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‘Eddie’ back on after Aikau family, Quiksilver settle differences

Timothy Hurley
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The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau big wave surfing contest was held at Waimea Bay on Feb. 25, 2016.

Looks like the “Eddie” will be a go after all.

Surf company and sponsor Quiksilver and the Aikau family announced in a joint statement today that they have resolved their differences, allowing the 2016-2017 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational to be held this year.

Late last month, the family had announced that it was severing ties with Quiksilver over unresolved differences. The family did not give details on their concerns but had said it did not involve money.

The Eddie, which has been held only nine times in its 31-year history, runs only when Waimea surf conditions reach the 20-foot-plus range Hawaiian scale, or 40 to 50-foot faces. The Eddie waiting period will begin Thursday and extends through February.

The World Surf League will produce the event at Waimea Bay and manage the broadcast and media.

13 responses to “‘Eddie’ back on after Aikau family, Quiksilver settle differences”

  1. den says:

    now the only question is will the swells be large enough.

  2. ad1 says:

    Glad to hear the two parties involved were able to settle their differences. Hopefully the waves will cooperate.

  3. wrightj says:

    Very cool; Eddie likes it.

  4. Tony94 says:

    The whole thing was a stunt.

  5. Kailuaguy says:

    From the beginning the big outcry was “IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY”. That means one thing…IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY!

    • dex says:

      Kailuaguy you are probally correct. Reminds me of the baby who said he didn’t eat the cake but has cake frosting all over his face.
      Sad but seems Aikau family are cashing in with Eddie’s legacy.

      • JustBobF says:

        I don’t think it was about money for the Aikau’s.

        You will note that the event is now being run by the World Surfing League. Quicksilver is in financial financial trouble and probably didn’t want to put out any money. Looks like they are only lending the name, now.

        • cojef says:

          What else could it be, if it was not about money? Legacy of Eddie only or family wants share of profits made from the “shindig”?

      • KWAY says:

        A dumb remark when you know zero about what’s going on between the parties. I know the Aikaus. They would NEVER sell Eddies legacy. Go stand in the corner and be quiet.

        • kuuipol says:

          Agree. All speculation! Unless you haters were at the meeting…then paa kou waha!

        • GONEGOLFIN says:

          I agree with Cojef. “NEVER” is a very big word. As much as you may not want to believe, the power of money can play a heavy hand in these type of matters.

  6. ebo says:

    tim hurley get the story then report.

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