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‘Cancel It!’ Trump says new Air Force One cost ridiculous


    Military personnel saluted as Air Force One, with President Barack Obama aboard, departed at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. on Nov. 6. President-elect Donald Trump wants the government’s contract for a new Air Force One canceled.

NEW YORK » The government should cancel its multibillion-dollar order for new Air Force One presidential planes, Donald Trump declared today, serving notice he’s ready to jump in and start making decisions six weeks before his inauguration.

Costs for the two Boeing 747s are “totally out of control,” Trump told reporters in the lobby of his New York skyscraper.

The government has contracted with Boeing to build the planes, which would go into service around 2024. That means Trump wouldn’t fly on the aircraft, which carry U.S. presidents around the globe, unless he pursued and won a second term. But the Air Force has pressed for a faster schedule, saying the current version is becoming too expensive to repair and keep in good flying shape.

The contract for the planes was to be about $3 billion, but costs have been reported to be rising. Trump tweeted early today, “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!”

Later, he said the costs are ridiculous: “I think Boeing is doing a little bit of a number. We want Boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money.”

The price of Boeing stock dipped after his comments but not drastically. Trump had tweeted in 2013 that he owned Boeing stock, but a spokesman said today he sold all of his stocks in June.

The company said in a statement, “We are currently under contract for $170 million to help determine the capabilities of these complex military aircraft that serve the unique requirements of the president of the United States. We look forward to working with the U.S. Air Force on subsequent phases of the program allowing us to deliver the best planes for the president at the best value for the American taxpayer.”

Trump now uses his own plane, a Boeing 757, which he has outfitted with white leather and gold, a large flat-screen television and a bedroom. But as president it is expected that he would travel aboard the Air Force jet, which is equipped with special safety, defensive and communications equipment. Air Force One also has seating for reporters; Trump generally does not allow the press on his own plane.

Later today, Trump will be using his 757 to travel to the second stop of his “thank you” tour, in North Carolina, less than a week after his return to rallies at an Ohio appearance that felt more like a raucous campaign stop than a traditional speech by a president-to-be.

At that Cincinnati stop, Trump disparaged the media as “dishonest,” inspired loud “Build the wall” chants, took swipes at fellow Republicans and stunned his own aides with his surprise announcement from the stage that he was appointing retired Gen. James Mattis as secretary of defense.

Mattis’ selection was being formally announced today, and he is to appear with Trump at the evening event in Fayetteville.

Later this week there will be rallies in Iowa and Michigan as Trump barnstorms the country to salute his supporters who delivered victories in the battleground states he needed to capture the White House. And on Saturday, Trump will attend the 117th annual Army-Navy football game, spending half the game on Navy’s side of the stadium and the other half on Army’s side. The game between the two military academies often draws the commander in chief; both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush have attended in recent years.

Before leaving for North Carolina today, Trump was slated to hold a number of meetings in New York, including with Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil; Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who is meeting about a diplomatic post, and radio host Laura Ingraham who is being considered for press secretary.

Those interviews come a day after Trump chose retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson to be secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, raising fresh concerns about the lack of experience some of Trump’s Cabinet picks have with agencies they’re now being chosen to lead.

Carson, who opposed Trump in the Republican primaries, has no background in government or running a large bureaucracy.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Trump’s choice to be ambassador to the United Nations, has no foreign policy experience. Steve Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs partner and Hollywood executive, is Trump’s man to lead the Treasury Department but has never worked in government. And Mattis, a widely praised battlefield commander, spent decades in the Marines but now is tapped to run the nation’s largest government agency, the Defense Department, with 740,000 civilian employees in addition to 1.3 million service personnel.

Carson would oversee a budget of nearly $50 billion that provides rental assistance for more than 5 million households. Demand for that assistance is high in part because housing costs are rising faster than incomes. HUD also promotes home ownership with the Federal Housing Administration underwriting about 1 in 6 mortgages issued in the U.S. The agency is charged with enforcing federal fair housing laws, too.

AP Writer Joseph Pisani contributed.

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  • With B52s from the 50s still in service, one would think that the lifespan of the existing 747’s could be extended beyond 2024 through maintenance and refurbishing…

    • GREAT!! John McCain was a lone voice blasting wasted spending by the Military– The F35 Raptor and the Gerald Ford Aircraft Carrier were $Billions over budget and a disaster. McCain took criticism from Republicans and Democrats as he tried to reign wasteful defense spending. The Pentagon hides hundreds of billions in wasted spending. And this is coming out now. Get Mad Dog Mattis onthose guys and cut those wasteful l projects. Obama also tried but the military lobby is powerful..

      • I seem to recall one time when Michelle and the girls were on vacation (Spain?) and The Incompetent One was “working” in Maryland, but he did take Air Force One to fly down to Florida for a golf lesson with Tiger Wood’s former coach, then flew it back to Maryland. Here’s the guy who rails against “Global Warming”, burning the taxpayers’ hard-earned money, for a bloody golf lesson. This is the same guy who demonizes “One Percenters”. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

        • IRT Carang_da_buggahz: You saying the One Percenter is the problem…Trump is an ACTUAL One Percenter…Obama only acting like a One Percenter …#MAGA

  • Well, we certainly can’t have any president trying to save taxpayers billions of dollars! Why, that’s just racist and misogynistic and no doubt indicative of support from white supremacists! Better to raise the national debt by trillions of dollars while instigating and race-baiting and dividing the country, all in between more rounds of golf than any president in history has played and lavish Hawaiian vacations at a $7,000/night luxury Kailua mansion.

    I CANNOT WAIT for January and the end of an 8-year error.

    • lol, Do you ever check your statements? Last time I checked Eisenhower played the most golf of any president. Would love to see your source for Obama playing the most. I believe it was under Eisenhower that golf became popular.

      We shall see if the Donald saves the taxpayers any money. I suspect not. But I will enjoy telling you I told you so when he increases the budget deficit. 🙂

    • It truly is unfortunate that Obama has the multitude of blame placed on him for what many Americans have neglected to place the blame on themselves. I understand people need a scapegoat in order to feel better about themselves, but placing blame on Obama for division and racism and other issues is truly shortsightedness on your part.
      Your comment is completely invalid, but, it is a free country and you are entitled to your opinions, no matter how out of focus they are.

      • I don’t blame Obama for everything but I do feel he is one of the worse presidents in my memory and one of the things that I really hold him accountable for is his divisive language and actions when it came to race relations. He clearly had an agenda to stand up for black people which would be fine if he didn’t do it while condemning white people. All those years sitting in Rev. Wright’s church, listening to anti-white sermons, really rubbed off on him.

        • IRT AhiPoke: Great point about holding OBAMA accountable for the divisive language and standing up for black people while condemning white people.

          Couldn’t you have just said his “condemning of white people” is what you hold against him?

          Were there any President that ever stood up for white people, while condemning people of color.

        • lol, there is that word again. worse. Worse than other presidents in your memory? You got to be kidding. Are you 10 or so? Otherwise, you must be suffering from dementia or something. How could you possibly not have remembered G W Bush, the president who inherited a surplus and left with a Trillion plus deficit? Two economic downturns, the second being the worst since the great depression. Two never ending wars, which we are still paying for. You have a strange definition of worse.

          You really should get help for your hatred of blacks. I bet you never heard any of Rev. Wrights sermons. I have and while they are hard hitting can hardly be called anti white. More like anti power and anti riches.

        • And Ahi, couldn’t you give a few examples of Obama condemning white people? It seems to me that it is generally white racists who are always condemning him.

        • So bootie, you obviously must have some examples as well, since you believe it’s “generally white racists” that are critical of Obama.

        • Clinton gave W a surplus because the Republicans controlled both House and Senate at the time when Bubba left. Then W left his presidency with a deficit because the Democrats took over Congress. So during the last 2 years of W and the first 2 years of Odummy , all Hell broke loose. The Deficit & US debt skyrocketed, unemployment rose to over 10% and the DOW dropped to 7000. All in 4 years of Democratic rule. I made this clear to Boots aka, earhole ALL the time, yet SHE(yes Boots is a she) to this day is still LYING thru her teeth everyday. As I always say, Boots is a true PUPPET of the Democraps, and always will be.

  • And out of the tunnel comes the Trump University football team! Oh wait, they all sued the school for fraud and won THAT one in a settlement. Never mind…

  • Imagine that. A president who thinks about what something costs. I do not suppose The Donald is going to ride into town and shut down an entire neighborhood for at least two weeks, run up the expenses to keep the neighborhood shut down, and inconvenience all involved. $7,000 a night does not include the cost to put up the Secret Service agents. I know for a fact, that they are put up in houses in that neighborhood. Rent for those houses is in line with what the President’s house costs. That is how two weeks in Kailua can cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands.

      • When someone is no longer POTUS, security decreases. He might have agents around him, but I do not think he is entitled to have an entire neighborhood and surrounding navigable waters shut down.

        • Agree.
          No-Fly Zones? Gun Boats? I think ceased.
          Checking trash bins along O’s regular route to his vacation rental will still be in play I believe.
          We’ll see….interesting.

      • The mayor of NY is suing the Federal government for the cost of security for the president-elect. That’s what we should do to get our 8 years of local police protection and for the mom and pop stores, loss of income repaid.

    • On My Turf-

      You are complaining about the costs of protection for President Obama? It seems like you don’t read much.

      Protecting Trump Tower for four years is going to be the most expensive protection effort ever. Estimates are running as high as $25 million per month between the Secret Service and NYPD. NYPD will run up $35 million in overtime costs between November 8th and January 20th.

      Trump is a 70 year old spoiled brat.

      • Most Kings will move their Capitol to their liking. King Trump will move his DC to New York. That way he would not be obligated to Open Door policies. He can shut out media and the world. His army of lawyers told him. Watch it happen. As it is, Trump Towers are screening out media. This is the beginning.

        • Yes but the good thing is the screening is forcing the MEDIA to massage Trump and his SUPPORTERS in exchange for access to PE Trump… We are front row and center for the beginning of the MEDIA pivot to Trump…#MAGA

    • Breaking:
      54 Mins Ago | 02:59
      Trump: SoftBank agrees to invest $50B in US

      Donald Trump said on Monday that Japan’s SoftBank agreed to invest $50 billion in the U.S., aiming to create 50,000 jobs.

      He announced the deal after meeting with SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, a Japanese billionaire and technology investor, at Trump Tower in New York. On Twitter, Trump claimed that Son said he “would never do this” if Trump had not won the presidential election.

      • This joint SoftBank/Saudia Arabia tech fund, which will be based in London, was announced in October. Trump is once again taking credit for something which he didn’t do.

        • keonigohan, Of course, Son is going to say he “would never do this” if it weren’t for Trump’s election. He’s flattering someone who is obsessed with what people are saying about him, someone who has already shown a total disregard for conflicts of interest, someone who will mix his personal business with the country’s business. He’s just hoping that you will forget about the previous announcements that were made before the election.

        • @ bsdetection …wow! You have the inside story on what Mr. Son would say!..why don’t you report it to the CNN/MSM/FAKE news….I’m sure they’d open up a position for you.

        • Keonigohan (John Rice?), you’re a funny guy — not WHAT you’re saying but HOW you say it. When most of the posts are so asinine, yours provides comic relief. A good chuckle brightens up the entire thread. Lol. Mahalo, and keep ’em coming.

        • keonigohan: see WSJ 10/16/16 “SoftBank and Saudi Arabia Team Up for $100 Billion Tech Fund”

        • keonigohan: Trump is taking credit for something he had nothing to do with, something that preceded the election. He’s so desperate for attention and compliments that people are playing him for a fool

          Washington Post – “By Tuesday afternoon, Trump had taken a new turn, announcing that a Japanese telecommunications firm, SoftBank, had agreed to invest $50 billion in U.S. start-ups, a move he tweeted that the company would never have done “had we [Trump] not won the election!”

          “The president-elect made a brief showing in the gilded lobby of Trump Tower to announce the investment, smiling for the cameras and shaking hands with the firm’s chief executive, Masayoshi Son.

          “The deal, however, is not new. The money will come from a $100 billion joint investment fund that Son established in October using money from partners, including Saudi Arabia’s state-owned investment fund.

          “SoftBank has invested in the United States in the past, including paying $22 billion in 2013 for a 80 percent share of Sprint. The firm also led a $1 billion investment round last year in San Francisco-based online lender Social Finance.”

        • IRT bsdetection: regarding WSJ announcement. MEDIA bias…they know this deal is OLD news..But still POSTING it up here and giving Trump credit!!! They are NOW on the Trump bandwagon…#MAGA

        • @ kimo…If we can agree to disagree AND if we can laugh too then it’s good!
          Aloha braddah

        • @ bsdetection on “Son said he “would never do this” if Trump had not won the presidential election.”….I’ll leave it at that no matter how and how many times you try to spin it.

          What has O done for your WALLET?

          January 20, 2017 #MAGA

      • So no FACT checking needs to be done in this MEDIA BIAS world that we live in now…If Trump SAYS its true then it must be true, no need to CHECK with Son before putting the WORD out on this…Some guys were right all along on this AP bias but no COMMENTS when it goes for Trump!!! #MAGA

        • Did you watch the video…from CNBC….the people in that video giving responses to the news media seemed authentic…PE Trump…Mr. Son…live at the TRUMP TOWER lobby…

          January 20, 2017 #MAGA

        • MEDIA bias cannot be counted on…Watch out for fake news…AP now in bed with Trump for their agenda!!! #MAGA

  • Was for the first 16 years after graduating from college in the private sector and then became a civil service employee. Within the first 5 years became a supervisor and retired as a Branch Manager of a regional office in the Treasury Department. The private sector is much more competitive and goal oriented. Chances for someone from the public sector to succeed is private sector is less likely for obvious reasons. You can be fired for under performance!

  • Love the dig the AP throws at Ben Carson for not having any experience running a large bureaucracy. If they had said the same thing about Barrack Obama who by the way had no experience either, they would have been called racists. Love the double standard of the media.

    • Obama held elected office. So he did have some experience in government. Carson has none, nada, zilch. Also, he’s supposed to be a medical doctor, so what the heck does he know about housing?

      • Obama held elected office. Name one bill he actually authored, not was allowed to add his name to.. Check his attendance record at the senate. He was the absent senator from Illinois.He was a community organizer with no experience at running anything. Ben Carson has more talent an aptitude for what ever he does than Obama could ever hope to have. The fact that Obama was elected to the presidency only proves that he is a great con artist just like the liberals like to lay on Trump.

        • Obama was elected because of the color of his skin, not the content of his character. Received a Nobel prize for, fill in the blank.

        • IRT BlueEyed: that’s ok all the other Presidents were voted in because THEIR skin color too.

        • @ BlueEyedWhiteDevi

          Nobel prize for The WORST POTUS in American history.

          January 20, 2017 #MAGA

  • The new AF1 isn’t expected to go into service until 2024 (AFTER Trump leaves office in the chance that he is re-elected). Trump won’t even have a chance to ride on the new plane, but now all the liberals and Democrats crying about Trump after he brings attention to this.

  • The story while interesting for fodder does point out one glaring aspect of the American presidency which has developed over the decades following WWII. The office of the president has increasingly become an imperial seat where dictates can flow without approval by congress, and therefore by extension, by the people of this country. Regardless of political ideology, all citizens, should be concerned about this. The executive order is very much like a Papal Bull, a Roman Imperial Decree (which by the end of empire did not require a senate discussion) and any number of mandates issued by authorities who ruled without popular representation. Our president be they Democrat or Republican are given a mandate by the people of this country. Lest anyone think this is a partisan comment against Mr. Trump, our current president is very guilty of using executive orders to get his policies into motion.

  • Chief executive of United Technologies, Carrier’s parent company, announced today that the company will automate the Carrier plant in Indiana and many of the jobs the Trump “saved” (he put the figure at 800) will fall to automation rather than Mexico.

  • In May 2009, the Obama administration cancelled a contract that the Bush administration had signed with Lockheed Martin to build a new fleet for Marine One, the presidential helicopter. The price had ballooned to $13 billion.

  • Trump’s $4 billion stated price for the next Air Force One has absolutely no basis in fact. The Pentagon’s current budget for the next fleet of Air Force Ones is $2.7 billion, according to the military, and the replacement program is still in its early design stage.

  • Government contractors always pad the bill excessively weather it’s DOD or political> Eisenhower said “beware of the military industrial complex”. That warning should be heading regarding all government expenditures at every level of government, local as well as federal, It’s our hard earned tax dollars that they are playing with and all costs should be accountable.

    • He won’t have to. Anyone who thinks Honolulu will get another dime from the new GOP power structure in DC is either obscenely stu-pid or intoxicated on the Krook Caldwell BS-ade and that stuff is running out quickly.

      Extending the GET in perpetuity won’t even begin to pay for what will easily end up being a $20-billion project, let alone the unimaginable cost to maintain the disaster. The only option Krook will have, realistically, is a massive property tax increase plus the legislature shifting outer island money to Oahu.

      Neither is going to happen.

      Rail will kill itself, and with it, a whole bunch of political futures.

  • Carrier employees are now coming forward to explain Mr. Trump’s lies regarding the Carrier jobs move.

    >> Jones, president of the United Steelworkers 1999, which represents Carrier employees, felt optimistic when Trump announced last week that he’d reached a deal with the factory’s parent company, United Technologies, to preserve 1,100 of the Indianapolis jobs — until the union leader heard from Carrier that only 730 of the production jobs would stay and 550 of his members would lose their livelihoods, after all.

    At the Dec. 1 meeting, where Trump was supposed to lay out the details, Jones hoped he would explain himself.

    “But he got up there,” Jones said Tuesday, “and, for whatever reason, lied his a– off.”

    In front of a crowd of about 150 supervisors, production workers and reporters, Trump praised Carrier and its parent company, United Technologies. “Now they’re keeping — actually the number’s over 1,100 people,” he said, “which is so great.”

    Jones wondered why the president-elect appeared to be inflating the victory. << Well, Mr. Jones, you are learning now that Mr. Trump has lied about everything, every day for his entire life. Get used to it.

    • It was just a ploy to lay off 350 union workers. VP Pence will go into his State and give 7 million to Carrier. After the hype goes down, the remaining workers will get benefits cut. The Mexicans will still make the ac at a tremendous cheaper price. The foreign tariffs of 35% is another Ambient induced tweet. Ambient and Viagra is a widely abused drug mostly used by 70 plus senior men with $$. Go check Medical Monthly Report.

      • NOW we see, the MEDIA were aware of these thing remember…They are choosing themselves over the PEOPLE of AMERICA by pivoting to Trump supported news…AP is purposely keeping out information regarding TRUMP, as MANY of others have accused them of doing for CLINTON…They backed CLINTON thinking she would win and have now backed Trump!!! #MAGA

  • I guess part the money for the plane can go for security in New York for his family as i think the mayor of New York wants the feds to put out about 35 mil to help pay for security.

  • he should use his own plane then. He doesnt need the heavy shielding (to protect from electromagnetic pulse), in-flight refueling, electronic counter measures, flares to throw heat seeking missiles off course, etc…..Air Force 1 has features that cant be disclosed. He only looks at the outside of the box!

  • We’re all going off on the plane, but what about the inexperience of a lot of his selections for key posts? This is probably going to lead to a nightmare of inefficiency and failed programs that will cost us taxpayers billions and a mountain of unnecessary suffering. If leadership in key posts is critical — and I’m assuming it is — then we may have disaster in the making. If any of you have some good news about some of the inexperienced people mentioned in this article, please share it with us so we can stop worrying.

    • Kimo said , “This is probably going to lead to a nightmare of inefficiency and failed programs that will cost us taxpayers billions and a mountain of unnecessary suffering”.

      And exactly how is that in anyway different from what we have experienced for the past 30+ years? Government does nothing well, regardless of who is in charge.

    • @ kimo….IMHO if your post was after the 2008 election your concerns were realized because we have a record now. America gave O a chance, 8 years.

      To be fair shouldn’t America give P.E. Trump a chance?

  • Obama came back and said I want it, I want I. I don’t think he will leave the White House unless he gets his toy. What does Trump want? Oh I forgot he will just Energize.

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