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Hirono, Schatz decry Trump camp’s citing Japanese internment as precedent for Muslim registry


    In this Nov. 2 photo, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach answers questions from reporters following a meeting of the State Elections Board in Topeka, Kan.

Hawaii’s two U.S. senators joined a growing chorus of politicians and civil rights organizations today in condemning comments made by a prominent supporter of President-elect Donald Trump that suggested World War-II era Japanese internment camps could serve as a precedent for creating a federal registry for Muslim immigrants in the United States.

“The internment of Japanese Americans was a dark chapter in our history. We should remember it and never repeat the same injustice,” U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz said in a statement. “Any suggestion that the classification of thousands of Japanese, Germans and Italians during the World War II as ‘enemy aliens’ should be used as a precedent is immoral and must be rejected by all Americans.”

U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono, who immigrated from Japan at 7-years-old with her mother, took to her Twitter account to criticize the comments.

“The internment of Japanese Americans more than 70 years ago set a precedent: that we should never let something like this happen again,” wrote Hirono.

In other tweets, she wrote:

“Are hate speech, racism, and xenophobia the new normal in our country? No they are not.”

“We cannot let fear dictate our path forward. An inclusive and vibrant America is worth fighting for.”

Hirono and Schatz, both Democrats, were reacting to comments made by former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie who said that there was legal precedent for creating an immigrant registry, which has been floated by a member of the Trump transition team.

“To be perfectly honest, it is legal. They say it will hold constitutional muster,” Higbie said during an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Wednesday. “I know the ACLU is going to challenge it, but I think it will pass. We have done it with Iran back a while ago. We did it during World War II with Japanese.”

Higbie said that he wasn’t suggesting that the U.S. reinstate internment camps, but suggested that targeting certain ethnic groups or nationalities is OK if it’s in the interest of national security.

“What I am saying is we need to protect America first,” he said.

The comments have further inflamed concerns that Trump’s campaign and election have spurred racist and xenophobic rhetoric, causing an uptick in hate crimes and scaring immigrants and Muslim-Americans.

The comments about Japanese internment camps have hit a particular nerve in Hawaii, where more than 2,000 men and women of Japanese descent were interned in camps throughout the state following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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    • Chill out. There are kooks everywhere, including many that voted for Trump, but something like this is not going to happen. I’d bet my house against anyone else’s on that.

    • It did set a “precedent”. A wrong and extremely embarrassing one that this great nation made up primarily of new comers, should never repeat! I can pretty much guarantee you that every one of the lost Texas battalion would attest to that same sentiment.

      • An “embarrassment” that was caused by a virtual takeover of our government by a multiple term president, a one party congress, and that same president’s ability to create a favorable Supreme Court. Despite multiple objections by more sensible heads, the internments became part of our history.

        Shaking up government every so often is a necessity, if for nothing else than re-focusing perspective. The resultant presidential term limits from FDR’s “reign” hopefully may soon morph into term limits for congress as well.

        • It did become a part of our history. My kids have often asked my wife and I “why do we have to learn about history?” “Why is it so important that we spend time learning about what people did a long time ago?” This is a perfect example of “why”. So we don’t keep making the same mistakes. “Shaking up the government” is one thing. Treating a whole group of American citizens who have every bit of the same guaranteed rights afforded them by the Constitution, differently just because the look different, or worship different, is not acceptable

        • How about a National Registry of Christians? They’ve done their share of terrorist acts throughout history.

        • hawaiikone, many historical accounts of Christian violence. The Thirty Years War between the Catholics and Protestants in Europe, that occurred roughly between 1608 and 1648. The countries included Catholic countries like France, Italy, Spain, Austria against Protestant countries like the German States, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands. 8 million people died, and huge swaths of Europe were destroyed and devastated by the famine and Bubonic Black Plague that followed. A war vicious and genocidal war between Christians. Do not forget about the Crusades to capture Jerusalem from the Muslims, also a bloody affair.

        • What Hawaiikone cat got your tongue. Don’t know why you do but you don’t come around as too smart. More driven by a weak ideal. So weak that you have chosen to support the Chump when your primary candidate Mr. Allepo doesn’t like the Chump at all. My suggestion to you is to lay low and silence yourself so your candidate can stand a silly chance In 2020.

        • I’m still waiting for any of you three to provide us with the specific commands from Christ that order His followers to kill. The Old Testament has instances when God commanded the Jewish nation to destroy cities that refused to move or acknowledge Him as the almighty, but that covenant was replaced by Jesus. You’re deflecting my question by referring to the wrongful actions of men who chose to use their faith as an excuse. If you cannot understand what “doctrinal” means, then look it up. And keau, I’m glad you remember that I supported a third party, obviously a long overdue alternative to the other two pitiful organizations. Hearing the bile you, klas and ikey used to spill would prompt me to shoot you three down when you went to extremes, but I didn’t support or vote for Trump. In fact, you and others that went so far overboard demonizing him and his supporters contributed greatly to his success. Had you taken a higher road, and not angered so many, perhaps your candidate may have done better, But, as your comment to me clearly illustrates, you just can’t help yourself.

        • Okay, let’s not live in the past! What entity has declared war on the Western World or for that matter the entire World order. “Islamist Terrorist”, ahhh, sorry to have offended you so I hope you have a safe place at work, school, home, etc. Please accept my apologies

    • Trump may have been playing irresponsible games during his 18-month campaign and perhaps he never meant anything. But now he needs to get serious or step away from this office. He is in no way qualified. No terrorist, by the way, of any religion would be registering in any case.

      • Let’s not worry about his job, he’s got 2.

        1st job, shuffling millions of dollars in real estate and stocks.
        2nd job, US president.

        I somehow doubt he grew his millions into billions by taking Chicano Studies in college. Now, let’s let him get back to doing what he feels will benefit the middle class for a change rather than pander to the illegals that are a net loss in our economy and continue to drive down our standard of living.

        • No he got it by filing bankruptcies when things went bad and screwed people over who he owed money to. He did it by ignoring common decency and worrying more about his own ass than those who trusted him to make good on his commitments.

        • Post your sources of a single credible person getting screwed as a direct result of his bankruptcy. With bankruptcy you still have to repay your debts but you now have smaller installments and more time to repay but the debt must be still repaid. We all know he repaid in full otherwise Trump Enterprises would have been insolvent at this time.

          Secondly, if you want to blame any politicians for scr@wing it’s people, look at Detroit, the whole city filed for bankruptcy, the citizens of an entire city got the shaf! unlike Trump’s temporary repayment delay.

        • Those supporters of the lying crooked female felon are a bunch of cry babies. President Donald Trump is doing great and the sheep have been led astray.Get ready for eight great years. Trump 2020. Don’t hear any comments about the uneducated white males. Guess the over educated fools got a licking.

      • Far more qualified than Hillary. She has a record with too much failure, plus her plan was basically “more of the same”. Bernie had a socialist agenda, but he would likely be an honest candidate;he’d work with Congress. You realize that the President started with a majority in both houses of Congress, only to lose both, lose Governors, and State Houses. The public voted that way because they didn’t like the direction of the country, so obviously, “more of the same” wasn’t a good strategy. Even with full support of the media she could not win.

    • IRT Keaukaha, for the record, the men who volunteered to serve in the 442d RCT were Americans, born in America of Japanese ancestry and Nisei. Yes, their parents were Japanese-Americans, Japanese citizens living and working in the United States. Men from Hawaii prior to the Bombing to Pearl Harbor were drafted and assigned to the Hawaii National Guard. These men, some 1,300 Hawaii’s Americans of Japanese ancestry became the core of the 100th Infantry Battalion, who trained and entered WWII some 9 months before the 442d RCT. They all fought as Americans. We are all thankful and appreciate the leadership of the WWII Americans of Japanese ancestry proving we are all one, Americans.

      • They were great men with fantastic values and I’m proud to have known a number of them . They were true to America and to their families and friends, helping them to be admired as true Americans in a fought situation.

  • I used to think it was a bit funny, but perhaps it’s true that the actual slogan of Team Trump is to “Make America White Again”. We’ve had so many murderers, rapists and other “bad people” here in our country who are white. Why haven’t we created a registry for Caucasians? Or Christians? Or anyone coming here from Europe or Canada?

    • You don’t think the FBI had a registry of KKK members? Of the Mafia. For all those that remember the cult days of the seventies the government was all over those folks. This is just another SA story that tries to strike fear in the average reader that reacts to what they want them to react. I’m sure folks remember not to long ago that the IRS had a list of tea partiers. Let’s calm down and take a deep breath. lol

      • He said that the Japanese internment camps have set a precedent that the president elect can consider. For us non Muslims no big deal but I’m sure it would scare the crap out of us if we were. Let us never forget that we are all here today in what is supposed to be a free country because the men and women who died fighting for it. People of all races were killed including Captain Humayun Khan whose parents the president elect had no problem insulting.

        • President Elect Trump is doing the preemptive strategy while your O is RELEASING TERRORISTS.

        • Your hate for one person is clouding your comprehension and judgement. They are proposing a registry. What is wrong with having your name in a database? Is a database all of a sudden equivalent to an internment camp in any way? Without security measures such as this or similar to this can you imagine what just a few terrorists can do in a few seconds?

        • Ridiculous assertion keaukaha. Gun owners are on a registered database. If a crime is committed with a registered weapon then it is easy to track the owner. Same thing with Muslims; no crime committed then nothing to fear. If anything, you excel in fear mongering.

        • saveparadise: using your logic, what is your real name? come on, man. tell us. it’s just a name. nothing to worry about. how do we even know you’re an American? Are you a communist? A muslim? no worry.

        • sjean, Don’t you have a social security number and a birth certificate? What logic are you referring to?

        • He said. Who the el is he? He is a former Nave SEAL which may make him an authority about Navy SEAL operations, but he knows diddly squat about the internment of Japanese during World War II. He is not a Trump surrogate, he is not a Trump spokesperson, and he is not officially connected to the Trump Campaign or transition team, so why is anyone listening to him and believing that the nonsense he spews is what Trump is going to do? Only a brainless liberal would think that.

      • Click bait to sell “news” to consumers – we can expect years of this based on the perception of Pres Trump as the opposite of everything virtuous and holy from the far left view of things

      • there’s a big difference between a “registry” and a “list”. a registry requires that someone actively register with the government or face legal consequences. you guys try so hard to rationalize this stuff but just end up talking out of your rear ends.

        • There is also a difference between illegal alien and immigrant. So why not have a registry to help law enforcement distinguish between the two? It is not hard to rationalize if you have an open mind.

        • @saveparadise – what race are you? Would you want to be put on a list? For no reason other than that you identify with that race.

        • Jonas, I am of mixed ancestry. What are you? If I was an immigrant wanting to be American they could put my name on any list they wanted to as long as they would allow me to enter. Why would I contest that information?

        • hawaiikone: The story is about using the Japanese American internment as a precedent to start this registry. Japanese is a race. Jonas asks a legitimate question.

        • Tiger, the basic premise is whether or not muslims should be on a registry. And saveparadise referred to illegal aliens vs immigrants, which also has nothing to do with race. The internment issue isn’t part of this string. I commented on that above.

        • Didn’t Hillary win the popular vote? A landslide by definition is when a candidate wins the popular vote by a double digit margin.

        • Landslide???? Look how far ahead she is in the popular vote….no landslide. As evidenced, more Americans voted for her rather than Trump….does NOT spell landslide at all.

        • The fact is that there are more anti Chump voters in our country than pro Chumpsters. They are seriously outnumbered and as much as they gloat they are definitely aware of it. As of 7 hours ago 1.3 million votes more for Hilliary

        • Popular vote or not, the numbers that really counts are 306 to 232 The election is over, quit your whining everyone and DEAL WITH IT!!! Hahahaha

        • Geez, once again, it’s not a football game, it’s the governance of our Nation. I accept the vote of the People. The burden is now on President Trump to live up to the expectations of an entire nation.

        • Up to date totals show Hillary ahead by 1,340,000+ votes. With more than 4 million votes still left to be counted, it is estimated that Clinton’s margin of victory, based on yet to be counted votes in California alone, could reach more than 2 million votes.

          Trump’s 47.6% of the vote is not a “landslide,” but given the nature of his campaign you could call it a mudslide.

          No majority = no landslide and no mandate.

        • @ badcard36…smiling…keaukaha….Allie….WHO’s the President Elect?
          DJT 306
          hiLIARy 232
          Yup I reiterate L A N D S L I D E!

        • We don’t know the popular vote totals because all the votes have not yet been counted. There are many absentee ballots that still need to be counted. Also, because of lax voter registration verifications and widespread failures to verify the identities of voters, experts estimate that roughly 3 million foreigners, legal and illegal, fraudulently voted in this election:
          The vast majority of illegal, fraudulent votes go to Clinton. When you subtract the illegal votes and the dead people votes from Clinton’s total popular vote, Trump wins the popular vote.

      • IRT Allie, President-Elect Donald J Trump won the U.S. Presidency with 306 electoral votes to Ms Hillary who ended up with 232 electoral votes, a difference of +74 electoral votes. President-Elect Trump ended with 56.9% of the electoral votes.

      • Mr Kuro is an expert on the 100th and 442. Why didn’t they fight in the Pacific theatre battles and only fought in Italy and France. I’ve never studied the topic but did watch the movie go for broke.I guess so served as intel officers in the Pacific, right? Did you look at the two maps of America. The trump voters map and the hillar voters map. The former spreads all across the vast land. The hillary map is limited to the big cities where half the population works for the governments doling out benefits to the other half. The rest of America works for a living driving trucks and mowing hay and planting corn and soybeans and drilling oil wells and so on.

        • IRT Mythman, it was the 6,000 MIS (Military Intelligence Service) Americans of Japanese ancestry who served as small units attached to the many Allied units in the Pacific. My Sunday School teacher from Kauai was one of three AJA witnesses on the USS Missouri signing of the Peace Treaty with Japan. Another was on tour with us to Okinawa and shared his story of having to interrogate his elementary school classmates on Okinawa. And another, my wife cousin married to the daughter of a MIS WWII AJA and his stories on the Island of Okinawa. We did have a family lunch at the New Orleans WWII Museum when we found out we were related. Then there were the group that were assigned with the Merrill’s Marauders. There are many historical recordings of the MIS and their effectiveness in doing their jobs. Oh, there were AJA women who served in the MIS and also assisted in the rehab of Japan. Thanks for asking.

          I did send a heads up to LIUNA’s General President on the approval of the Keystone Pipeline that is in the works.

    • IRT Btaim, it is Constitutional and lawful for the United States to develop a Registry of Not-Americans (Born or Naturalized) who enter the United States from the, say named Middle Eastern Country, approved by the President of the United States. The purpose is to “Make America Save” and “Protecting American Citizens” from Ideological Terrorists.

      • Terrorists can come from ANYWHERE. What does it matter whether “more” of them come from one country or another? Just one terrorist, it may be argued, is too many. So let’s just suspect everyone and subject ALL people from anywhere to the same scrutiny.

        • Can come from anywhere? That may be technically true but the plain reality is that they hail from Muslim countries so it is ridiculous, not to mention more expensive and inefficient to use resources to target everyone.

  • was it lsat week? The NYT said that it was going to start reporting Honestly. To return it’s journalistic integrity to their news agency. Or was that another Lie?
    “They can’t help themselves ,this is in their DNA”. Libs will never change!

    Let’s be clear! There is No mention of “Internment Camps” as The New York Times are Claiming. Because Megyn Kelly “Suggested ” this>.
    What President Trump is proposing, is registries for Immigrants coming from middle eastern “hot Zones”, because Cities like San Francisco and “New York” are prohibiting ,shielding Illegals!And YES! They are breaking the law,by obstructing justice and Prohibiting ICE from Obtaining information from it’s cities data base.

  • Trumpf and his supporters are dredging out all the worst things that have happened in America and making them current. This is who the minority of Americans elected to be President. Auwe.

    • President Donald J. Trump, 45 POTUS in American history. Get used to that.

      downtown..what did O accomplish in his 8 years in office?
      what did hiLIARy accomplish in her 30+ years?

      #Suck it up, Buttercup

      • Ohana made health insurance unaffordable, allowed little boys to use the little girls room and the lives of policemen and policewomen unimportant. Hillary allowed foreign governments to snoop her emails thus giving away vital secrets. She also allowed 4 Americans to lose their lives while serving their country.

    • I don’t see any equivalence between the Japanese and the Muslims here. The muslims will kill us all, including the Japanese.
      I say we put the muslims behind barbed wire and machine guns until we can deport them.
      And yes, I am a racist.

  • This is a registry proposed, NOT internment camps. You want to live here then register. So how does this infringe on immigrants wanting to freely enter our country? Do we have to declare WWIII before you people realize we are at war? An unconventional war we cannot possibly win against an unseen anonymous enemy. Even with this registry we will not know which individuals are truly terrorists. Security should be a top priority or we will live in constant fear of attack at the most improbable times and places. We will not win this war with “politically correct”. You can only blame yourselves if you do not support these measures NOW.

    • Registration is just the start. Ask the Jews during WWII what was so wrong with them registering too? Oh wait…you can’t. They’re all gone.

      Please learn some history about registration of people based on race, religion, etc. This is nothing new but must never be repeated. Nothing “politically correct” about this. It’s institutional racism/bigotry.

      • How is this racism/bigotry? It has not even been specified that the registry would include US citizens yet. How does a registration hurt anyone? Enlighten everyone with your knowledge of the future.

        • I can’t believe I have to actually highpoint the article for you but here we go:

          “We’ve done it based on race, we’ve done it based on religion, we’ve done it based on region,” Higbie said in an appearance on “The Kelly File.” “We’ve done it with Iran back — back a while ago. We did it during World War II with Japanese.”

          This statement right here. This statement talking about “doing it to the Japanese during World War II”. Do you understand that many of those Japanese who were interned during the war were US citizens…many US BORN citizens? This is institutional racism/bigotry defined. Do you see now how easy it is to go from a registry to this? Higbie did it in one interview for goodness sake.

        • That was pretty selective to cut only a piece of the quote. Here is more, “Higbie said that he wasn’t suggesting that the U.S. reinstate internment camps, but suggested that targeting certain ethnic groups or nationalities is OK if it’s in the interest of national security.” “What I am saying is we need to protect America first,” He also said it would have to pass the ACLU. Let me also give you the definition of bigotry which is “intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.” Who is really the bigot. You, the interviewer, or Higbie?

  • Wow. Racist and proud of it. Those who do not agree are “losers,” despite whom they may have voted for, and do not deserve the same rights. This place is sounding more like Germany in the early 1930’s. It negates all of what the greatest generation sacrificed, fought, and died for. No, it isn’t different now. The ssame things were being said about the News in Europe. The same things were being said about the Japanese AMERICANS when they took them away and locked them up. Sad.

  • I hope all you anti-Trump people can figure out that the main stream media is going to continue to fear monger to try to gridlock government so we cannot get anything done during the Trump administration. We’ve already experienced some of that during Obama. Let’s not let our leader’s get away with that again. Let’s have faith in our legislative process and hold their feet to the fire when we see that it is breaking down and is not in the interest of the American people.

    This will NEVER happen people!!!

    • You are correct. Why do these sheeple allow the media to blow up an analogy? Internment will NOT happen. The message of the speaker is that we need extreme security measures to help protect us from terrorism. The original intentions were taken so out of context.

      • Protect us from terrorism? Protect us from our new government.

        You better hope internment will NOT happen. Only a matter of time before they come for you.

        • Is that your fear? The new government? We live in very different worlds. I am sorry I cannot convince you that your fears are unfounded. I respect your freedom of speech. I will leave you with the definition of bigot again, “intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself”

  • Don’t dismiss this. They dismissed Trump as a serious primary candidate, they dismissed him as a general election candidate. He will now be our next president. This is real. When one person’s constitutional freedom is threatened, we’re all threatened.

    • What threat do you fear? To cope with fear you must identify the source. Trump being elected would make you look like a fool for all you said at the dinner table and supporting the losing candidate, that is real. Trump violating the constitutional freedoms of Americans not real at this point in time.

  • This isn’t the first less than acceptable President this country has had, and it probably won’t be the last. I’ve found it best to not listen to anything they say, just wait and see what they do, if anything.

  • I am appalled by many of the hate filled comments on this posting, it seems way too many of you soaked up the liberal BS agenda feed from the MSM and have not done one iota of your homework. Registering refugees happens all the time, it is part of the process of determining their status to qualify as a refugee. Illegal migrants are an entire other problem that is plaguing the EU currently and the US, those coming legally are screened to determine if they meet the requirements to enter the nation legally and yes they are registered. Hawaii is the only state in the nation to have a one party government, which is shameful and embarrassing. It shows the level of corruptness that permeates our governance. It amazes me how few vote in this state, but I also understand that after continually losing many have given up on changing the status quo here….you do realize that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Very sad….

    • The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 merely started out as an attempt to restrict immigrants from China. As it did not exclude other nationalities, it could not be considered “racist”.
      As subsequent legislation was introduced over the course of AMERICAN history (the National Origin Act of 1924 for one example), it was used as reference and justification for further exclusionary legislation resulting in Executive Order 9066. Hence, the internment of Japanese, Italian, and German men, women and families. 62% were U.S citizens, by the way.
      Note the 1882 Act and the 9066 Order both were signed by the POTUS.

  • “A spokesman for the Great America PAC said Higbie had stopped working for the fundraising group on the day after the election.”

    Man, that ol’ door is revolving awfully fast these days.

    “A blogger at the liberal website Daily Kos wrote, blah blah”

    Having become an omphaloscopic playpen for Markos, they now reward any criticism by killing the account.

    “Within its first year of operation, the registration system resulted in the apprehension of numerous suspected terrorists”

    Yeah, honestly, many people told us that. We heard it from a lot of people. How many of these “numerous suspected terrorists” were tried or even charged? How many were convicted? Naaah, dude is simply armwaving.

  • Saw the video between Megyn Kelly and ex Navy Seal Carl Higbie and the fact that Higbie brought up the registering of AJA followed by internment during WW2 as an acceptable precedent for registering all Muslims in the US revealed his, Trump and Bannon’s mindset that internment of AJA’s during WW2 was no big deal and was an acceptable outcome for a difficult situation. Race wars was simmering under Obama for 8 years and Trump’s 4 year term is going to heat that simmer to a boil. For example, American muslim women who choose to wear a hijab or head covering in public in a US city better be fully prepared for stink eye up all the way up to physical and verbal harassment. For some like that N Virgina women who felt the need to make a Facebook comment of “tired of seeing that ape in heels”, the Trump victory means they will be given the license for people with racist tendencies to not keep it within them and just let it all out.

    • Inverse , you are full of it. Higbie brought up registration of where immigrants came from. Never said a word about internment. Megan Kelly brought up internment three times and Higbie flat refused any consideration of it.

      These Democratic tweekers who ceased on Kelly’s push for ratings are typical lying power hungry empty Party
      Buffoons with out a party any more , and this is the exact reason they are down to a handful of representatives.

      Wake up , there is a reason the Dems got blown out of the water and the sooner they figure it out the sooner they might get a chance to regroup.


  • The story says, “Many non-immigrants and non-Muslims have reacted to Kobach’s comments on Friday by saying that they will simply ‘register as Muslim.’ ” Agree! It would be like each man in the Roman slave army declaring “I am Spartacus!” to their Roman oppressors.

  • If they think about it, isn’t all the information about Muslim immigrants available already? Every Muslim that comes to the U.S. had to get a visa to enter or they had to go through the entry process showing their passports. This system was in place ever since the U.S. was created. Now, whether the government still has the records is another story. At least they should have it since 911.

    We are not talking about Mexicans, South Americans, and Canadians sneaking across the border.

  • Did Higbie say Muslim immigrants? I watched the interview several times and I did not hear the word immigrants. He said Muslims. We didn’t put all Italians on a register after the Sacco Venzetti bombings.

  • It is nonsense to report that the “Trump camp” is citing Japanese interment as precedent for Muslin registry. It is in effect saying it is coming from the Trump transition team without any evidence to that effect, but that is how most people who have commented about the story seem to be taking it. Being a prominent Trump supporter does not in any way make one a member of Trump’s camp, a Trump surrogate or a speaker for the Trump camp. The guy who made the comment is nothing more than a former Navy SEAL who was speaking from ignorance in his interview with Megyn Kelly.

    • You are correct. It is mind boggling how our two supposedly intelligent Senators and so many other people are misinterpreting comments made by a former US Navy SEAL who has no official connection to the Trump campaign or transition team. The next thing we may read is that it came from a “highly placed source,” which everyone will believe, who turns out to be a room cleaner on the top floor of the Trump Tower. How much higher can a source be?

  • No matter your political party or religious beliefs – always beware of the government:

    First They Came
    Pastor Martin Niemoller
    (Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller was a German anti-Nazi theologian and Lutheran pastor.)

    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me.

  • Here we go again. Talk among Republicans about setting up internment camps just like they did during World War II. No Wait! Just the opposite of that: it was the Democrats, led by FDR, who set up and herded Japanese Americans into those interment camps. Lest we forget.

  • If you cannot see the obvious pandering to their base from Hirono and Schatz by bringing this up, you seriously need to wake up. Hawaii, we need to stop voting party line and find better candidates than these two who lack substance.

  • Just wait till another 9-11 incident happens–you will see people crying out for government protection–but all too late. this is no different a precaution than than screening people at the airports, etc. weak–some parts of the us population is so weak–we are exposed as a nation of wimps–sorry. the T-erroist must be just laughing at the us–we are like a new born calf surrounded by hungry wolves. with the internment camps –people lost all their possessions and their freedoms–this monitoring being talked about is just that–monitoring—HELLO wake up dummy–you are being monitored at all times–for sales and demographics. Ok–the us does not have to have this type or any type of protection–i dont care–just as long as the next 9-11 does happen here–

    • The same inept government Wieners that stored top secret government emails on their personal computers along with their D!ck pics that they sent to 14 year old girls on Craigslist and coincidentally surfed through porn sites full of viruses and trojans? Yeah, I don’t think they are to be trusted any more than HitLAIRy was.

  • The Japanese were not world wide terrorists like the Muslims. Lazy Mazie and Schatz. They will change their minds when ISIS starts killing more and more Americans.
    Their main man Obama’s policies have allowed many terrorists to come to America.

  • The only good thing that this unknown supporter of Trump did was to refresh the insanity of democrat FDR’s executive order 9066 where innocent American citizens and legal aliens were forced into internment camps because of their race. Good thing, because too many of our youngsters aren’t aware or have forgotten what happened in the past because of hysteria. Those in Hawaii are aware but too many folks in the mainland are not.

  • You should view this in historical context.
    In 1941 the US had an argument for internment. It was later proven to be wrong, but then again, the US won the war against Japan.
    Have we won the war against Islamic terrorism?
    As for the Crusades, weren’t the Christians fighting the Muslims? On Muslims turf, of course.

  • Both Obama clones, Hirano and Schatz are using the same Democratic party reason when the majority of Hawaii residents wanted to ban same-sex marriage. They mention about the Japanese American internment during world war II. Now President-elect Trump want to ban Muslims who not only want to come to this country but want to change our American value of freedom. Look what is happening in Germany. The German leader let in over 500,00 muslims now they (muslims) are screaming for turning Europe into Islamic control.

    Comparing the unfortunate Japanese American internment to banning Muslims is like apples and oranges. The Japanese American did not commit any violance against the United States. Whereas the muslims coming to this country have caused terrorist acts (San Bernardino, Boston Massachusettes).
    The Democrats got mauled at last week’s general election, now they want Trump to not take away their liberal agenda for America. Hey clones!!! America voted for Donald Trump to get rid of your Liberal progressive (atheist) agenda, period.

    • Spot on! I have real sources in Germany so I hear it first hand. A lot of the people here have no clue what they are talking about since they live in a protected bubble. BTW, the crime rates in Germany have gone through the roof and guess who most of the criminals are! haaaaa

      On a side note and as a history lesson, just look at cities like LA now, illegals and their anchor babies have raised an estimated 120,000 Latino gang members as of 2007, I’m sure it’s much larger now in 2016. The LAPD does nothing about the sheer drug dealings and cold blooded murders as the entire police force is dwarfed my the sheer number of gang members. The gangs tell the LAPD who is in charge. The city has turned into a 3rd world country outside of a few pockets of wealthy residents.

  • This is a perfect example of PROPAGANDA posing as journalism! M. Kelly, NOT her guest, brought up the issue of the illegal WW2 Japanese Internments. Her guest was talking about a REGISTRY for NON CITIZEN immigrants from areas in the world where Radical Islamic Terrorism is supported and practiced, NOT the WW2 internments! He was discussing the LEGAL and historical right of our government to register immigrants coming in from high threat areas of our world. He was referring to the historical registries of people coming in from our WW2 enemies(Germany, Italy and Japan). M. Kelly wrongly changed the subject to Japanese Internments which is completely off topic.

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