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Hawaii electors want CIA report on possible Russian hacking

Hawaii’s four Democratic electors have joined a movement asking for information about possible Russian hacking during the presidential election, calling on President Barack Obama to release a CIA report on the topic.

“The information contained in the report is essential to carrying out our constitutional obligation of casting our vote in an election that is free from tampering from outside entities,” the electors said, according to a statement released late Tuesday by one of Hawaii’s electors, John Bickel.

Bickel told The Associated Press the electors and the public have the right to know whether Russia was meddling with the election.

“I don’t know what’s in those CIA briefs, but I think there may be something that goes into us making our decision,” he added.

The move follows a letter sent Monday by 10 electors requesting information about ongoing investigations on ties between Trump and “Russian government interference in the election.” One Texas Republican who said he will not vote for Trump joined nine Democrats who sent that letter.

Aside from Bickel, the Hawaii letter was signed by electors Janice Bond of Lihue, Marie “Dolly” Strazar of Hilo and David Mulinix of Kaneohe.

In interviews with The Associated Press Bickel, Strazar and Mulinix said they plan to vote for Hillary Clinton. But Bond, who voted for Bernie Sanders in the state’s presidential caucus, did not disclose how she plans to vote.

Clinton won Hawaii, so the state’s electors are required by law to vote her when they cast their votes on Monday, Dec. 19. However, the law does not stipulate any penalties if electors do not follow those rules, according to Nedielyn Bueno, spokeswoman for the Office of Elections.

Mulinix, who joined the Democratic Party to help get Sanders elected, said last week plans to reluctantly vote for Clinton because of the state law requirement. He said he doubted that any movement by electors to send someone other than president-elect Donald Trump to the White House would succeed.

“Republicans are pretty, you know, they are in lockstep. They all go over the cliff together,” Mulinix said. “They don’t break ranks. So I think that Donald Trump is going to be the guy. So anything that any elector does now, it’s going to be a statement.”

Like several other Hawaii electors, Mulinix said he wants to do away with the Electoral College.

“Right now, if all the electors got together and held a conference, and said ‘you know what, we’re going to vote for Donald Duck,’ they can just do that,” Mulinix said. “Completely usurp the will of the people. And that is just so wrong.”

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    • No. They are already committed to Clinton, so the report wouldn’t change their position one iota. At the point, I wish it made a difference, so Clinton could win but she can’t.

    • IRT HiTaxPayer, my guess is they will not receive any CIA briefing on the “Fake News” that perhaps the Russians hacked Ms Hillary’s email account to obtain information to aid President-elect Mr. Trump. I understand the CIA just sent a letter to Congress that they will not provide any testifiers before the Congress on the Russian hack issue. I believe because the CIA do not have any information it’s the Russians, and this is the Hawaii born President Obama.

    • HiTaxPayer, in addition, and it could be Fake News, former UK Amb to Uzbekistan came out to report that he, Craig Murray, is the source of the Clinton emails provided to WikiLeaks. It’s on that a disgruntled staffer of the Clinton campaign provided all the emails to Amb Craig Murray, not the Russians. Now, the media gotta search it out and verify.

      • I heard that as well. If found to be true what will the Dems come out with next?
        Dems digging so deep…it’ll be quite sometime before they’ll be able to attain any sense of credibility and respectability.
        POLL came out…59% say emails did not have an impact on the election.

  • Our electors are out of touch and irrelevant and are a metaphor for our representation in congress. Electors that don’t believe in the Electoral College? How does it feel to throw away our precious votes? Ask our dogmatic, anti-constitutional, far left, electors.

  • Sour grapes. This all of a sudden hacking outrage over election interference is nothing but an attempt to delegitemize Trump’s victory.

    The substance of the email hacking should be just as much of an outrage as the breach itself – John Podesta & the DNC were revealed to be totally polluted. The machine running HRC’s campaign had zero integrity, and in all actuality, I’d rather know the truth rather than to be BS’d by these creatures of corruption. With that said – Thank you Wikileaks!

    So there have been 10 serious cyber attacks that I know of since 2012. Where is all the outrage for that? Like I said. This is nothing but sour grapes for those who refuse to accept a defeat of their candidate – The most untrustworthy candidate that I can ever remember.

  • Why would electors, who are bound to Clinton, be so interested in the CIA report? In what way will it make any difference? Now if they were bound to Trump I would get their intentions.

  • first: as if.

    second: clinton lost the election due to arrogance, ignoring middle america, lack of effective campaign planning and depending on large coastal cities to win.

    third: as if.

    • No Clinton lost the election because Putin wanted to have the US and Europeans drop the oil sanctions against Russia and Exxon Mobil’s oil and gas business in Russia. The reason Trump want Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil, Secretary of State. Big oil and gas money taking over our nation’s international policy.

  • OK, go at it. Now, I wonder if there will be a demand for an investigation into Hillary being given questions by prior the Presidential debates? Tens of millions were watching. Certainly “rigging the debate” is serious interference with the election, wouldn’t you agree. I recall during one of the debates when the moderator was answering questions for Hillary. Trump commented that the debate was him against two people. Also, maybe the media should be investigated for unfairly supporting one candidate. Recall the media working directly with the Clinton campaign to help in the editing of press releases? That would seem to be the biggest threat to our democracy. Is the Congressional delegation so blinded by their bias that it didn’t occur the election was “rigged”?

  • While they’re at it, they might as well also inquire why the Dept. of Homeland Security attempted to hack the Georgia State election security system.

  • “The information contained in the report is essential to carrying out our constitutional obligation of casting our vote in an election that is free from tampering from outside entities,” the electors said. What numbskulls. They ought to be more concerned about what the hacking exposed, that being an election with rampant tampering from INSIDE entities, like the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, the media and the President’s administration. Moreover, Clinton won the state and the electors will cast their votes for her no matter what the intelligence reports might reveal.

    • It is my recollection that in Nov the CIA reported there was no factual evidence that the Russian government was involved in the hacking.

      Now the Washington Post reports that they have “learned from a source in the CIA” that there was evidence and it is in a “secret report”.

      If it is a secret, how do they know about it?

      From what I have read at this point it sounds like more of the kind of unreliable reporting we have come to expect from the US press.

  • What a joke. If they were truly interested why aren’t they interested asking the FBI report as well? I say it’s a joke becuase the report won’t change their view one iota. Anyway the lesson here doesn’t need a report, Hillary didn’t follow procedures and nor did she properly safe guard her email which made it so easy to be hacked. Her mistakes paved the way to where we’re at today.

  • “At this point what difference does it make” what Hawaii electorals think .!Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Trump will embarrass the heck out you guys again. You know all the scandals involving the Clintons. Podesta, Huma and The DNC were all self-inflicted.These guys got what they deserve! Crooks! And now they are blaming the Russians?Oh Please!
    If they were honest from the “Get Go”,we wouldn’t be here having this discussion.

    Here’s a good one :On Post election night: “All the employees at Pepsi,were crying ,because Hillary Lost!” By__Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi.
    Can you believe it?

  • Commenters will write…the fact of the matter is, that the Electoral College was set up for the explicit purpose of insuring that someone who was deemed unqualified or in collusion with foreign powers unfriendly to the country or otherwise influenced by such, would not be placed in office solely based upon the people’s vote. Ironic.

  • Sorry, your position doesn’t warrant national security secrets. Despite your delusions of grandeur, you don’t rate information that requires a ssbi background investigation that costs thousands of dollars and several months to conduct. Quit asking and do your job.

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