Clintons are servants of, to their own self inurement, into the billions. A crazy world. Check out Bill in Haiti before you vote Mrs Bill into office.

        • All Hillary has to do is chuckle and ignore Trumps rants about the Clintons. She can just say “We had difficulties in our marriage, but worked them out and our love is stronger. As for the economy…”

          Trump will continue to put his foot in his mouth and azz. And Hillary will beam that big “Thank you, Donald” smile.

        • I have to agree with MillionMonkeys. TheDonald isn’t a politician, not knowing how to shrug off a problem and focusing on Hillary on more important issues of her Lying.

        • lol, and what exactly truth is that? Face it, Monica was not effective 20 years ago and certainly will not be tonight. The Donald would be stupid to even bring her up. He should just admit that yes I am a male Chauvinist pig and I am proud of it. Any problem?

        • You are funny Mythman. Democratic agenda has failed massively? I guess that is why the Dow is now above 18,000 instead of being under 7000. Do you ever think before you post?

        • boots, so much for Obama’s agenda bringing down WallStreet. But hey, Hillary says she’ll do that but says differently behind WallStreets closed doors

        • Again to all those people who’s not paying attention BILL is not RUNNING. And to Trump supporters may your wives or daughters work for him so he can say hello with his hands between your legs.

        • to all you HOLY ROLLERS. Bill Clinton is a still walking sexual predator and Hillary stood by him dissing the accuser, oops Accusers! pardon me.

        • if anything Bill Clinton taught his poor wife Hillary is on the ART of LYING! I did not have sex with that woman(Monica Lewinski). “smh” he got away surviving this term in office. A military General would have been court marshalled out of the military service. Just another example of the Double standard the Clinton’s enjoy. “smh”

        • Pocho, Bill not running for President. He was President and although he was horny, he left office with a surplus instead Bushes 15 trillion $ deficit due to his war and thousand dead and injured. Also, he think because Donald not a politician he doesn’t lie too? Check out all his statements then he saying he never said it. check out his Trump University and bankrupt casinos and airline. Oh Yeah Trump will make a great President!

        • As Pence said”We pray for his family”. But Trumps family is use to Daddy’s shenanigans. It’s normal in their multi mama household. As long as sugar daddy pays, everybody happy! $$!

        • It’s true Nanakuli. The way Trump keeps everyone in line and in his corner, is keeping the gravy train open, with unlimited PIN access. No money, no aloha…..

        • Pocho doesn’t think that Trump is not a walking sexual predator? I’m sure there will be a lot more incidences to be coming out of the woodwork to show what kind of a pig Trump is, it’ll make Bill’s accusers look manini. I wonder how Milania is doing. Must be a lot of scooping going on in his house.

        • Pocho, seems like a guy that has to make a fairly long visit to his local ATM before he ever engages in intimate relations….

        • >>>I did not have sex with that woman

          I believe Bill said “sexual INTERCOURSE” not “sex”. Big difference, and he didn’t. Just a b— job.

      • lol, let me count the ways. Top of the list is that he has zero political experience. Down the list is the fact that he is just a clown with zero substance.

        But by all means bring up something from the past involving Bill Clinton. It should be as effective tonight as it was 20 years ago.

        • why go back 10 year with TheDonald then? lol. It’s about how Hillary treated Bill’s accuser’s, what don’t you get?

        • Politics is PC! Haven’t you heard the Old GOP guards say from the primaries that TheDonald was not a Conservative? He’s a man of his own, he definitely not PC about anything, lol. Being PC causes a politicians to LIE saying what you want to hear. Things are hidden from the General public and the release of Hillary’s speech behind WallStreet closed doors just proves my point. She’ll say anything to anybody to get elected.

        • Pocho, I wonder if the Donald is still grabbing women’s privates today? I think he is except perhaps when his wife is around. lol

        • boots. is TheDonald in jail? Hillay’s grabbing straws spewing lies and hypothesis’s with twisted views. boot’s did Hillary land in Bosnia under sniper fire? Did Comey the FBI Director acknowledge the false statements to the General public of her email and personal server? I’m waiting for you comments

        • No Pocho, the Donald is not in jail as far as I know. But he may end up in jail, not so much to his grabbing women’s privates but for his violating the law. I like the Donald, he is so entertaining. But you cannot just keep violating the law and expect not to go to jail.

        • With a lot of the Republican Party reps distancing themselves from Trump, Giuliani continues to rant and rave about how good Trump is. I can’t believe the people of New York elected this guy. Is he on cocaine? Maybe LSD. And as far as Hillary getting upset at the so called victims would your wife or girlfriend feel the same way or if your wife had an affair you would sit back and let it be? You P@@@y.

        • While Bill Clinton may not be the perfect role model for our grandchildren, Hillary certainly is. She has been and continues to be heroic.

      • Bill Clintons “never-proved sexual allegations”??? LOL. What part of common knowledge and eye witness testimony do you not understand??? LOL LOL LOL

        • Bill became a target of these allegations because he was president. Trump will have the same problem. Only that it wont be hard to prove the allegations.

    • Until you self righteous liberals hold the Clinton’s to their lewd and abusive behavior against women for the past 26 years your opinion and hypocrisy doesn’t matter.

        • Trumps basket of deplorables are jumping basket. Now only Jersey doughboy and Jewliani is left. That Wisconsin pink lady above better have her grandma’s chastity belt on!

        • Actually this whole Trump “scandal” is an attempt to deflect attention from the continuing Wikileaks disclosures that show Hillary to be a global elitist hell bend on selling this country and what’s left of it’s middle class down the river.

      • What you and Trump completely miss is that he CANNOT WIN with this strategy of slinging mud on the Clintons. Trump is the one caught on video saying he can “Grab them by their p_____.” Trump will not clear his name by bringing up Bill’s indiscretions, even if they are true.

        That is why Trump is unfit to be president. Trump is a slick salesman who runs his enterprises like an absent-minded dictator; he does not know how to talk to other leaders, his staff, the press, or to regular people.

        The more he slings mud, the dirtier and more ridiculous he will look. I hope you can understand that.

      • Nice try to link Hillary with Bill’s behavior. Nice try, but not gonna fly. We’re electing her to her first term — not him to his third. Come back and play again sometime.

    • Very true. Native American women cannot support a man with these terrible values. In addition, Trump’s total inability to be president of anything ends the deal for me.

    • sad that so many Republicans tried to paly with this dangerous entertainer for so long. Few dared call him out as they should have a year ago.

  • Trump’s desperate, futile attempt to get out of this mess—will only make things worse. The more he tries to sling mud on Bill (who’s not even running!) and Hillary (who most women think handled those scandals correctly), the dirtier and more ridiculous Trump will look.

    And the worse his poll numbers get, the more strange and irrelevant his rants will become.

    • don’t you understand, if Bill did unsightly acts in the Oval Office and the Democratic Party didn’t to impeach him for it what does that tell you of the double standards the Clinton enjoy? MY take is that Hillary/Staff have comebacks once TheDonald releases his rant on Bill. This was a planned attack and there’s more to follow. It’s a chess game of dirty politics

      • Then the people and the press should bring Milania and hios family into this one too if you’re going to drag Hillary into Bill’s problems. Whadaya think? All in the family. Probably the sons do the same thing to women because they are stars in their own eyes.

    • If Trump is smart and did his homework, he will show/prove how Hillary bullied these women in to submission to withdraw their complaints to keep her husband’s political career on track. I think that is far worse than the original sin as it was premeditated and calculated to inflict sufficient harm/angst to insure a positive outcome for her husband.

    • Until you self righteous liberals hold the Clinton’s to their lewd and abusive behavior against women for the past 26 years your opinion and hypocrisy doesn’t matter.

  • A liar, making a mockery of the women that her husband had sexual episodes with, telling the rich and influential a different story of what she tells the average and lesser populace, using a foundation to sell their wares so foreign powers can benefit from their connections to the U.S. government, the insurmountable amount of people who commit suicide that has worked or had connections to the couple and becoming the wealthiest couple who’s business is using their influence on the government system and the people working for the government. Yes, forgot about the emails that the American people are made to overlook and the Benghazi incident that took the lives of Americans.

    There is so much controversy about this couple and yet nothing is done to bring them to justice. Can it just be stories made up to make them look like bad people?

    The thing about the trumpet on his exploitation of women, is based on comments he made. Is this worse than all what is said about the other couple? The main stream media says so and as we all know they influence our minds the way they want us to think, he said they did. However saying is far worse than doing, getting the picture?

      • Betcha trumps words of grabbing bushy is actual fact. And he had several mama’$ around the country that was satisfied with fur coats,furniture,crack cocaine, whatevers. Just to be near the Trump.

    • and if you haven’t noticed all the Old Guard GOP’s have denounced TheDonald so tell me where have they shed their values? You’ve come to the wrong conclusion

      • lol, yes a few republicans have denounced the Donald after supporting him. How good of them. As for the democrats having no values, that is silly. A better case is that the democrats have republican values today as it is the democratic party who has balanced the federal budget during the past 50 years. Republicans now believe deficits don’t matter. Do you actually agree with this?

        • boots what morals does/did Bill Clinton have having sexual relations in the White House Oral Office? I’m not holding my breath for your response as I’ll turn blue less die doing so. Yikes! Did your Holy Democratic Party try ot impeach him? Let me guess, boots a HOLY ROLLER. Yikes!

        • Your just as much a liar as Hillary! A few Rep.’s my okole! hahahahaha, I saw a whole list of Rep.’s denouncing TheDonald on the SA’s board.

        • Pocho, you are so funny. Hate to tell you this but Bill Clinton is not running for president. He was already president and although he was impeached by hypocritical republican congress, the senate didn’t uphold it.

          But I notice you didn’t address the main part of my comment. I still would like to know if you agree with the republican philosophy that deficits don’t matter?

        • boots Bill the sexual predator at his prime in the Oral Office lied to the public and were you even borne yet to see the LIE on tv? A Military General would be court marshalled out of the military service for doing so on duty! GET REAL boots! there a double standard. And as to balancing the Fed. Budget tell me what happened to Fed. debt that Obama doubled from all his predecessors combined? It’s like saving a Grand in your savings account while incurring a $2000 credit card debt!

        • boots I only got 10 years or so for your response to Bill’s Lie and Hillary’s dissing of the accusers of his sexual predator accusations. Are they only accusations as Hillary would imply?

    • No bootie, try again. No one is buying your team’s sudden shock at hearing about Trump’s lewd banter after you’ve spent a decade supporting the inclusion of a wide variety of sexual behavior into society, not to mention the ongoing efforts to have these bedroom antics taught to pre schoolers. You personally have bemoaned the GOP as somehow needing government to oversee sexual habits, yet when someone is “outed” for some lustful cracks, you want us to consider your outrange as sincere? LOL! Two champions of your party, Billy Bob and JFK, were notorious for their extra curricular activities, yet you castigate Trump for being cut from similar cloth? My God, there’s more than enough legitimate mud to throw without committing such blatant hypocrisy. Clean up your act and support Johnson. You’ll feel better about yourself..

        • You left out the “name an admired leader” crack. Now let’s see, that’s two against Gary. I’d list the opposition’s snafus but both space and time are limited. Besides, those black marks are endlessly recounted daily.

  • Mr. Trump is obviously – very obviously – insane. He is completely unfit for public office.

    The fact that his supporters still deny that is really remarkable.

    • Until you self righteous liberals hold the Clinton’s to their lewd and abusive behavior against women for the past 26 years your opinion and hypocrisy doesn’t matter.

    • The Donald is not insane. He is just a poor country boy who is misunderstood. lol

      It is amazing that anyone could run for president with his background.

    • ZEALOT KLASTRI, First let me say that I do not approve off or appreciate what Trump has said and even what he does then on the other side of the ballot you have the Clintons (yes, Clintons they come as a 2 for 1) they are just as bad as Trump or maybe worse since they have been doing the same or maybe more for the last 40+ years under the protection of the damaged political system. I am so disappointed that a country that once was so powerful has come down too the two choices that we are now faced with. I am so proud to say that I am neither Republican or Democrat I vote for the candidate that I believe will right this sinking ship we call the USA and this time I wont be voting. But for you who has your head so far up the Clintons A#%, I feel sorry for you since you are blinded by all the S$%t. I have asked you on more than one occasion if you approve of the Clintons actions and you have always declined, you don’t need to answer since your undying support for your Clinton heroes says it all, you are no better than Trump. So when you wake up in the morning look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really fit to be talking about some ones mental state when yours is just as bad. Do your self a favor and get some help you will be a better person for it.

      • You’re lying, of course. I’m of sound mind, but thanks very much for your totally incompetent diagnosis and false concern.

        It’s not a matter of approval of anything that Mr. Clinton did, since he’s not running for President – something you get wrong in every single comment you write. Mr. Clinton is not running, so maybe you need to read a bit more.

        The two choices are between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. That’s an easy choice. Very easy. Mr. Trump is going to lose in a landslide. Today, he’ll further dig the deep hole he’s in because he an ignoramus who knows almost nothing about foreign or domestic policy, and that will be plain to see. He appears to not read, and has no intellectual curiosity. None.

  • And that’s a great picture of the “deplorables”. Looks more like the bovine Mensa society of central Wisconsin; nary an associates degree among them and not a single person of color–so very telling.

    • And you have the nerve to bash Trump for what he says did you really take time to read what you just said, You should get on board the Trump Train since you two are one of the same and why you are boarding take Zealot Klastri with you. You two clowns are comical I get a good laugh when I read your nonsense, thanks for the entertainment.

        • Trump supporters make it a specific point to trash and criticize well educated, successful people. That makes them feel better about the poor choices they made in their own lives that now result in their support of a complete fool and fraud.

          Education – particularly advanced degrees from elite universities – is something to be avoided and criticized.

  • The Republican National Committee (RNC) will redirect funds intended to help Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to prioritize down-ballot candidates, The Wall Street Journal reported late Saturday.

    The RNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill. But Sean Spicer, the RNC’s chief strategist, took to Twitter to say the story is “not true” and called Reid Epstein’s reporting “false.”

    Citing an unidentified official, the Journal said that RNC Chairman Reince Priebus made the call to focus on House and Senate races on Saturday after the GOP was thrust into chaos over newly revealed sexually explicit remarks that Trump made in 2005.
    The GOP nominee has not made the large-scale ground-game investments that are typical of a major-party nominee. So the RNC has picked up the lion’s share of that slack. Before this move, the RNC’s field staff prioritized Trump, meaning that they would focus first on turning out voters for Trump, even if that meant those voters may not support GOP candidates down the ballot.

    The shift in priorities reported by the Journal would mean that the RNC would instead target voters who would vote for Republicans down the ballot, even if they planned to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

    The report comes as top Republicans stage a historic mass exodus from their nominee one day after the release of a lewd video involving Trump’s comments. Sen. John Thune (S.D.), the Senate’s third-highest-ranking Republican, took to Twitter to call on Trump to step down.

    If you’re not so bright, a little slow cognitively, or just plain dense–this is the equivalent of Trump being on life support at hospice care, and the RNC taking a down pillow to his big bulbous orange nose and pushing down hard.


  • Hillary is not fit to be president. Anyone that gets in her way are destroyed. Read the wikileaks dump. The way she refers to us poor middle class that she just cant relate to since she is so wealthy now.

    • Yeah, the rich can afford it. The poor can’t but are subsidized to survive. Then you have the Middle Class who pay a greater percentage of their paycheck vs. the rich to support the poor. This is nothing about the poor but about Rich Politicians who sticks it the the middle class’s rear.

    • You are kidding right? What do you think running for president is? a picnic? Have you forgotten what the Donald did to the close to 20 republicans who also ran for president? He destroyed them totally. Who would have thought that a Bush could be so easily and throughly destroyed?

      As for the wiki leaks dump, what specifically are you referring to? So Hillary made nice nice with people on wall street. What politician hasn’t? Sadly this will continue until this country passes public financing of elections. While this is not likely to happen anytime soon, I think it is more likely to happen under a Hillary Clinton presidency than a Donald presidency.

  • Typical liberal press: Trump just verbally boasting but really doing nothing is sensationalized. It is NOTHING compared to Clinton’s exposing himself and making a maid do …But Clinton is forgiven, Trump attacked.

  • Until you self righteous liberals hold the Clinton’s to their lewd and abusive behavior against women for the past 26 years your opinion and hypocrisy doesn’t matter.

    I would say the clintons are much more DAMAGED than Trump could ever be. Love how much Trump is upsetting left, right, can, fox, R or D.. This shows he is shaking sh#t up !!! Go Trump Go

    • You think speaking and acting like a psychotic is shaking things up? Well then, I want to thank you for helping to nominate a candidate who cannot win. No matter how flawed Mrs. Clinton is, she pales in comparison to Mr. Trump, who sinks more in the polls every day.

      Thanks again!

      • Forgetting for a moment about who is more flawed, if Hillary is elected will you be comfortable with her Supreme Court picks, her immigration policy, and her tax policy,just to name a few?

        • I was curious about the response to my comment. I’m pleasantly surprised that you avoided a nasty answer. Very civil, and that’s a good thing. If voters agree with you, then they, and you, must live with the consequences.Time will tell.

    • Wazdat, you must change the record. You’re making the same statement in all these stories, and in this thread you’ve posted the comment three times!

      You’re not addressing the issue either. This article isn’t about liberals and Trump at all. It’s about the GOP, and how some want Trump to step down.

      Like Mike Lee (R-Utah) on Sunday told NBC’s “Meet the Press” said Trump’s “last legacy” should be stepping aside so the party can find a candidate to defeat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

      “That’s what he has to do,” said Lee, one of the most conservative congressional Republicans. “We’ve got a lot of other candidates that can do this. There’s still time.”

      Also on Sunday, freshman GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte, in a tough reelection bid in New Hampshire, said she favors Trump quitting the race — a step beyond her saying Saturday that she wouldn’t vote for him.

      Ayotte said Trump’s remarks on the recordings are “fundamentally different” than past, offensive comments. She said Trump in the tape released Friday is advocating assault and that she wants her young daughter to know that she does not support the comments.

      Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., chairman of the House Ethics Committee, also said Sunday that his party still has enough time to rally behind an alternative to Trump, with running-mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence among the names mentioned.

      Dent told ABC that he wants House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to withdraw their endorsements of Trump.

      What do you think of the GOP fleeing Trump?

      • It just shows that trump is running against the system, don’t you get it ? You don’t think there’s a reason all the powerful players in the world are scared Trump will win. This proves to me that we need change and as weird as Trump may be He will do Great for things for our country. Time to open your eyes and Listen to what is Important. This issue is Not important.

        National Security,, Immigration, economy now that is what we should be talking about !

        • Wazdat, we should be talking about national security, immigration etc except your man Trump is talking about kissing and groping women. I wonder how his wife feels? She must be proud and won’t leave cause she’s a gold digger not a broke n.

        • You’re right, this issue isn’t important to me. Trump lost me at the first debate (I mean the GOP debates, not the current ones) when he got into the dust up w/Megan Kelly and kept going on and on about it for day after day after day. I thought, this man is very thin skinned and defensive. Not the kind of person I’d want in the oval office. If he can’t handle a jab from a reporter, what will it be like when he’s a world leader?

          Then I read an article interviewing several big money Republican donors. They were unhappy with Trump because they said his business acumen was dreadful. They weren’t supporting him because they thought he’d be bad for their bottom line. He’d run the economy into the ground, in their view. Their worry about their own bottom line made me very uneasy; if these millionaires thought he was no good economically, where would the rest of us be? This was six months ago, well before you started reading articles of GOP biggies running from Trump.

          That alone is enough for me to never support him. Of course there are dozens of other reasons now as well. He seems to have a strong self destructive side, and can’t resist rising to the bait, which is how he gets tripped up so much of the time. I think the only “great” thing he could do would be to make the country into a “great disaster.”

    • No, it looks like the Dems are desperate…if their big October Surprise is nothing more than an 11 year old tape of Trump talking like a drunk frat boy. I’d rather have a president that was trying to grab my pu**y than one that was trying to grab my constitution.

  • “He is going to explain to people that is not the man he is today”

    Oh, he’s not that man today? How’s he gonna prove that — bleed from his whatever?

  • A vote for Hillary is a vote to losing your job. I am near retirement, (so it really does not affect me), but all of you Hillary lovers better take a good , hard look at her positions. She wants open borders. Do you know what happens when there is open borders? People will flock to the USA in droves, from poor third world countries. They will take all the middle class blue collar jobs. They will be highly desirable for employers because they will work cheap, and will be willing to work under long hours. It is happening already on the mainland. If you vote for Hillary, and she wins, then I hope you enjoy poverty, homelessness because if you vote stupid, then you deserve it. Trump may be a loudmouth and say inappropriate things, but he has always had the best interests of the middle class at the forefront.

    • Explain to us how poor 3rd world country immigrants are going take middle class jobs. Oh, I forgot, there is a CPA from Honduras replacing folks at Price Waterhouse. Or the 19 year old from Guatemala is going to become the new social studies teacher at Washington Intermdediate? Get a clue, a piece of dead sea wood has more sense that you….

      • Obviously, you don’t know the difference between white collar versus blue collar. Let me educate you ( you should have looked it up before your response). A white collar job is teachers and Price Waterhouse accountants. A blue collar job is painting, drywall, construction , landscaping. All jobs that used to be middle class, but due to the invasion of illegals that the government allowed in, are now low wage jobs. You have not seen this in Hawaii yet, but when construction companies in Hawaii figure this out, all the local Hawaiian blue collar jobs will be gone, and more locals on welfare and homeless.
        So, go ahead and vote for Hillary for President. Just know she is an open borders advocate, and was for the TPP. So please, vote for Hillary if you want to be unemployed. She does not care for you, all she wants is to import people who are beholden to her and the Democrat party.

        • Well said. From time to time Ike has an attack of brain freeze and needs to be “thawed out”.

  • That womann in pink (I wouldn’t name her) fawns upon Trump like a lapdog. Kick a dog and she’ll still lick your feet. No self respect!

  • No question all the negative criticism aimed at Trump is justified. However there remains a powerful movement in this country to stick it to the powerful elite that deceive and manipulate the American public, and enrich themselves at our expense…a malignant power structure that the Clintons are a large part of. Many Americans are prepared to elect a big baboon if necessary to prevent the irreversible destruction of our constitution, and our country.

  • Ohio Senator Rob Portman is the latest Republican to climb aboard the anti-Trump bandwagon. Portman, who is cruising to reelection in the Buckeye State, released a statement Saturday night withdrawing his support of Trump — and announcing his intention of writing in Pence’s name for president. “I thought it was appropriate to respect the millions of voters across the country who chose Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee. While I continue to respect those who still support Donald Trump, I can no longer support him. … I will be voting for Mike Pence for President.” Portman’s announcement brings the overall count of anti-Trump Republicans — among congressmen, senators, and governors — to 55.

    The ranks of anti-Trump Republicans continue to swell. Of the GOP’s 331 total congressmen, senators, and governors, 54 of them — or 16 percent – have now publicly stated their opposition to the Republican nominee. That tally, according to the expert whip-counter @Taniel, includes two dozen Republicans who withdrew their support after the release of Friday’s video in which Trump can be heard making extremely vulgar comments about women. Some have rescinded their endorsements, while others have gone further in calling on Trump to step aside and allow Mike Pence to replace him as the party’s nominee. That group of 24 includes several Republicans who are facing competitive reelection fights.

    One of them is John McCain, the GOP’s 2008 presidential nominee, who issued the following statement Saturday
    afternoon: “I have wanted to support the candidate our party nominated. He was not my choice, but as a past nominee, I thought it important I respect the fact that Donald Trump won a majority of the delegates by the rules our party set. I thought I owed his supporters that deference. But Donald Trump’s behavior this week, concluding with the disclosure of his demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults, make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy.”


    Read more at:

    • So, 11 years ago we have proof that Trump talks like a drunk frat boy. We already knew that, the only surprise is that they couldn’t find anything more current. The reason that this is the only thing the liberal media wants to talk about is because they don’t want to talk about the recently leaked Clinton material that shows her full intent to undermine the United States. Clinton: ‘My dream is a hemispheric common market with open borders, sometime in the future,’ So, now you must choose: 1.) a prize baboon that boasts about grabbing pu**y, or 2.) A corrupt, greedy global elitist hell bent on destroying our country and middle class in favor of a new world order that enslaves and enforces totalitarian control of it’s “proletariate.” We can recover from #1, not #2.

  • Hillary said it all: “you have to have a private position and a public position”. You dem loyalists are seeing the public position and ignoring the private position. You can’t do much about what the Billaries do behind the black curtain but you can suppose you are doing something worthwhile by voting for the charade they put out in media,including their shills the AP, as above, making up stuff and reporting it as if real.

  • Uh….the video clearly shows a 60 year old man bragging about his proclivity to sexually assault women he finds attractive.

    For the love of God!

    Given that most states do not have a statute of limitations on sexual assault, this sack of rot in a suit and his lawyers will be busy for the rest of his miserable life.

  • I would really like to know what Trump’s wife has to say. Not that she can put two words together that she didn’t plagiarize. Maybe, you owe me a really good shopping trip!

  • Looks like Christie is abandoning ship … suddenly, he’s too busy on the homefront to attend tonight’s debate and support Trump. Guess he knows there won’t be a cabinet position in his future.

  • Clinton scandals? I was always under the impression that nothing the Clintons have ever done could be considered scandalous. You’d never know there were any improprieties by MSM reporting. Indeed, they have been helping women and children and rebuilding Haiti and donating billions to charity. Not to mention standing up for the rights of young women who have assaulted by powerful politicians. Let’s not forget exposing politicians who sell political favors for personal gain.

  • We have seen this type of candidate achieve office. I have heard it said that this is the era of the “strong” leader. Putin, and recently Duterte of the Philippines. Look at what is happening in those countries and ask yourself if this is what we Americans want.

  • Once upon a time, no family paper would allow to print this time of story! We’ve come a long ways with digital technologies but step quite back in moral decency!

  • For heaven sakes, Bill Clinton is not running for President. What he did was wrong, and his wife is a victim as well. But he is NOT running for president.

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