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Clinton decries rise of fake news in first speech since loss


    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a ceremony to unveil a portrait of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., on Capitol Hill.

WASHINGTON >> Hillary Clinton decried the rise of fake news as an “epidemic” in her first speech since losing the presidential election last month.

Clinton addressed fake news during a speech for retiring Nevada Sen. Harry Reid at the Capitol Thursday.

Clinton warned that “it’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” an apparent reference to an incident involving a gunman who fired multiple shots inside a Washington pizza shop that has become the target of a fake conspiracy story.

Clinton said the issue “is not about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk. Lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities.”

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    • Star Advertiser is very foolish to make ANY mention of “fake news”.

      As an angrily awakened electoral majority suddenly realized, our so called “news” media are THE main disseminators of ‘fake news’, what with their cleverly constructed ‘scientific polls’ and haughty, predictive ‘analyses’ of the tut tut variety, hastily cobbled together in a failed attempt to suppress the Trump vote.

      Thanks to the humiliation they have brought on themselves, the legion of “news” media grifters will find they have a lot of heavy lifting to do if they expect to hoodwink us slobs in flyover country any time soon with their industrial strength flim flam. Once the mark tips wise, he is much harder to play.

    • On the other hand, perhaps there is an economic reason to regret that Felony-Shrillary was such a dud as a candidate (e.g. publicly announcing that half the electorate is “deplorable”).

      Given the expense of buying from Boeing a brand new, hideously expensive presidential aircraft with all its fancy EMP-shielded command and control bells and whistles – – whose cost President Elect Trump was forced to denounce – – had she won, it would have been so much cheaper to just buy a broom stick, wrapped with a bit of duct tape on which a sharpie could be used to print “Air Force One.”

      Cheaper and much more environmentally friendly.

    • Remember how she said at an we got off the plane we came under sniper fire…fake news…the benghazi video, I turned over all my emails….the list goes on and on with no end in sight…

    • Watching Felony-Shrillary slither, squirm and convulse herself like a pretzel – – as she attempts to come to terms with her SECOND humiliating defeat in 8 years – – is more amusing than a cast iron lawn jockey all decked out in resplendent racing colors.

      After January 20, it seems safe to predict that the skyrocketing sales of guns and ammunition of the last 8 years will begin to taper off as the threat spooled up by the CURRENT occupant of the White House – – e.g. in his long running war on white cops – – begins to recede. Perhaps there will be a run on colorful lawn jockeys on the part of those who are thankful to have survived 8 years of an historic first: the first president we ever had who actually HATES America.

      • You forgot to mention all the fake news and conspiracy theories and propaganda coming out of Breitbart run by Steve Bannon, now Trump’s chief adviser. Breitbart has been disseminating white nationalist, white supremacist, Neo-Nazi propaganda, Klu Klux Klan propaganda for years.

    • the fake news that affected the presidential election.

      The fake news that was soundly rejected by an electoral majority was the pabulum the so called “news” media tried in vain to feed us.

      • The fake news disseminated by the Tea Party and Trump campaign was rejected by the majority of the voters, with Hillary winning the popular vote by 2.7 Million more votes than Trump.

    • The pizza shop gunman got his fake news from none other than General Mike Flyn’s son. Now Trump wants to make General Flyn his National Security Adviser. At the Republican national Convention, it was General Flyn who led the chorus to lock Hillary up. trump is welcoming into his cabinet a lot of unhinged people.

  • How much money has the Clinton Foundation bring in during the last 30 days from foreign countries and foreign leaders?

    All that is stated by the fake media is that it is no where close to what was coming in before.

  • “Clinton warned that “it’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” an apparent reference to” . . .
    1. landing under sniper fire in bosnia’
    2. a video being responsible for the islamic terrorist attack on u.s. diplomats in benghazi;
    3. never mishandling classified information;
    4. having nothing to do with the firing of the white house travel staff;
    5. turning over every work related email to the state department;
    6. the clinton foundation is a charity and no bribes were funneled through the money laundering scheme;
    7. the polls showing trump doesn’t have a chance;
    8. webb hubbell;
    9. “to say you won’t respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy.”

    of course, the a.p. can’t think of anything else clinton may have been referencing with her statement.

    main stream media and clinton need a twelve step program.

  • That’s a laugh and a half. The Clinton’s and their MSM lapdogs including, but not limited to, the Star Advertiser did nothing but engage in fake news in their shameless promotion of Waldo not to mention 100% uncritical reporting of Barry Hussien for 8 years. The fact is progressives are so convinced that they are correct they can’t conceive of another point of view. Then when they experience rejection they resort to denial, projection and childlike temper tantrums. Make no mistake, Barry Hussein and Waldo would be perfectly okay with 1st amendment restrictions so they can spread their propaganda unchallenged.

    • “Then when they experience rejection they resort to denial, projection and childlike temper tantrums. ”
      And the Blame Game. Lest we forget, someone else is always at fault.

      • Their “tantrums” turned in RIOTS…road VIOLENCE & even extended into school BEATINGS.

        This article ..aside from traffic accidents/prisoners not returning from work furloughs, one of the shortest articles I’ve seen WOW!

        FAKE NEWS=MSM…Crooked Nasty Corrupt hiLIARy blaming her collusive partner?! Still lying & blaming anything but herself…sorta like O.

        Would love to be a fly on the wall in the Clinton household….WOW!

        • And the Blame Game is so evident in Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications director who continues telling the world that Trump gave a platform to white supremacists. Yet I didn’t hear a peep out of her when Barry appealed directly to black voters telling them it would be an insult to his legacy if they didn’t vote for Sec. Clinton. Trump is not responsible for any vote by any racist.Palmieri knows that. The entire Clinton team knows that. But it’s so much easier to play the Blame Game. As the communications director, it was HER job to get the message out. She had a very simple job. Convince America that Sec. Clinton was better for America than Donald Trump. She failed to do that, she failed her boss and now wants to look elsewhere to lay that blame. And while I know many people take comfort in Sec. Clinton leading in the popular vote, she won’t get a prize for being Miss Congeniality. She may have gained more yards in the game but she still lost the game. Thanks Jen. You did a heck of a job.

  • Hilliary speech was an oblique way of blaming fake news for her defeat in the election. Blaming FBI Director Comey was not enough. She still must believe Benghazi and her secret email server had nothing to do with her defeat.

    • Did NONE of you people even read this short article? The speech wasn’t about why she lost at all?

      No of course it wasn’t due to stupidness like Benghazi and the emails.

      Benghazi was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Funding was cut to protect embassies. That made them more vulnerable. When the news of the attack broke, they got the story wrong. Then as more info came out, it changed. That’s not sinister at all! The story changed because they got more information. You’ve gone thru the same thing dozens, maybe hundreds of times in your own life. Eg, when I heard a friend had lost his job. I was told it was something to do with his boss. So I told everyone “Tom” had lost his job thru an argument w/his boss. Then I heard it was actually that a company bought the place where he worked and laid off a bunch of people. I wasn’t “lying” before. I just didn’t have all the info.

      The emails were nothing. Both Bengazhi and the emails were investigated over years (look up how many Benghazi investigations there have been), costing the taxpayer MILLIONS. And they came up with nothing, nada, zilch. Boy, talk about people who can’t “get over it”!

      You’re all overlooking the very real serious stuff in the little bit the SA deigned to print here (you can find the full story in other outlets). The pizzagate mess shows how the idiots that populate America can carry their idiotic fantasies to dangerous ends; guy went into this place threatening to kill people. Do you want to die because you’re dining in a restaurant that other idiots believe has a sinister connection? I suspect not.

      I can’t believe anyone would believe that nonsensical story, but a lot of Americans are remarkably stupid. I had a friend, looks perfectly normal, holds down a regular job. She told me with great conviction that 9/11 was an inside job. She tried to get me to read some book by a stewardess “proving” that case, and was “very disappointed” that I wouldn’t. Then, before the Affordable Care Act went into effect, she told me we would all have chips implanted in arms to keep track whether we signed up for it or not. Finally one day she insisted that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. That’s the day I ended our friendship. I told her I didn’t have time for such nonsense in my life. Now I read that that parents of Sandy Hook victims are getting death threats. That’s dangerous. Think how you’d feel losing your child and then having to be afraid you’ll be gunned down by some nutcase that thinks it was fake. People that believe this conspiracy stuff are mentally unbalanced, and we should really crack down on fake stories that have the capability of whipping them up into a murderous frenzy.

      • WOW.

        It took you almost 500 words to respond to an article that contained a mere 116 words!

        Guess being on the defensive after your hero Felony-Shrillary got flattened by an electoral majority puts you in the quandary of the desperate little boy who put his thumb in the dyke trying to prevent the flooding of a sub sea level village.

        By all means DO keep thrashing about. The more you dig, the deeper the hole you are in and the more amusing you become.

  • How ironic is it that she made this speech at Harry Reid’s retirement. Wasn’t it Reid who bragged that he made up the story about Romney not paying taxes but the end result was that Obama won the election? Also, didn’t Wikileaks expose the DNC as the source of fake news? I’m guessing Hillary didn’t mention any of that.

  • Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall , Humpty Dumpty took a great fall ,
    All the Queens horses and all the queens men couldn’t put poor Humpty together again.

  • Fake news is all we have today. All opinion and editorial from NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, FOX. No more do they just give facts, they give personal interpretation that is biased and flawed. Clinton might be against fake news from some sources, but has no problem with those outlets that favor her view.

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