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Trump opens victory tour at Carrier plant where jobs were saved

  • ASSOCIATED PRESS President-elect Donald Trump reacts after speaking at Carrier Corp today in Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS >> Donald Trump saluted workers, owners and himself today at a Carrier plant in Indiana, declaring that a deal to keep a local plant open instead of moving operations to Mexico was only the first of many business victories to come in the U.S. with him as president.

Trump’s stop at the heating and air conditioning giant’s plant, his first major public appearance since the election more than two weeks ago, marked the opening of a victory tour to states that helped him win. He was appearing at a big rally in Cincinnati tonight.

His speaking style, while calmer than on the campaign trail, was similar in some ways to the seemingly stream-of-conscious efforts of the past year. While focusing on the hundreds of jobs he said he had saved from moving to Mexico, he also found time to talk about his election performance, former Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight and the wall he has promised to build along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Some questions remain about the extent of the victory at Carrier, which announced this week that it will keep an Indianapolis plant open. In February, the heating and air conditioning company said that it would shut the plant and send jobs to Mexico, and video of angry workers being informed about the decision soon went viral.

“We’re going to build the wall,” Trump said, repeating his vow to construct an impenetrable southern border. “Trust me: We’re going to build that wall.” In other recent remarks, he has suggested that he might actually go for a fence along some portions of the border.

“The Rust Belt is so incredible but we’re losing companies, it’s unbelievable. Just one after the other,” Trump said to workers at the Indianapolis plant. “Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. It’s not going to happen. It’s simply not going to happen.”

During the campaign, he had often pointed to the Indiana plant’s moving plans and a major result of poor Obama administration policies, and he pledged to revive U.S. manufacturing. Officials said this week that Carrier had agreed to keep some 800 union jobs at the plant but Trump suggested today that it could exceed 1,100.

A call to a Carrier spokesman to clarify was not immediately returned. Earlier Thursday, Seth Martin, a spokesman for Carrier, said that Indiana offered the air conditioning and furnace manufacturer $7 million in tax incentives after negotiations with Trump’s team to keep some jobs in the state.

The company’s decision is something of a reversal, since earlier offers from the state had failed to sway Carrier.

Trump said he personally called Greg Hayes, the CEO of United Technologies, Carrier’s parent, to seal the deal, jokingly asking Hayes, “If I lost would you have picked up the phone?”

The president-elect threatened during the campaign to impose sharp tariffs on any company that shifted its factories to Mexico. And his advisers have promoted lower corporate tax rates as a means of keeping jobs in the U.S.

Trump repeated both ideas on Thursday.

He toured the factory with his running mate Mike Pence — who, as the outgoing governor of Indiana, was well-situated to aid negotiations — and shook hands with several workers whose jobs would be preserved. Trump pointed to one and yelled at reporters “He’s going to have a good Christmas.”

Though hundreds may keep their jobs, others apparently will not, since roughly 1,400 workers were slated to be laid off.

Trump’s deal with Carrier may be a public relations success for the incoming president but also suggests that he has unveiled a new presidential economic approach: actively choosing individual corporate winners and losers — or at least winners. To critics who see other Indiana factories on the verge of closing, deals like the one at Carrier are unlikely to stem the job losses caused by automation and cheap foreign competition, and the prospect that the White House might directly intervene is also a concern to some economists.

The other victory Trump is celebrating is far more clear-cut: his own on Election Day.

Trump, who has long spoken of feeding off the energy of his raucous crowds, first floated the idea of a victory tour just days after winning the election but has instead prioritized filling some Cabinet positions.

The rally in Cincinnati, which Pence also will attend, will take place in the same downtown sports arena where Trump appeared in late October and drew about 15,000 people in what was one of his loudest — and most hostile to the media — crowds of the campaign. Trump, who convincingly won Ohio, is also expected to hold rallies in battleground states including Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Michigan in the coming weeks, though details have yet to be announced.

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  • It looks like The Donald has opened up a can worms. A lot of companies are going to pull the same “I’m moving to Mexico” routine in order to get tax breaks. Maybe this deal is not as great as it appears since somebody is going to have to pick up the tab for all the taxes not coming into the treasury.

    • It’s only the big companies that will get the tax breaks though. Most of those big companies are probably already over in Mexico or Bangladesh or China though.

  • In his campaign, here’s how Trump campaigned against the sort of deal that he and Pence just made with Carrier:

    “Remember, they’d give the low-interest loans. ‘Here’s a low-interest loan if you stay in Pennsylvania, here’s a zero-interest loan, you don’t have to pay. Here’s a this, here’s a tax abatement of any kind you want, we’ll help your employees.’ It doesn’t work, folks. That’s not what they need. They have money. They want to go out, they want to move to another country and because our politicians are so dumb, they want to sell their product to us and not have any retribution, not have any consequence. So all of that’s over.”

    Now, Trump, using Indiana taxpayers’ money, has made exactly the sort of deal that he railed against in his campaign, granting huge tax abatements to a military-industrial giant that has paid an effective corporate tax rate of only 10% over the past fifteen years while it hid $30 billion in profits in offshore tax shelters.

    Like professional sports owners who threaten to move to another city if they don’t get a new, taxpayer-funded stadium, United Technologies played Trump like a chump.

  • “Trump’s deal with Carrier may be a public relations success for the incoming president but also suggests that he has unveiled a new presidential economic approach: actively choosing individual corporate winners and losers — or at least winners. To critics who see other Indiana factories on the verge of closing, deals like the one at Carrier are unlikely to stem the job losses caused by automation and cheap foreign competition, and the prospect that the White House might directly intervene is also a concern to some economists.”

    Will this now be included as “other related duties” in the job description of the POTUS? And will he jump in to “save” any other company threatening to move to cheaper labor, or just a select few? Dangerous precedent.

    • Agreed! Dangerous precedent. OK, you “saved” one company. There are lots more out there! If you have ten children and you give only one a piece of candy, I would hope you also have 9 other pieces because there will be 9 other hands reaching out! There should at least be a criteria for getting this “deal” like maybe a minimum number of employee figure of profitably record over the last 5 years. And, does anyone else think that this is a remarkably nice “coincidence” that the whole Carrier issue came up now, just as people are questioning his election? How convenient to have a “nice” story to say, “See? I can do good things!”

      • Or, you could look at it as the start of Trump cutting taxes for businesses that are already OVER-taxed in America. Yes, it sets a precedent. A good precedent. Less taxes mean less costs are passed on to the consumer. Prices can be more competitive against Chinese made products. What about government? How will it pay the bills, you ask? Has it ever occurred to people that perhaps the American government has become a bloated behemoth that wastes taxpayer dollars without a second thought? Ever thought of downsizing? Perhaps running a leaner, meaner operation. For that, we’d need a CEO or someone from the private sector…a business person who has owned businesses and who has been successful in the private sector. We need a person like that to lead our country out of our economic hole. Who could it be? Who fits that criteria? Dunno.

        • Well, like I said, if you give candy to the other 9, then fine. But if you only pick and choose who you want to reward, that will be a problem.

      • kennie1933 – He didn’t save jobs – he bought them. There’s a difference. The cost of those jobs to some degree was transferred to taxpayers. That’s called Socialism – something Trump supporters on here railed against and whined about endlessly when Mr. Obama tried the same thing.

        So Socialism is OK when practiced by a Republican? Got it!

  • Interesting how a LOSER can have a ‘victory’ tour. Yes, drumph DID lose the popular vote and it’s the electoral college – that institution where one vote in one place is worth more than 8 votes in another locale – that has the opportunity to confirm that result.

      • And it is starting. Welfare for the rich. So the Donald is going to save a few jobs but many more are still going. Love the fact that the VP is making this a state bail out as opposed to a federal bail out. Just a bit of a difference from when the Donald was running. Remember when he said he would not allow companies to leave and if they did, well he would hit them with a 35% tax? Now with this deal, there is no 35% tax going to be levied against the company but the company has received big bucks to allow 40% to continue working. Enjoy being taken suckers. Ron Rewald is laughing and saying great con.

  • SHHHH! You hear that?

    “Waaaaaaaahhhh!! Bla bla bla…Popular Vote…bla bla bla…woman hater…bla bla bla…stupid people voting should be illegal…bla bla bla…we need a recount cuz now it’s patriotic…bla bla bla…I’m gonna burn a flag…bla bla bla…I’m was only joking about moving to Canada…WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!”

    I was not a Trump fan and did not vote for him, but had I known he would’ve caused this kind of public meltdown amongst distraught liberals and exposed their audacious hypocrisy, and appointed such a tremendous team around him, he would’ve easily had my vote.

    Great things are ahead for all of us.

    • I also wasn’t a DJT supporter in the beginning but our family said “last GOP person standing” will have our vote.

      I find it refreshing, after 8 long years, seeing the worst of the lib mindset being exposed…imploding…astonishing really….I can see why some of them riot.

      Was a great I see a great CHRISTMAS & NEW YEARS coming!!

      January 20, 2017 #MAGA

    • I was on the fence about Mr Trump until I read his election platform on his website and compared it to Hillary Clinton’s election platform. Trump’s plans for America simply made sense. One more thing pushed me over the edge to vote for Mr. Trump and that was a comment someone made about another very wealthy, intelligent and non-politician who was also portrayed by the media as crazy and unpredictable: Ross Perot. I saw then what the corrupt mainstream American media was doing to Mr. Trump– they were trying everything they could to make him look like another Ross Perot. Only this time, the majority of Americans did not believe the lies of the mainstream media and voted Mr Trump into office. The rest is as they say— history.

  • President Trumps “Thank you Rally Speech’ was epic! I just cracked up when he was berating the dishonest MSM And pointing his fingers at their cameras! It was just Hilarious !Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    The Democrats and President Obama are up in arms ,not to mention confused to the max! They can’t believe what’s happening!

    It was almost “Child Like ” to hear WH spokesperson,Josh Ernest,saying that Trump has a lot of catching up ,to Obama job numbers.
    I’m thinking,is this guy serious?Really?

    The So-called Jobs Mr.O created were mostly Part Time ,Low wage jobs….let’s not forget those green energy(Solyndra) jobs,with all the federal cash just pouring in for them! They got the CASH,so where’s the Jobs?
    So i ask my fellow “Trollers” here,give credit where credit is due!
    Credit where?
    President Elect Trump hasn’t officially taken office yet and he gets Carrier and Ford to keep those jobs here!
    So I’m “asking” myself,thinking way back to 2008,before President Obama Took Office. In the same circumstance,how many Jobs did Obama go out and get for the American people back then?

    Answer ? ZERO

    • Seduced and Betrayed by Donald Trump
      Paul Krugman
      Paul Krugman DEC. 2, 2016

      Trump supporters in Michigan, the day before the election. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times
      Donald Trump won the Electoral College (though not the popular vote) on the strength of overwhelming support from working-class whites, who feel left behind by a changing economy and society. And they’re about to get their reward — the same reward that, throughout Mr. Trump’s career, has come to everyone who trusted his good intentions. Think Trump University.

      Yes, the white working class is about to be betrayed.

      The evidence of that coming betrayal is obvious in the choice of an array of pro-corporate, anti-labor figures for key positions. In particular, the most important story of the week — seriously, people, stop focusing on Trump Twitter — was the selection of Tom Price, an ardent opponent of Obamacare and advocate of Medicare privatization, as secretary of health and human services. This choice probably means that the Affordable Care Act is doomed — and Mr. Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters will be among the biggest losers.

      The first thing you need to understand here is that Republican talk of “repeal and replace” has always been a fraud. The G.O.P. has spent six years claiming that it will come up with a replacement for Obamacare any day now; the reason it hasn’t delivered is that it can’t.

      Obamacare looks the way it does because it has to: You can’t cover Americans with pre-existing conditions without requiring healthy people to sign up, and you can’t do that without subsidies to make insurance affordable.

      Any replacement will either look a lot like Obamacare, or take insurance away from millions who desperately need it.

      What the choice of Mr. Price suggests is that the Trump administration is, in fact, ready to see millions lose insurance. And many of those losers will be Trump supporters.

      You can see why by looking at Census data from 2013 to 2015, which show the impact of the full implementation of Obamacare. Over that period, the number of uninsured Americans dropped by 13 million; whites without a college degree, who voted Trump by around two to one, accounted for about eight million of that decline. So we’re probably looking at more than five million Trump supporters, many of whom have chronic health problems and recently got health insurance for the first time, who just voted to make their lives nastier, more brutish, and shorter.

      Why did they do it? They may not have realized that their coverage was at stake — over the course of the campaign, the news media barely covered policy at all. Or they may have believed Mr. Trump’s assurances that he would replace Obamacare with something great.

      Journalism that matters.
      More essential than ever.
      Either way, they’re about to receive a rude awakening, which will get even worse once Republicans push ahead with their plans to end Medicare as we know it, which seem to be on even though the president-elect had promised specifically that he would do no such thing.

      And just in case you’re wondering, no, Mr. Trump can’t bring back the manufacturing jobs that have been lost over the past few decades. Those jobs were lost mainly to technological change, not imports, and they aren’t coming back.

      There will be nothing to offset the harm workers suffer when Republicans rip up the safety net.

      Will there be a political backlash, a surge of buyer’s remorse? Maybe. Certainly Democrats will be well advised to hammer Mr. Trump’s betrayal of the working class nonstop. But we do need to consider the tactics that he will use to obscure the scope of his betrayal.

      One tactic, which we’ve already seen with this week’s ostentatious announcement of a deal to keep some Carrier jobs in America, will be to distract the nation with bright, shiny, trivial objects. True, this tactic will work only if news coverage is both gullible and innumerate.

      No, Mr. Trump didn’t “stand up” to Carrier — he seems to have offered it a bribe. And we’re talking about a thousand jobs in a huge economy; at the rate of one Carrier-size deal a week, it would take Mr. Trump 30 years to save as many jobs as President Obama did with the auto bailout; it would take him a century to make up for the overall loss of manufacturing jobs just since 2000.

      But judging from the coverage of the deal so far, assuming that the news media will be gullible and innumerate seems like a good bet.

      And if and when the reality that workers are losing ground starts to sink in, I worry that the Trumpists will do what authoritarian governments often do to change the subject away from poor performance: go find an enemy.

      Remember what I said about Trump Twitter. Even as he took a big step toward taking health insurance away from millions, Mr. Trump started ranting about taking citizenship away from flag-burners. This was not a coincidence.

      The point is to keep your eye on what’s important. Millions of Americans have just been sucker-punched. They just don’t know it yet.

      • Wow, that was a windy post. Almost thought Ike poked his head out of the bunker. Guess he’s still in the fetal position with his thumb in his mouth. Citing the condescending Paul Krugman as a source says it all. The man has zero credibility as far as I am concerned. Just another kosher New Yorker who never loosened his embrace of Marxism despite of it’s bloody past.

  • Meanwhile the DEMS big accomplishment this week was to reelect Nancy Pelosi as their house leader again. You’d think they would have learned something on Nov 8, but no. Goes to show you how out of touch they are. Way to go!

    • AND Pelosi promoted Hanabusa as one of her “advisor”!
      AND keith ellison is mentioned as maybe a dem leader…a socialist closet radical muslim.
      BUT finally after all is said and done MAHALO hiLIARy, for throwing the Dems into COMPLETE & TOTAL DISARRAY!

      January 20, 2017 #MAGA

  • It’s very odd that Mr. Trump will not disclose the terms of the “deal” that he offered Carrier. Does anyone (other than Mr. Trump) know the cost to the American taxpayer (that excludes Mr. Trump, of course) per job?

    Trump supporters appear to now embrace full-on Socialism. That’s odd too. So much for the free market he lied about!

  • I recall a now defunct company called Solyndra. Barry Hussein used $535 million of taxpayer money to “pick a winner” and the company promptly crashed and burned leaving hard working American taxpayers with the bill. That is what happens when an “academic” like Barry Hussein who had zero experience in the real world is put in charge.

    • Solyndra…oh yeah remember that pay-to-play bankrupt defunct company picked by O, (former Community Organizer who sealed his personal records so no one could see)…remember that well..

  • Breaking News!!! Sarah Palin was right about something! Speaking about Trump’s Carrier deal, she blasted the deal as “crony capitalism” and an example of the “hallmark of corruption” and “socialism.”

    She went on to say,

    “When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent. Then, special interests creep in and manipulate markets. Republicans oppose this, remember? Instead, we support competition on a level playing field, remember? Because we know special interest crony capitalism is on big fail.”

    That statement seems too coherent to have been written by Palin, but she put her name on it.

  • So……… many US Citizens have moved to Canada?…anyone from Hollywood yet?…..maybe someone make a website to document the mass migration?

    the 47% deplorables are in for a rude shock in 2017…….

    Put Hillary back in as Secretary of State……..Trump will humiliate Mitt in a few weeks, mark my word. Trump carries grudges a long time.

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