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Anti-Trump protests continue; Opponents call them hypocrites


    High school students protest in opposition of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory in front of City Hall in San Francisco, today.

NEW YORK >> Demonstrators took to the streets in San Francisco and gathered in a New York City park today to express their outrage over Donald Trump’s unexpected presidential win while Trump supporters took to social media and denounced demonstrators as hypocrites or worse for not accepting defeat in a democratic process.

High-spirited high school students marched through San Francisco’s downtown, chanting “not my president” and holding signs urging a Donald Trump eviction. They waved rainbow banners and Mexican flags, as bystanders in the heavily Democratic city high-fived the marchers from the sidelines.

“As a white, queer person, we need unity with people of color, we need to stand up,” said Claire Bye, a 15-year-old sophomore at Academy High School. “I’m fighting for my rights as an LGBTQ person. I’m fighting for the rights of brown people, black people, Muslim people.”

In New York City, about a hundred protesters gathered at Union Square in Manhattan to protest a Trump presidency. They held signs that read “Divided States of America” and “Not My President” and “Let the New Generation Speak!!”

At a subway station along 14th Street, New Yorkers expressed their thoughts — “Time to Fight Back” and “Keep the Faith! Our work is just beginning!” — along the walls of a walkway using sticky notes.

On Twitter, Trump supporters accused protesters of not respecting the process because it didn’t work out in their favor.

“You’re literally protesting against free democratic elections. Go live in North Korea, you absolute trash,” one said. “They’re not protesting Trump, they’re protesting democracy and the right to disagree with them. Isn’t that fascism,” said another.

Thousands demonstrated Wednesday around the country, from New England to Kansas City to the West Coast. Flames lit up the night sky in California cities as protesters burned a giant papier-mache Trump head in Los Angeles and started fires in Oakland intersections.

In Chicago, where thousands had recently poured into the streets to celebrate the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series victory in over a century, several thousand people marched through the Loop. They gathered outside Trump Tower, chanting “Not my president!”

Since Tuesday night, protesters have marched in the Midwest, including St. Paul, Minnesota, Omaha, Nebraska, and Kansas City, Missouri. Marchers protesting Trump’s election chanted and carried signs in front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.


Associated Press writer Janie Har in San Francisco contributed to this report.

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  • Typical leftist behavior. Had Clinton won, there would be no civil disobedience, no fires, no riots. Most are mad because they were too lazy to vote and now it’s too late. So sad.

    • Would you agree that Trump supporters would not have done the same if he weren’t elected? Clinton supporters are hypocrites in their protesting but Trump supporters seem to be misguided in their thinking that if the shoe was on the other foot his supporters wouldn’t be doing the same.

        • I don’t label Obama any names, he’s been a reasonable leader for his ideology, but your overriding point is valid. There were many complaints, and a lot of grumbling, but by and large no riots. Basic character difference between the far left and the far right.

        • HRS134: I think we would be seeing same thing if Clinton had won. I think with all the negative emotions that this election had that either team would have done something like this. I would hope that both sides can see the others reaction is the same if the shoe was on the other foot.

        • Now that Trump will throw a Trillion at building transportation, the RAIL will be completed and go from Waianae to Hawaii Kai. Yeah. Thank you Trump.

        • Exactly wrong, there is no tolerance for bigotry, racism, and sexist hatred that has been espoused by Trump and supporters. Calling out bigots is right action and right speech.

          You call the kettle black, and seem to have a self-centered perspective that whatever you say is convincing and should be accepted by others.

          Get real and look at your own thoughts, if you are capable!

        • Hypocrites are republicans who preach family values and yet elect a groper in chief. Sorry I have little tolerance for people who feel they are free to grope women just because they are rich and powerful. I also have little tolerance for people who stiff people out of compensation for work done.

        • Boots, give it a rest. Just goes to show money isn’t everything. She likes spending other people’s money. One billion. No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig Hillary is still a pig. They should lock her and all her rancid supporters up once and for all. Obama out, no kidding.

        • lespark, it is amazing how gullible the American public who voted for the Donald is. What do you think happens when a person stiffs employees, contractors, and suppliers? The Donald is the definition of spending other people’s money. Just look at his charitable contributions over the years. No I will not be giving this a rest. I will just be reminding people of their mistake when the country goes to hell in a hand basket.

          Just curious what are you going to lock up Hillary for exactly? Yet you will give a pass to the Donald for his Trump University, Christie for his bridge gate fiasco?

          At least with Hillary the country would have gotten some value for its expenditures. Sadly with the Donald, the country will only get red ink and possibly a worthless wall along the southern border. Eisenhower the last republican president who actually did something to improve the country built the interstate highway system which paid for itself many times over by increased businesses. How will the Wall generate new business except cleaning services to remove graffiti off of it?

          Just remember when the Donald increases the budget deficit to over a trillion dollars this money will eventually have to be paid back.

        • IRT wiliki: You say these aren’t violent protests. I would have to disagree. When they’re breaking car windows and storefronts of private citizens, and beating a Blacks beating a Trump voter, that’s all violent and illegal. Stopping freeway traffic is illegal. No, as soon as the violence began, that’s when we should hear from the President to knock it off. This is also why Sharpton and Jackson aren’t leaders, instead of promoting peaceful protests, they’re nowhere to be found. In fact, they thrive on violent protests; they’ve made a living off it for years. Remember the “hands up , don’t shoot” mantra, all based on a lie. We even had the Black caucus in Congress stand in front of the Capitol saying hands-up, don’t shoot. Total irresponsible. Blacks and other minorities should be thrilled that Trump was elected. He has acknowledged the plight of the inner cities and minorities. He’s for giving people choice of education (that’s a good thing, BTW). He’s acknowledged that wages of Blacks and whites in the inner city have lagged behind the rest of the population. I haven’t heard that, nor cation to correct the plight of minorities, from the current administration during the past 8 years. Trump wants to help those in the inner city. Why only 4% of Blacks support Trump is the real mystery.

      • If Trump had lost, and people “protested”, the left would be railing against them like crazy!
        These are not really protests — they are mostly just poor losers.

      • The biggest issue, which the liberal media chose to emphasize after the third debate, was that Trump would not commit to saying he would accept the results of the election. The liberals were falling over themselves to chastise him for not accepting a result that was a month away. Now that the election is over and there is a clear winner, look who’s not accepting the result. The very people who railed on Trump for not committing. Hypocrites.

        • Yes but is seemed that Trump and his supporters were saying that they would have basically done the same if he had loss and that it was within their right to do so. It seems that Trump supporters could also be called hypocrites, both sides have just flipped flopped their believes after the results.

        • FACT: Clinton won the popular vote.
          The majority of eligible voters cast their ballot for Clinton across the entire USA.

          Now, the electoral college is an inefficient and mediocre way to determine an electoral victory that is supported by the majority of citizens.

          That said, yes Trump won the electoral college, assuming no rogue votes by the electoral representatives in the next few weeks.

          And there is no legal challenge to Trump’s win, despite his LOSS IN THE POPULAR VOTE.

          You are the hypocrite for not accepting the dissatisfaction of the Clinton supporters and their guaranteed right to FREE SPEECH as listed in the USA constitution.

          Drink a big cup of STFU. You have no basis for complaint except the acknowledgment that the majority of USA citizens who chose to vote, voted for Clinton.

          Think about, dumb ass.

        • FACT: Clinton won the popular vote.
          The majority of eligible voters cast their ballot for Clinton across the entire USA.

          There is a legitimate right to protest the election given that the majority of citizens who chose to vote, voted for Clinton.

          The Trump problems have started with his tweet that the protests were
          “very unfair”. You elected this idiot and you will have to deal with it.

        • I accept the results, but I am not happy with it. I feel the country will be in for some bad times for at least the next 4 years. Republicans are after all socialists for the rich. The last ting this country needs is more income inequality. I will do every thing I can to resist this fraud. I take solace in the fact that Hillary received more votes than the groper in chief. I will only refer to his clown as groper in chief and until he releases his tax returns at which time I will call him the ultimate liar. When the stock market falls because of his voodoo policies, He will then become the ultimate thief.

          I am confident though that it won’t take long for the Donald to show himself as the ultimate unfit president and his numbers will sink, just as with that previous republican hero, G W Bush. The scary thing is that the country may have another 9/11 event which will cause the American sheep to support him like they did with GW. This did not last though.

      • If Clinton won it most likely would be worse. The white supremacy race would be lynching the minorities. At least for now they’re protesting peacefully, I doubt if Trump supporters would do the same. Most of them but not all of them are a different breed.

    • Yep, cry-babies. This is the result of ultra-liberal, entitlement, victim mentality. In WWII teenagers and young adults were eager to serve and self-sacrifice for the greater good. Now, we have a rising generation of protesters, activists and wimps. Auwe!

        • squidbro,

          You really don’t know much about the U.S. homefront during WWII do you? It’s painfully evident you don’t and surprising since there is probably an American of Japanese Ancestry (AJA) family living within shouting distance of you and yours. I take it you know what the term “revisionist” means?

        • The comparison is very logical and relevant. One generation shows loyalty to the flag and a unity to stand side by side and give their lives for each other and their families while the other protests it and looks for any way to avoid whatever displeases them on a personal basis. Their feelings were hurt by their candidate losing. Wahhh, I’ll cry till you give me recognition. It is the millennial way. Do you see any boomers or elders in the streets burning and destroying the property of others? If we allow this to continue Anarchy will rule like a third world country.

      • After WWII, service men were taken care of. GI Bill for example. Later wars, not so much. Government denied for a long time that agent orange was harmful. Iraq war had problems with DU. Obama at least tried to help our servicemen. We shall see how well the Donald does although I think this might be an area he might be good as he at least says he is against foreign engagements generally.

        • Exactly Bootsy, “We shall see how well he does.” Let’s tar and feather him if he fails.

    • Protesting is a great way to express your thoughts about the election result.

      The right to peaceful protest is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

      You are going to have a reason to protest in the next 4 years and I am not going
      to complain about.

      Drink a big cup of STFU. And more importantly, understand what rights are guaranteed under the USA constition, dumb ass.

      • squidbro,

        You surely know that no part of the Bill of Rights is unlimited in scope don’t you? If “rights” are absolute, then why do you think laws exist that require protest marchers to obtain necessary permits and to notify civil authorities in advance? The idea that there exist lines of “a clear and present danger” has changed some over the years, but you still can’t peacefully assemble on an American freeway or busy city street without risking forcible removal by the police. Try and sit down in the middle of one of the H-3 Harano Tunnels while holding a “NOT MY PRESIDENT” sign if you’d like confirmation. Go right ahead.

    • Whatever the case, this is a democracy so we need to stand by who we elected as president. Yes, Trump himself stated that he would not have accepted a loss and would claim that the election is rigged were he to lose. And of course he would happily accept a win in the very same election he claimed was rigged. But regardless, the people have spoken. What would disturb me is that of those that are protesting, how many of them actually voted?

  • Funny how none of this nonsense occurred after the elections in ’08 and ’12. This is what happens when a rigged election doesn’t go as planned. The people have spoken.

  • Protesting is one thing but civil disobedience is against the law. The far left and the biased liberal media gave birth to these misguided idiots. Time for law and order with the water cannons if this continues.

    • No, the approach of suppressing free speech is short-sighted and not legal.

      People have a guaranteed right to express their point of view under
      the 1st Amendment. Individuals who break the law in their expression
      are culpable. But these persons are a vast minority of the observed
      protest in the 2 days after the election.

      But you can expect more protests and more dissatisfaction, across the entire country.

  • I was beginning to wonder about the wisdom of the American people, voting for the failed President Obama not once, but twice, but the great people of America finally made the right choice this time, and the behavior of the other side really shows the fascist attitude of their mentality. Their motto of going down and taking everyone with them is disturbing. It’s not the American way and these rioters make it more apparent what a good decision it was to elect the right candidate, President Trump.

  • these people are just angry that their candidate lost the election and they
    are scared and apprehensive in not knowing what’s going to happen, I don’t blame them.
    they are just releasing their angry energy and it’s better than holding it all in.
    sometimes change can be a scary thing, not knowing how it will effect their lives.
    nobody knows what’s going to happen, not even the Trump supporters.
    let’s just try to have a little compassion.

  • The protests of our democratic process by high school students and other young people shows just how bad “education” is in our public schools that are control almost entirely by far-left liberals, socialists and maybe even commies. Instead of being taught or educated how to think, students are being indoctrinated on what to think.

        • I would agree that they probably did, they were so intent on not letting Trump win that I can see them trying to poke the bear to get a reaction.

        • Do you think that Trump supporters wouldn’t have done the same and that this is a reaction that only one side was capable of?

        • Before answering a question, it’s good to actually read and understand it. Of course, the DNC hired instigators. My question to you was if you thought the RNC was so stupid and underhanded to do the same thing. But I’ll answer the question for you. No, I seriously doubt it, just as Trump supporters would not likely be out demonstrating and destroying property if Clinton had won. They would hate seeing her in office, but not to this extent. Aloha.

        • You kind of talked down to me to prove your point but that’s okay cause I understand that there is a lot of emotion involved. What you should have done is ask the question the way you did in the second comment instead of the way you did in the first. But what’s more apparent is in your desire to be right you didn’t read my comment that states that I agreed in your statement about Dems causing the events at Trump rallies.

        • Calentura: I apologize it finally made sense to me your first question, I was trying to read it to quickly.

          I don’t have any reason to think they tried to incite violence at DNC rallies. But I wouldn’t equate what the DNC or RNC did or didn’t do as an indication of what their supporters would do or not do.

        • In my view I think that all that energy that Trump supporters put into their candidate and more importantly against Clinton wouldn’t just disapate after Clinton winning, much like Clintons supporters I think some of their reactions would be the same as some of her supporters.

        • juris, of course Trump’s supporters would be upset at his loss, that’s not the issue here. History shows there’s a huge difference in how that frustration would have manifested itself, as many here are trying to explain to you.

        • Hawaiikone: So what you are saying is there is zero and no chance that Trump supporters would act this way, thank you for your response.

          My view is that we don’t know what Trump supporters might have done if Clinton had won. To come together we might start viewing the “others” as not that different from “us”.

          The hate that both sides had against the others candidate was/ is crazy and maybe time is the only thing that will help. Emotions need to settle on both sides.

          I apologize if my efforts has irritated you in some way.

        • juris, actually we’re far closer in thought than opposed. Considering the several months of vile rhetoric that has flooded these forums, it’s much more preferable to discus perspectives civilly. And history isn’t proof, it’s simply an indicator. With this election, no one can say with certainty what would have transpired had Hillary won. You’re definitely right that unless we work towards one another, we’ll continue to work against.

  • We live in the greatest nation in the world where as a democracy, we get to elect our leaders of our government. As elections go, one win, one loses. The election was not rigged. The American people as a whole got to vote. What’s the problem!!!! If you are not happy with results, then get involved in politics and government affairs. Positive activism and active participation in shaping the agenda of your political party to uplift the American people is what you should be involved in. Unfortunately for you protesters, Trump’s agenda resonated and the severely flawed character of your party’s candidate influenced the majority of the people not vote your way. Get over it!!! Get involved next time and don’t leave anything to chance. The wasted energy of these protest could be channeled into the makings of great leaders of our country in the future.

    Be the hope and change of the future…

  • the biggest hippocrat of them all, the female felon, was crying and babbling incoherently on election night, couldn’t follow protocol and concede that election until she was medicated and recovered the next day.

  • The sad part of this whole scenario is that not only do we get The Donald but his sidekicks Rudy G from NYC and Governor Fatty of New Jersey. With these three running our government, we better buckle our seat belts because it going to be a very bumpy ride. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Perhaps what happens next is that when people break the law they will be arrested. Yo, Hillary! If that’s a bumpy ride, bump on.
      My daughter was not happy that Trump won, but instead of belly-aching and crying in disbelief she went to work the next day. Doesn’t seem like many of those petulant, bratty protesters hit it too hard. Oh, that’s right, Mommy’s making their car payment and doing their laundry, and well, they were ever so sure that free college was just around the corner. Ooops.

  • They are mystified how anyone left could have an opposing opinion. They thought they had silenced any resistance by over a year of name-calling, media brainwashing and PC thuggery. Didn’t work, just made people fed up.

  • The election is excited by electoral votes. Saying it should be based on popular votes after the results is like in football saying the losing team should have won because they had more yards. Get over it and if needed, hold your nose while trying to act like you are an adult and no how the system works.

  • Trump leans further left on some issues, far more than Clinton. It just might not be so bad to work with Trump on issues on which democrats share common ground as pressing priorities.

    Remember, as we have heard numerous times, Trump does not owe the right much, if anything. Further, his past stances on issues show more support for democrat ideology than republican ideology.

    Let’s see what happens and where we are in two years, beginning with confirmation of Judge Merrick B. Garland to the Supreme Court.

    • I believe you might be on the correct side of looking at it. In simplistic terms what holds Trump to anything that he said he would do during the campaign? For all we know things are said just to get voted in and he is going to come back as President a slightly different version.

      I wonder how his distance from both parties will affect him though, Republicans are in the drivers seat and since he doesn’t owe them much do you see them backing him in the things that he wants, we know the Democrats don’t appear to be with him at all.

      • You should be seeing in the coming weeks that more and more democrats will be reaching to Trump and work with him on issues. They will of course, not support any of his racist comments, etc., but the hope is that Trump will see that he can, if fact, work with democrats and get things done. It may be hard to believe, but Trump does want to do things to help people without regard to party agendas.

        Unfortunately, he has been “sold” by his advisors that he can at least make good on some of his promises “immediately” by doing things such as repealing Obamacare. In reality, it will not be simple for a number of reasons (including Republicans who are ok with parts of Obamacare). But Trump has been told weeks ago that in order to appease the anger and at least show that he is trying to make good on some of his campaign rhetoric, he needs to do things that he alone can accomplish, without the involvement of Congress.

        We’ll see how this is handled, and hopefully, the democrats will respond effectively.

  • To the people holding Trump is not my President signs, yes a lot of the people in California are in fact illegal aliens and Trump isn’t your President. To my knowledge Trump hasn’t attacked other minorities except Muslims and illegal aliens from south of the border. And for the other groups protesting for the sake of protesting, GET OVER IT.

    • Besides attacking Muslims and illegal aliens, he has a history of discriminating against African Americans, he condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester, he condoned the beating of a Latino homeless man, has been outspoken concerning opposing same sex unions, made racist statements about a judge overseeing his case, implying he was biased against him because he was Mexican, made a comment in a campaign speech linking Asians with theft, used negative stereotypes when speaking of Native Americans, and made sexist, demeaning and degrading comments about women. Did I leave any minority groups out?

      • I just remembered one more–his stereotypes of Jews, namely an anti-Semitic tweet of a Hillary Clinton meme which was traced to a white supremacist organization source.

  • Bwahahaha. It’s a great day for America because corrupt Hillary will never be our president. After eating crow for eight years and watching this country spiral downward under Obama, finally we have someone who can make America great again.

  • nope the protesters are not disrespecting the process, they are disrespecting the man, his behavior as ass makes him unfit to be president. he disrespects minorities, muslims, gay, etc. so, why is so wrong that these people return the favor?

    • By joining if not instigating mob behavior before Trump has even delivered his inaugural address, the protesters only accomplish one sure thing: they prove to all their might-have-been sympathizers that they have little real understanding of how their constitutional government actually renews and perpetuates itself. It would gain them more support if they accepted the legitimacy of the election process and respected Trump’s hard won opportunity to do what good he possibly can, for unlike the last eight years, it is still an opportunity in the making.

  • Seems the polls and media did Clinton a huge disservice with the false appearance that she had the Presidency sewn up. She led in virtually every poll and the media portrayed Trump as unfit. Those who view voting as a civic duty show up regardless but those occasional (millennial) voters who view voting as highly inconvenient figured Clinton was a shoo-in so why bother. Big mistake.

  • Let’s see they’re fascists, haters, bigots, sexists, and every other accusation they made against Trump and the GOP. Take your hatred somewhere else. Your shooting yourselves in the foot.

  • seems like the news media continues to look for anti-trump news. as NYT article said, the news media is considered part of our nation’s problem, e.g. biased, making mountains out of mole hills, etc.

  • American politics has finally deteriorated to a flash point where losers cannot protest peaceably. How did we get their? Lack of self-respect for each others’ right. The composition of the demonstrator/rioters may give a clue? The predominance of the rioters appear to be easily influenced young individuals who have not or have very little adventure in the real world. The election results also indicate this point in that the older generation elected this POTUS by searching their souls and voted in unity for the lesser of the 2 evils. Whose content of character is worse? Sagely the older generation spoke by voting for the individual who was vilified by innuendosby the liberal media almost en masse as opposed to actual questionable and ethical acts of along-time political figure. Simply, a generational clash, mature experienced older generation verus the immature, inexperienced younger generation.

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