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Trump again slams ‘Hamilton’; Pence says he wasn’t offended


    In this image made from a video provided by Hamilton LLC, actor Brandon Victor Dixon who plays Aaron Burr, the nation’s third vice president, in “Hamilton” speaks from the stage after the curtain call in New York, Friday, Nov. 18, 2016. Vice President-elect Mike Pence is the latest celebrity to attend the Broadway hit “Hamilton,” but the first to get a sharp message from a cast member from the stage.

NEW YORK >> President-elect Donald Trump, in the midst of choosing his Cabinet, took time out Sunday for a second day to criticize the cast of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” and demand an apology for a message an actor delivered from the stage to Trump’s running mate about the need for diversity in America. But Vice President-elect Mike Pence said he wasn’t offended by the message.

Pence said on “Fox News Sunday” that he heard the boos and cheers when he walked into the Richard Rodgers Theatre with his nephew and daughter on Friday night to see the show. He said he told his daughter: “That’s what freedom sounds like.”

Trump had a different take on the message from cast member Brandon Victor Dixon, who had expressed his concerns in a prepared speech after the curtain call about the incoming Republican administration.

“We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights,” said Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr, the nation’s third vice president, as his fellow actors joined hands. “We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.”

Trump tweeted Saturday that Pence had been “harassed” by the cast. He called them “very rude” and demanded they apologize. On Sunday, while awaiting a second day of meetings as he works to vet potential candidates for his administration, he repeated his order for an apology — and added a dig at the critically acclaimed show, which is sold out until September.

“The cast and producers of Hamilton, which I hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to Mike Pence for their terrible behavior,” he tweeted.

But Pence told Fox News that “Hamilton” was an “incredible production” involving a very talented cast. On whether he thought an apology was necessary, he said: “I’ll leave it to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it.”

When prompted by Trump for an apology, Dixon responded on Twitter that “conversation is not harassment sir” and added that he appreciated Pence stopping to listen.

Reaction to the debacle was mixed, with some calling Dixon’s speech “disrespectful” and threatening to boycott the show and others saying it was an important message that needed to be delivered.

The musical is by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the story, music and lyrics. It stresses the orphan, immigrant roots of first U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and has a terrifically varied score, ranging from pop ballads to gospel to sexy R&B. It has been cheered for reclaiming the nation’s founding story with a multicultural cast.

Miranda, in a tweet, said he was “proud” of Dixon and the “Hamilton” cast “for leading with love,” before reminding people that everyone is welcome at the theater.

Miranda had been a big booster for the failed presidential campaign of Trump’s opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, including performing at an all-star fundraiser for her last month. The cast also put on a special “Hamilton” show at a Clinton fundraiser last summer.

The person playing Alexander Hamilton that Pence saw was Javier Munoz, an openly gay actor. Pence supported numerous efforts to ban gay marriage as governor of Indiana and opposed unfettered federal funding for HIV and AIDS treatment.

“Hamilton” wasn’t the only show that Trump took issue with over the weekend. He tweeted that “Saturday Night Live” a “totally one-sided, biased show – nothing funny at all.” He was portrayed in the cold open on Saturday’s show as overwhelmed with his new duties as president — so much so that when told he would soon have to reveal his plans for defeating the Islamic State group, he had to search online for “Google, what is ISIS?”

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      • So, Klassless, you decided to creep out of the little mouse hole where you have been hiding since your months-long prediction went up in smoke, eh?

        How much credibility do you think you have now?

        In any case those hypocrites calling for diversity ought to visit our Soviet era college and university campuses where diversity of ideas and opinion have been trampled flat with Nazi-like efficiency.

        As for your phony charge of ‘white supremacy’, more Americans of African Ancestry and Latinos voted for PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP – – remember how often I advised you to practice saying those words? – – than for any other GOP POTUS candidate this century.

        Pick up your fork, Klassless. You have tons of humble pie to consume. Bon appetit.

        • I’ve already said that I was wrong – very wrong – about the election. I definitely overestimated the intelligence of white folks. Mr. Trump won with the white vote. Period.

          And I really enjoy reading comments from the uneducated and undereducated (like you, for instance) mocking higher education. That’s your excuse for your poor decisions in life? You are the class who will be bowled over by Mr. Trump and his policies – you just don’t know it yet. The wealthy are going to survive just fine, thank you very much, while Mr. Trump empowers racists, alt-right followers and bigots.

        • There’s that “LOVE” again, you know the one that is going to trump Trump. Vial, despicable and deplorable racist you are klastri. It was my hope you had moved to Canada or something as you were MIA for quite some time. You finally broke out of your crying fit I see.

          Now…SUCK IT LOSER!

        • Klassless, as a self admitted lawyer, you continue to educate the rest of us regarding the dimensions of the tragedy that has befallen the legal profession and for that NORMAL people should be grateful.

          When it comes to standards of excellence in the legal profession, folks like you are evidence that the bar has not been set very high.

    • This is what happens when entertainers begin to think too highly of themselves and their place in the grand scheme of things (think of those who threw their lot in with Hillary Clinton). As with their “weaponless” gesture to advocate stricter gun control, “Hamilton” and its creator and cast crossed that embarassing threshold long ago.

        • In case you forgot, or just plain didn’t bother to know or learn, President Ronald Reagan was a REAL Hollywood actor and entertainer. Like all other politicians, Reagan had his faults, but would you go so far today as to spit on his grave just because he was an actor? Even with no one looking?

        • It’s just happenstance I know, but if you look closely at the photo of the Hamilton cast that accompanies this article, you’ll see actor Brandon Victor Dixon with his left hand in the air with index finger pointing skyward as he consults his cheat sheet. He really does look like a pontificating windbag in that moment in time, or one of the more pedantic lecturers you might’ve been forced to listen to as a kid. It’s almost a good visual representation of “annoying.”

        • DeltaDag – Sure, that makes sense. Mr. Dixon is a lead character in a Broadway blockbuster that is sold out for a year. Poor him!

      • I voted for the Hill but what they did at Hamilton was classless. Not the time or place. How would you feel being there with your family and feeling the hate. Don’t like Trump but look who acted deplorable! Get over it.

  • Totally inappropriate behavior! Pence paid for his tickets like everyone else and deserved just as much respect as the other audience members. Shame on you Munoz and Miranda!

      • They’ve already been to the Tonys. Hamilton won Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical (“book” means “script” in theater talk), Best Original Score, Best Actor in a Musical, Best Actress in a Musical, Best Featured Actor in a Musical, Best Featured Actress in a Musical, Best Costume Design of a Musical, Best Lighting Design in a Musical, Best Direction of a Musical, Best Choreography, and Best Orchestrations.

        • With all those awards can they speak for the people. They think they’re above it all? Got to there heads. They are not the chosen one. If I got free tickets I still wouldn’t go.

  • I don’t know anything about Mike Pence, but I hate to think anyone’s expensive night out with their family would be ruined by the behavior of rude strangers in the audience.

    As for the cast lecturing him, perhaps they could have invited him backstage like they did Hillary and discussed it there.

    • It can’t have come as a surprise if he’d read about the protests and such after the election. He was in New York City; not the friendliest town for a conservative like him. Especially Broadway! Dixon’s comments (hardly a “lecture”) were during the curtain call, he could’ve left at any time (I’ve read he was in the process of leaving).

      But look how differently Trump and Pence responded. Trump ranting and raving as usual, keeping the story alive. Now read Pence’s comments. Think if he’d been the president, seen the show, been booed, and the only comment we heard about it was him saying to his daughter “That’s what freedom sounds like.” There wouldn’t have been any further fuss and we’d have moved on. It’s a much more diplomatic way to handle it.

      Trump needs to get a thicker skin. Presidents get criticized, from the moment they’re elected. He’d better get used to that fact.

      • The good news is that he cannot stand criticism. Not one bit. The people fighting against him will use that remarkable personality disorder against him every day for the next four years.

        • Yo, Klassless!

          Isn’t that the same exact argument you used to predict with absolute certainty that PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP would not prevail on November 8, hmmmm?

        • I hope she/he, or whatever it identifies as, keeps it up; it will get another four for Trump for sure. Keep it up dumbaxx. You haven’t learned yet huh. Loud and proud does not beat the silent minority.

          You LOST now SUCK IT LOSER!

  • Yes even the VPOTUS (and family) deserves a night out at the theater without being booed and lectured by the cast in public. The acts of the Hamilton cast was highly inappropriate, rude, and self-serving. IMO their so called message of diversity got lost because of their inconsiderate delivery. Looks like the VP was gracious and took a page out of Obama playbook…When they go low, we go high.

    • This is just the beginning of the boos that Mr. Pence will hear over the next four years. If his skin is this thin, he’s in the wrong business. The fact is that he heard lots of boos during his disastrous term as Governor of Indiana, so he’s used to it.

      Mr. Pence actively and viciously fought against same sex marriage and even treatment for HIV. Sociopaths should expect criticism. This is what our Constitution allows.

      The great news is that we know for sure that Mr. Trump can be derailed by the slightest perceived slight. He hasn’t seen anything yet. His thumbs are going to be constantly sore from midnight tweeting.

      • This would be yesterday’s news if only Trump would let it go…..Stop the danged tweets Donald! Twitter police, do your jobs and take his twitter away. And now he’s going after Alec Baldwin on SNL! Anyone wonder when he will have time to actually run the country if he continues to focus on such trivial pursuits?

        • He’s mentally ill – obviously. He cannot let go. His personality disorders are going to be used as a tool to fight him in the efforts he spoke about during the campaign. He’s in way, WAY over his head.

        • YO KLASSLESS!

          If PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP is in way over his head, how could he have possibly shellacked Felony-Shrillary earlier this month, eh?

          Take you time responding, Klassless, since you are in a hole so deep – – and one that you dug for yourself.

          / chortle /
          / chortle /
          / chortle /

        • thos – By “shellacked” do you mean the fact that Mrs. Clinton received many more votes than Mr. Trump?

          That’s an interesting definition. Leave it to you!

        • LOSER, LOSER, LOSER. Get used to it klastri. Um, the election is over incase you haven’t heard! Donald Trump is the guy, the one, the President Elect.

          My President 1
          Your president 0

          Lets check the next four years and see how it goes. Keep it up with all your silly liberal crazy person banter and you can bet your house its another four for Trump.

        • Nope, Klassless.

          By shellacked I mean that PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP waged a brilliant campaign for an electoral majority which, against all odds – – and despite assured predictions of a landslide defeat from [redacted] like you – – he did in fact achieve.

      • Still have those tickets to the inauguration? How about that landslide? Maybe you’re not as much of a know-it-all as you think you are.

        klastri says:
        October 19, 2016 at 3:25 pm
        Mr. Trump is an ignoramus who knows absolutely nothing about the details of foreign or domestic policy. For that reason, he’s losing this election in a landslide. Plus, he’s a violent sexual predator and psychotic. There’s that too.

        klastri says:
        October 19, 2016 at 4:23 pm
        The good news is that your vote (assuming you vote in Hawai’i) for Mr. Trump won’t count.

        He’s going to lose in a spectacular landslide. It can’t be too humiliating or embarrassing for Mr. Trump to satisfy me.

        He won’t even say that he’ll accept the result of the election. He’s a traitor.


        klastri says:
        October 19, 2016 at 6:59 pm
        kuroiwaj – Every time you write here, I feel more and more sorry for you.

        Running for President is not like being in combat. Can’t you see that? The loser in an election steps aside and supports the winner. It’s one of the hallmarks on what makes the United States special.

        Mr. Trump, by the way, is a coward. He made up a foot problem (that he cannot now remember) to get five deferments. A loathsome coward. But he certainly is willing to bluster using the sons and daughters of other people, isn’t he?

        klastri says:
        October 19, 2016 at 7:02 pm
        Ikefromeli – Uninformed? You really are too kind!

        It looks now like Trump may lost by 160 electoral votes. An embarrassing failure. Good thing he’s very experienced at failing.

        My wife and I got our air tickets for the inauguration.

        • It’s remarkable that you have so little to do that you would retrieve comments. Good grief, what an empty life you must have.

          I was wrong about the election, and have already admitted that. I wildly underestimated the number of racists, alt-right nut cases and white supremacists who would vote. Mrs. Clinton received a lot more popular votes, but Mr. Trump will be the President. It’s a shocking disgrace, but the truth nonetheless. He’s a psychotic who is unfit for office.

          We’re still going to Washington, but for ACLU and ADL meetings.

        • The only mistake klastri made was evidently placing too much faith in the judgement of the American electorate. However, he is not responsible for a far greater mistake – the recent US presidential election. Responsibility for this, and all the consequences, lies with the minority of voters who cast their lots in with Donald the Drumph.

        • By his own words and dismissive and insulting attitude toward his fellow posters, I think most of us here can agree that klastri remains thoroughly discredited.

        • DeltaDag – Your opinions are worthless. I could not possibly care less what you think about me. Really.

        • Just by your reply means you care. So, where you been? Why so long in hiding? It was a tough pill to swallow huh? Go back to your hole please. Please, please.

        • laeboy – I was winning at trial for a client. The trial went on much longer than expected.

          Not that it’s any of your business.

      • This is just the beginning of the boos that Mr. Pence will hear yada yada yada.

        What fun!

        ANOTHER prediction from Klassless!

        Uh oh.

        How did your OTHER prediction turn out Klassless – – you know the absolute certainty that PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP could not possibly beat Felony-Shrillary back on Nov 8, hmmmmmm?

        • I was wrong about the election. I have admitted that.

          But I’m definitely correct about Mr. Trump’s profound mental illness. He’s a psychotic.

        • Your projecting klastri. You know what that is right? Go back to your hole now. You have said way to much and everyone knows what wrong with you know.

        • I know: know is now. I make my correction for you because I know that is all you will come back with anyways. A grammar lesson. Back to the hole with you NOW!

        • Not just wrong about the election. Being just wrong can be dismissed, overlooked or forgiven, but being profoundly wrong cannot.

        • klastri says: I was wrong about the election. I have admitted that.

          That dog won’t hunt, Skippy.

          A GENUINE admission you were wrong would mean you have learned some lessons from your months of egregious mistakes – – and quite obviously you have not learned jack [redacted] from your arrogant, supercilious, tin eared blunders over the past several months.

          Your credibility is in tatters, Skippy.

          But by all means continue to writhe and convulse yourself in a vain attempt to escape accountability for your egregious and uninterrupted string of blunders.

          You are far more amusing that a cast iron bull dog door stop – – albeit not as useful.

    • Obama and Michelle got the same treatment. Trump and Melania will get the same treatment since he got half of the nation up in arms because of his vicious rhetoric during the presidential campaign. Things could have been different if Trump had restrained his foul mouth. So fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

      • he got half of the nation up in arms because of his vicious rhetoric.

        Cite one – – JUST ONE – – thing that he actually said that was vicious. An exact quote please, including date, location and provenance; not what someone else SAID that he said.

        In any event the ENTIRE nation should be up in arms after 8 years of an American First – – the first president we ever had who actually loathes the Constitution he took a botched oath to protect and who hates America.

        Thank goodness help and recovery are on the way.

        20 Jan 17: Go, clock go!

        • Would someone who hates america so graciously welcome trump to the white house and spend so much time with him? Would he have gone out of his way to try to smooth the way for the transition and reassure world leaders that things will be alright? No, he was a totally classy adult throughout this whole situation. He was not acting like a petulant child who cannot control his impulses to get involved in a petty twitter war with a broadway show. If he does not grow up quickly, he will spend his presidency lurching from crisis to crisis.

        • skinut asks: Would someone who hates america so graciously welcome trump to the white house and spend so much time with him?

          He certainly would – – to protect his imaginary “legacy”.

          Face it: the guy is a smooth talking conn artist who swindled America not once but twice.

          Instead of his soothing words, look at his actions – – restarting the war in Iraq, losing the war in Afghanistan, increasing the bloodshed in Syria and Libya, inter alia, facilitating the introduction of bloody ISIS, cutting military end strength while at the same time over extending our forces in WestPac, the Mideast, Africa and now the Baltic states – – and that is just his foreign policy. At home he has increased the size of the national debt more than has been done under all previous presidents combined, that and making health care unaffordable for more and more middle class Americans.

          What? You been playing Rip Van Winkle for the last 8 years?

      • Kaka, stop already. Too little, too late. I hear Crooked Hilliary is accepting donations for her legal defense fund. Instead of wasting your time get back on the roadside and and start picking up cans.

        • keaukaha, you poor little snowflake.

          You know what you sound like? You sound like HAL 9000 after astronaut David Pool made an emergency re-entry (sans space suit helmet) into Discovery in 2001 A Space Odessy:

          “Dave I can see you are upset.

          “Why don’t you take a stress pill, Dave?



          “What are you doing, Dave.

          “Stop, Dave.


          “I’m afraid . .
          . .
          . .

          – –
          – -“Daisy, Daisy
          – Give me your answer, do.
          – I’m half crazy
          – all for the love of you”,

        • Hillary Clinton won’t need a legal defense fund. Trump and Pence lied to you and all the gullible, undereducated people who lack the reading skills to comprehend unbiased news articles.

          Trump will not appoint a special prosecutor because he knew all along she didn’t do anything criminal. He just took several of her careless (yes, careless & dumb) mistakes, made up false details to turn voters against her. Now that he’s elected, there will be no court case against her—because there is no criminal case.

          You elected a used car salesman to the office of POTUS, based on a bunch of lies. When will the Huge Wall be created? When will he repeal Obamacare? Right, never.

        • Yo! Kilo-Monkey!

          President Trump won’t appoint a special prosecutor because he cannot.

          But his AG can.

          Keep holding your breath: purple becomes you.

      • Thos I am in no way upset merely entertained by the Chump who cannot be housebroken. You will be on the defense for the next four years and I love playing offense because all of you will need to be on your toes. The Chump cannot focus on his responsibility to mend a divisive country simply because it is so easy to distract him. Instead of dealing with his transition he wastes valuable time tweeting about a broadway production. BTW you do know that according to the popular vote you Chumpstrrs are outnumbered by more than a million human votes. God help all of you if push comes to shove.

  • If trump continues to be this thin-skinned and petulant, it will be easy to provoke him to make hasty and unwise decisions. The hope is that he has advisors that can restrain him. Otherwise, the whole country will suffer.

        • Less than half the electorate chose Mr. Trump. We’re going to suffer with him for 4 years or less.

        • If by “electorate” klastri, you mean “all the people entitled to vote in an election,” then neither was Barack Obama the choice of the majority of the electorate. Not in 2008 and certainly not in 2012. Somewhere between 40 to 50 percent of the U.S. electorate are no-shows when it comes to even presidential elections.

          Is it some other or personal definition of “electorate” you are relying on?

        • DeltaDag – It sounds like you’ve been in a coma. Mr Trump ran against Mrs. Clinton this year.

          Mrs. Clinton received a lot more votes than Mr. Trump did. A whole lot more.

        • klastri,

          That’s pretty obtuse even for you. That you don’t even know what the textbook definition of “electorate” is suggests you aren’t even the lawyer you claim to be, or if you truly are one, then your law degree must have come from a box of Cracker Jack.

        • No like you. Takes a puss- grabber to like a fellow grabber. No matter what you say you are politically connected to a sexual predator and bad karma will follow you wherever you go.

        • Do by all means hurl childish puerile insults in hope of changing the subject.

          And what subject?

          Against all odds and thanks to the Hand of God, Trump won and will now roll up his sleeves to work with NORMAL people – – which lets you out – – to make America great again.

          Enjoy the sideline, Loser.

        • You may think that it’s a big joke but life has a way of teaching you when you have crossed the line. By reaffirming the Chumps sins are ok to be overlooked. It’s only a matter of time before you get a taste of what you say is ok. Common decency is what separates goodness and evil.

        • You have willingly followed the Chump into the twilight zone. Pure evil is the only company that you will have until you repent.

  • Trump’s crybaby reaction to a critical dissent addressed to the VP-elect is a bad sign. The guy’s gonna have a stroke before he gets sworn in, (which would be a blessing for the country), but when Bibi Netanyahu, one of America’s so-called allies who hasn’t been shy about what he wants the U.S. to do for Israel, or some other ally is critical of yet another boneheaded error by Trump, what’s he gonna do? Nuke-em? We would have been better off with a straight teen-ager – if there is such an animal. Hold on folks, it’s going to be a bump ride.

    • Absolutely agree but on the brighter side if their is one. Those of us who didn’t vote for him aren’t responsible for the biggest boo boo in the history of mankind

      • Actually you are responsible.

        And why?

        Because you were not sufficiently energetic in convincing others to see that Felony-Shrillary won an electoral college majority.

        So quite whining and blaming others for your own lack of effort.

    • Or perhaps he could be more healthy by not holding in his feelings and expressing them. It got him to billionaire celebrity status and POTUS elect. Are the twitter posts a weakness or a strength? Is it being “thin skinned” or calling them as he sees them where previous leaders would not dare to shake up the politically correct police?

      • Now that he is the president elect he has more serious concerns than fighting with a Broadway production. What I find amazing is that a majority of people who questioned his temperament still voted for him. I compare it to someone that gets bitten by a rabid dog and tells themself that everything is going to be okay.

        • These ridiculous and infantile Twitter wars he starts should validate to everyone that Mr. Trump is a psychotic. His mental illness will be used against him constantly. It’s pathetic.

        • Yes all the garden variety pundits, who by the way got the whole election wrong still don’t get that Trumps victory was a mandate against the politically correct police and a rejection of their equally as flawed candidate H. Clinton.

        • dtpro1 – Mr. Trump received far fewer (you might want to read that word again … fewer) votes than did Mrs. Clinton.

          Do you not understand the meaning of the word “mandate?”

        • AGAIN klastri. Its all over the news! Trump has won and is the President Elect. Check the papers, FOX even CNN has had to report the truth on that one.

          Back to the hole with you.

        • klastri says: These ridiculous and infantile Twitter wars he starts should validate to everyone that Mr. Trump is a psychotic. His mental illness will be used against him constantly. It’s pathetic.

          And yet on 20 Jan 17 he will be YOUR President!

          Suck it up, Snowflake: You are a loser. Yippee!

  • Those,like me,who expected Hillary to POTUS, now have to suck it up and support our the decision of the Electoral College.

    In the meantime, Trump needs to choose his battles carefully. C’mon, bitching about Hamilton (Pence is showing class) and SNL is not how to start off your term. There are more pressing matters for the POTUS to be concerned about.

  • “Hamilton” is a Pulitzer Prize winning musical that tells the story of besieged colonies fighting against autocratic rule in a musical style and with a diverse cast that affirms that American history belongs to all Americans. The Trump-Pence campaign, on the other hand, spewed an unprecedented level of racist, misogynist, and anti-Semitic bile. The cast, exercising their First Amendment rights and their moral duty, eloquently expressed the fears of tens of millions of Americans when they respectfully said:

    “We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us — our planet, our children, our parents — or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us. All of us.”

    Trump’s outrage at these remarks shows how deeply unsuited, temperamentally and intellectually, he is to become President of this nation.

    • bsdetection says:Trump’s outrage at these remarks shows how deeply unsuited, temperamentally and intellectually, he is to become President of this nation

      And yet in two short months he will be YOUR President. Better learn how to suck it up and drive on like NORMAL Americans have had to do for the last 8 years.

  • Dixon should be replaced. Plenty of other more talented performers out there. To make a scene to enunciate his personal views to folks who paid a lot to enjoy the show was infantile and disgraceful. Could expect it from Klastri and biased people of her ilk. Again, folks paid big money to be entertained, not insulted. Fire Dixon.

    • That’s not going to happen, of course, but have fun with your delusions. Mr. Dixon is a talented performer and the show is a sell out. Neither you nor Mr. Trump have any say whatever in what a privately owned production does.

      “You have no power here. Be gone with you.”

      • Klastri, you are still in a state of denial. The election is over. The Republicans have won. Trump will be the new president. Your buddy Barry will just become a blip on the disappearing screen. Hillary will never be the talking head of Democrats. Coming back to Dixon who should be replaced, he took it on himself to grandstand his personal view to customers of a public show. Disgraceful but expected from certain “entitled” folks.

        • It’s called freedom of speech. A subject about which Mr. Trump is going to receive a belated education.

          It’s a privately owned show, of course. You really need to read more.

        • Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences of S T U P I D speech, Klassless – – as for example months of your absolute certainty that Felony-Shrillary would win on November 8.

          Enjoy your fate, Skippy. You have earned it.

        • He should be gone. Replaced with someone better talented. and klasslessas stop your lying. No one in the law legal would sound like you. Unprofessuionable.

    • “Hamilton” is a brilliant, award-winning work of political theatre. It was conceived, written, composed, directed and is passionately performed as a piece of political theatre. Was Pence expecting a minstrel show? In reading the words written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mr. Dixon did not “enunciate his personal views,” he spoke eloquently for millions who, for good reason, fear that the Trump-Pence administration does not represent them and does not honor core American values. Pence has a well-documented record as a governor who has oppressed minorities. Until the Trump-Pence administration, in its words and deeds, can assure us that they represent all of America, I hope that there are people willing to “make a scene” every time that they appear in public. If they are insulted by people asking that they commit to upholding the inalienable rights of all Americans, then I hope they are loudly insulted every day.

      • They will be insulted every day. Don’t you worry about that!

        Mr. Trump is the last person who should be complaining. For years, he lied publicly about Mr. Obama’s birthplace to undermine him. Trump is a psychotic. His personality defects will be used as a weapon against him every day. The criticism about him is going to be relentless.

        • klastri says: Mr. Trump is the last person who should be complaining. For years, he lied publicly about Mr. Obama’s birthplace to undermine him. Trump is a psychotic. His personality defects will be used as a weapon against him every day. The criticism about him is going to be relentless.

          Then how on earth did he clean Felony-Shrillary’s clock earlier this month, eh, Skippy?

          As a prognosticator you leave much to be desired, but you are infernally AMUSING. Do by all means keep spouting off, Skippy. Watching you squirm like a worm on a hot skillet is more fun than a person should be allowed to have – – and many thanks, Skippy.

        • thos – My family and I will be just fine under a Trump administration. I’m white, rich and well educated, so my family is going to be one of the winners. People at the bottom (poorly educated) are going to be surprised at how Mr. Trump is going to treat you. Good luck with failure.

  • “Trump had a different take on the message from cast member Brandon Victor Dixon…” This article makes it sound like Trump was reacting negatively to Dixon’s message on diversity. Yet Trump’s public twitter page shows he never tweeted about the contents of Dixon’s message, just how they were delivered.

    • Trump demanded an apology. That validates the fact that he doesn’t understand freedom of speech. No one is going to apologize to him. He should get used to that fact.

      • Actually, Skippy, it is YOU who does not understand that freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the CONSEQUENCES of what one chooses to speak.

        Only puerile, terminally self-centered hypocrites . . . but in the spirit of generosity for which yours truly is famed, one need not finish THAT thought, eh Skippy?

        • You are a poorly educated, ignorant lout who doesn’t understand how the Constitution works.

          Your opinions are completely worthless.

  • Theatre critic Ben Brantley wrote perceptively, ““Hamilton” makes a sustained and vibrant case for the virtues of an American melting pot. This is as true of its form (which melds rap and hip-hop into the classic book musical) and its casting (which uses black and Latino men and women to portray the white founders of the United States) as of its content. (Don’t forget, this is a show in which the title character, Alexander Hamilton, and the Marquis de Lafayette exult on the battlefield: “Immigrants, we get the job done.”)…The very presence of Mr. Pence — whose views on immigration, like those of Mr. Trump, are anything but celebratory — at this particular show…would seem to signal that an unspoken debate was going on that night. In delivering his plea to Mr. Pence, Mr. Dixon wasn’t just emphasizing that a play is more than a self-contained work of art, that it’s a cry of thought and feeling pitched to an audience, a city, a nation, a world. He was also addressing Mr. Trump (through Mr. Pence) on his own blunt terms, albeit in a more eloquent (and, yes, polite) style. He was meeting directness with directness, carefully spelling out what his show had to say.”

  • Why can’t Vice President elect Michael Pence attend a show with his family to enjoy instead of being lectured to in front of the entire audience. Poor taste and disrespectful on the part of the actor. Mr. Pence showed the utmost class in not responding in kind.

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