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Clinton campaign will participate in recounts


    Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer announced plans to participate in vote recounts of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan if they happen, but doesn’t expect to overturn the election of Donald Trump as president.

WASHINGTON >> Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer announced plans to participate in vote recounts of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan if they happen, but doesn’t expect to overturn the election of Donald Trump as president.

If Green Party candidate Jill Stein gets recounts in all of those states, the Clinton campaign “will participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides,” lawyer Mark Elias said Saturday in a post on

The Democrat’s campaig

n didn’t plan to initiate recounts on its own because it hasn’t found “any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology,” Elias wrote.

Elias also isn’t expecting the recounts to erase what he said was a 107,000 combined vote margin separating the candidates in the three states and overturning the election of Trump, who is due to be sworn in as president in January.

“We do so fully aware that the number of votes separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the closest of these states —— Michigan — well exceeds the largest margin ever overcome in a recount,” Elias said. “But regardless of the potential to change the outcome in any of the states, we feel it is important, on principle, to ensure our campaign is legally represented in any court proceedings and represented on the ground in order to monitor the recount process itself.”

Elias said there also is an obligation to the voters now that a recount is planned in Wisconsin and perhaps the other two states. The Wisconsin Elections Commission on Friday said it had received Stein’s petition.

“We believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million Americans who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported,” Elias said.

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        • Dems never do accept election results. We have seen this over and over again. If you think those silly college kids protesting after the election was something, wait until the Clintons try to reverse the election results. The country will explode.

        • And remember the episode when magically some “previously uncounted ballots” found in the trunk of a car gave us – –

          – – wait for it

          – – wait for it

          – – wait for it

          – –

          SENATOR Al Franken?

    • two faced politician. Hillary berated Trump (rightly so) for saying he would not accept the results if he lost. What about the states she squeeked through to win. If those were re-counted maybe Trump would win. Time to get over it.

    • Yep. This woman is so desperate, like a Twilight Zone episode. She has sold her soul to the devil, and plans to cash in on it, regardless of the welfare of her country, and the mandate of her populace. Popular vote or not, its too f’n late lady…you always lose, you will always lose. Nobody wants you, not even your husband, get that straight.

      • Did Hillary swipe your lunch money when you were kids? So much hate. And by the way, your comment that “nobody wants you” is incorrect. over 64million (and counting) people voted for her vs 62million for Trump….

      • I’m with hapaguy, why so much hate. A canidate is entitled to a recount, and Hilary is just stepping in with Stein who is starting the whole thing. But such hatred is a signature Trump quality,say hateful untrue things and call them hateful names ohhhh so god like!

        • yes, she’s entitled to a re-count. How about re-counting the states where she barely squeeked by. Maybe Trump would win. There is zero evidence of fraud – even the Democrats and left wing media have said that. She is the one who said in the debate and on multiple occasions that Trump was wrong (and he was wrong) when he said he would not accept the results if he won. Now she is not? What a two face. But we knew that already. Stein is raising all that money, and we know with the help of the HRC campaign. $5M that would be spent better elsewhere. Imagine how many hungry families that would feed over the holidays. How many bankets it would by for the homeless, how many children they could cloth right here in our own country, yet they spend it on a worthless recount.

    • It’s obvious some people haven’t had a good education. In order to attend an average 4-year college, you need to take the SAT or ACT and not suck at reading comprehension.

      “Elias also isn’t expecting the recounts to erase….a 107,000 combined vote margin…and overturning the election…”

      The Clinton campaign is only going along with the idea because some astute (smart) statisticians recommended a recount, just to be sure.

      Contrast that with Trump whining about the election being “rigged” weeks BEFORE any results were posted.

      • The losers are still hanging around.Life must be miserable.Can you say President Donald Trump. I imagine a few extra chapters will be added to the political science books

      • Hey ape man, how was that crow you had for Thanksgiving Supper? Don’t you and alligator man ever get tired? Crackhead Clingon spent a billion dollars and lost? You with her? She’s a loser.
        If Obama doesn’t pardon her they’ll lock her up for sure now.

    • The rich, White Republicans have been toying with the undereducated for years, making ridiculously false accusations against Hillary, knowing that she’d probably be an opponent one day.

      When it was revealed that she’d CARELESSLY used a private server for emails, the GOP pushed for years of inquiry that has never uncovered any “criminal” activity. No Trump lover can clearly say what felonies she supposedly committed, or what unbiased evidence led them to those conspiracy theories.

      There was no “pay-for-play” regarding the Clinton Foundation. Just read a NORMAL news source and you’ll see why there can be no “special prosecutor.”

      That was about Lie # 5 tossed around by Trump so you’re vote for him. You voted for him based on a bunch of promises he never intended to keep. You should want that imposter recounted.

  • All you criticizing this – did you even read the article? The Clinton campaign is not pushing the recount! If there were a legal proceeding that involves YOU, wouldn’t you want to make sure you were represented!? Stop making this out to be another venue for your distaste.

    • Trump was clever to target the undereducated, those unable to read normal news articles, those with such poor memories they don’t realize Trump has backtracked on every major campaign promise!

      They’re gloating like they won something while others have lost. Something’s not right.

  • Bloomberg & The Dynamic Duo. Steven Dennis and Kevin Cirilli……another Non-Credible News agency…..Standard Procedure.

    Man! Must be hard on the Mind, to be reminded that you LOST TWICE! Re-jected Twice ? Braaaahhhh!
    Let’s have the Re-count , because I’m curious to see what the Democrats will resort to….This is Shameful,there is no other word that describes these guys!
    It’s strange to see that Hillary Clinton is now Biting Jill Stein’s Garbage for a recount….”Hook Line and Sinker”.
    BTW Did you know the Money Jill Stein raises for the recount effort,not all of that MONEY will be used for the recount…She Pockets the rest?
    Maybe why so many are asking for a refund. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You can’t make this stuff up folks! You see how crazy these people are?

    So the question is: How many times will Hillary Clinton have to CONCEDE to finally make it…..OFFICIAL? This is a pattern,a delusional one.

    Kelly Anne Conway and I have a few choice words for you.”What a Bunch of Sore Losers” You nailed it Girl friend!
    I say;
    Accept defeat! Give it up, you LOST Period,end of story.

    • If Trump lost he would be whining for the next 4 years. A recount is not going to make a difference anyway so why are you whining? And yes, you are whining.

    • Agree, H. Clinton made a big issue at one of the debates that not accepting the outcome of the election process was, “…unconscionable…” Now look…think Trump should follow through with the special prosecutor for mishandling classified emails. Let justice takes its course, if Clinton is convicted Trump can pardon her but it will send the message that nobody is above the law.

  • It is more apparent the in-grained nature of the Clinton corruption of the system, she uses Jill as a front for her bidding, then says that since Jill brought it up, she will jump on the wagon. It’s so obvious, that the most stanchest sycophant should see right through Hillary’s deception.

  • Might as well. With all the hacking on the DNC and individual email accounts, these same cyber terrorist could easily hack individual States election systems.

      • So you don’t think that all those Republican states that were doing everything they could to keep African Americans from voting is not cheating?….Interesting….

        • Republicans all over the country have been using voter suppression tactics like the ones in North Carolina. So to say the Dems are the ones that are cheating is not only false but its an outright lie…

        • hapaguy says: “Republicans all over the country have been using voter suppression tactics like the ones in North Carolina.”

          1) You didn’t actually answer the question. Why not?

          2) The only voter suppression I saw this election cycle was the DNC cheating to help HRC and undermine the immensely popular and populist Bernie, and disenfranchising their own voters by using Super Delegates to chose HRC before the first primary vote was cast.

  • If the recount won’t make a difference, then why have it? Donald “the electoral college is a farce for democracy” Trump won.

    It’s time to move on, and everybody say a prayer or two for the nation and the world when Trump takes office Jan. 20.

  • Remember how Clinton made it such a big deal when Trump wouldn’t say he would automatically accept the results of the election? Now, with no evidence of wrong doing, she’s jumping all in. While I hope Trump doesn’t waste his time on it, I hope the Justice Department goes after this evil lady for all of her misconduct.

  • Personally I expect this to widen Trump’s winning margin. With oversight on the recount we can get rid of the deadman
    Votes and expose the fraud in some of those hardcore democrat areas.

    Get out the popcorn it is gonna be another Gore Show.
    It will be most interesting to see Hillary have to concede again……..please don’t let her overdose.

  • hillary, just before the election:
    “one of the hallmarks has always been that we accept the outcome of the elections. we do the best we can to have fair elections and which we do. somebody wins and somebody loses.”

    obama, on hillary:
    “she will say anything to get elected, and change nothing.”

    hillary, on hillary:
    “arf, arf, afr, arf, arf, arf. arf. arf, arf.

  • “Participate in”? What a laugh. SHE STARTED IT because she is the only one who can gain, not Jill Stein.
    If the recount has a different outcome, then do we RE-recount?
    And if she wins, get ready for the real revolution.

  • “We believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million Americans who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported,” Elias said.

    What a disgusting political spin.

    • She called Trump to congratulate him on his victory and now is reneging like her story on the Bosnia landing after she was caught on a lie years later. Her response was “I misspoke” Wonder if the donations received will be kept or spent? “Follow the money”

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